Bi adventures of Jim , Nick 1

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Jim sat on the couch as he mindlessly flipped channels on the TV as his wife of 10 years shuffled about the house cleaning and doing various things. Jim smiled as he saw Hayley walking back and forth, she happily kept up with the house during the weekends, and she asked of him was a few little things here and there.

“Hey babe, you need anything or am I good to be a lazy bum today?”

“I actually prefer you just sit there because you just get in my way or do things wrong when you try to help.” Hayley laughed as she shook her head back and forth her long blonde locks flowed back and forth as she did.

Jim actually tried the last time he attempted to help, but he could not do things to his wife’s stringent standards. His phone buzzed breaking his gaze on the television. He set the remote down to read the text message that just came across his screen. “Hey Hayley it’s Nick, he is in town and wants to know if he can stop by.”

Hayley paused for a moment to think about her husband’s friend. She got along well enough with him, and she did like the attention he always gave her. She smiled thinking about how she liked the way he flirted, before she shrugged her shoulders. “Yeah I guess. If you want to hang with him tonight, we didn’t have plans anyway.”

Jim responded to his friend as he stood up from the couch. He kissed his wife on the cheek. “Thanks, I didn’t think you would mind, but I still wanted to check. He will likely just stop by for some dinner and maybe a drink.”

Hayley hurried to finish her work before putting dinner in the oven. It was not long before the doorbell sounded to announce the arrival of Nick.

Jim rushed to the door. He was always excited to see his old college buddy and tonight was no exception. “Hey, Nicky you son of a bitch come on in.”

Hayley laughed as she heard the greeting from the kitchen. She never fully understood the male logic of cussing one another as a greeting. Hayley set the oven temperature before she walked out of the kitchen to meet their guest. She paused in the doorway and eyed Nick up and down. He was very easy on the eyes, she loved Jim but she liked to look, and she knew Jim did not mind. She loved his long hair and tattoos, he was not tall as Jim or near as built but he just had a look she liked. “Hey Nick long time no see.” she said as she walked across the living room to greet her husband’s friend with a hug.

“Damn you look as good as the day this old bastard married you.”

“Oh shut up.” Hayley laughed as she playfully slapped on Nick’s arm.

“What’s up with the blonde last time I was here I thought it was brown?”

“I went back natural, is all.”

“I like it looks good.”

Jim sat back and watched as his friend eyed his wife up and down. Jim liked the reaction men had to Hayley it often turned him on seeing them stare at her curves and eye her 36D breasts. “Hey Nick, come on in man dinner is about done we can have some drinks and eat.”

“Oh man, that sounds good. Janette doesn’t really cook that much, so I been doing fast food so much I think it’s killing me.”

Hayley quickly sat the table as the three of them took seats and enjoyed the fruits of her hard cooked meal. The three finished the meal but continued to relax around the table, and enjoy the wine for quite some time as one bottle soon transitioned into three.

“Well before I am too damn tipsy to clear this table I think I will take care of it.” Hayley announced as she slid her chair back and proceeded to take care of the dishes.

Nick and Jim retired to the living room to relive old memories as Hayley did what she usually did during Nick’s visits. She stood in the kitchen bent over the sink. She often smiled as she heard the same stories repeated for the hundredth time. “I swear the lies get bigger each time.” she giggled to herself as she moved the dishes around in the sink.

As Hayley stood at the sink and washed the dinner dishes, she could not help but feel buzzed from the drinks she had with dinner. Jim laughed it up with Nick in the living room, she could hear them carrying on, and she liked that her husband was having fun, he worked so much that moments like this were good for him. She liked Nick being over she enjoyed his habit of openly flirting with her every chance he got, and Jim did not seem to mind. Jim often egged him on.

Tonight appeared as if it was not going to be any different. Nick had been eying her all night, and she had to admit it flattered her a bit. She did worry some that he was a bit relentless, with it and she thought that maybe Jim would soon draw a line in the sand. Hayley stood at the sink bent over as the guys entered the kitchen and interrupted her thought process as they went to retrieve more beers from the refrigerator.

