A Doctor’s Dream Ch. 03

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The sound of running water prompts me to open my eyes. Jessica is in the shower.

I sit up and glance down at my naked body. I don’t know how long I dozed off for; but my cock is still wet. It hangs half-engorged over the front edge of Jessica’s bedroom chair. The carpet between my feet is slick with spit. I stand slowly, feeling somewhat drunk from the margaritas and my recent climax in Jessica’s mouth.

I walk across the room and knock on the frame of the open bathroom door.

“Mind if I rinse off too?” I ask, loudly enough to be heard above the hiss of running water.

“Sure,” Jessica answers. “Climb in.”

I peel back the curtain and step into the warm fog of Jessica’s shower. We immediately embark on a new round of passionate kissing.

Fifteen minutes later, having thoroughly soaped, scrubbed, lathered and caressed each other beneath the hot rain, we step from the clawfoot tub and begin toweling off.

Before getting even halfway dry, however, the towels fall away and we find ourselves horizontal across the width of Jessica’s queen-size bed, giggling like kids. Clean and warm, we press our naked bodies together. Our mouths and tongues dance, desperately conveying our mutual excitement. My hands wander Jessica’s nubile body, squeezing her curves and teasing her little crevices. Jessica clutches my head with one hand, pinning her mouth tightly against mine while her other hand wanders from my chest to my stomach and then down to my crotch.

I drag her up onto the pillows atop the bed and lay upon her like a blanket. After a minute more of groping and kissing, I start working my way down her body: sucking on her slender neck, then her mountainous breasts and their swollen nipples, then down further across her taut tummy until my hungry mouth at last feasts upon her daintily waxed mons pubis. Jessica’s fingers tangle themselves into my hair as I start to caress her pink clitoris and labia with my tongue and lips. I suction the hairless folds of her sex into my mouth, rolling and squeezing them between my lips. My tongue dives deep into her little trench, then flicks this way and that across her rapidly engorging clit. I settle myself down between her open thighs, lying prone so that my hands are free to roam her body. As I bury my face into her crotch, I palm her soft breasts. They are almost too large, overflowing beyond the breadth my hands. Looking up from between her thighs, I marvel at the depth of cleavage I can create by squashing them together.

Jessica begins to moan loudly, unembarrassed within the comfort and privacy of her parents’ empty home. As her ascent toward orgasm gains speed, her slender thighs alternately squeeze my head, blocking out all sound, or fling themselves wide apart to thrust her slippery groin against my face. I nod my chin rhythmically, dragging my tongue across her clit and labia in an endless loop that accelerates the tempo of her panting moans.

Eventually I withdraw one hand from her chest and press its longest finger into her young pussy. Jessica squeals like a groupie. The interior of her narrow cunt is slick and warm. Its fleshy walls drag against the strokes of my penetrating finger with delightful tension. As I continue to slurp and lick at her clit I work a second finger up into her, turning and curling them both in search of that little interior button that hides beneath her pubic bone.

Jessica’s thigh muscles begin to twitch. Her fingernails dig into my scalp. The lavish attention being paid to her clit is having its desired effect. My buried fingers find and then rub the little lump of her g-spot as my mouth continues its relentless ministrations upon her clit. After only a few more seconds of this, the narrow orifice of her cunt pulses with contractions and Jessica erupts in a short, sharp orgasm that warms her skin to a peachy glow.

She pushes me away for a moment as the sensations get overly intense, but soon pulls my face back down onto her sopping crotch. I repeat every rhythmic input over again and add one more: Instead of just kneading the girth of her right breast with my free hand, I pinch its raised ruby-red nipple and lift straight up — letting the weight of her massive tit distend her areola. Then with a gentle side-to-side shake, I wobble the suspended cone of her boob by its outstretched nipple.

“Ohh… God!” Jessica whispers in reaction to this new treatment. She raises her hand to her other breast and mimics the technique. I continue my busy oral rhythm down at her clit, but occasionally glance upward to watch the twin teepees of her boobs oscillating as they dangle from her now thumb-sized nipples.

Over the course of the next two minutes Jessica’s skin coats itself in a sweaty sheen. Her vocalizations ascend in both octave and frequency. When she suddenly erupts, it is in a longer and more convulsive orgasm that drenches the bed sheet below my chin. Her pussy quakes around my two embedded fingers as she cries out repeatedly. I pump my fingers within her until she pushes me away again, clearly canlı bahis over-stimulated.

