A Long Night at Work

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“Why in the hell is there a traffic jam at this time of night?” I muttered to myself as I drove in for my appropriately named graveyard shift as a security guard. “Christ, what a dead-end job.”

As I pulled into work and saw the police motorcycles at the intersections, I realized why the traffic was slow. Another of the grand “Keep Portland Weird” traditions, the Naked Bike Ride. It was going to be a long night.

After checking in, I went out to make sure there were no crowd control issues. Most of those watching on the sidewalk were not doing so by choice. The police had blocked the roads and there was no way to get through. So, people stood on the sidewalk and watched for ninety minutes as thousands of naked people rode by on bicycles.

I helped a couple of naked guys that crashed on the sidewalk, but neither one needed medical care. Mainly I just watched the naked people go by. It is not like there were not a fair number of attractive women, but I found myself far more irritated than turned on.

Eventually, all the cyclists passed, the crowds broke up, and I was able to get back to my normal patrols. I checked out the property, made note of some new graffiti, disposed of some used needles that had been left behind by junkies getting their fix, and settled in for what looked like would be a quiet overnight.

It was nearly Midnight when cyclists, still naked, started appearing in ones and twos, either heading home or back to the start where they had left their gas guzzling vehicles (ironic, since the point of the ride is ostensibly to protest America’s use of oil).

As I came down one of the side streets, checking doors, I came upon a most unusual sight: a ravishing fairy with a broken bicycle. She was standing on the side of the road, examining her bike. She stood an turned toward me as I approached. She was a small woman, barely five feet tall. She had slim but muscular arms and legs, a flat stomach, and small, well-shaped breasts that pointed straight out, high on her chest. Striking as all that was, it was just the beginning. She had a blonde ponytail, hanging to her waist; fairy wings, cleverly attached so they flapped when she moved; and the robin’s egg blue eyes that seemed as if they could penetrate to the soul. I could not take my eyes off of her. She was nothing short of breathtaking. Quite literally breathtaking.

I felt a definite stirring in my groin. “Stop it, you dirty old man, she is half your age” I thought to myself. I stumbled over my words “are you okay?”

She blushed slightly and laughed. It was a wonderous laugh, high and it invoked thoughts of children playing.. “I am fine,” she replied “but I have a broken chain. It’s okay, I have a friend who lives nearby. I can push my bike over there and get it figured out.”

I watched the wiggle of her round ass as she walked away, struggling slightly with her bicycle. My cock was at full attention and certainly not happy to see her go. I sighed deeply and returned to my patrol.

As I approached the corner she had just rounded, I heard a small crashing sound. I went around the corner and her bike was laying on the ground, but the fairy was nowhere to be seen. Instantly wary, I knew that the only place she could be was in the dark, kadıköy escort wooded area behind the building. I didn’t think, however, that she would have dropped her bike and gone back there willingly.

Swiftly, but silently I approached the edge of the building. It was dark behind the building only lit by whatever light spilled over from the parking lot. As I peeked around the corner, I could see that a large man stood, with his back to me, facing the girl. I saw a glint from his right hand as the long blade caught the light.

“You are going to do what I tell you bitch!” he spat. “If you scream, I swear to God, I will slit your fucking throat.”

I started toward him, hoping to reach him before he heard me. Unfortunately, there were leaves and small branches covering the ground. I only made if a few steps before he heard me and spun around. He held his knife before him and took a step my direction. “Great! A fuckin’ rent a cop. I am going to gut you like the pig that you are!”

He charged at me, knife still low, blade pointing slightly upward. I knew that he would probably draw the blade back some to add force to it, before driving it toward my belly. He was already too close to attempt to avoid the attack. I had no choice but to try to intercept the blade. I threw both arms out and down, crossing at the wrist just before making contact with his wrist. Rather than try to block the powerful thrust, I directed it outward with my right hand while twisting to my left. I reached under his bicep with my left hand while my right was under his wrist. I pulled both of my hands toward me pulling his elbow against my chest in what wrestlers call a Russian Tie. I was behind the blade and, therefore, safe from it for the moment, but this was a very big, very strong guy and he had a free hand. I was going to have to act quickly.

I expected him to try to square up with me in order to either regain control of the knife or to punch me while my hands were occupied. He, however, must have had some training, because he surprised me by instead planting off his left foot and driving into me. I was barely able to thrust my hips back and catch my butt on the wall, saving me from hitting my head. That movement, however, lessened the chest pressure on his elbow and he pulled hard, trying to free the knife. I knew that I would not win a battle of strength, so I allowed myself to bounce off the wall and move the direction that he was pulling. My right hand slid down so that my palm was against the back of his hand and using his momentum, I drove his hand toward his forearm. I heard his wrist crack and the blade was, for a moment, pointed his direction before falling to the ground.

He threw a large, looping hook with his left hand. By grabbing the back of my head with my own right hand, I was able to block the punch with my forearm, but even so, I was able to feel his power. One shot like that clean to the head, and I would be going down.

