Bed , Bath… and Babes

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The construction company I work with deals with projects that can take a year or more to complete. My team and I are responsible for the start-up of the job which requires several months and long hours. Although I enjoy the job and the challenges that go with it, at the end of the project I take a month off to recuperate.

Recently I worked on a power plant for a utility on the west coast. Fortunately the job was to be completed by the first part of June. Once my boss and I determined my end date, I started looking at my next vacation spot. I’ve never been to Alaska and everyone I’ve talked with just loved it so I started searching the internet for places to visit.

Working with a travel agent, we came up with a nice three-week trip that included several cities. When I do trips like this I prefer to stay in B&Bs. When you are staying more than a day, they’re wonderful. They’re comfortable and most of the time the owners are friendly and engaging. I also appreciate their recommendations for local restaurants and directions to their favorite hiking trails and interesting sites.

The last stop on my travel itinerary was a visit to Talkeetna which is an old city by Alaska’s standards and near Mt. McKinley or Denali as it is also known. It was my trip to Talkeetna that was most memorable. It always brings a smile and an erection when remembering. I got a lot more than just a bed and breakfast; make that a whole lot more. I will say Denali is impressive but seeing two lovely women naked and eager for sex is a memory I love recalling.

My day started simply enough with a drive from Homer. Very scenic and the length isn’t too bad when you have your favorite tunes playing on an iPod. I arrived mid-afternoon and walked up to the front door. The door was locked so I rang the bell. Nothing. I thought I could hear sounds coming from the house so I walked around to the back. I had no sooner turned the corner when I was drenched by a bucket of warm soapy water. Now, this is the kind of scene you would find in movies starring Laurel and Hardy or Buster Keaton but I never thought it would happen to me in real life.

The look of shock and dismay on the person’s face was priceless. I recognized her as being the owner from the web site and her name was Alice. It seems she had been cleaning the deck and had just tossed the water at precisely the right moment. She couldn’t apologize fast enough. The more she tried, the more tongue tied she got. She was attractive and I was doing my best not to laugh while she was working hard to say how sorry she was. She got me good because I was wet from head to toe. Once I could get a word in, I tried to assure her it was OK and told her I was there to check in.

Alice looked at her arm and realized she wasn’t wearing a watch which brought further dismay when she realized she had lost track of the time. She told me to wait a moment then ran in the house to fetch a towel. While helping me dry, she started apologizing all over again. I’m not sure if she was distracted or what because she ran that towel down the front of my shirt and shorts. When she knelt down to dry my legs, I had to think of something to keep my dick from creating a bulge at her eye level. Sensing failure in this regard was imminent, I pulled her up and, with a big smile, said it was OK. She directed me to my apartment and requested all my clothes while I showered. I was glad I had worn my bikini briefs and not the larger pair. She also requested my keys so she could get my luggage from my car. I protested but she kept insisting so I relented. As I handed her my wet clothes, she asked if she could make some amends by serving some wine and cheese. I gladly accepted the offer.

I emerged from my room refreshed and dressed with the intention of heading out later for dinner. Fortunately, Alice had other ideas. She went all out with the wine and cheese. There was even a bowl of blueberries and strawberries, from her garden of course. We drank some wine but I could tell she was still unhinged by what had happened. I tried to lighten the situation and suggested she revise her web page to include the water initiation for new guest. She gave me a stunned look and finally burst out laughing. I could see her relax and from then on our conversations flowed more freely.

With wine glasses in hand, she took me on a tour. It was a nice hotel with spacious bedrooms. I was the only guest booked to stay for the next several days. She told me that she had received it in her divorce settlement. She was not so fortunate with the Cessna 182, however. She had to settle for joint ownership with her ex-husband. “I get to use it for free if it’s available. I just have to pay for the gas.”

Alice stands about chin high to my 6 feet and she has curly, shoulder length, blond hair. Her blue eyes complete the package of this beautiful lady. Looking lower, it was difficult not to stare at her breasts – I’d guess about a B or C size, perfect for my hands to ankara evi olan escortlar hold – as her nipples often made their presence known pushing out from her shirt. They looked very nice with her slim figure.

