A Tale of Two Loving Sisters Ch. 01

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Weary from staring at her laptop screen for several hours, Maryann Webber scrolled through yet another top-ten list of liberal arts colleges. She’d graduated from the local high school only a week before, but ever since, everyone was constantly asking her about college applications. All of her friends had already been accepted, and talked excitedly about moving away to big cities and beautiful campuses. Her parents were unbearable, not going more than an hour before bringing up suggestions for the majors that their daughter might excel in. Lawyer, doctor, biologist… it made her want to scream. It was enough that, when her parents had invited her to a fancy dinner at the best place in town, she’d turned them down, pretending that she didn’t feel well. But even as they walked out the door, they discussed her future, and even went so far as to again compare her to her older sister.

Tiffany Webber was one year her senior, and the family darling. She was the top of her class the year before, an outgoing girl loved by her teachers and peers alike. Maryann wasn’t even in the top 20 % of her year. Her sister had been accepted into the physics program of one of the finest private schools in the country, and was currently outcompeting her whole freshman class. She even earned a prestigious summer research position with one of the faculty, something usually reserved for upperclassmen.

Sighing, Maryann rubbed at her light blue eyes and leaned back in her chair. The sun had set without her noticing, and she hadn’t yet turned on any of the lights in the house. But she liked the dark… it was quiet, peaceful, and it didn’t ask her about universities. She took a sip of water from the cup at her side, her plump lips wrapping over the glass and leaving behind a trace of pale pink lipstick.

“Ahhhh!” So nice to finally take a break.

The 19-year-old pushed back her chair and stood, lifting her arms over her head to stretch her quaint 5’4″ frame. A sudden yawn surprised her, and realizing now how tired she was, she made for her bed. She threw herself onto the sheets, flopping down like a damp rag and rolling onto her back to stare up at the ceiling fan. Maryann watched it spin for a moment, mesmerized. She had no idea what she should do with her life, and no idea how to make the choices she needed to make. Perhaps she could just lay on her bed forever.

If it weren’t for her overachieving sister, she wouldn’t have any of these problems. Tiff was simply a better version of her, with a higher intelligence, more interesting personality, and ostensibly a better body. Maryann had started wearing more form-fitting clothing in high school, trying to compete, but even then, her sister drew all the stares from guys and girls alike. Something about Tiff was just… more radiant. Even Maryann had more than once found herself tracing her sister’s body with dreamy eyes as they sat together for dinner.

Maryann pictured the last time she had spoken with Tiff, back during winter break. Her sister had been wearing one of her customary long, flowing skirts, with a baggy maroon sweater. Even though she always bought loose-fitting clothing, it still found a way to perfectly accentuate her most attractive parts. The skirt had hugged tightly to hips that were just wider than Maryann’s, and Tiff’s braless tits, a size larger than her sister’s, bounced temptingly against the thin sweater.

She remembered the kindness in her sister’s olive eyes as they had discussed what it was that Maryann should do with her life. But at the same time, it seemed like Tiff was judging her. She’d suggested that Maryann take a year off from school, and spend some time traveling with friends to think about her purpose. But it was easy for someone like Tiff, someone so gifted, to give advice like that. Picturing her sister’s cute smile, Maryann fumed, her face turning red. Sometimes she wished that she could somehow just ruin her sister’s career.

There was one thing that Maryann could hold over her sister, a secret that only a handful of people close to Tiff knew: as the result of a freak genetic anomaly, her sister kept the genitals of both genders hidden under her casually fitting garments. Tiff had a normal vagina right where it should be, but it was usually covered by her… sizable… male parts. The last time Maryann had seen Tiff naked, she’d accidentally walked in on her sister as she was “relieving some stress.” Fortunately, Tiff hadn’t heard her, and Maryann had a good long look at a 12-inch cock, its foreskin rippling, and a pair of smooth, perfectly round balls to match.

Alright, if she were being honest, Maryann hadn’t accidentally walking in on her sister. She had heard noises, low moans to be precise, and curiosity has gotten the best of her. The idea of her sister masturbating was both satisfying and arousing. Her perfect sister, so popular, was so sexually frustrated that she needed to use her own hands to find some release. Even with all her gifts, Tiff’s imperfections kadıköy escort managed to get in the way. Maryann was quite aware of the difficulties her sister had with dating; she struggled, unable to cope with the extra bits that hung between her legs.

