A Snake’s Consort

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Alexander and his sister stared in shock.

Although they were years from being crowned king and queen over Valeria, Alexander and Alexandra wanted to snatch the crowns from their parent’s head—because they was no way the adults that stood mere yards away could rule. Not when they had…when they had…

“You gave this country away,” Alexander whispered. He almost couldn’t believe it. He had known his parents to be impulsive and selfish but this was insane. The citizens, the Royals, the land… “What about—”

“To who?”

Alexander’s head snapped up at his sister’s voice. She rarely spoke, but when she did no one can deny her an answer. Her eyes were cold and she met their parent’s eyes, unwavering.

They winced.

Her father tried to reason with them. “We merely sold the kingdom to the Farions. Our economy is in the drain, we lack proper land to grow crops, and our magic is depleted. What else could we have done, my child?”

“Anything but sell our people, our land, to barbarians!” Alexandra screamed. The Farions were notorious for invading kingdoms by killing the men, raping the women and burning the Royals. The stench of death would lie in their wake and nothing would remain when they left to invade another. Alexandra clutched her fist and brought it to her chest. She could feel her heart beating furiously. “They will destroy this country and taint our people, father! Our kingdom will suffer! Oh God,” she cried. “What have you done?”

Her voice cracked at her words it seemed as if none of her pleas reached her parents. Her parents were smiling and for moments Alexandra thought them insane. Her mother made her way towards her daughter. Alexandra looked at her mother’s long and extravagant red dress. Her lips curled in disdain. The money her foolish mother spent on that dress could have fed their people who died from starvation.

Her mother smiled once more and the princess swore her mouth was forever frozen in that position. “No, my child!” She exclaimed. “It’s what you will do! The deal we made is with you as King’s Jasper’s Queen and together you will rule this land to greatness!”

Alexandra stumbled. No.

“You sold her?” Alexander fixed his mother with a glare and pried her fingers off of his sister.

His mother shook her head vehemently and smiled. “Only to save us all!”

Alexander had heard enough. He knew from experience that the only people who would be safe from this disaster would be them. No one else would survive this. No one could. He looked at his sister whose tears were running down her precious face. A thin finger wrapped around a long strand of snow white hair that fell softly on her shoulders. Alexander knew she only did so as a nervous habit, but her eyes were blank. She was scared to the point of losing herself.


He pulled his sister against him, feeling her tears through his shirt. “It’s ok,” he whispered. “I’ll protect you—”

But the words were drowned by the grand room being barged open by dozens a men. They laughed obnoxiously as they spotted the girl clinging desperately to him.

“And you must be the beautiful Alexandra,” said one that looked as bad as he smelled. With dark, unwashed hair, yellowing teeth and eyes that traveled up and down Alexandra’s body, the man smiled. He snapped and more men surrounded the twins. “Capture her and kill the brother. Don’t touch her. King Jasper will want her still a virgin when kadıköy escort he gets her.”


Fear ran through Alexander. He wasn’t strong enough to take all of the men alone. Since a child he had trained alongside his father but the training could only get him so far. These men were animals. They did not train to abide by the rules especially not the ones of fighting tournaments. They used knives and other weapons with skills they picked up from years of experience.

He was outmanned and out-skilled…but Alexander would die before anyone could lay a hand on his sister.

He quickly scanned the area and grasped the knife that lay within his trousers.

The man in charge chuckled at his actions. “Looks like the prince has a knife!” his smile darkened. “Make sure he doesn’t hurt the girl.”

The men swarmed in.

Everything was a series of kicks and stabs but the blood pooling on the floor was Alexander’s. He sank to the floor, gasping in pain. His sister was in the leader’s hands, crying and reaching out to her brother, but Alexander could do nothing.

The last thing he heard was a scream as darkness washed over him.

– – – –

Alexandra teeth claimed her bottom lip as she fell on her brother’s cock. His hands were on hips, slowly guiding her back and forth, as she dug her nails on his chest. The pleasure that pooled between them heated and a moan fell from Alexandra’s lips.

“Faster,” she begged, opening her eyes to see her brother staring at her lovingly. He was always so careful when he made love to her, and at any other time she would have loved this kind of slow love-making, but today was different. It was the day magic had chosen to flow within her.

It was odd.

She had expected it to feel similar to air—almost like a soft breeze within her—but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Her magic was like water, thick and hot like lava. It coursed through her body like something exploring an area for the first time, first wandering past her soft breasts and down to her moist core that craved so much more.

Alexandra claimed her breast with her right hand and squeezed, hoping to relieve the fire that threatened to burn her alive but it only enflamed it, licking her skin so good, scorching her sex so nicely.

“More, brother…”

She began to move faster but realized that it wasn’t enough. She needed more. She needed to so much more…She wanted—

Her eyes narrowed and she pulled her brother until he was only inches away, his breath grazing her lips. “I need you to hurry up and fuck me. Don’t worry about hurting me—”

By now the wild magic within had lengthened her nails into claws, drawing blood.

“Don’t worry about breaking me—”

Her soft grey eyes became a lovely crimson.

“Don’t worry about loving me—”

Her pale skin darkened slightly as her breasts grew until her sore nipples brushed against her brother’s chest.

Alexandra continued to sink down onto his cock and forcibly pushed him back. “I just…need you…to fuck me until I can’t—”


Alexander looked at his sister’s body in shock, surprised at how much hotter it made him. He wasn’t aware that her magic could do this, but with the way her eyes darkened with need and the way her body heated to the point where she was on fire, Alexander knew he had to fulfill üsküdar escort her needs.