I raise myself up onto one knee and wipe some of the wetness from my face. Jessica’s voice trails off to a soft whimper. She rolls onto her right side and curls into a fetal position, hiding her freshly-tortured nipples beneath her hands. She lies there with her eyes closed. I notice her little round buttocks are now shiny wet. Clear liquid trickles out from her pussy and slides down across the lower curve of her bottom.

Resisting the urge to plunge my cock directly into her, I lift my gaze to the bedside table. I recognize a black vinyl sack adorned with a familiar pink logo — it’s from Carol’s shop. I crawl across the bed to retrieve it. Peering inside I see enough sex-toys to keep us busy for days. Jessica opens her drowsy eyes and watches me withdraw the vibrating egg, the anal beads, the bottle of lube and a medium-sized dildo.

I crawl back to my position near her butt and arrange the toys beside her. The little egg-shaped vibrator is the type that activates with a quick shake, after which it runs for a minute at a time. Its hollow plastic shell contains a heavy vibrating ball that rolls around, knocking and clacking against the outer surface. If you keep moving it regularly, the vibration never stops. I wake it up with a flick of my wrist and then drag its buzzing shape along the smooth skin of Jessica’s folded legs. She remains curled on her side but smiles as I tickle the backs of her knees and thighs with the wandering egg. With my free hand I push her legs higher up toward her chest until the glossy pink mound of her pussy protrudes blatantly from between her inner thighs. Then I slowly begin to circle her ass with the vibrating egg.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for more yet,” Jessica whispers dreamily as the egg wanders closer to her sex.

“Just relax,” I say. “I’ll do it softly.”

With that I gently trace the buzzing egg between her ass cheeks until it hums between them, snug against her tiny anus. Her eyes widen dramatically.

“Mm, mm, oh…!” Jessica stammers as I hold the egg against her.

I slide the egg further down, dragging it over her perineum and outer labia and then up to the little pink nub of her clit.

“God that feels good. Oh… God!” she whines.

I slide a hand between her shins and swing her topmost leg up and over my head in an arc, rolling her onto her back until she is again splay-legged in front of me. Still working the buzzing egg against her pussy I drop my face back into her lap and resume my ministrations.

Jessica begins to hum and pant as I suck on her swollen clit and slide the vibrating egg up and down the pink valley between her outer labia. I can taste the tangy juices of her cunt all over my tongue. I wander the little egg down toward her perineum and hold it there, just beneath the entrance of her vaginal canal. Then, ever so slowly, I start to press it inwards. The pink petals of her inner labia are wet and weeping. Their slippery, butter-like juice soon envelopes the egg, making it more difficult to control. Despite this copious lubricant, she is so tight that it actually requires a bit of pressure from my thumb to insert the egg up to its widest point.

Jessica gasps as the vibrating toy stretches her little opening. I chase the egg with my thumb, burying the whole thing inside of her. Its vibrations now buzz steadily within her while I work on her clit and outer labia with my mouth. Her moans become almost worried-sounding as I grind my face in circles on her clit while the little buzzing egg works its magic on her interior.

We pass another minute like this before the egg quits humming. Carefully, I insert my index finger into her, hook it around the little egg and draw it out. It emerges slowly at first, and then pops from her pussy with a moist gasp trailing a line of her clear juice. I ignite its vibration once more and prepare to re-insert it, but Jessica softly whispers, “No… Please just fuck me.”

I lift my head from between her skinny thighs and look at her face. Her eyes are barely half open and her long hair is tangled messily around her head. Her breath is ragged, panting in and out through pouted lips. She is cradling her sprawled-out tits, scissoring their cherry-sized nipples between her fingers.

I wipe the dew from my face and ask, “What?”

“Fuck me,” she whispers again. “Please… please, just fuck me.” A ruddy flush blooms across her neck and cheekbones.

Wordlessly I rise up onto my knees and shuffle forward between her splayed legs until my cock overshadows her pubic mound. I stare down at her miniature waist and girlish hips while stroking the length of my cock above her. Seeing myself superimposed on her tiny pelvis like this makes me wonder for a moment whether this is such a good idea after all. My shaft obscures everything up to her navel from view. But then Jessica surprises me by drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping an arm tightly around them, rolling her pelvis bahis siteleri up toward me. She crosses her ankles to one side and lets her little feet flutter in the air between us. She stares up at me expectantly.