Nick stared at Hayley’s firm round ass as it was poking out from her leaning on the sink as she worked. He gave Jim a quick wink as he made a point to come over to the sink to wash his hands, his body pressed into ankara escort bayan her from behind. His cock wedged between her ass cheeks as he reached around her to clean himself. She just stood there, slightly annoyed yet slightly turned on, she sighed deeply as she liked the attention, but it annoyed her some as she worried how this might eventually effect Jim. Her thoughts calmed a bit when Jim laughed as he watched this unfold and announced to Nick to be sure to wash thoroughly. Nick’s cock started to grow as it ground against Hayley’s butt, which she could not help but feel. She instinctively pushed back slightly, as she enjoyed the feeling, which was when Nick reached up to squeeze her tits.

Jim stood there watching his best friend basically dry humped his wife and now he was openly fondling her too. It was at this point Hayley had reached her breaking point. She knew that Nick’s flirting was only going to get progressively more aggressive throughout the night, and her pussy was already getting wet with just the feel of his cock against her. Hayley pushed him off her and spun around. She had enough of these shenanigans. She decided that what had been nearly a monthly ritual for the past year was over she wanted to take charge of the situation, and see if this was going to go somewhere or if this was some game they just got off on playing with her.

“Alright, you two, in the living room, right now!” She commanded as she dried her hands on a dish towel and threw in on the counter

Hayley’s tone startled the two men, as they looked at her wide-eyed almost like two children receiving a scolding. They both slowly walked back into the living room as she told them.

“On the couch!” she barked at them as she pointed to the long black leather couch that lined the wall of the living room. Jim and Nick both sat down next to one another with a puzzled look on their face as to why she was so upset.

“Okay Nick, it has become so obvious what you want every month when in town you swing by, and I spend the night getting messed with, and Jim, you don’t seem to mind at all what he does or says to me. In fact, last time Nick came over and flirted with me, we fucked like animals after he left, so you must really enjoy watching this. Therefore, I am going to tell you what boys, if you do as I say, and be good boys you both might get lucky tonight. But first things first, strip for me.” Hayley stood with her hands on hips as she laid down the law to the two men on the couch. She breathed a massive sigh of relief as it felt like a weight removed from her chest. The flirting the touching all of it was for the first time being talked about openly.

Jim and Nick both looked at her, they were obviously turned on by this aggressive turn, but neither was sure if she was messing with them or was she serious. The flirting was something they all knew happened, but no one had ever really just talked about it as she was now.

“I said strip and I mean now!” she commanded, the sharp tone of her voice snapped the guys out of their trance, and quickly cleared up any question they had about if she was for real or not.

Jim and Nick both stood up and started to undress as Hayley took a seat across from them, as she sat down she made a point to hike her dress up a bit so they could get a glimpse of her tiny red panties, which already had a noticeable wet spot. Jim was the first to have his clothes entirely removed as his boxer briefs slid down his legs his impressive cock sprang up and pointed across the room at his wife. He was quite long and thick something that Hayley loved about his cock. Nick followed suit as he slid his boxers down his legs his almost as impressive cock popped free. He was not as long or as thick as her husband was, but it was just as hard, and she wanted it just as much.

“I see you guys are enjoying yourselves already. And I must say wow Nick; you have a nice cock. I haven’t seen many that are even close to Jim’s dick. Of course, I know that excites Jim also, he often has had fantasies of me fucking other big cocks like his. But then again I know Jim very well, and I know deep down he not only has a fantasy of me playing with other big cocks but he also wants to play with a big cock like yours.”

Jim just stared back, stunned that she sensed this about him. His breathing was erratic, he knew she was right, but he did not know his wife knew this about him. His face burned red with embarrassment, sweat formed on his brow. What was his friend going to say what would he think? So many random thoughts raced through his mind.

“Come on Jim; it is fine baby, hell I think it’s hot. I have told many of my girlfriends about your secret fetish they think so too baby don’t be scared. I cannot speak for how Nick feels, but then again he doesn’t appear to be running off at the moment either so here is the deal. We can have some fun tonight, and I mean a lot of fun. However, you two gentlemen have to follow my rules. Can you two do that for me?” ankara bayan escort Hayley questioned them as she adjusted herself in the chair showing more of her red panties and her smooth tan skin.

Jim and Nick both stood there in front of the couch hard cocks pointing straight ahead. They kept their eyes locked on her, as they both gently nodded their heads to show they understood the rule she just laid out.

