A Model Killing

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Teen (18+)

Intelligence, looks, personality, creativity and wit aren’t bad in isolation. To have them all, though, is to set one apart from 99.99935% of humanity. To have them in abundance is a disaster. Sensuous athleticism makes the full catastrophe, a total train wreck. Happy is the fool. Desperately lonely are the abundantly talented.

I should know. The rest of humanity isn’t worth the time, effort or lattes. And definitely not worth any donuts. I’m usually in first gear with people. If I crank it up, I blow them away.

I’ve never been able to hold down a job for long, as I can’t see the point in supplying goods and/or services to cretinous morons. And don’t get me started on bosses — abysmal cretinous morons at best.

So I became a hitman. I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t a vast waste of space, so I feel that I’m doing the planet a favour. Damnit, I’m doing the universe a favour.

I’m big on ethics too! And maths.

The people I most like to bump off are the bastards with one strength who think that makes them superior to others. Academics, models, sports stars, talk show hosts, artists, comedians — I could go on all night. I’ve never come across a celebrity who wouldn’t be improved by a bullet to the head.

So, it was a happy coincidence when this slim, long-legged, big-busted, bouncy, beautiful brunette with a cracker set of pearly whites wandered up to me at the ol’ watering hole one fateful night. She could have been a supermodel.

‘Hi, I’m Angelica,’ she purred

‘Hi,’ I said, the word dripping with understated meaning.

‘Can I buy you a drink?’ she purred. I soon realized she always purred. I wasn’t complaining.

‘Sure,’ I said, in a way that said so much more.

It was the start of a long drinking session.

When we were both well oiled, she moved in real close. I stepped forward so that she was even closer. She rested a hand on my arm, while the other one found my carefully-concealed weapon, and whispered in my ear, ‘The word on the streets is that you are a hitman.’

‘What word is that?’ I groaned.

‘They call you Alfonso the Dude,’ she purred, fondling my weapon.

‘That’s me. More bang for your buck,’ I sighed.

‘I’ve got someone for you,’ she purred, her hand testing the weight of my weapon.

‘Tell me about him,’ I moaned.

‘Her,’ she purred, her hand sliding along the shaft.

She wanted me to kill a woman! Damn, I’d kill anything, just as long as she didn’t stop.

‘She’s a shallow, bullying, arrogant, stupid, back-stabbing, two-faced, nasty bitch,’ Angelica purred, giving my weapon a sharp pull.

Ahhhhhhhhh. She needed to be careful, or it could go off.

‘You don’t like her?’ I croaked.

‘I despise pendik escort her!’ she purred vehemently, yanking my weapon.

Hot damn, what this woman could do with a purr.

Well, it turned out Angelica was a model, who wanted me to bump off another model, Rebel. It was all a bit like two life drawing models I’d had dealings with previously.

Well, this time I wasn’t going to be screwed over. No way!

In fact, it was me who got to do the screwing that night.

‘I’d like to see how you handle your weapon,’ Angelica purred in my ear. The bitch had her hand in my pants right there in the bar! Fortunately we were in a secluded corner by now. A dark, secluded corner.

It was also the sort of bar where random fucking occasionally happened. That’s why I drank there. Sometimes couples (or more) took their coupling outside. I found that very annoying. I had no problems with people screwing in front of me.

Some people could be so inconsiderate and selfish.

Angelica wasn’t.

She kissed me hard as she fondled my cock.

I ran my hands down her body — one hand in front, one behind.

She was wearing a little number that provided easy access to her arse and pussy.

She moaned appreciatively when my hands slid up under her little number. I explored her sensational arse with one hand. With the other, I hunted down her clit. I could tell I found it when she moaned, ‘Oh fuck, that’s goooooooood.’

She wasn’t purring now.

I slipped a couple of fingers up her hot and slippery pussy, while my thumb massaged her clit.

‘Oh fuck, that’s nice,’ she moaned.

Her vocabulary had gone all limited all of a sudden.

With my other hand, I found her arsehole and tickled it gently.

‘Oh fuck … fuck … fuck,’ she moaned and groaned.

I finger fucked her hard and fast.

Her head dropped onto my shoulder. She sighed long and hard. She muttered, ‘Fuck … fuck … fuck’ over and over and over.

‘I’m coming,’ she groaned into my shoulder, as her body quivered and her knees trembled.

I held her up as she came hard and fast.

Which made my cock incredibly hard.

As she came down from her orgasm, I pushed her back against the wall.

‘From behind,’ she purred, turning around. ‘Dick me from behind.’

I slipped on a condom, as she looked longingly at my cock over her shoulder.

She spread her legs as I moved behind her. I positioned the tip of my cock against her pussy.

She sighed.

I put my hands around her and grabbed her tits.

‘Oh, yes,’ she purred.

I slammed my cock right up her.

‘Oh, fuck yes,’ she groaned.

I held my cock still for a moment.

‘Mmmmmmmm,’ kartal escort she purred.