It appeared she was feeling more at ease because I got a lot more than the usual nickel tour. When I told her I used to be a pilot, she showed me pictures of the various planes she owned through the years. When we sat together and looked at the photos, I felt a jolt when we touched. It surprised us both but after a while I couldn’t help but notice that the physical distance separating us was greatly decreased.

The wine flowed freely and so did the conversation. It doesn’t get dark very early in June and by the time we looked at the clock, it was already evening. Just as I was about to ask her recommendations for a restaurant, she invited me to stay for dinner. “Only if I can help,” I responded.

“Grilled salmon OK with you?”

“Absolutely, and I’d love to see how you prepare it. I’m always open to improving my cooking.”

“Great. I have some recipes you can look over, too.”

I thought I would be looking over her shoulder but instead I was doing most of the work while she supervised. While the grill was warming up, we made all the side dishes and the topping she had me prepare consisted of cherry tomatoes, charred corn, and a basil relish.

Dinner was excellent, if I do say so myself, and as good or better than any restaurant, too. We toasted to water initiations, flying, vacations, and more. All the wine seemed to be reducing our inhibitions and freeing our tongues.

We adjourned to the living room that had a large window facing Denali. Unfortunately, most of it was in clouds but it was still a lovely view and as we sat on the couch she snuggled up to me. I held her and we talked some more. The conversation became more intimate. We talked about our dreams, goals, fears, and some of our past.

Alice had been divorced for a couple of years and although she loved the area, the winters were long. The summers were busy with guests but it is a short season. “The permanent residents are like family but still there are times when you feel alone and lonely, especially after ten years of marriage,” she said.

I did my best to be a good listening ear and I felt very privileged that she was comfortable enough to share so much of herself. As I mentioned previously, daylight lasts a long time in the middle of June up there. It was nearly midnight before we called it a day. I gave her a long hug and she returned it in kind. I kissed her briefly on the lips and headed to bed.

Even though it was late and it had been a long day for me, sleep did not come easily or quickly. My thoughts were of Alice and how much I really liked her with such a brief friendship, if I dare call it that. I found myself wondering what it would be like to live there with her.

The next morning, I found her busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Pancakes, fruit cup, juice, and coffee made by a very chipper Alice. Over breakfast, she asked if I had made any reservations with any of the local companies and I said only one to go rafting. I was told that flying to the mountain was on a day-to-day basis due to weather and to do it when I got there.

“As you can see out the window, the mountain looks OK today so how about we take my plane and fly over to it. We can land on the lake and do a bit of hiking around there.”

I looked at her not believing what I just heard. Now it was my turn to stammer. “That would be wonderful. I would make one request and that is we visit your favorite places.”

I put on my hiking clothes and Alice packed a backpack with some water and food. She was hanging up the phone when I walked into the room and said, “The plane will be ready when we get there.” A few minutes later I was sitting in the right seat of a nice 182. “I love a Cessna 182. It has leg room for tall people like me,” I remarked. She looked at me and just smiled.

No sooner had we taken off, my first in a small plane with pontoons, than she handed me the controls and told me what heading I needed to depart out of the pattern. After that, we headed straight for the mountain. Some days are perfect for flying and this was one of them. We flew around large sections of Denali before heading to the lake. I was coming in for the water landing and just as I was wondering when she was going to take back the controls I heard her announce, “I’ve got it.” The landing was flawless.

As we were moving toward the dock she took my hand and with a big smile said, “You know how to handle an airplane.” I took her hand to my lips and kissed it. Then I gave her a big smile and a wink.

Alice knew of a path that would take us straight to the glacier and I was impressed with her hiking speed. It was a brisk walk and just the pace I enjoy. After about thirty minutes, we reached the leading edge of the glacier. ankara olgun escortlar What a spectacular sight.

We stood there in silence; taking it all in. I moved behind her and put my hands on her arms. She took my hands, pulled them around in front and held me tight. “I love this place. I try to hike to this spot when I can throughout the summer.

