A Mother’s Story – Ch. 01

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It all started innocently enough. I work from home for a travel reservation firm and I had gone far above my daily quota and decided to relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon off with a glass of wine and some “me-time” before my 18 year old son, Davey, our only child, got home from school and I had to get some laundry folded and dinner started.

I poured myself a hefty glass of red wine, turned on a random movie on Netflix, kicked off my shoes and stretched out on the couch for a self-satisfying time alone.

After I had finished the wine, I drifted off to sleep. When I opened my eyes, I found myself looking at my son’s jean covered crotch. They seem to have a rounded bulged. I looked up at him. He was looking down at me, but not at my face.

“Hi honey.” My voice breaking the silence.

Startled by my voice, Davey turned his head and looked at my face. He turned beet red.

He stammered and in a surprised tone answered, “MOM!…I was…just got home.”

He quickly turned and with his backpack over his shoulder and walked away.

I said after him, “Davey, I must have fallen asleep, I had a good day selling and…” I just stopped, he wasn’t paying any attention to what I was saying.

“I got homework to do.” He shouted back and went down to his room. I heard his bedroom door close.

I thought; ‘Well that was odd.’

I wiped some drool of the side of my mouth, propped myself up on my elbows and, “OH GOD!”

I looked down. I had one foot on the floor and my other foot was on the couch. My legs were spread and my summer dress, which had a slit up the front, was hiked up, not only exposing my thighs but also the bottom of the sheer white panties. Now I knew what my son was gawking at. Not only had my son gotten a good look at my legs, but he could see through the panties, he also now knew, that his mother shaved her pussy.

“OH CHRIST!” I was now the one turning beet red. I quickly sat up, pushing my dress down. My Davey had seen everything. And how long had he’d been standing there. I thought, ‘Well, long enough to get a hard on.’ Then it struck me. ‘My son got horny looking at me?’ I tried to understand what I just thought. Then I said softly out loud, “My son got horny looking at me.” I froze for a second. “No, that can’t be right.” The again, “He was standing over me, looking at my… I couldn’t even say it. He definitely had a bulge in his pants.’ I sat there eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar on the couch for a few minutes just looking straight ahead, not focusing on anything.

‘Get the laundry out of the dryer and folded. Come on Beth, do something.’ I stood; my legs were a little wobbly. I went into the laundry room, pulled the clothes out of the dryer and put them on the folding table and by habit, separated and folded the clothes. I picked up a pair of my panties and stared at it.

‘My Davey was ogling me.’ I smiled. ‘My son was getting turned on by looking at his mother. Well maybe you still have it old girl.’

‘What would Stewart, my husband, say if I told him. Shit, Stewart would probably laugh and say, “Our son, hot for you? A little old for him aren’t you dear.”

I’m only 37. I keep myself in good shape. I work out. I’m a size 7. I have nice B cup tits. My slender frame makes them look bigger. My legs are toned and that what Davey was looking at, and my pussy. There I said it. Then another thought raced through my mind. I wonder what Davey is thinking right now. He’s in his room with the door closed. He had a hard on, could he be lying in bed imagining his mother’s legs spread wide, her soft, white sheer panties exposing her shaved pussy?’ The image of my son, on his back, his pants down, his penis in his fist, envisioning my legs and pussy, flashed through my mind! I felt my pussy moisten. I blushed again and smiled, ‘My little boy got turned on looking at his mommy.’ The warmth and wetness grew in my crotch. ‘Oh, you evil little girl.’ My thought continued. ‘You’re getting wet thinking about your son getting a stiffy looking at your legs and bald pussy.’

I finished folding the laundry. Now a little swagger took over me. I can turn a young boy on by him just looking at me. If my son thinks I’m HOT, then maybe his young friends do too.

My mind skipped through the rest of the afternoon. Thinking of Davey tucked in his room and what he might be doing and then back to me, laid bare to him on the couch.

I was fixing dinner when Stewart got home.

“Hi honey, smells good, I’m starved, I’m going to change.” He stopped and added, “You know you look really good in that dress.”

I smiled as he left, thinking, ‘You’re not the only man in this house that thinks so.’

Later, as Stewart came back into the kitchen, I asked him sincan escort bayan to call Davey for dinner.

Davey came in, eyes down, and sat at the table.

“So, buddy, anything exciting happened to you today?”

Davey got a startled look on his face, gave me a quick glance, then stammered, “No. Why?”