“I want you boys to reach over and stroke each other’s cocks for me now.”

Jim and Nick heard the command, but neither moved, they were both frozen in fear. Jim had often had bi fantasies, but he never dreamed he would ever go through with them. Nick’s cock throbbed as he had never thought about it before, but the situation he now found himself in was turning him on more than he thought possible.

“That was an order guys, or else I’ll get up and walk away right now.” Hayley said in a calm, but cold tone. Her voice did not raise as it had before, but she spoke in a way that made them both know she meant business.

Nick’s hand went first, as he grabbed Jim’s cock and pulling on it. He knew this was a chance to fuck Hayley and he did not want to fuck it up. Jim went; next, he grabbed Nick’s cock and begun to pull it slowly. He had always fantasized about what it would be like to play with a guy, and as he stroked his friend’s cock, it was better than he had imagined.

“Very nice, take your time boys. Here, let me give you some incentive to work them beautiful dicks good for me.”

Hayley jerked her dress up and pulled her panties off. She took her time as she slid them down her long smooth tan legs. Her hairless pussy was now in full view as she started to finger herself for her two men. The married woman’s actions turned Nick on, as he watched her the whole time, while his hand worked up and down Jim’s long thick veiny shaft. Jim on the other hand barely noticed his wife. Nick’s cock hypnotized him.

“Mmm, very nice boys I like your techniques. But Nick, when I fuck you and believe me if you listen well I will fuck you tonight, I want it to last. I don’t want you to cum too quickly. So Jim, be a good boy and suck him off so he’ll last longer with me. Can you do that for me please?”

Jim and Nick both startled at this new request, they both realized another line was going to be crossed. One that there would be no coming back from. Nick looked at his friend, and without a word, he seemed to communicate that it was okay and that if it meant fucking Hayley tonight, he wanted whatever she wanted. Jim knew what to do as he looked into his best friend’s eyes; he continued to stroke his friend’s cock as he lowered himself to the floor in front of him.

Hayley stood up and walked over to the couch her fingers worked inside her wet pussy as she walked. She smiled from ear to ear as her husband got himself into position. Hayley reached up to the straps of her dress, pulled them off her shoulder, and let the dress fall to the floor exposing her fully naked body to Nick for the first time, while at the same time Jim started sucking his friend’s cock.

Hayley continued playing with her pussy her long well manicured fingers entered herself as Jim kept sucking. She watched as her husband’s baldhead bobbed up and down swallowing all of Nick’s cock easily. Nick felt his orgasm growing; he loved the sight of Hayley but also loved the feel of Jim’s lips wrapped around him. He could not help but thrust into Jim’s mouth. Hayley’s fingers were lodged deep inside her pussy as she looked into Nick’s eyes and knew he was close. She knew her husband was about to receive a load of hot white cum, as she slowly removed her finger and just at the moment of the explosion, she slid her wet finger into Nick’s mouth.

Nick wrapped his lips tightly around Hayley’s finger he tasted her juices as he simultaneously exploded into his best friends mouth. Nick’s eyes rolled back as he came harder than he had before from a blowjob. Jim struggled to swallow it all as spurt after spurt of cum dumped into his waiting mouth. Jim finally pulled his lips off, but Hayley could not help but notice Nick’s cock was still hard.

“Well Nick, it looks like you enjoyed that as much as Jim and I did.” she said with a smile as her eyes diverted down to his still engorged cock. And Jim, honey you sucked that cock off like a professional, I guess your secret is out.” Hayley winked at her husband as she looked down and realized his cock was harder than ever as it screamed for release. It was then she raised her eyebrows as a wickedly delicious thought raced through her mind.

“Mmm Nick, that was so nice of Jim to get you off like that wasn’t it? And well I think it would only be fair if you help him out also.”

Nick’s heart thumped hard in his chest, having his cock sucked was one thing but going down on a cock let alone his best friends was a bit hard to comprehend. Nick closed his eyes to break the trance Hayley’s incredible nude body was having on him ankara escort bayanlar as he started to lower himself to his knees just as Jim stood up.

“Oh Nicky sweetie, I think you misunderstood me. If you want to fuck me and I know you do, you need to get fucked yourself first.”

