12 Toes 13 Stories Pt. 12

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September 2020

Karen woke up and looked at her email and sighed. She thought she had been careful looking at security cameras at Stacy’s party at the beginning of summer, but starting a few days later she had been getting messages from Stacy demanding things, usually gift cards, but sometimes she wanted help with her influencer website. Karen had to or else she would reveal the sex tape.

Karen first wondered how bad it would be. Her mom would be angry. Chad would probably be thrilled to be a porn star. Kevin might just a kick out of it. He seemed oddly thrilled with her suggestion that she would fuck him if Chad didn’t have the condom. Then she saw the video. It was shot by a nanny cam in the teddy bear and it wasn’t Chad who fucked her then came inside her after the condom broke. It was her brother Kevin. Everyone had done a sex tape it seemed, incest was something that she didn’t think she could get away with. She wasn’t a lawyer but she was pretty sure it was illegal.

With every new favor Stacy kept turning up the pressure. She has found the condom and was sure it had both of “their six toed mutant freak DNA” on it. Once when Karen tried to back out of some stupid SEO research because she had a date with Chad, Stacy dropped the bomb, “Who do you think gave your brother the sabotaged condom. Are you pregnant yet with a mutant baby? Are you going at it bare back all the time now because of the one oops?” Karen had told Stacy to go fuck herself and met up with Chad. When they went to get intimate she asked about a condom and he responded, “but baby they break.” That sentence ended their relationship because Karen knew Stacy was telling the truth, and knowing was what broke her.

Karen had kept an accounting of what she had paid over the past three months. It worked out to $1500 in gift cards, and almost 100 hours of web work and SEO intended to make Stacy an “influencer”. The latest email was demanding that she so her college coursework. The science wasn’t too bad, she remembered most of it from her AP classes. This was going to be impossible. Read a 300 page book of intersectional something or other and turn in a 3000 word paper. Assigned 4 weeks ago, due Monday.

She know she had to quit and deal with the fallout. She couldn’t do it anymore. Working full time for her mom and full time to support Stacy’s “career” she didn’t have the time or energy for getting A’s on a full load course schedule. There was going to be more fallout though, because she was fairly certain she had gotten pregnant and that one time with her brother was the only actual intercourse since her last period.

Karen walked downstairs in an over maltepe escort sized t-shirt she used a s a nightgown and found her mom naked in the kitchen. Karen shrugged. She told her yesterday that she would spend as much time as possible naked and it looks like she was.

Liz slid a cup of coffee, heavy with cream and sugar to her daughter.

Karen took a deep sip. “Mom, I have something to tell you.”

“I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have.”

“No! I enjoyed it. I’d like to do it again sometime. It’s…”. She paused and drank more of her coffee staring at the cream swirling in it, wondering if her breasts would produce milk, wondering how it would taste in her coffee.

“I was afraid I took advantage of you.”

Karen kissed Liz on the lips. “I wanted it as much as you did. Perhaps more.” She paused and took another drink of her coffee.

“It’s cool mom. I mean, I enjoyed it and it’s not like you are going to get me pregnant with mutant children or anything.” Karen looked down at her bare, twelve toed feet and chuckled, “Well more mutated children.”

Liz looked her daughter, “You know it’s dominant. No matter how many toes your dad had you would have ended up with twelve.”

Karen looked at her mother in shock, there was something hidden there, something she wasn’t telling her. She sat down at the table and tented her hands over her coffee. She wondered how she would explain to her that last night was… Karen wasn’t even sure what it was. She had been hornier than she had ever been. She had wanted a lover since it had been three months and would have taken anyone and her mom had been there. Obviously, incest was not her first choice, and Karen was a bit weirded out about how nonchalant her mother had been about incest with her and how hard she bit back on the mutant children thing.

Liz slid a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front her daughter. Karen looked at them and smiled and felt like a little kid again.

Liz took a whipped cream dispenser out of the fridge and shook it. “Do you want some?” She asked pointing the nozzle at her bare breast.

“Yes mommy.” Karen said with a childish voice. Liz sprayed the whipped cream on her breast and Karen started to lick and suck it off. “That tastes so good mommy.” Karen’s hand slid towards her mother’s new shaved and incredibly wet pussy.

Liz sprayed whipped cream on the pancakes and said “Eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

Karen thought hard as she ate. She needed to tell her mom she was probably pregnant and if she was that it was Kevin’s. Her mom seemed to be acting weird and in a way that was more than escort maltepe just horny flirting weird. Liz has opened her mouth a couple of times to say something but then ate a bite of pancakes.