I turned her around and gently kissed her on the lips. She returned my kiss with passion and eagerness. Our tongues played an intimate dance and I think we could have melted the glacier with our mutual heat. When we finally came up for air, I held her face in my hands and gazed into her lovely blue eyes. I took her by the hand and we continued down the trail, a lot slower, walking more like lovers. Our conversation was very intimate and there was some sexual teasing thrown in, too. There was little doubt what was planned for later.

We continued our hike around the area this time, however, with a lot more kissing and hugging. After a couple of hours, we were back at the plane. With Alice’s expert coaching, I performed the takeoff. What a thrill plus it took my mind off my very hard dick. We flew around the mountain one more time before heading back home. When Alice suggested that I perform the landing too, I really felt my heart race. “The principal is still the same,” she assured me. The nice thing about landing on a lake is that you can always land into the wind. It was a nice landing if I do say so myself. After we tied her up we “high fived” and made a quick time of it driving home.

Once in the doorway, we were in a lip lock while feverously trying to undress each other at the same time. It didn’t take long before we were down to our underwear. She grabbed my hand and we headed to her bedroom. Thinking about making love with Alice had my heart racing and my cock rock hard.

Once in her bedroom, I held her in my arms and quickly removed her bra. My mouth slowly moved from her lips down her neck to her breast. I kissed each nipple then took a one into my mouth. She sighed and pulled my head in tighter. As I licked and sucked, I reached down and slipped my hand down to her waist and past the elastic band of her panties. She moved slightly to let me to slide a finger between her wet pussy lips. “Oh yes,” she whispered, “I want you inside, please don’t make me wait.”

“Soon, sweetheart, very soon.” I picked her up and we moved to the bed. I slid the panties slowly down her legs and gave them a toss. How lovely her wet pussy looked with a beautiful clit protruding, swollen and full, eager with anticipation. I knelt between her legs and teased her by slowly kissing up her thighs. She squirmed and tried to pull me up but I resisted. I wanted to eat her pussy first and enjoy the taste of her juice and make her cum. I kissed and licked all around her clit causing her to squirm even more. She was panting and working hard to get my mouth on her clit.

Finally I gave in, and ran my tongue up her slit to take her clit into my mouth. She let out a loud sigh and I felt her climax. I moved my mouth down and tongue-fucked her cum-drenched love hole, savoring the sweet taste.

She tried to pull me up again but I wanted a repeat and I slid my tongue back up to her clit. While I was licking and sucking, I inserted two fingers and started rubbing her G-spot. Her next climax was more intense and she practically shook as the orgasm rolled through like a continuous wave.

When she caught her breath, I moved up and we kissed. She eagerly kissed and licked her juice from my mouth. I sat up, taking in the beautiful person in front of me, my hard cock inches from heaven. She looked at it, smiled and then put her hand around it. After a few strokes, she guided it to her pussy. I watched with delight as she moved my eager member up and down her slit before holding it at the entrance.

Even though she was very wet, her vagina was fairly tight. My strokes were small as I slowly filled her wonderful love canal. I paused a moment to savor the sensation. The look on her face was pure pleasure. I began stroking, slowly at first then I increased the tempo slightly. Her breathing matched my speed and within moments, she was gasping as another orgasm rolled through her body.

Watching and feeling her cum was exquisite, I wanted to please her all the more.

I was fortunate in that she was very responsive which allowed me to change positions often to keep from climaxing myself. One of my favorite ways to fuck is the scissor position. She is on her back, I’m on my side and our legs cross each other. I can play with her tits and clit while stroking her cunt with my cock. I think I have clit envy because I can’t get enough of it. I want to kiss and lick it with my mouth and rub it with my fingers or the head of my dick. Once in the scissor position, I rubbed her clit to several more small orgasms. Alice surprised me when she rubbed her clit to climax while I played with ankara sarışın escortlar her nipples. Little did I know there would be an even more pleasant surprise in store for me.

