Avery Dirty Date Night 01 – Friday

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**Interracial cuck/submissive male themes.**


It was Friday afternoon, 4:59PM, I was just about to clock out of work for the weekend. Tonight, like every Friday night, was date night. Usually we would hit a local bar or club for drinks then come home and fuck, but recently I had decided to spice up date night once a month by proposing a wager.

We had decided that we would place a bet on date night, and the winner would gain total control for the remainder of the weekend, free to do as the please either with or without the other until midnight on the Sunday.

This week we had decided on a local Bowling alley come bar&grill that we had visited once or twice before. The wager was simple, whoever won the most games took the prize.

I got home around 17:30 and could hear the shower running as I walked in the door. I quickly headed to the bedroom to undress before joining my sexy wife in the shower. We locked lips as we began to lather each other with shower gel, both knowing exactly where this was heading. My cock grew hard as I ran my hands over Avery’s hot body and curvy hips, squeezing her soft breasts and round ass before reaching down towards her bald pussy, only to have my arm slapped away as she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hands, then her mouth, and began to suck on it deep and slow. She slowly increased pace, caressing my balls as she took my cock deeper and faster in her mouth, gagging slightly as I hit the back of her throat. Without stopping once for a rest she brought me to orgasm, pulling my cock from her mouth and stroking hard, taking my cum all over her face and into her open mouth.

She stood up and kissed me, giving me a taste before turning to the shower to rinse off. I dropped to my knees as she washed, eating her pretty little asshole and pussy from behind until she came hard for me.

Avery got out of the shower first as I finished up, and when I returned to the bedroom to get dressed she was just pulling her jeans up over her peachy ass, covering over the red and black laced thong she had picked out for the evening.

We both finished getting ready and made our way to the alley where we first grabbed a bite to eat before setting up on lane six for five games of high stakes bowling! The first game ended pretty quickly, with three strikes I managed to beat Avery by a milestone, things weren’t looking good for her! We paused between games so I could go to the bar for drinks. A beer for me, Gin and tonic for Avery. Game number two went very much the same way, with me beating Avery, this time gloating and teasing about how she would have to do whatever I wanted all weekend.

“You won’t be able to walk straight by Sunday night! I’m gonna destroy that tight ass!” I jeered with a spank as she took her first shot of the third game.

This is where my luck changed, rapidly. 3 Strikes in a row put Avery out in front. And she didn’t stop getting lucky for the rest of the evening. She won the rest of the games putting her up three to my two, this wasn’t how I expected things to pan out!

“Ha! Spoke to soon eh, Grab your things bitch, You’re mine all weekend now and I intend to start right away!” Avery laughed as we headed out to the car.

She grabbed the keys out of my hand and jumped into the drivers seat.

“Ah ah, it’s not home time yet! I know a great place that’s open late and isn’t all that far away!”

I climbed into the passenger seat, a mixture of nerves and excitement surging through me as Avery hit the main road headed out of town. A short drive later she pulled off of the road into the carpark of ‘A1 Sex Store’ making sure to pull up right at the entrance bursa escort in plain sight.

“Remember that time on holiday when you told the masseuse about me and Jason’s friends? It’s time to get you back. This place has a row of booths out back to rent movies. We’re going to walk right in and you are going to help me pick out a movie to watch, and whatever else I choose, and you’re going to pay for it too. Come on, let’s go!”

We got out of the car and went inside, Avery made sure to loudly greet the attractive young woman on the desk before marching over to the DVD stand. I spotted three tall black guys scattered around the store, all of whom seemed to be aimlessly browsing, which I found kind of strange on a Friday night. Had they nothing better to do? Anyway, I soon snapped back into it when Avery started to point out the films she liked the look of, eventually deciding on ‘My first BBC Gangbang.’ Of course.

She picked it up and aimed for the toy section, making no effort to hide the title or content as we walked past two of the loitering men I mentioned earlier.

“Now we need to get a nice big dildo to take into the booth with us. Which do you like the look of?” Avery asked me, scanning the array of different shaped and sized dildos the shop had to offer.

“I don’t really mind, whatever you prefer I guess.” I replied, assuming she would know better than I which one to go for.

