A Daughter’s Discovery Ch. 07

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Mom and I have left the house for only one reason, which is the need for groceries. It feels weird wearing clothes again and I find myself tugging at things that never used to bother me. We’re both smiling as we walk down the aisles, but they aren’t our true smiles. We must hide our love outside of our house and I hate everything about it.

There’s a lesbian couple walking hand in hand with not so much as a glance from anyone. That’s how I should be walking with mom. We are keeping ourselves from brushing against each other, since it would make it difficult to hide the fact that we are lovers. Why can’t we be open about our relationship the way they are?

Mom’s trying to pay for the groceries, but the man that looks to be about her age wants to make small talk. I think he’s flirting and I get a little upset. He has no idea we’re together and it’s frustrating that I can’t speak out. She’s being polite, but not sending out a single signal of interest and finally start to get the hell out of that place.

We make it to the car and even here we are not free. I want to shout out my love to the world, but the world despises everything about us. It’s difficult to keep from reaching out as we drive towards our only place of refuge.

Mom’s face conceals what her words are saying. “Gretta’s throwing a party for people like us. Do you want to go?”

I’m pretty sure I know what she’s talking about, but need a little clarification. “What do you mean, mom, people like us?”

She is forced to hide her grin that’s yearning to cross her lips. “Incest party. I don’t know how she does it, but Gretta manages to find people like us and throws a few parties where people like us are free.”

The idea of being free in front of others is very exciting, but there’s one problem. “Jenna’s going to be there, isn’t she?”

Mom cracks a smile as she says, “Yes, she will. But you don’t have to worry about her. Gretta will take care of that.”

My curiosity is peeked. “Have you ever been to one of her incest parties, mom?”

She nods as she says, “A few.”

I feel a tinge of jealousy cross my body. “Alone, mom?”

She nods as her green eyes watch the road. “Of course. They were very accommodating once they found out about me.”

A breath a sigh of relief as I struggle to keep my eyes off of any other part of her body that isn’t her head. “What happens at the parties?”

She laughs warmly as she says, “Everything. Gretta is very good at getting her guests to relax and the only rule is to have fun.”

I pull my eyes to the road and see our house come into view. “Come on, mom, don’t leave me hanging like that.”

She’s pulling into the garage and waits for it to close. “Let’s just say, no one stays dressed for long. She has a few rooms for people that prefer privacy, but most don’t bother.”

I shake my head in disbelief. “You mean they?” There’s no words that quite fit what I want to ask.

She looks into my green eyes with love as she says, “Do everything. There’s no cameras allowed and everything electronic is left at the door. There’s no fear of anyone outside of the house finding out about anything, since she doesn’t have any neighbors. The only people there are ones that she can trust to keep their mouths shut. What do you think?”

I don’t know what to think. “I don’t know, mom. I want peole to know we’re together, but that’s a little much. Would we have to do anything?”

Mom shakes her head as she says, “No. We can keep our clothes on the entire night if you want. Gretta doesn’t allow coercion of any kind and everyone that attends knows it. They are there to be free around other with similar relationships and nothing else.”

I smile brightly as I allow the excitement to break through to my voice. “Alright, mom, let’s go. But only if we can leave whenever I want.”

Her fingers caress my red hair as she says, “Of course. I love you too much to ever have you do anything you don’t want to do. Why don’t you put everything away, while I call Gretta to find out when she’s having the next party. I know one’s coming up in about a week, but I forgot the date. My daughter makes it difficult to keep track of things like that.”

Mom heads into the house and my eyes drift to her ass hidden beneath the clothing until the door closes most of the way behind her. We didn’t get a lot and I can make it in one trip. I kick the door open with my foot and hear her on the phone with one of her oldest friends in the world. It’s hard to tell what’s going through her mind as she ends the call and her eyes search my face.

With everything put away, I hold her hands istanbul escort and look into her green eyes. “Well, mom.”

She shakes her head as she scowls. “I knew she was having a party soon.”

I love the way her hands feel in mine. “What about it?”

She continues to scowl as she says, “It’s today. I could have sworn we had another week.”

I smile to bring her comfort as I say, “Easy to do. I can barely remember which day it is anymore. When’s the next one?”

She shrugs her shoulders and her voice is filled with the frustration I know she feels. “I don’t know. She never plans these things all that far in advance. She throws it together on short notice. If we go, we have to leave right now. What does my daughter want to do?”

I grin as I say, “Do we have to leave right now?”

She returns the grin. “Yes, we do. I’ve told you how far it is. It’s either now or wait until the next one and that could be months away..”

My hands tighten a little in hers and have already decided. “Let’s go.”

She presses her lips to mine and the kiss is far too short. “Are you sure?”

I nod and can still feel the softness on my lips. “I’m sure, mom. You said she has private rooms, so we can just use one of them. I kind of like the idea of not having to keep things quiet when we make love.”

Mom’s hands move up to my face and holds my head steady with her soft fingers. “If we go, and we certainly don’t have to, you’ll see things that you can’t really prepare for. Are you sure you want to go?”

