A Date with Daddy

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I nervously play with the bottom of my dress that barely goes past my ass as I wait in between the shelves in my local library. Daddy said he had a surprise for me at the library, and I could only imagine what. I begin browsing through the books when I feel a presence behind me. Suddenly there’s a hand covering my mouth, and another snaking up my thigh, under my dress and over my ass. From next to my ear I hear, “Hello babygirl.”

I smile as my Daddy begins pulling down my thong, removing his hand from my mouth. He pulls them down to my ankles, then taps my leg telling me to step out of my undies. I do so and smile at him as he places my thong in his pants pocket. I look at him expectantly, waiting for my orders. He smiles down at me and says, “Face the shelves, and stand with your legs spread.”

I do as he says, already feeling myself begin to get wet when suddenly Daddy’s hand is touching my inner thigh and whispering in my ear, “You know this is naughty babygirl? We’re out in public, if you’re already wet that tells me you’re a dirty canlı bahis little girl.”

His fingers begin to explore around my pussy lips, and he dips a finger into my tight pussy and quietly laughs into my ear, “Dirty dirty girl, your little cunt is already dripping. Does someone finding you being fucked by Daddy turn you on?”

“Yes Daddy,” I moan, arching my back and pushing my hips out towards his hand. Daddy smiles and pushes his finger into me fully, then adds a second saying, “No moaning baby girl, someone could find us. You have to stay quiet if you want Daddys cock in your tight little cunt.”

I shake my head yes, wanting to feel Daddy fuck me and dump his seed in me more than anything. Daddy begins fucking my pussy from behind with two fingers and reaches around with his other hand to begin playing with my clit at the same time. “No cumming,” Daddy says, “I just want you wet enough for me to fuck you.”

I can feel myself grow closer to orgasm as Daddy plays with my clit and fingers my pussy, “Daddy I’m close.”

Immediately bahis siteleri he takes out his fingers and forces them into my mouth, I suck and lick them to clean them off for Daddy, as it is expected of me. He looks down at me and takes both of my hands and places them on his growing cock in his pants, “Take it out baby girl, it’s time for me to fuck your dirty little cunt.”

Eagerly I unzip and unbutton his pants, pulling them down to his ankles, then pulling down his boxers so his cock, completely hard, springs free. I’m pushed against the shelf and can feel Daddy holding his cock and rubbing it against my pussy to tease me and get his cock lubed from my juices. I look back at him and whisper, “Daddy please fuck my little cunt, please Daddy??”

As soon as I ask I can feel my Daddy’s cock begin to press at the entrance of my pussy. His cock presses in, barely fitting and completely filling me, it takes all I can to not moan out loud and alert the whole library that I’m about to be fucked by a thick and hard cock. After barely bahis şirketleri even entering my pussy, Daddy thrusts himself completely into me, making me bite down on my lip bad enough to make it start bleeding. Daddy starts thrusting in and out of my tight cunt, stretching me out and pounding me sore.

I can hear my Daddy grunting in my ear, which turns me on even more. He grabs my hips and begins thrusting even harder, Daddy gets close to my ear and says, “I’m gonna cum in you baby girl, I’m going to dump my seed deep in your tight pussy. You could get pregnant, does that turn you on?”

I nod in agreement, scared if I open my mouth I’ll moan loudly. Daddy smiles and plays with my clit as he buries his cock inside of me, “Cum babygirl, cum on my cock, right now.”

Thanks to Daddys words I can feel myself begin to orgasm as Daddy’s cock throbs and gets bigger inside of me as he cums, draining rope after rope of his seed inside of my climaxing pussy. “That’s it babygirl,” Daddy says, “your pussy is so good at taking my sperm.”

Daddy pulls his cock out of my aching pussy, now filled with his cum, and hands me my thong from his pants pocket as he pulls up his boxers and pants, “Put these on babygirl, I don’t want that seed being wasted and falling out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32