“How about this one?” She asked, picking up a large, natural looking suction cup based black cock from the display, It was around 9 inches long and VERY girthy. It was a ‘Realistic cum’ model, that came with a pump attachment and a bottle of fake cum for realistic play. I was starting to feel quite glad I had lost as I thought about what she might do with the new toy.

“Whatever you want babe, you won after all.” I said, taking the dildo and DVD from her as she told me to go and pay.

“That’ll be 69.99 sir, and I’ll throw in the booth rental for free.” chirped the cashier, smiling at me as I awkwardly fumbled with my wallet to pay for the things my wife had requested.

“C’mon bitch! We haven’t got all night!” Avery called from the other side of the store, where the booths were located. I flushed bright red as I took the receipt and our new purchases and hurried over to meet my wife at the booths.

I turned the key and opened the door, the booth wasn’t dissimilar to a toilet cubicle, only slightly bigger, without the toilet, and with the addition of a TV and some chairs. There was graffiti all over the walls, all of a derogatory sexual nature and I couldn’t help but notice a number of holes around 5 inches in diameter scattered across the walls. I shut the door behind us and handed the DVD to Avery.

“Strip naked bitch!” she demanded as she inserted the film into the player. I took off my clothes as instructed and stood there waiting for my next order. Avery ignored me as she sat down on the chair, unbuttoning her jeans and reaching into her panties to rub her clit as the film started. On the screen was a petite woman, dark hair, large breasts and a round ass, she was dressed in black lingerie and stood in a room surrounded by 8 tall built, black men, all naked with enormous cocks. She walked around the circle of men, taking each of their cocks in her hand before dropping to her knees and beginning to suck on them.

Avery stood up, slowly lowering her jeans to reveal her peachy ass and pretty underwear, then removing her top and her bra. She bent at the waist as she lowered her panties to her ankles, revealing her pretty little asshole to me as she did so.

“Get over here and eat my ass bitch, and don’t stop until I say you bursa escort bayan can!”

I knelt behind her as she spread her ass wide for me, allowing me to plunge my tongue into her hole and rim her just as she had demanded. She moaned as I licked her and pushed back onto my tongue forcing me to taste her sweet asshole. I continued to eat her ass even after she stopped making a noise. What seemed like forever had passed so I stopped just for a breath, only to see a huge black cock had appeared through one of the holes in the walls, and my wife had taken to sucking on it deep and slow.

“Take out that dildo and pass it here.” she said as she turned to me, still stroking his cock. She took the dildo from me and stuck it firmly to the wall about 2 feet from the cock she was pleasuring, “Now copy me! And no touching your cock!”

I didn’t respond, I just looked at her in shock as she took the cock back in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and slowly sucking him up and down.

“I thought I said copy me?!” she barked, turning to me and grabbing my hair, forcing my mouth onto the dildo. “This was your idea, and I won, so behave or you’ll know about it!”

I did as I was told and copied her, slowly sucking the dildo, going faster and deeper as Avery did the same, knowing I was going to get the bitch back when I won a wager, oh was she going to pay for it!

Avery stood up and turned away from the wall, bending at the waist and pushing back until that cock was all the way in her pussy. She reached over and grabbed me by my hair pulling me over between her legs.

“Eat my pussy while he fucks me bitch, suck on my clit like you sucked on that cock!”

I did as instructed and stuck my face into her pussy, licking and sucking her clit as she fucked a stranger through the wall. My cock was hard as a rock and I was actually quite enjoying being bossed around all of a sudden. As I ate her pussy I could feel his cock start to twitch and pulse as he unloaded his cum deep inside my wife. As he pulled out, Avery stood bolt upright, grabbing my hair and pressing my face into her twat, letting all his cum run out into my mouth. I lapped up every drop just as I knew she wanted me to. As I stood up I noticed her ginning ear to ear, I first assumed this was because of how she had made me her slut, but quickly realised it was the two big black cocks that had appeared on the opposite wall that were causing her delight! She grabbed the dildo from the wall and stuck it to the seat of one of the plastic chairs, demanding once again that I copy her as she knelt before the two big cocks and began to suck them, this time fast and deep in her throat. I gagged and choked as I tried to copy her pace, obviously she was better at this than me!