Thinking of her sister’s thick tool, and how needy it appeared on that night, Maryann found herself dreaming of wrapping her hands around the shaft, struggling to fit it all in her grip. Like Tiffany, she too was frustrated. Her shyness had made it difficult to form relationships in high school, and as time went on, she became nervous that her virginity would surprise any potential partners. So, she’d stopped showing interest at all, and had earned a reputation as the class prude. Eventually, every guy interested in her cute teenage body had ceased making advances.

But Maryann had learned how to cope. Her mind full of images of Tiff’s precum-slick phallus, and her pussy once again begging for attention, she reached to the drawer at the side of her bed, her practiced hand knowing the exact path to take. Shifting some papers, her fingers wrapped over her favorite clit vibrator. Of course, she longed to own a massive, pussy breaking dildo, but with her hymen still intact, that wouldn’t be very useful.

Next, she lifted a pair of wireless earbuds from the bedside table, securing them in her ears after she shifted her long coffee-brown ponytail out of the way. Her phone lay next to her on the bed. She unlocked it and opened up a private tab in her browser, then navigated to her preferred porn site. Her favorites were loaded with compilation videos of female masturbation and orgasms, and she selected one of them at random. The sounds of gentle cooing filled her ears.

Turning the smooth pink object in her hands, she felt for the on switch. The vibrator was a chubby hunk of plastic, with two tapering prongs like a tuning fork. After trying a few models, she found that this one held her sizable clit in the ideal position between the two tines and was capable of giving her a full climax in a few minutes if she wasn’t careful. She flipped it on, and her forearm shivered with vibrations, both from the device and her own anticipation. Maryann liked to start off slow, toying with herself. Using her free hand, she scrunched her snug-fitting skirt up around her midriff, not bothering to remove it. Cool air washed over the surface of her skin-colored thong. Its flexible fabric conformed to every fold of her labia, giving the illusion that it wasn’t there at all. In the dim light provided by her laptop’s display, she watched a dark stain begin spreading across the surface of the panties.

Carefully, Maryann lowered her vibrator, pausing a few millimeters from her target. The teen waited, letting the feelings of longing and need fill her until she was overwhelmed. She closed her eyes and thought about Tiff’s package, lit by soft lamplight, quaking as it was stroked off. As she lay still, Maryann remembered the gentle curve of her sister’s shaft, the slight bulge of the urethra at its base. Every subtle vein was clear in her mind, warping around the girlmeat and pulsing with blood. There were a few light wrinkles at the base, creases in the skin that no doubt had resulted from overuse. And the head… a broad mound of flesh that seemed polished and sculpted, with a darker color than the rest of Tiff’s cock.

Maryann visualized licking her sister’s sack and letting the two orbs drape over her nose. She inhaled, imagining their smell as she lay her vibrator against her thong. Her legs twitched involuntarily as the little electronic device pressed into her most sensitive spot, whirring a little as it dug into her wet panties. For a moment, Maryann forgot to breathe, the feeling in her pussy too much to cope with. She squirmed and thrust her hips, then tore the vibrator away from her slinky undergarment. Her hands shaking, she tugged at the thong, lifting it away from her vagina and sliding it down around her fetching thighs. Strings of clear fluid draped across the sheets as she stripped away the barrier separating her clit from the full power of her vibrator.

At the same time, a small black Toyota pulled into the driveway outside, its headlights illumining the siding of the home. Tiffany Webber shut off the engine and threw open the driver’s door, excited to finally use her legs after the eight-hour drive. As she swung them out of the car, watchful not to catch her long skirt on the door, she frowned. The family sedan was missing, and all of the lights inside the house were off. She’d intended to surprise everyone, having just completed her first year at school. But they must have all gone to do some shopping or get dinner, and now they’d see her car when they returned. Dismayed, but still happy to be home, she made her way to the front door and let herself in.

Upstairs, Maryann listened to a crescendo of lustful grunts and cries as üsküdar escort she nestled her clit between the two energetic prongs of her sex toy. She wriggled her hips, rubbing her feet together as the vibrator nibbled at her. Her own exhalations started to interfere with the heavy breathing coming from her earbuds, and her empty hand began to slide down to join the other. She ground the end of the device into her snatch, imagining that her sister was rubbing the underside of her cock over her cheek. The imaginary Tiffany looked down at her expectantly, her dark green eyes warm but commanding.