I run a finger down the back of one of her tautly-drawn thighs and study the glistening, hairless mound of her pale cunt. I can feel the thudding pulse of new blood rushing into my cock, filling its chambers. I position a hand on her shiny butt and use my thumb to pry its round swell away from her waiting pussy. This opens a tiny gap between the bright pink petals of her inner labia. I bump my cockhead against this moist orifice, marveling again at the size difference between us. My organ looks much bigger than it should, almost impossibly wide in front of such a tender entrance. I smear the tip of my cock up and down in the buttery wetness of her little outer folds.

Jessica reaches down to her opposite butt cheek and tugs it aside, inviting me into her pouting cunt. Instead of diving in, I reach over her with my free hand and grab her crossed ankles. I lean forward and press her skinny legs all the way down until her shins land on the pillow beside her face. Her ass and tailbone lift involuntarily high up off the mattress and the air is forced from her lungs in a worried “huuh” as her toes disappear into the gap between mattress and headboard. Now I can feel the warm mouth of her pussy pressing hard up against the root of my penis. The stretched vee of her inverted ass embraces my dangling ball sack.

Her eyes widen at the defenselessness of her new jackknifed posture. I bring one foot up to support some of my weight and then start smearing the underside of my cock all over her waiting pussy. The honey-like viscosity of her juice clings to my cock, creating drippy threads between us every time I pull away. She whines, begging impatiently to be penetrated, and wiggles her inverted ass up against my balls. I drag the length of my shaft back and forth across her slippery exterior and then rhythmically beat my cockhead down upon her clit. This produces a soft but satisfying sound: smack, smack, smack.

“Nn-Hmm… please!” Jessica whines with a shallow breath. Her nubile young body squirms under the leveraged weight that pins her feet way back over her head. The wriggling of her ass merely taunts me. I keep swinging my heavy head down onto her wet opening.

Smack, smack, smack…

Finally I raise my hips and aim the length of my cock straight down at the entrance of her waiting pussy. Jessica’s eyes widen as I snug the tip firmly between her pouting labia. I then return one hand to her ass cheek, prying its elastic flesh apart. In this way I am able to hold Jessica’s folded body motionless beneath me with one firm grip on her ankles and another on her tautly stretched ass. She stares at the nine inches of thick cock standing vertically upon her little pussy. A worried crease darkens her brow and her mouth widens to an expectant gape.

I begin to ease down into her. She emits a long, anxious wail as her entire pussy rolls inward beneath the blunt wedge of my cockhead. The soft petals of her inner labia disappear entirely, submerged under the pressure.

“Oh wow, ow… Aah!” Jessica pants as her snug entrance is stretched by my bulbous girth. I balance a bit more weight on my vertical shaft and watch as it creeps downward. As the enormous mushroom-head of my cock begins to disappear within her, she slaps the mattress and cries out: “Wait!”

I freeze, savoring this moment of extreme mechanical tension as her body slowly stretches to accommodate me. A few heartbeats later, the outermost circle of her wet canal swallows my cock’s helmet with a silent pop.

“Oh my God that’s so fucking big!” she screams. I feel her little cunt cinch tight around the neck of my cock. My engulfed head throbs within her. My balls tingle.

When I press deeper her eyes wince and water immediately, so I ease back. I pull my cock slowly outward, allowing the glistening lips of her pussy to reemerge. Just when her inner labia reappear, unfolding themselves around my withdrawing cockhead, I push downward again. Her ample lubrication allows me to slide in this time rather than crushing her labia so far inward. She whines loudly as I squeeze just my head back into her, then follow it with another inch of cock.

I shut my eyes with glee. She is incredibly tight. In a flash of impatience, I draw back and then maniacally shove half my length down into her upended body.

“Yow!” Jessica yells, slapping her hands against my torso. “Slower!”

I raise my pelvis, dragging almost all of my cock back out of her whimpering body. Looking down, I watch her innermost pink petals appear again. They cling to my withdrawing shaft like miniature tongues, leaving trails of clear slime in their wake.

Jessica digs her fingernails into my skin in panicky anticipation of my next downward plunge. I ease down very slowly this time, lowering the first four inches of my monster cock into her young bahis şirketleri pussy.