He flipped them over. He got into the position to begin giving her all she wanted but froze once he saw his beautiful sister against the silk sheets. Her pale skin was glistening from the sweat and her eyes were slightly open, dazed. Gentle pants caused her breasts, which seemed to have grown much larger, to rise and fall.

Alexander withdrew his cock from her sex, drawing a whine from his sister. He wanted to return it but a heat flashed through him so fast it paused his movements.

“Fuck…” he groaned.

The heat pooled within him and traveled down until it felt like it was right inside of his cock. He hissed at the sensation and craved to fuck his sister even more but once again something stalled him. Just like Alexandra, his skin darkened, but this time dark tribal symbols began to engrave themselves on his thighs, his chest, his arms…and finally his cock. Once the last symbol was made, his cock began to grow, shortening the distance between itself and his sister’s sex.

When Alexander felt completely transformed, he ran his hands up his sister’s body until he held her hands above her head. Then he brought his lips to hers as he finally forced his cock into her heat, captured her screams with his mouth.

– – – – –

Alexander jolted awake.

He sucked in a harsh breath as memories flooded his mind. He faintly remembered silk sheets, sweat, his sister—

“Fuck!” he yelled. He looked wildly around the room and realized that he was in a cell…or rather, in the dungeon that was under the castle. He cursed. He had to get out of there. He had to save his sister.

“You should give up.”

Alexander looked over to see his parents in the neighboring cell. They looked miserable, dirty in tattered clothing. Blood caked their faces and his mothered looked like she had been crying.

“Give up?” Alexander echoed mockingly. He laughed although it sounded as empty as he felt. “I could never give up, not like you did.”

His father frowned. “We only did what was necessary—”

“Cut the crap,” Alexander spat. “You two gave up and now your own daughter and kingdom is about to pay for it.”

Alexander ran his fingers through his white hair and sighed. How in the hell was he supposed to get out of here? Even if he was lucky enough to steal keys from the idiots that put him there, he still had to fight through the dozens of men in the castle. That would be suicide. Also his right leg was broken and some of his ribs were crushed. The fact that he could even breathe was a miracle. There was no way he could—


He froze. He knew that voice. Was that…


It was.

He turned, wincing as pain ran through him, to see where her voice was coming from. However, it didn’t seem to have a source.


Alexander cursed as he recognized the phenomenon. It was her magic. Something like this happened long ago when they were young. The twins had played hide and seek but after hours of trying to find Alexandra, Alexander almost gave up. He was about to search for his father when he heard his sister’s voice. She was calling out to him. It had gotten dark and she sounded so scared. Alexander tried to follow it and finally spotted his sister in a small cabinet, crying. He asked her about the voice but she didn’t tuzla escort know what he was talking about.

Although nothing like that has occurred since that incident, it appeared to be happening except he couldn’t trace the voice back to any specific direction.

Damn it! Alexander thought miserably. What can I do? What can I—


Alexander was weak and bruised. He knew that there was nothing—

“Brother!” Alexandra moaned as he slammed into her, filling the emptiness and stroking the fire inside of her.

What? Alexander blinked as the memory flashed before him. What was that?

It was like he was there, over her as she moaned and—sighed blissfully. She dragged her sharp nails down his back and arched her back in bliss. Pleasure ran throughout her body with every thrust and her magic seemed to take the form of a snake, hissing and coiling tightly as if building up towards something…something big…

“Fuck me harder!” Alexandra screamed, tightening her thighs around her brother’s waist. “Harder!”

Alexander panted as heat overcame him. He knew he wasn’t there in his room but he couldn’t help but slowly rock his hips. He felt his sister here with him, in his head.

“What’s going on?” his father asked frantically. “What are those things on your skin?”

“What?” Alexander looked down sluggishly, remembering that his parents were there with him. “Holy shit!”

It really was like he was back there with his sister.

Black tribal symbols were on his skin, slowing appearing with every heat flash that claimed his body. They started at his thighs and appeared on his chest. A weird feeling lied in their wake and Alexander smiled once he remembered what they did. Although his sister’s magic was wild and unpredictable, it held a sort of consistency every time it was connected with his powers. The siblings still weren’t sure how their magic was linked but when Alexandra was using her magic, it activated his and brought on…weird abilities.

One of them played right before his eyes when the sores and torn flesh began to stitch themselves back together. Another ability disintegrated his clothes until he was naked.

Alexander stood and looked over at his parents who still stared in shock, eyes and mouths wide open.

His mother recovered first. “You have magic!” she asked in wonder. “When? How?”

“What about Alexandra?” his father asked. “Can she…”

Alexander ignored them. His muscles protested when he stretched and he sighed as the pain made way for pleasure. He could still feel the faint memory of his sister’s body beneath his, his cock feeling so right in her heat.

The thirst for sex washed over him, almost drowning him in heat, but Alexander staggered when another type fought to overpower it. Unaware of his grey eyes turning red and his teeth sharpening, Alexander returned his gaze to his parents. He could smell the rapid rush of blood in their veins and it smelled so…good.

His legs burned as he stood and walked over to them but it only encouraged him. As he neared the quivering pair, Alexander realized that it wasn’t their blood that smelled good, but their fear. It was practically oozing out of them!

Alexander’s sharp nails softly ran across the metal bars and he was faintly aware of the bars that fell to the floor loudly.

“What are you?!” His father fearfully eyed the demon in front of him and gasped as it broke the metal bars easily. “Please spare us! Alexander you need us!”

Alexander chuckled darkly at the soft pleas, wanting nothing more than to revenge his sister, but he paused.

Alexandra wouldn’t want that.

Besides, he was running out of time. His parents could wait. He had to deal with the men upstairs first.

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