Nick sat on his knees froze in place. He knew he did not misunderstand what he just heard but just moments ago made himself okay with the idea of sucking a cock, but now he was being told he had to do something entirely different. Jim’s cock was right there in his face, and he could not help but stare at it, he felt conflicted as he found himself actually wanting it in his mouth now that he knew the alternative.

“Come on lover.” Hayley said as she pulled Nick back to his feet. “It’s only fair. If you want to stick your big thick cock inside me, you need to take Jim’s big thick dick inside you first.” She led Nick to a small chair as she pushed him into it she slowly lowered herself on to his lap. She straddled Nick’s lap, rubbing her pussy against his cock and leaned down to kiss him, their lips met their tongues twirled together as she wiggled around making sure to smear her wet pussy all over his hard cock. She teased him like this for a minute before she stood up.

“On your knees Nick, bend over the fucking couch!” she snapped, her loving tone switching again to a commanding tone.

Nick did as Hayley told him, he breathed in deeply through his nostrils, as he repeated through his head that it was all just to get to fuck her and that it was going to be okay. Hayley then with a single head motion command Jim into position behind him.

Jim did not need any further instruction as he stood behind his best friend’s muscular ass. Jim held his long thick throbbing cock in his hand as he awaited Hayley’s next order.

“I knew you’d love this.” Hayley said to Jim as she stood behind him. She reached around taking his hands in hers. She guided his hand to Nick’s ass. She helped guide a finger into his butt. Nick moaned, deeply as his ass accepted Jim’s long thick finger inside it. Hayley left the room as Jim continued with the fingering. She returned a mere moment later with a small tube, without a word she squeezed it into her hand and stroked Jim’s cock with it, then squirting a bit on Nick’s butt. Jim’s finger worked the lube in and out. “Okay, Jim you can do what I want now.” Jim moved forward and began to slowly push his cock into Nick’s ass at his wife’s command.

Hayley could not believe how turned on she was watching her husband’s dick disappear inside another man’s ass. She had often discussed bi sex with some friends and knew many wanted to see it, but she did not understand why until now. Jim had to use some effort, but it was not long before he was fucking Nick’s ass with the full length of his cock. Nick groaned as he tried to adjust to Jim’s dick as it invaded him from behind. Jim’s pace started to pick up as the lube was making it more accessible and comfortable to slide in and out. They both moaned as they got into a rhythm. Nick was shocked at his actions as he felt himself, he was pushing back on Jim’s cock he wanted it deeper he wanted to be fucked.

Hayley stood back watching as Nick pushed back hard to meet Jim’s strokes into him “Oh my, seems like you guys like this don’t you? I guess you have to do this more often huh? What do you say, Nick, can Jim fuck you again sometime?” Hayley peppered Nick with questions as he groaned from the dick pounding into his ass.

“I can’t hear you!” she barked at Nick as she slapped his ass cheek.

“Yes, oh my god yes, he can fuck me whenever he wants! As long as I get to fuck you.” Nick responded.

“Really this is all just to fuck me? Or do you like it?

Nick groaned hard as Jim’s pace was unrelenting.

“Nick answer me!”

“I like oh fuck yes I like it.”

“Good boy, I knew you did. I am sure though that Jim will let you have me again for the right deal. Isn’t that right Jim?”

“Fuck yeah; you can fuck her all you want as long as I get your tight ass!” Jim said in between grunts.

Jim groaned and gave a final thrust. He ground his body against Nick’s as he held his cock entirely inside him while he shot his load deep into Nick’s ass. As the last spurt of cum dripped inside of Nick’s abused asshole, Jim returned to pumping for another minute just to make sure he got it all out. Jim then pulled out and collapsed on the couch. Nick breathed hard as the cock was pulled from his ass; he turned his head and looked Hayley in the eyes.

Hayley could tell Nick wanted her and he wanted her bad “Okay lover you followed my rules, and you liked them, so I guess you earned this pussy. I’m all yours.” she said with a wink.

Nick’s cock felt like it was going to explode it had never been so hard before as Hayley straddled his lap again, but this time there was no tease or any commands she sat right down on his cock. He slid inside her with ease; her pussy was soaked at this point, she wanted a dick inside her almost as bad if not worse than Nick wanted to be inside her. She rode his cock hard as she rocked her hips back and forth; she leaned down to kiss him. Their tongues twirled as their bodies shook in rhythm together.

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