He twisted to the side and leaned over, reaching for the knife. No way I could allow that. I dove at him hooking my left leg over his left thigh and falling on my back, with him on top of me. I hooked my right leg over üsküdar escort his thigh, much as I had the left. My right arm shot across his body, clamping onto his far shoulder. He was flailing about and shouting threats. As skilled as he was on his feet, it was apparent that he was not accustomed to ground fighting. I fitted the crook in my arm over his Adam’s apple and grabbed my left bicep. My left hand went behind his head and I squeezed my elbows together, exerting pressure on the carotid arteries on each side of his neck, locking in a Rear Naked Choke. His flailing slowed and he began making a distinctive snoring sound signaling his entry to dreamland.

I knew that he would only be out for a few seconds. I checked him quickly for more weapons while was in the middle of a full body spasm. As he started coming back, I placed my right shin along the left side of his neck, my knee pushing his jaw way from me. In this way, he was pinned to the ground and I could, if necessary, use my leg to put him back to sleep.

I turned to look at the girl and she seemed to be rooted in place. Even in the dim light, I could tell that she was pale and there were tears running down her face. “Call 911!” I barked at her, trying to catch my breath.

“Do I have to?”

That was not the answer that I expected. This asshole had just tried to rape her, not to mention murder me. “What?” was all that came out of my mouth.

“I was walking by naked. If he gets arrested, his attorneys will delve into my sexual history, say I wanted it by walking around naked. My parents will know. My friends will know. My name will be in the paper. I don’t think that I can deal with that. Can you just let him go? Please?”

I found myself getting angry. “And when he rapes someone else? Or kills them? How will you feel then?”

She began to cry in earnest at that point. “I can’t. I’m sorry, I just can’t” was all that was coming out.

“Well, I am not letting him go. He could attack you again. He could ambush me. If you can’t bring yourself to talk to the police, you had better go!” I couldn’t keep the sharpness and disappointment out of my voice and her tears continued to flow. She simply nodded and disappeared back around the corner.

As I was on the phone with the dispatcher, I saw her, along with her bike pass by the end of the building. Shaking my head, I described our position so that the police could find us back behind the building. Even with the gravity of the situation, it took almost ten minutes for the police to arrive. They took the big man into custody and I spent the next 35 minutes giving them a statement.

“What a night!” I thought as I went inside to sit down and do my own report on the incident. “My boss is going to love this one!” It was nearly two in the morning before I got back to patrolling the area. The adrenaline from the fight had worn off, and I was really feeling tired.

I went around the corner again, back to the ‘scene of the crime,’ this time, flashlight in hand. And there, standing in my path, was the ravishing, little fairy girl, now wearing what appeared to be a long, blue bathrobe. It was far too big for her and appeared to have been made for a man. It hung oddly on tuzla escort her and I couldn’t really tell why until she uncinched the belt at her waist and let it slide off of her shoulders. Instantly, her wings popped out. She was, again, standing before me, just as before, completely naked, but for the wings. “I came back to thank you” she said with a mischievous grin on her lovely face.

“That really isn’t necessary,” I started in a bit of a panic. Before I could say anything more, she dropped to her knees and began undoing my tactical belt. “You are going to get me fired!” I whispered halfheartedly, but made no move to impede her progress.

She pulled my pants and underwear down around my ankles and her small tongue began caressing my suddenly very hard cock. I stifled a moan as she took the tip into her delicate mouth. She slowly began bobbing her head, taking a little more inside her mouth with each stroke. It wasn’t long before I could feel pressure building in my balls. I grabbed the long ponytail at the back of her head. My instinct was to use that handle to gain leverage and fuck the hell out of her warm mouth. Then, I thought about what she had been through this night and my desire changed. I didn’t want to see her submissive.

So, rather than pulling her into me like I originally intended, I used her ponytail to pull her to her feet. I drew her mouth to mine. I started slowly, fearing reluctance, but she opened her lips and returned my kiss passionately. Our tongues explored and entwined for a few minutes before I again pulled her ponytail, tilting her head back so that I could kiss her long neck. That drew a small moan so, encouraged, I proceeded lower, kissing and sucking on her pert breasts.

She shocked me by jumping up and wrapping her legs around my hips. With one hand, she guided me to her wet, ready pussy and impaled herself upon my cock. Between the surprise at her jumping up and the divine feeling of her warm muscles beginning to milk my cock, my legs nearly failed me, and I almost fell, stumbling backwards toward the wall. She held both arms tightly around my neck, planted her feet on the wall, and leaned back. Not only did this give me a fantastic view of her tits, it gave her total control of both the pace and the depth of our thrusts.

She started slowly, stopping each time I was deep inside her and squeezing her vaginal muscles. Each time she did so, I couldn’t help but release a small moan. After a few minutes of that, she started picking up the pace, slamming her steaming box against my hard shaft. Her ponytail was flying about wildly behind her as she produced wild vocalizations, stronger than moans, but not quite screams. Still, the small part of my mind that remained rational was terrified that our public display would be discovered.

Suddenly, she wrapped her legs back around me, and squeezed her pussy with all her might. Her stomach muscles tightened and began to spasm. I could not believe it; she had reached her climax before I did. That, of course, was more than enough to push me over the edge and I spent spurt after spurt deep inside her.

At that point, my legs did give out and we both fell unceremoniously to the ground. We both gasped, then started giggling. Her childlike laughter buoying my spirits almost as much as her body had. All at once, she jumped up, grabbed her robe, and ran off down the street, her amazing laughter and flapping wings trailing behind her.

Pulling up my pants, which were still pooled around my ankles, all I could think was that it didn’t turn out to be such a long night after all.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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