A Chance for a Change Ch. 03

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The bar had become quite crowded since we’d been there and I couldn’t find Kim at first. I called her phone but it went to voicemail.

As I looked at my phone I noticed a text from my husband Scott. “How’s your evening darling?” He wrote. “I hope you’re behaving yourself!” With a winky face to accompany it.

I started to feel really guilty and ashamed at what I’d done. I know it was only a kiss, but it was my only such act of slight infidelity in our married life and I know I would have gone much further if the opportunity arose. I sat down and gathered my thoughts for a minute.

Then I remembered back to when Scott and I were first engaged, I asked him if he’d ever cheated on me and he confessed to having a one night stand around five months into our relationship. I was gutted at hearing this, but I respected him for his honesty and we were able to move on.

Our relationship started very casually as Scott was living a few hours away, so we only saw each other now and then. I had also kissed a couple of guys in that first few months, but never took it any further.

I instantly forgave Scott and never for a second thought he had cheated while engaged or married to me, he’s just not the type.

I never asked about his one night stand and he never told me, but I thought I could use my thoughts of cheating as a kind of revenge for it. I mean, we were together at the time, okay we weren’t married with kids like now, but nonetheless it was an act of infidelity.

Okay, I’m probably just coming up with these thoughts because of my guilt, not only for kissing a guy, but for what I might do if he called or texted me. I kept thinking that I’d probably meet up with him if he asked me out and I felt even more guilty for thinking about it.

I replied to Scott’s text with a cheeky “Still behaving myself at the moment, but the night is still young.” And a winky face, just to keep him on his toes.

I needed the toilet so I headed upstairs. As I sat down to pee I heard a noise coming from the next cubicle. Someone was having sex.

“Oh yes, fuck me.” Came the cries from a female voice.

I sat there and listened for a little while, when I realised that the voice sounded very familiar. ‘That’s Kim.’ I thought to myself. canlı bahis

I sat and listened for a good few minutes as her cries got louder. “Oh my god yes..” she shouted. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. Don’t stop, yes, yes, yes.”

‘The little slut’ I thought to myself as I sat there listening to my best friend get fucked. ‘She’s only been gone half an hour at most, and she’s already pulled someone and got his penis inside her.’ God I envied that girl.

Listening to Kim get fucked made my own pussy tingle again and I started to touch myself. I must have looked a right state, sat there on the loo with my knickers round my ankles, playing with my clit, but I was too horny to care. I’d already been denied one orgasm and the thought of Lee’s hand over my body was nearly enough to send me over the edge.

But then some women came in the toilets and started arguing which put me off. Presumably it put Kim and her new fuck buddy off as well, because I noticed the noises had stopped from the next cubicle, so I reluctantly pulled my knickers up and went out to wash my hands.

Kim was stood at the mirror reapplying her lipstick. She looked at me nonplussed. “What?” She said, obviously noticing the look on my face.

“You slut.” I said jokingly. “I heard you in there getting some.” I laughed. “Who’s the guy then?”

“Oh just some guy.” she said nonchalantly. “Anyway, you’re one to talk, I saw you locking lips with that stud. Where is he?”

“Oh he had to go. I got his number though.” I said proudly.

“You go girl.” Said Kim approvingly. .”Come on, let’s get a drink and you can tell me everything.”

“Okay, but there’s not a lot to tell,” I said brushing it off. “I think I’d rather hear how the hell you managed to find a guy, pull him and get banged, all within in half and hour, I mean that takes some doing!”

“You’ll learn.” Said Kim smiling.

As we walked back through the bar Kim tapped a guy on the shoulder who was with a group of other guys. He was a good looking, blonde surfer dude, just her type. “See you around.” She said.

“Oh yeah, I hope so. I had a great time tonight.” He said.

“Me too.” Said Kim, blowing him a kiss as she and I disappeared into the crowd towards the exit.

“Fuck, bahis siteleri he’s hot.” I said to Kim as we walked down the street. “What’s his name.”

“I don’t know actually.” She laughed. “Dean or something, I think.”

