A Mother’s Milk Ch. 03

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To begin, one of my readers was disappointed that I didn’t describe what it was like having sex with my son for the fist time. I hadn’t intended to go into that with the story, I only wanted to give you the build up and tell you how I came to the decision to fuck my son. So since I took his comment as a bit of a challenge, here is what it felt like from my perspective. Might as well call it Chapter Three.

Once I had decided to fuck my son and I had picked the day to seduce him, and yes I did seduce him, but the truth is, he was easy. Like all you boys out there with your dreams and fantasies about fucking your Mother, if your Mother offered, I’ll bet you wouldn’t be able to refuse.

Anyway, as I followed him around while he was taking care of my “Honey-do” list, I let my mind go into sexual overdrive as I admired his body, giving him little peeks of my body, to get him interested. I am sure many of you boys will agree with me that when you see a hot chick clothed, or with clothing that allows you a little peek of the goodies, it is more erotic than a outright naked body.

Your mind undresses the girl, and your brain being the most influential organ in your body will run wild with pictures of how you would like to see that naked body and what you would want to do with it. Our bodies hidden by mere wisps of clothing, and in my case that day wasn’t much, can and will drive you wild. Well guess what guys, it works the same for a lot of women too. I know it did me.

So, as I followed him around, I would look, and every now and then as he was engrossed in his work, I would reach in my shorts and touch my pussy, sometimes from the top down, but what I really liked was sliding my hand up the leg of my shorts to touch my bare pussy, you should try it sometime, it just feels better.

I was getting wetter as the list got shorter, the butterfly’s were starting to work overtime, I was squirming on the chair in anticipation of his cock fucking my pussy. So after he finished working and he took his shower, I went to the bathroom to get my pussy cleaned up, I had been creaming all day and I wanted it clean and fresh for when he would be licking my cunt for the first time, you know first impressions, and besides I was as giddy as a girl can be on her first date. I had it all planned…it was going to happen.

I reached down and bakırköy escort gave my pussy a good cleaning and a quick digital inspection, I was so ready for his cock, my hole was so moist, open and loose that I swear I heard my pussy lips smacking together and in my mind I said m, m, mmm. I then lifted my tee shirt and squeeze my nipples to get a little milk out and then lowered my top so that the milk would wet my shirt. I was ready.

As I described in “A Mothers Perspective” He really did not hesitate to latch onto my nipple, I knew he would, he is such a “Titty Baby”.

As soon as he began to suck, that feeling of pleasure hit me like a ton of bricks, the sensation was so unbelievable . After he drained my right tit, he latched onto my left nipple and began to suck sending more shock waves though my body, my brain began to race with pictures of what I was going to do to him in the next moments. When he ran out of milk again, I told him to continue as it felt so good, This time he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked and sucked, with each draw, he sucked more in his mouth . When his tongue began to flick my nipple the electric shock went clear to my toes, traveled back up to my pussy where it just stayed there and made me squirm.

When he reached down to move his cock and undo the button on his shorts, I think I shocked him as I slid my hand over his to grasp a hold of my prize. This was the first time I had touched his cock in this way and it felt so good in my hand. My head went back and I closed my eyes, I was nearing that state of sexual euphoria, the pictures in my mind were so erotic, first of me with his cock in my mouth, then of it sliding in and out of my juicy pussy, I needed him to touch me too and I told him to go ahead and slide his hand up the leg of my shorts so he could reach is prize. So after he removed his shorts and I got a close up view of his hard dick, I latched onto that hunk of man meat and wouldn’t let go. I told him to go ahead and reach up my shorts to claim his prize.

As his hand was moving up my leg, I held my breath until he reached my cunt. The mere touch of my forbidden place was enough to make me moan and squirm as he explored my mound, I’ll tell you , this play, though forbidden in this society, didn’t matter to me any more. The sensation, butterfly’s in my beşiktaş escort belly, the taboo of our pending illicit sex life all went through the roof, and when his finger sunk into my hole, I could have sworn rockets went off in my brain…I had to have his cock in me, there was no turning back.