“Oh my Goh-ahd!” she howls as the air escapes her squashed lungs. I move my right hand from her ass to the pillow beside her head and lift myself onto my toes so I am horizontal above her. My cock stands like a vertical connector between us. I release my grip on her ankles, letting her legs spring back against my left shoulder as I bring myself face-to-face with her nervous, clenched expression. Holding her wide-eyed stare with my own gaze, I thrust sharply back into her.

A high-pitched squeal rewards this new intrusion. I raise my hips once more and then begin a series of short, quick thrusts.

“Aaa, Aaa, Aaa, Aaa…!” she chants in synch with my repeated strokes. I pump half my length into her over and over, bouncing her body against the springy mattress. Her wetness embraces my cock. Gradually I add more and more weight behind each stroke, hoping to penetrate her upturned cunt even further. The bed shakes with each impact. Jessica moans like an animal beneath me, gasping for breath as I pump myself into her. Little tears slide back across her sweating temples.

I find myself grunting as I steadily hammer my cock inch by inch into her, forcing her tender interior to accommodate me. Her squashed left tit bursts free from beneath her legs and starts to swing rhythmically with my thrusts. Her hands clutch at my flanks, guiding my downward strokes. I widen my stance for better balance and then grab her swirling breast with my hand. I gather its spongy mass and shove it in a pile toward her face. Without interrupting the steady beating of my cock into her pussy, I dip my head and capture her swollen nipple between my lips.

“Yeah,” she whines. “Do that!”

I tug at her nipple sharply with my mouth as I continue trying to pound my wide cock further into her. Her staccato moans jump an octave higher, punctuated by my bouncing impacts. I suck on her fat tit some more and then grab her areola and stretch it up toward her own mouth. “Oh!” she yelps as I pinch the distended cherry of her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Lick it,” I whisper, pressing the tip of her nipple against her chin.

Her eyes wince as my downward strokes continue to hammer tiny body, but she consents by darting her pink tongue out and licking the outstretched nipple.

“Good girl,” I whisper before releasing her tit and returning my hand to the mattress to support myself. “Keep doing that while I fuck you.”

I feel her cunt clench tightly around the trunk of my cock in response to this instruction, denoting an obvious spike in her arousal. She gathers the hill of her one free boob in hand and rolls its big nipple up toward her mouth. Then she starts distractedly licking and sucking her nipple like an animated hentai whore while I pound against the elastic limits of her little pussy her harder and harder, making her exhale with each blow.

Her doubled-over body continues to shake with each impact of my cock. Glancing down between strokes, I see that I have managed to wedge about seven inches of my cock into her. The aroused lips of her pussy have swollen to twice their original size. Her little pink clit has burst from its bald hood and risen up to seek my pubic bone, but there are still two inches between us.

I draw back farther and re-double my efforts.

“MNN, NNN, NNN!” Jessica whines as my fat cock repeatedly punches her depths. She continues trying to suck her own nipple but the assault from my cock is overwhelming her. I press my shoulder down against her legs to lift her tailbone higher off the mattress again, adjusting the angle of my penetrations for maximum depth. Her girlish whining climbs to a higher pitch as the next few strokes successfully hammer-in the eighth inch of my cock.

“Oh gawwd! You’re going to break me!” she pleads.

I feel engulfed within her now, enjoying the “fap, fap, fap” of my balls against her ass. I thrust deeper and deeper into her pelvis. Jessica goes briefly silent, her mouth agape and her eyes tightly shut. Warm juice spits from her cunt. Finally, as I am breaking into a full sweat, the final inch of my thick shaft disappears into her with a wet smack.

“Fucking so big!” she screams.

I crush my pubic bone down onto her prominent clit and hold it there, stretching her pussy with the entirety of my organ. She writhes beneath me, braying with pleasure. I can feel the tip of my cock pressing hard against her tailbone. The ecstatic sensation of being fully inserted swells my chest with endorphins. My balls boil. Sweat drips from my face.

I withdraw most of my length and then start rigorously fucking her with full, hard insertions that slap my balls into the valley of her ass. Jessica’s arms flap helplessly against my shoulders as the entirely of my cock disappears repeatedly into her tiny body. I bounce my pubic bone against her clit. She bites her lower lip and pants with each blow, emitting a “himm, himm, himm” sound from within her throat. The interior circumference of her pussy is so tight that I almost feel guilty fucking her so hard, but I can’t resist the pleasure. I feel the end of my cock ramming the gummy firmness of her tailbone over and over.

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