Eventually the doorbell rang with a delivery. Karen looked at her naked mom and ran out to the porch.

Liz smiled, “I could have gotten it. It’s just the porch, practically inside.”

Karen looked at her mother and wondered just how deep this antipathy to brassieres and clothing actually went. She opened the box of groceries and looked inside. There was the usual cereal, produce and such, but on the top she saw something that chilled her to the bone.

Karen pulled out a box of pregnancy tests. Her heart dropped. Somehow her mom figured out she was pregnant and maybe even knew who the father was, maybe that was what inspired the mutated baby weirdness.

“Mom…” Karen said lifting the pregnancy test.

“I can explain. Just like you I try to be careful, I really tried to set a good example. I didn’t want to give you a brother or sister before I gave you a dad, but that never happened. I did something foolish. I figured I was almost fifty and done.

Karen’s mind exploded. She ran over to her mom crying. The women hugged each other. Liz patted Karen’s back. “It’s okay baby. It’s okay. I love you.”

“Mom. I think I might be pregnant too, but it’s horrible…”

“Did Chad hurt you? I know people who know people.”

Karen broke down crying and told the story of the party. How she switched into Stacy’s wig. How Kevin came in drunk with the sabotaged condom. How neither of them knew until the blackmail emails.

“I don’t want Kevin to know he fucked me. I don’t know how he feels about incest and I don’t want to weird him out.”

Liz laughed.

“Mom! I’m serious. I don’t want him to freak out and shun me.”

Liz picked up her phone and showed a dick pic to her daughter. “This is the father of my unborn child. He just sent me these trying to hook up again.”

Karen looked at the toned young man with a nice sized cock. There was no face but his body seemed to belong to someone about her age. Karen would definitely be willing to take a ride or two on him. “So, you’re a cougar. Your banged one of my classmates.”

“Look closer, look at his feet.”

Karen zoomed in the photo and looked at the man’s feet. He had twelve toes.


“I was checking his homework, reading his English paper and then saw other documents open. He was writing some porn. I grammar and spelled checked that and moved on to the next one and it was a mother son story. I got so turned on I couldn’t maltepe escort bayan help myself.”

“So that was why he was sketchy on who he lost his virginity to. That mother fucker.”

Liz looked angry and then laughed. “Well let’s find out if we are actually pregnant. Come on.” She picked up the box of pregnancy tests and headed to the bathroom.

As the walked up the stairs Karen removed her nightgown. Liz opened the box and took out one test and handed it to Karen as she unwrapped another. The two women took turns over the toilet peeing on the sticks and set them side by side on the sink.

“Now we wait.” Liz said. Karen hugged her mom. “It’s okay sweetie. We’ll deal with this and we’ll deal with Stacy too.”


“Well I know people who know people. So accidents can happen. Most likely I’ll just call her parents and threaten to spread the word on her activities. It may seem like a big town but DC is really just a bunch of little circles and parents of aspiring politicians won’t want to be around people whose ability to keep secrets is suspect. They’ll shut her down or they’ll have fuck off to Des Moines or something because they won’t get any work around here. You might want to get in contact with her professors and let them know you’ve been doing her work.”

Karen smiled. She loved how in control her mother was of whatever situation, never panicked, always thinking three steps ahead. “How did dad react when you told him he was going to be a father?”

“I never told him.” Liz paused, thinking how much to reveal. “Kevin wasn’t my first child. I was young and gave my son Sid up for adoption. His parents gave him a new name and had the extra toes removed, at 18 he was doing yard work and just so gorgeous. We dated for a few months and I even asked him to skip college and marry me. We were about to tell his parents and then it all came out.”

Liz turned away. “That was the last time I talked to him. I was going to tell him I was pregnant after we were officially engaged.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “I stalk him a bit online. He’s a General in the air force now; married with a stack of kids. He has a good life and I’m happy for him.” She finished in the now starkly silent room.

Karen hugged her mom and filled the awkward silence with, “So has Kevin been sexting you much?”

“It was actually just the one picture this morning. We only had sex the one time, and then it was kinda weird for a couple of days until the party, after that I guess he got his confidence.”

Karen bit her lip. “Do you want to send him something, maybe convince him to come home a long weekend?”

Liz looked down at the two positive pregnancy tests. “What could it hurt.”

The two women tried different poses and ended up sending one where they were standing naked together with a hand holding the one of other’s breast captioned with “wanna cum?”

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