“Anyone here!?” called out Tiffany as she switched on the kitchen lights. There was no answer. She threw her bag down on the counter and took a look at the room. Her parents had rearranged the table since she’d been home last, and added a few new pictures on the walls. She wondered what else they might have changed in the house. Peering into the living room, there was a new sofa, a larger TV, and it appeared that her favorite chair had been thrown out with the trash. Afraid that she might not have a bedroom anymore, Tiffany began to explore the rest of her childhood home.

“Mmmmnnhh,” gasped Maryann, her clit burning and aching as her vibrator battered its shiny pink surface. In her mind, her sister was purring and squealing as the tip of her cock was massaged by Maryann’s tongue. The image was so cute that Maryann couldn’t hold herself back. There would be no taking her time tonight, she had to cum with the thought of her lovely, beautiful, unsatisfied sister finally getting some good head. The fictional Tiff begged her for more, grabbing the base of her sister’s customary ponytail. Maryann yearned to feel that force on the back of her head. Without hesitation, she flicked the switch of her toy to the highest vibration setting.

Footsteps masked by thick carpeting, Tiffany climbed the stairway to the second level, curious to return to her own room after six months away. She reached the unlit hallway, looking to her right down the hall. Her room was closest, followed by her parents’, and then her sister’s. She pressed her palm on the door of her space, letting it swing gently open. To her relief, it appeared untouched. Even the pens on her desk appeared to be in the precise order in which she left them. She stepped away, and looked into her parent’s room. They had rearranged, with a new bedframe and a large TV to match. The look was more modern, and reminded Tiffany that her parents were about to be empty nesters. Speaking of… she looked down the hall to her sister’s room. The door was cracked, and the interior was dark. Entering her sister’s room without permission seemed like a violation of privacy, but she couldn’t resist. Just a quick peek, Ann would never know.

The rapid, thumping vibrations on Maryann’s entangled clit had her very close to her climax, but she held herself back and waited for the right thought to carry her over the edge. She had involved both hands now, massaging her labia as she held her toy in place. The tickles across her folds only served to amplify her arousal. The female grunts and moans became more intense as her compilation video neared its end, driving her wild with excitement. In her mind, her sister was smirking down at her as she worked Maryann’s mouth over her dick, the tip poking at the back of her throat as she slobbered all over it. Her lips formed perfectly around Tiff’s member, the only place they truly belonged.

Tiffany placed her hand on the cool painted wood of her sister’s door, and hesitated. Something didn’t feel right, and she pulled her arm back. In shame, she turned to the side, but didn’t step away. Why did she feel so weird? Shrugging away the feeling, she lifted her arm once more to the doorway.

Bearing down on her clit one last time, Maryann prepared herself to orgasm at least twice. She lifted her spare hand away from her snatch and shoved it in her mouth, a habit that she’d learned at college to stifle her moans. This was it. She sent her fingers deeper into her mouth, sucking them in the same way she wanted to service her sister. Eyes closed, she pictured Tiff’s face contorting in bliss, on the edge of releasing her hot seed.

Click. The lights flipped on. Maryann opened her eyes in fright and dropped her vibrator.

“IIIIEEEEE! OH MY GOD, OH FUCK!” screamed Tiffany, looking down at her exposed sister.

“AHHH TIFF!? WHAT’RE YOU… DON’T LOOK!” Maryann quickly took her hand away from her crotch and pulled her skirt down over her thighs. It looked a bit silly, since her thong was still stretched between her legs where she’d left it.

“ANN! Shit, sorry… I thought you were all o-out for the evening! I’ll just…” Tiffany turned and started to walk slowly away, shaking her head.

“Wait, Tiff! Don’t be weird about it! Look, it’s ok! I’m glad to see you!” Maryann grabbed her vibrator, switched it off, and threw it under her pillow. Then, she pulled tuzla escort her thong back up under her skirt and scooted off the bed, removing her earbuds.

“Can I get a hug?” asked Maryann, almost laughing. She straightened her ponytail and wiped her sticky hand on the inside of her top behind her back.

Tiff turned and gave her a stern look, but quickly broke into a goofy smile. “Pshhhh, of course, you weirdo!”

