A Little Grown Up Time Pt. 02

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Mary and Greg were laying on the bed, naked and kissing. They had a weekend without the kids for their anniversary and Mary had surprised Greg when he arrived home. She had been lying in bed, wet and ready for him when he walked in. She had already masturbated in front of him followed by some great oral sex.

Greg pulled back, looking at the assortment of “goodies” on the bedside table. “Just when I think I know you as well as I could, you completely surprise me,” he smiled, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “I can’t believe you had the guts to buy all this stuff for our weekend.”

“I’ve gotta tell you, I was nervous walking in the store. Luckily there was a woman working and she was so helpful, helping me pick out some fun items.”

He reached over her to pick up a large rubber dildo, with fake balls and all. “Hmmmm, this could be interesting.”

Just seeing her husband holding a sex toy in his hand made a shiver go through her.

“I’m not quite ready to go yet,” Greg said with a sexy smile, “but I think using this on you will help.” He reached down to give her pussy a few strokes. “Wow, still plenty wet.” He looked up at her. “Why don’t you play with your nipples while I concentrate down here.”

Mary cupped her breasts, closing her eyes, and taking it all in. She could feel his warm istanbul escort breath on her thighs, and his fingers trailing along her inner thighs, near her pussy lips, but not quite touching. He kept up this tease for a few minutes, enjoying watching her thigh muscles spasm in anticipation of his touch. He could see the wetness of her pussy glistening, and her clit start to swell with her growing desire. He loved that she had shaved her pussy, now he could really see her excitement.

Just when she didn’t think she could wait anymore, starting to pinch her nipples to hard points, she felt the palm of his hand rub against her clit while he slipped a couple of fingers inside. “Oh,” was all she could get out.

He felt how slippery she already was, but wanted her just dripping, so he kept finger fucking her until his hand was coated with juice, and running down her thighs. Only then did he take the dildo in his hand, and put the tip on her pussy lips, teasing her. He used one hand to spread her open, and slipped just the head of the dildo in a few inches and held it there, while continuing to stroke the swollen nub of her clit with his thumb.

Mary felt a slight pressure as he pushed the toy in further, and unconsciously she thrust her hips up, needing avcılar escort more inside her. He stopped then, not moving, and finally Mary’s eyes flew open. “Please honey, don’t stop!”

Greg licked his lips, looking up at his wife’s face, so full of desire and need. He wanted to bring her up to a level she had never been before. He wanted her completely unleashed.

“Tell me exactly what you want.”

Mary was breathing heavily, so turned on. “Please stick that dildo all the way in my pussy. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I need it, please.”

He didn’t say anything, but slowly, so slowly started pushing the toy in her. It was thicker than his own dick, but she was so wet, it was moving inside her with no problem. Mary’s eyes closed again and her head fell back, a low moan started coming out of her and rose, as he continued pushing in deeper. The dildo was fully inside her after a few agonizing moments, and again he paused, letting her adjust to the girth, then pulled it almost all the way out again. It was wet and glistening from her juices. He leaned in and took her clit into his mouth, just as he slammed the dildo fully inside of her.

A small scream escaped her lips as she felt the fullness of the toy ramming inside her, along with the suction on her clit from her husband’s şirinevler escort mouth. Her hips thrust up wildly as he began fucking her hard and steady.

Her hips were frozen up, on the line, so close to orgasm, and he pulled the dildo out completely throwing it off the bed. He grabbed her by the hips and turned her around, so she was on her knees facing away from him, and he thrust his aching rigid cock in her.

“Oh god yes,” he moaned, feeling the liquid velvet of the inside of her pussy close around his member. He held her waist tightly as he fucked her, knowing she was so close. After several hard thrusts her pussy spasmed on him, clamping down on him, and she went over the edge.

“Yes, yes, baby, don’t stop!” she cried out as she felt herself come, wave after wave rising higher and higher, overtaking her, her clit so swollen and radiating through her body.

Greg exploded inside his wife, and a combination of her juices and his large load of cum dripped out, as he pulled out. He collapsed on his side, and she dropped over next to him. They were both quiet for a few minutes, recovering and enjoying the afterglow.

“I think you outdid yourself honey,” Greg said. “This has been the best anniversary ever.”

“Thanks,” she said pushing over to cuddle closer to him. “I wouldn’t want you to start getting bored.”

“Are you kidding? Boring is something you’ll never be.” He leaned over to brush her hair back and kiss her ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Mary sighed, absolutely content.

Moments later they were both sound asleep, his arm around her waist, bodies pressed together even in sleep.

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