As we took a breather, Alice reached down and held my dick in her hand. “I want to feel you cum inside.” I knelt between her legs and once again she guided me to her love hole entrance. I entered her and quickly drove all the way in. My stroking was harder and faster this time and I didn’t pause when I felt Alice climax. My pumping intensity increased and after another orgasm, I added my cum with hers. I drove my cock in deep and felt the wonderful release. I collapsed in her arms, totally spent and she crossed her legs around my waist, holding me tight.

It was wonderful to be in her arms and basking in the afterglow of great sex. I kissed her and said, “You are incredible.”

“I didn’t know sex could be this great,” she replied with her kisses.

We stayed connected until our bodies ached to move and stretch. I reluctantly rolled off and suggested a shower and taking her to dinner. She protested about dinner. “Call it research,” I said, “After all, I would ask your recommendations and this way you can see firsthand if your place of choice still lives up to your standards.”

We showered together because I believe in conserving water or that seemed like a good excuse. We carefully washed each other and in some cases washed the same area more than once or twice. I think I was sporting the cleanest dick in all of Alaska. I was very pleased from my efforts with Alice’s breasts and pussy. The drying off was a challenge because we each wanted to dry the other first. I reminded her that I was the guest and I should go first.

I gently dried her from head to toe with special care given to certain body parts. I had to kneel down to dry her legs and feet and that put my face very close to my favorite location. I couldn’t help myself and I pulled her pussy to my mouth. My tongue found her clit and she sighed with delight. She ran her fingers through my hair and moved her body slightly to give her clit full pleasure from my tongue. I kiss, licked, and sucked on that wonderful appendage seeking to bring her to another orgasm.

She held my head and I heard her gasp as she climaxed. I continued my efforts, savoring the sweet nectar, until her orgasm subsided. “I need to sit down before I fall down,” she exclaimed. “My legs feel like rubber.”

I sat her down on the edge of the tub and she looked at me with a smile and then took my dick in her hands and kissed it. Now it was my turn to close my eyes and sigh from the pleasure. I felt her tongue lick the head all over and then she took it into her mouth. Her sensual effort had my cock rock hard in mere moments. Her hand and mouth were in concert, stroking and sucking and I was in heaven. I didn’t think I could cum so soon after our time in the bedroom but I did. Alice took it all and milked every drop.

With some reluctance, we dressed for dinner and headed to a restaurant that Alice wanted to check out. We behaved ourselves and just acted like part of the tourist scene. The eatery of choice had a nice menu selection and we joined the other patrons on the deck. Fortunately no one recognized Alice and we enjoyed a nice chat with folks sitting at a nearby table. We learned about their travels and we used mine as a cover. Alice suggested I order the beef and she chose the fish. “We can test two dishes at the same time.” We didn’t order any wine because she suggested we open a bottle back at her place. The way she smiled made me think there was more to that but I just smiled back.

We were delighted in our selections because it was truly a culinary delight and Alice was pleased that she could still list that restaurant as her first choice to future guest.

Once back at her house, she darkened the living room by lowering all the shades except one. The one exception was the window that gave a clear view of Denali. The wine was poured, some fruit cut and on a platter and we adjourned to the couch to enjoy the view and each other. “Shouldn’t we make ourselves more comfortable?” she asked.

“What do you suggest?”

“I think naked would be very nice.”

I smiled at her and gave her a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced and once again we were lip locked and removing each other’s clothes. Being naked there with her seemed to be a habit I could get used to and totally enjoy.

We settled on the couch in a fun way to snuggle. I had a glass of wine in my right hand and my left arm was draped over her shoulder with my hand holding her left breast. She, in turn, had a glass in her left hand while her right was holding my growing member. Throw in a cloudless display of Denali and it was perfect.

We sat in silence for a few minutes when she said, “Today was the most incredible day in my life. Words fail me in trying express how happy you made me. I’ll let you in on a secret. The last two days have been an awakening for me. I’ve been in a shell and just sleep walking but you changed that. For the first time in a long time I truly felt loved and desired and sexually satisfied. You did things I only dreamed about.”

“May I inquire as to what that was?”

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