Opening her arms for an embrace, Tiff caught her baby sister and held her close, happy to be with her again, even if she’d just seen something very unexpected. Maryann pressed into her sister, maybe a little too much. She was still quite horny after all, and had been dreaming of Tiff as she masturbated. She thought she could feel Tiff’s package pressing against her leg, but maybe she was imagining it. The distinct smell of her sister’s shampoo brought back so many good memories. Chests pressed together, she felt the warm skin of her sister’s bosom. Tiff was wearing a new top with a much deeper cut than normal… something she must have picked up at university. And all of the sudden, Maryann felt completely overwhelmed. Tears started too pool in her eyes, falling away as she blinked. Her sister held her tighter as she sobbed into Tiff’s shoulder.

“H-hey, what’s wrong coffee bean?” asked Tiff, rubbing at Maryann’s back reassuringly. “Look, I won’t tell mom and dad ok! There’s no shame in what you were doing!”

“It’s… not that!” howled Ann, her face drenched.

“Ok… ok… here, let’s sit you down.”

Being only an inch taller than her sister, Tiff struggled to lead the distraught Maryann to her bed. Once she finally managed to get her sat down, Tiff sat close to her side and wrapped an arm over her shoulder. Their hips pushed together as they leaned towards each other.

“Ann, what’s wrong?”

“It’s… it’s just… I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! What college… or do I look for a job… or… I DON’T KNOW! And you’re so perfect and smart… at the perfect school! You never had these problems! A-And… I… sniff… I’m useless!”

“Aww, no, no, don’t say that…,” comforted Tiff, her voice low and soothing. “You’re so talented, you’ll find something. And I can help you if you want!”

Maryann turned her watery blue eyes towards her sister, still sniveling. “R-really? You think so?”

“Of course I do! You’re my little coffee bean after all!”

Maryann laughed through her tears, and hugged her sister once more, leaning her forehead against Tiff’s. Then, in a moment of pure emotion, she said something she’d never forget. She wasn’t sure why she said it; it just came out.

“Tiff, when you walked in on me just now… I was… thinking of you! I… I know it’s weird, but I just miss you so much!”

There was a shocked look on Tiff’s face, but Maryann had closed her eyes.

“…and I understand if you don’t want to talk to me about it, or if you’re mad, but I was so lonely! Oh, dammit I never should have…”

Smack! Maryann’s rambling was interrupted by the sensation of soft lips meeting her own. She froze, not able to process a response until her sister pulled away. Opening her eyes in shock, Maryann got a glimpse of her lipstick smeared across the corner of Tiff’s mouth.

“…Tiff… what was…” But she was again interrupted.

“Shut up and kiss me back, Ann.”

Tiffany leaned in towards her sister again, puckering her lips. With only a moment of hesitation, Ann tilted her head forwards and met her sister’s waiting lips. They were warm, moist, and supple to the touch, a perfect match for her own. Their noses touched, and they felt each other’s breath glide over their cheeks. Tiff placed a hand softly on her sister’s shoulder, assuring her that everything was going to be fine. This time, Maryann pulled away first, a strand of saliva bridging the distance to her sister before falling against her chin.

“Do you feel better now?” asked Tiff, her words slow and seductive.

“A little… but I’m still so nervous.”

“You know what I think Ann?”

Maryann was silent, but shook her head.

“Think all of this is because you haven’t been laid.”

As Maryann opened her mouth to react, her sister placed a palm firmly on her sternum.

“Shhhh, just lay back on the bed.”

With a push, Tiff sent her sister tumbling backward, so that she lay across the rumpled sheets. As Maryann lifted herself up onto her elbows, Tiff began to strip. She crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her loose-fitting top, taking up the thin green fabric in her hands and lifting. Her smooth stomach came into view, followed by the undersides of her E-cup breasts. Tiff smiled at her sister’s dazed expression and pulled the garment up over her uncovered tits, letting them pop out and shimmy as they were freed. They were exactly as Maryann remembered, with cute button nipples and small pink areolae. Once the shirt was lifted from her head, Tiff tossed it aside and flipped her hazelnut hair out of her face. It was a different cut than the last time she’d been home, and it suited her. The longer length of it framed her upper body well, and the playful freeness of it matched her personality. As she stared on, Tiff pressed her forearms up against her tits, squeezed them together, and winked.

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