“Just asking.”

Davey fidgeted a little, looked at his father and said, “Nope, nothing exci,” stopped and finished, “No, nothing.”

Dinner was pretty normal. Davey for the most part kept his head down and eyes on his dinner. What he had seen when he got home from school today, didn’t seem to affect his appetite. Stewart talked about his upcoming weekend golf trip with his buddy, then add, “Davey, you take care of your mom while I’m away. Okay boy.”

Davey gave me a quick glance, looked at his father, “I’m going to finish a report.” Then he got up and left.

“Is he acting weird or is it just me?”

I tapped Stewart on the shoulder as I started to clear the table, “It’s you dear.”

That night when I got in bed with Stewart, I literally attacked him. I was so HOT! My mouth was on his cock before it had a chance to get hard. Stewart laughed and said, “I don’t know what’s got into you, but I like it!” The image of my son standing over me and what he might have been doing after in his room, maybe even NOW, kept flashing through my mind. After Stewart was hard, I got on top of him and rode his cock like I was a couldn’t get enough. I tightened my pussy around his dick and we both came, my orgasm spasming round his staff, his cock filling and spilling out my cunt. I lay down on his chest, both of us enjoying the subsiding sensation, exhausted.

“Jesus Beth, what was…” I cut him off with a kiss and we both drifted off to sleep.

Davey was out the door the next day before I even got up. I made sure I was in the kitchen when he got home from school. So, I didn’t see him again till dinner. He still had a hard time making eye contact with me. After he said he was going to ‘hang’ with some of his buddies since it was Friday night.

Stewart and I sat down on the couch to watch TV. I looked over at him, then at his crotch. I thought, ‘GOD, this is where Davey stood over me.’ I gave Stewart a wet kiss on his neck. Reached down and massaged his dick through his pants and whispered, “Let’s go to bed.” He gave me a quick glance, got up, taking my gölbaşı sınırsız escort hand and we went to the bedroom. We both striped and jumped into bed like a couple of newlyweds. This time I started him off by fisting his cock in my hand until it was hard. I kept thinking of Davey and his cock, my son’s cock in my hand, getting him hard. As soon as Stewart dick was stiff, I went down on him. This time I kept sucking the head of his cock, while jerking his shaft up and down with my fingers until I felt he was about to exploded. I pulled my mouth away and pressed my finger and thump against the bulbous head of his cock, stopping him cumming.

“OH GOD BETH! OH, DEAR GOD!” he bellowed. My pussy was on fire. I looked up at him, turned and lay on my back, spread my thighs wide and begged him to, “MY TURN DADDY, EAT ME, PLEASE, EAT ME, MAKE MOMMY CUM!”

Stewart got a big smile on his face and literally dove in, but not before adding, “Yeah mom, he comes daddy.”

I kept thinking it was Davey’s face buried between my widespread thighs, sucking and licking his mother’s pussy. My hands on my husband’s head, pressing it into my pussy, my hips, pushing up! “EAT ME BABY, EAT MOMMY!” I kept moaning loudly. My words exciting my husband to suck, lick and press his tongue deeper into me.

I had the most shattering orgasm in my life. Stewart probably thought he was going to suffocate. My thighs clasped tightly on either side of his head; my feet crossed over against his back. My hands pushing his face into my contracting pussy. I thought to myself, ‘YES DAVEY, EAT YOUR MOMMY! EAT ME BABY’, wishing I could shout it out loud. Wishing it was true. Wishing it was my son’s head between my thighs.

As my orgasm eased, Stewart came up gasping for air. He moved up on top of me and slid his again rock-hard cock easily into my sopping wet pussy. I felt it slice into me. My thoughts swirling. My God, help me, I want my son’s cock inside me. I kept my eyes closed as Stewart started to hammer his dick in and out of my cunt, imagining it was Davey fucking me. Stewart didn’t last long, caught up in the heat of the moment. He erupted, his warm cum coating the inside of my cunt and I came again. As our contractions eased, he kissed me hard on the mouth. I could smell and taste my own juices on his lips. His cock went limp and it slid out of my pussy. He rolled over onto his side, gasped; “Oh God Beth, what’s gotten into you the last couple of days? Makes me wish I wasn’t going away tomorrow.” He then leaned over and kissed me. I cuddled next to him. He put his arm around me. That is how we both fell asleep. I don’t know what he was thinking, but my final thoughts that night were all about my son, Davey.

To be continued…

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