I slid my cock back until it was barely in.

She wiggled her arse invitingly.

I accepted her invitation and slammed my cock right up her again.

‘Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,’ she moaned. ‘You’re so big. You fuck me so good.’

‘You’re a delicious fuck’ I whispered in her ear.

She smiled.

I started fucking her with a vengeance. I fucked her and nailed her and dicked her and screwed her and rooted her senseless.

She loved it.

I wasn’t having a bad time either.

She came all over my cock as I pumped her. I had one hand ravishing her tits. The other hand was playing with her clit.

She came when I whispered in her ear, ‘Your arse is all mine, you dirty little fuck slut.’

She groaned, ‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ as she came.

All this blatant female sexual desire was really getting to me, and I could feel an orgasm building.

I slowed for a moment, and just held my cock in her. I squashed my front against her back. I blew in her ear. I got right into her.

Then I really slammed into her against that wall. She stuck her arse out and took it like a dirty little fuck slut.

I felt the orgasm build from my balls. I slammed hard into her and came.

It was my turn to groan, ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,’ as my cock spasmed violently.

We staggered out of there on wobbly knees and went back to her place, where we fucked each other senseless all night long.

Angelica was one delicious fuck!

A few days later, I’m at a fashion parade, and Angelica is looking sensational in a little black dress, with high heels.

Then Rebel glided down the runway. Angelica faded away next to her. A big cat would have looked awkward and ungainly next to her. But when she looked at you, you felt fat and horrible and smelly. Damn, I’d enjoy bumping off this arrogant bitch.

She lived alone in a swish penthouse. Apparently she enjoyed sex way to much to have one partner. She had a whole bunch of buddies — male and female — who’d she ring when she felt the itch. According to Angelica, she felt it often. She seldom made more than one call.

Angelica still got the occasional call — but just to watch. You could tell this burned her up real bad. I could think of worse pastimes than watching Rebel fuck and be fucked.

Rebel liked to sleep way into Mondays. ‘Her beauty sleep, she likes to call it,’ purred Angelica, sneeringly. ‘I have a key to her apartment.’

Too easy.

Next Monday, around 10, I let myself into the apartment block and climbed the stairs to Rebel’s floor.

I let myself maltepe escort in, weapon at the ready.

She wasn’t in the bedroom.

I found her in the kitchen.

‘Good morning, Rebel,’ I snarled, pointing my weapon straight at her chest.

She turned, startled.

‘I don’t remember you,’ she purred, looking at my weapon. ‘Have we fucked?’

‘No, we haven’t fucked,’ I snarled, waving my weapon for emphasis.

‘Let’s,’ she purred, dropping her robe. She was sensationally naked. She sashayed over to me and put her hand on my weapon. She rubbed her firm breasts against me, the upturned nipples hard and looking deeply into my eyes.

Ah, crap.

She grabbed my weapon and pulled gently.

She dropped to her knees and sucked my weapon … er, cock.

She had great lips.

I held onto the counter for support. From somewhere — I couldn’t care less where — she whipped out a condom, and slipped it on my cock. I almost came while she was doing it.

When she had me real, real hard, she stood up, turned around and bent over the bench.

‘Do me,’ she demanded.

Did I ever!

Fully dressed, I stood up to the plate. I rubbed my cock around her pussy.

‘Fuck me,’ she demanded.

I did. I fucked her real bad. Dicked her senseless. Nailed her gorgeous arse something wild. Played with her tits. Massaged her clit — she came. Pulled her hair. Slapped her arse — she sure liked that. Slipped a finger up her arse. That led to a sudden change in circumstances.

‘Make me your anal fuck toy,’ she mumbled into the counter.

I didn’t need a second invitation with an arse like hers.

I transferred a liberal amount of her juices from her pussy to her arse. My cock was already very slippery.

With great care and precision, I placed my cock against her arsehole.

‘Oh, yeah, bugger me,’ she groaned. ‘Sodomise me,’ she added needlessly.

I drove my cock into her arse.

From the way she arched her back and dropped her head and grunted and groaned, I assumed she liked that.

‘Fuck, I like that,’ she groaned.

See, I told you.

I fucked her arse. She finger fucked herself hard while I rammed her arse. I like it when a woman does herself while I’m doing her.

I fucked her hard, I fucked her soft, I fucked her fast, I fucked her slow. I played with her, while I fucked her. We had a great time.

Too soon though, I felt that old familiar feeling.

‘I’m going to come,’ I whispered raggedly in her ear.

‘Me too,’ she whispered raggedly back.

We came together. It was superb.

Well, I didn’t get out of there on Monday. Tuesday I went out for pizza. I finally left sometime on Wednesday. I had to get out before she fucked me to death.

I never did get to kill her.

Angelica was really annoyed when I caught up with her. Really, really annoyed. And, as you know, make up sex can be great. This time, it was sensational. Me, Angelica — and Rebel.

I’m soooooooo tired!

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