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I step carefully into the room, I can hear your regular breathing and I know you’re asleep. I undress quietly, it’s late and I know you have to be at work early tomorrow so I don’t want to wake you. As I lift the covers to slip into bed something off-shade on my pillow catches my eye in the near-darkness. I reach out and feel soft cotton, you’ve left your panties on my pillow. I smile at the sweet gesture, you know how much I love it when you do that. I lift them to my face and breathe deeply, inhaling the tangy scent of a long day spent between your luscious legs. I’m already rock hard and I realize I shouldn’t have started what I probably can’t finish. I slide the rest of the way into bed, as close to you as I dare. Maybe if I can jerk off very slowly I won’t wake you up. I reach for a bottle of lube by the bedside, squirt some into my hand, and begin to slowly stroke my cock.

You’re laying on your side facing away from me and I can faintly see the outline of your curvy body. I want to reach out and touch you but it’s too risky. I close my eyes and remember the last time we fucked; bursa escort I had you up on the bathroom counter for a quickie before the show, your legs were wrapped around me and your tits were bouncing as I fucked you hard and fast. You wriggled in your seat for almost two hours as my cum trickled out of you, shooting me dirty looks now and again, but when we got home I made it all up to you with my tongue.

You stir beside me and I realize I’ve been jerking too hard and started shaking the bed. You stretch and murmur something and slide back towards me and I freeze as the head of my cock slips neatly between your ass cheeks. Your breathing settles again but I can’t bring myself to move back. The warm embrace of your ass crack feels too good against my cock to pull away. Slowly, gently I begin stroking myself again. The lube is starting to dry up and I reach for more, a huge glob of it this time to last me.

You move again, brushing your hand over your hip and leaving it hanging between us. Your fingertips are resting directly on my balls now, and as I stroke my cock I can feel bursa escort bayan your nails drag back and forth over the sensitive skin. I’m getting suspicious now, this is too much to be a coincidence.

“Hon, you awake?” I whisper.

“Shh,” you whisper back, “I’m sleeping, don’t stop.”

My cock is slick with lube and suddenly I have a very devilish idea.

“Good, because you’d never let me do what I’m about to do if you were awake.”

I push my hips forward and guide my cock lower until I’m poised at your tight asshole. Slowly I increase the pressure and the tip begins to slide in. Your hand presses against my hip and stops me for a moment, but then reverses and pulls me forward again. As the head of my cock slips slowly through your widening sphincter I feel you clench around me. I pause waiting for you to become comfortable and you open your legs a little to slide your hand between them. Your pussy is oozing wetness now and you dip your fingers into yourself and then slide them up to rub your clit. Your back arches slightly and you press your ass back against escort bursa me a little, forcing me deeper into you. Suddenly my cockhead pops past your tightness and you give a little grunt of surprise. I ease off to let you get used to the feeling but you push back against me again and my shaft starts to sink deeper into you. You pause a few times, but in what seems like no time at all my balls are pressed against your juicy pussy and my entire cock is buried to the hilt in your warm, tight ass.

“Fuck me,” you whisper, your voice husky in the darkness.

I put my hand on your hip to steady you and begin to fuck your luscious ass, sliding in and out slowly at first but with increasing speed as your hips start to buck against me and your fingers frantically rub your clit.

“Oh…god…I…” your words drift into a moan.

I can feel your ass clenching rhythmically around my cock as you cum and my balls tighten as the sensation sends me over the edge. I pull your hips back hard against me and bury myself fully inside you as my cock pumps jet after jet of cum into your ass. You relax against me and I softly kiss the back of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine.

“I took tomorrow off,” you whisper, “try not to wake me when you get up.”

“Consider it a promise.” I smile in the dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32