I tutted at her for being so blasé about it’ “So I guess you really are going to break up with Steve now then!?”

“Probably at some point yeah.” She said, sounding as though nothing had particularly changed. “We’ll see I guess.”

“But you can’t lead him on,” I said, “I mean he’s at home waiting for you and you’ve just had a strangers cock inside you!”

“It was just a fuck.” She said casually. “You attach too much importance to sex, it’s just harmless fun, which Steve doesn’t need to know about.”

We headed to a quieter bar, somewhere where we could chat. “So go on then.” Said Kim, more interested in finding out about my guy than if telling me about hers. “Tell me all.”

I told her how I felt, about my guilt and about how I’d have probably had sex with Lee if he hadn’t had to go. I asked her what I should do if he contacted me.

“Well you know what I’d do.” She said in typical Kim style. “I’d fuck him till the cows come home.” Then as we were sat there chatting I got a text from an unknown number, which read…

“Hi, it’s Lee from earlier. Sorry I had to dash off, my mate got into some trouble.. long story.. I would have loved to have stayed with you for longer. Perhaps we can meet up sometime!? X”

“Fuck!” I said to Kim, showing her the text. “It’s him, Lee, from before. What do I say?”

“I’ll handle this.” Said Kim taking the phone from me and standing up.

“Hey, give it back.” I said, reaching out to grab it from her, but she kept moving away from me.

“Okay, look.” She said calming me down. “You need some sex, from a real man. Don’t be so hung up about everything, just relax and have some fun.”

I sat down. “Okay.” I said, reluctantly giving in. “What are you going to write?”

“Nothing too bad.” Kim smiled up at me as she began typing a reply to Lee. “You’ll thank me for this!” She said with a mischievous look on her face.

“Fuck this I’m getting another drink.” I said leaving her there with my phone. “You better not embarrass me.”

There was bahis şirketleri a que at the bar so it was a while until I returned. When I got back to Kim she was laughing.

“What?” I said, a little concerned.

“I think I’ve really started something off for you.” She laughed handing me my phone back.

“Oh my god Kim. What have you done?” I said looking though my texts. Not only had she been texting Lee, but she’d texted my husband Scott as well.

Scott has text me while I was at the bar saying ‘Going to bed now babe, hope you’re having fun. Goodnight! ‘ To which Kim had replied…

‘Oh I’m having fun alright. You can only imagine what naughty things I might be up to. Don’t worry if I don’t come home,’

Scott was obviously a bit unsure about this because he simply replied.

‘You serious?’

‘Yes I’m serious.’ Came Kim’s reply. ‘You just play with that little cock of yours and go to sleep, I’ll be home in the morning and I’ll need you to finish what you started in the shower earlier.’ Then I had two missed calls from Scott. I was really beginning to regret confiding in Kim at that point.

“Fuck Kim, my husband thinks I’m cheating on him when I’m not even getting any.”

“Oh but you will be!” She replied. “Look at the texts to Lee.”

‘I’d love to meet you sometime,’ she wrote. I hope we can finish what we started if you know what I mean!?” And a winky face.

‘That’d be fantastic, and I think/hope I know what you mean.’ He replied.’ I really enjoyed myself earlier.’

‘I know you did, I could feel it in your pants’ she replied.

“What the fuck Kim?” I said ” I could feel it in your pants? Really?”

“Well you could, couldn’t you?” She said now laughing hysterically.

“Yes but I wouldn’t seriously text him that.”

“Ah but I would, and that’s why I get more guys than you, because I’m to the point.” She said.

“No it’s cos you’re a fucking slut.” I replied, not really seeing the funny side. I read on.

‘Ah well I hope you liked what you felt .’ He wrote back with a cheeky smile. ‘What are you up to on Friday, fancy going for a drink?’

‘Sure’ Came Kim’s reply. ‘Friday it is!’

I just looked at her and shook my head. “You’ll thank me for this, I promise.” She said composing herself from her fits of laughter. “Oh and tonight you’re staying at mine, we’re going to have some fun with Steve. Drink up.” She said with a mischievous look on her face.

To be continued…

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