So as I led him to the bedroom, as soon as I reached the bed, I warned him that by coming into my bed, there would be no turning back. He just about jumped in and my thoughts turned to mush, I turned to face his feet and just climbed on board, pushing my my cunt in his face, I looked once at his delicious cock and gave it a little kiss for luck and slide it into my mouth.

As he began to kiss and lick my pussy, I lost all control of my senses and began to suck his manhood with earnest, I think he said something like, he had died and gone to heaven, but anyway this boy could eat pussy like a pro, he began to suck on my lips, and I swear he had my whole pussy in his mouth, he was chewing on it sucking it and caressing it with his tongue, he then snaked his tongue between my pussy lips and began to flick my clit up and down. Then he sucked my engorged clit into his mouth, and began to massage it with his tongue. It felt almost like an electrical shock and I began to shake and moan on his cock.

He then alternated between my clit and my pussy hole as I pushed back harder on his face, as if to force him back up where he came from. By this time my pussy was flooding with my juice and I knew he was lapping it up, the slurping noises he was making was enough to start my orgasm , I began to feel it in my toes and as it traveled up my legs, I began to feel him swell in my mouth, I knew then we were going to experience that moment of joy together.

He warned me he was going to come, it was enough for me to force my head down as far as it would go, his cock was all the way in me, clear into my throat, my nose was buried in his pubic hair and as he began to scream into my pussy and fill me with his sperm, I let loose with the most wonderful, hardest and mind blowing orgasm I have ever had. My pussy let loose with a flood of my cum and as my mind went soaring into the clouds, I could hear him swallow every bit of my juice as I took every bit of his love juice into my body, squirt after squirt.

We remained this beylikdüzü escort way for a time, as I cleaned off his cock with my mouth, and he cleaned up my pussy with his. It seemed like forever before we both came down from this sexual high. But finally I released his cock from my mouth with a loud “plop” and dismounted from his body and lay back at his side, I cuddled up to him, taking his still hard member in my hand and we began to kiss and cuddle, tasting my self on his lips and sharing his taste with him was really something I had never done. I began to rub my pussy against his leg and after what seemed like a long time I rolled on my back, spread my legs and held out my arms.

As he climbed between my legs I took his cock in my hand and began to rub it up and down between my pussy lips and told him that it was time to make love to me like a man does a women so we could finally consummate out incestuous relationship. I place the head of his dick at the entrance to my pussy and he slowly pushed his way into me.

I am sorry I cant begin to describe the sensations of his cock sliding into my hole, the anticipation of the build up, the naughtiness of me fucking my son, his and my wanton desire for each other just felt so good, so right and the same time that feeling of complete disregard for societies rules and the taboo of incest just didn’t matter any more, all I cared about at that moment was this virile hunk of my son was fucking me.

We didn’t just fuck, we made love, for over an hour as we reveled in the closeness, the gentle tenderness of the act of making love. He said he loved me and I told him I loved him too. We both agreed that we wanted to do this forever and we did, But back up a bit, when he finally was ready to cum, I could feel the change that came over him. His cock began to swell, his breathing became a sort of panting and my pussy felt like it was on fire. I wanted to feel his boiling seed inside of me so bad that as soon as he let go, I convulsed in another earth shattering orgasm the whole bed shook and the window seemed to rattle from our screams.

Never, never, never had I had this reaction from any man, I was totally in a different world . We did it several more times that day, me on top, him behind me, and finally me back under him. As we finished and we lay together, we slowly drifted off into a deep sleep as I had never had before.

When morning finally came, I woke before him and there he was, hard as a rock. So what’s a Mother to do? I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck, he woke and I looked him in the eyes, pulling off just enough to say, “Got any cream left for my breakfast?”

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