How can mom ask that? Of course I’m sure. I’m tired of hiding and want to go someplace where we don’t have to pretend. That party is the only opportunity for me to freely love mom in front of others and I don’t care what I see. The truth is, I’m excited about the party and don’t pay much attention to her warning. It really can’t be all that shocking, can it?

I look into deeply into our shared green eyes. “I’m sure, mom.”

She smiles as she says, “Go wait in the car. I’m going to grab a bottle of wine and I’ll be right behind you.”

* * *

We are at Gretta’s house and mom wasn’t kidding about the lack of neighbor’s. The only things I’ve seen in the past mile are trees and a dirt road with a few bumps. Her house is at the end of the dirt road and mom had to open a gate to get this far. It was a combination lock and no way to get through without the combinations. It was set closer to the nearest neighbor, which means anyone that gets lost will go back.

There are a lot of cars here and I’m a little shocked by what I see. I count at least a dozen as the sun starts to set and know it’s too late to turn back now. We have to park pretty far back, but at least we can walk like lovers and not have to worry about anyone knowing who we are to each other.

Mom has the bottle of red in one hand and my hand holds the other softly. With mom next to me, I’m able to put aside the idea that the house is filled with people doing all sorts of things that I can’t even imagine. Her soft fingers feel wonderful next to mine and there’s no nervousness left at all.

We can hear the sound of sex as we near the door and mom rings the bell. It must be a loud one, since I doubt a normal doorbell would alert anyone inside with all the noises being made. The door opens and Gretta is standing there with a smile and nothing else. Her body is bereft of clothes and I cannot help it if my eyes travel a little.

Her tits are small, which I had forgotten all about, and there are a few lines that caress her flesh. Gretta’s nipples are very dark against her flesh and also quite hard. Strands of sweat are dripping down her flesh and I can smell her daughter’s pussy as she nears.

My eyes move up to her face and can see far more than sweat on her flesh. There’s no denying what that slickness is, since I’ve seen it on mom’s face many times. Gretta steps out and kisses mom on the cheek, which makes me a little upset that some of Jenna is left behind.

Gretta takes the bottle and sound a little buzzed. “I’m glad you could make it. Shouldn’t be anyone else coming. Come in.”

The door is closed behind us, but not locked. We are handing over everything electronic, which means there won’t be any texts or emails to check while we’re here. I can smell that unmistakable scent of sex in the air and it feels a little warmer than it should have.

Gretta leans in to be heard by both of us. “Make yourselves comfortable. I’ll be right back with some drinks. I do hope you like wine, Lisa.”

I’ve tried a little avcılar escort bit of alcohol when one of my friends could sneak something out of their houses, which does include wine. I doubt the wine at Gretta’s house comes in a box and didn’t much care for the taste of any of it. Mom taught me the importance of being a good guest a long time ago and won’t do anything to embarrass my love.

I smile and say, “I’d love some, thanks.”

She matches my smile and pulls back. “Great. Be right back.”

The strong smell of pussy is on he breath as I continue to stand next to mom. My eyes scan the couch, which is the only furniture I can see and spot Jenna sitting with her legs spread wide and the same look that mom has after I give her an orgasm. Her tits are smaller than I expected and I’m glad she came on a little too strong. Jenna’s body is nothing compared to mom’s beauty.

Next to her is a man with brown hair and he’s looking down lovingly at the woman with equally brown hair slowly sucking his dick. I have no idea how old he is, but guess he has about ten years on me. I can’t hear what he’s moaning out, since there’s a considerable amount of noise coming from all around.

It’s a shock to see a woman sucking a dick in the open, but shouldn’t really be that way. After all, it isn’t like I wasn’t warned ahead of time. That wine sounds very good right now, since I need a little liquid courage.

The brown head is starting to rise and turns to show she has the same face that belongs to the owner of the dick. They are identical twins and I don’t know what to make of it. She has some white dripping out of her mouth as her brother gets off the couch. Her legs spread and I notice the full bush before her brother’s head blocks my view. I didn’t realize anyone had those anymore.

Where’s the wine, Gretta? My eyes move to the mass of movement that takes up most of the floor and settle on someone that looks familiar. We shared a couple of classes, but her name escapes me. The only reason my eyes have focused their attention to her is the clear sign of being very pregnant.

She’s slowly riding a man that must have some relation to her and wonder if he’s responsible for the pregnancy. I hear her moan out a little louder than the rest and know it’s her daddy that’s making love to her, or is she making love to him. My green eyes follow her bulging belly as she continues to slowly ride her father and need that wine right now.

Gretta returns and presses a glass of something red into my free hand. My other hand is gripping mom’s tightly and I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I thank her and finish off the wine as quickly as I can. She takes the empty glass and I think she mentioned something about getting me another. I don’t feel any effect just yet, but at least it tasted better than any wine I’ve ever had.

My eyes move away from the bulging belly and start to feel a little warmer as the alcohol begins to take effect. I really hope Gretta brings me another glass. There’s a woman angled just right as I see someone entering her from behind. I can’t tell much about how they look with her head pointed down to the floor and just barely spot another man beneath her.