“Now copy this, bitch.”

Avery stood up, turned away and bent over once again, she had chosen the slightly less girthy of the two men to back up on. She took his cock all the way into her wet pussy, then immediately pulled it out and pressed it against her tight little asshole, pushing back slowly, inch by inch, until she had the full length of his big black cock buried deep in her asshole. She paused and stared at me, motionless, waiting for me to copy. Hesitantly I stood up, turned around and began to lower myself onto the dildo. It was at this point I wished I had suggested a smaller model, how was I to know she would use it on me? Slowly I eased the toy into my ass, leaving me breathless at the sheer size of it inside me. Avery grinned, called me a slut, and started to slowly ease back and forth on the cock in her ass, meaning I had to do the same. The screen in front of us now showed the petite princess escort bursa taking a cock in all of her holes, and stroking many others as they each took turns between her ass, mouth and pussy. It wasn’t long before my wife was bouncing hard and fast on that cock, and I was bouncing hard and fast on the dildo, resisting the urge to stroke my cock and trying so hard not to cum.

I was a bit disappointed when Avery pulled the cock from her ass and I had to copy, as I had started to enjoy the feeling quite a lot more than I should. Until she dropped to her knees and took it deep in her throat. I did the same and copied her every move as she gagged and moaned on the cock that had just been deep in her ass before moving swiftly on to the bigger one right next to it.

This time she wasted no time, she impaled herself on the huge black cock and took it deep and fast in her slut asshole.

“Fill the pump up with cum, slut. You’re gonna take it just like I do!” she demanded as she fucked her ass hard on the big black cock.

I took the bottle and emptied it into the little squeeze pump, then continued to ride the dildo just like my wife insisted.

“Fill my asshole with your cum boys! I’m gonna make my slut husband clean it all up!”

Avery reached back and spread her ass, allowing the stranger behind the wall to slam his cock hard in her ass until his he pumped her asshole full of thick cum, she quickly pulled out and positioned herself in front of the other, allowing him to do the same, before turning around and sucking both of their cocks clean of cum.

“Get over here and eat my ass clean bitch! I want you to lick up every drop of their cum and swallow it all!”

I took the dildo out of my ass, wondering why she bothered to have me fill it up, as I went over and knelt behind Avery, lapping up every drop of cum from her gaping asshole while she sucked their cocks clean. Once I had gotten every drop from her she stood over me, pushing my face into the floor.

“Your turn, slut.I want you to do EXACTLY as I just did! Beg for it!”

“Fill my asshole with your cum!” I begged as I reached behind and spread my ass for her.

Avery grabbed the dildo and fucked my ass hard and fast making me beg before squeezing the pump over and over again, flooding my ass with fake cum while still fucking me hard. I came hard all over the floor without even touching my cock as she pulled the dildo out and stuffed it in my mouth, forcing me to suck it clean just like she did. I was surprised at how much the fake stuff felt and tasted like real cum as I sucked on the dildo for my hot wife, feeling like a total slut. She stuffed it back in my ass, coating it with cum, and me suck it clean again, repeating his until I had eaten every drop of the cum from my ass.

“Get dressed slut, lets go home and get some sleep, we’ve got another two days of fun yet!”

I gathered my clothes from the floor and put them on, wondering what exactly would top tonight, then when Avery had dressed I followed her out of the booth and to our car, passing the same three guys we saw on the way in, only this time each one either winked, smirked or slapped Avery’s ass as we passed them.

When we got home we headed straight for the shower to freshen up. Avery went first, followed by me. When I got out to dry myself I could hear her talking on the phone in the bedroom.

“And then I took it out of his ass and made him suck all the cum off of it! Hahaha!” I heard her laugh.

I wasn’t sure who she was talking to, but she was giggling away and telling them EVERYTHING that had just happened. I couldn’t decide it I was turned on or terrified by this. I decided it best to take some more time to dry off before heading into the bedroom so that she could finish her call without knowing I had heard.

I climbed into bed and fell asleep wondering what was in store over the next two days.

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