I’ve never actually seen a threesome before, since my knowledge of porn is very limited. It’s a little strange to watch. I think she moans out something about her sons and that answers the mystery of their relation. She moans a little louder and I’m certain that I was right. The mother appears to be enjoying herself and I’m not one to be critical of anyone else in a similar situation.

Gretta presses another glass of red into my hand as she says, “Just in case Mona forgot to mention it, there’s a very important rule in place. No one is to know any names for safety. My guests know they are safe here and no one will ever ask anything about you. Please keep that in mind while you’re here.”

I nod and say, “Absolutely.” My speech is starting to slur a little and I get a little bold. “Mom mentioned something about private rooms.”

I take a sip of the red and find I like it much better as she says, “Follow me.”

We follow as we cross the mass of bodies and my eyes focus on the back of her head. I already know her ass is nothing like mom’s and mom is all that matters to me. Gretta leads us down a hall and opens a door, where the scent of sex is very strong and I know it was has not been vacant for long.

Gretta stands back as she says, “Take all the time you need and don’t worry about anyone entering. They won’t as long as the door’s closed.”

She closes the door şirinevler escort behind her and I manage to set the glass down. My lips press to mom’s and our fingers start to remove our clothing as quickly as we can. I’m leading her to the bed as the alcohol gives me courage to act a little aggressively.

Mom’s on her back and I’m right behind her as my legs cross over her face. My hands pull her knees back a little further and I get a view of her asshole. Her tongue reaches my clit as I start to moan loudly for her.

My tongue reaches her clit and I’m in the same hurry as mom. She starts to give off muffled moans as my tongue hits just the right spots. Practice has made me very good at this, but I still have a long way to go. Mom’s hands reach for my cheeks and mine reaches for the base, which is the only access I have to that part of her body.

Our shared climax hits my body hard as I flood over her face and my hands squeeze her flesh. Our fingers squeeze tighter as we scream out together and the waves are amazing as they crash hard over my body. Every sound is washed away from the world and it’s just the two of us screaming together. Mom’s body is perfectly timed with mine and I love it when this happens.

The waves start to subside and I want to lay on her as we both recover, but my bladder tells me I can’t. It’s urgent, but not that urgent, so I stay on her for a short time. This was a mistake and I really need to go.

I call out and my voice shows just how important my question is. “Mom, where’s the bathroom? I have to pee.”

She says, “It’s a little down the hall. Take a left and first door on your right.”

There’s no time to worry about modesty as I rush out of the room and can’t recall if I closed the door behind me. I can feel eyes on my ass and hope no one’s in the bathroom right now. The doors open and I breath a sigh of relief as it closes behind me. I’ve made it and won’t have to worry about having to explain something so embarrassing to anyone.

The sounds of the house return to me as I sit and relieve myself. If it hadn’t been so urgent, I would have thrown something on, but there’s not so much as a towel in here. That wine is the only thing I can taste, but that will soon change. All I need to do is finish in here and go back to mom.

I leave the bathroom every bit as naked as when I entered and look down at the floor. Those eyes are on me again and I don’t want to know who they belong to. I’m certain they belong to Jenna and have no interest in proving myself right.

The bedroom door was left open in my rush, but doesn’t look like anyone’s looked inside. This time Im far more careful as I pull it closed behind me. Mom’s green eyes stare into mine with love and it isn’t the inebriation that causes me to feel safe with her. I may be a little tipsy and my voice might be a little slurred, but I’m not to the point of losing control of myself.

I’m tired of tasting wine on my tongue as I say, “Bend over for me, mom. I want to lick you clean.”

She smiles as she has done the same every time she’s been on top. It isn’t just the view that we both enjoy, but the taste of our orgasm flowing into our mouths. Mom’s movements aren’t quick and I didn’t expect them to be. Apparently, she doesn’t have the same problem with a full bladder and is still enjoying the effect.

Her pussy and dark asshole come into view and I get down behind her. Perhaps it’s the alcohol, but something new comes to mind and there’s no embarrassment at all with my desire. After all, I’ve already licked close to it and had my finger inside, just the one so far, so I might as well lick it. This must really be the alcohol talking and I don’t care.

There’s no warning as my tongue reaches out for the hard ridges and mom sighs out at the sensation. They taste a little bitter, but I find it quite enjoyable. My tongue quickly reaches the center and my hands pull her cheeks apart in the same manner that she already enjoys. The bitterness is a little stronger and I want more.

Mom lets out a louder sigh as I press my tongue inside and slowly start to move my head. The taste is amazing as I slowly mimic my finger and wish I could get that kind of depth. Her sighs are showing just how much she’s enjoying every moment of this.

I’m glad I have the liquid courage, since I don’t care if someone opens the door right now. All that matters is what my tongue finds and mom’s sighs getting louder. Her cheeks feel wonderful as I spread them a little further and my tongue presses in a little more.

I know that time will bring us closer together than we already are and there’s nothing we will not do. A realization comes to me as I force my tongue in a little deeper. As long as I’m with the woman I love, I don’t care that the world believes it to be wrong. We love each other and it isn’t important that we have to hide it from most. All that matters is we have each other and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

The End

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