Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 41

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Alaina Dawson

A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of ch. 40). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 41 – Loving Pam. Doing Greg and Kim


KC and I slept most of the way across the Atlantic Ocean. We’d left Copenhagen about eight a.m. for the ten hour flight in my larger jet – a Boeing 737 outfitted for transoceanic performance. We were in the queen size bed in the plane’s stateroom at the rear of the plane. KC and I again joined the Mile High Club despite the foursome the night before that went most of the night, and then we slept in our sexual stupor and happiness at the fun we’d had with Brita and Nils the night before. I got up after only a couple of hours so I could work, but KC continued to sleep, if she even knew I’d gone forward in the plane.

The plane landed about noon at City Airport. By that time, KC and I were well rested, showered, fed, and dressed in our finest. The limousine and two war wagons met us at the airport, and we were whisked into the city. We dropped KC off at the condo with our luggage and all her souvenirs. I then went into the office.

Andy, Sheila, and several others were there to congratulate me on pulling off the deal with the French. The arrangement gave us some financial flexibility with the money we’d soon have in our treasury. I had an infinite number of things I wanted the money for, but at present the best growth opportunities seemed to again lay in the high tech area. Andy, Sheila, and I talked about heading out to California to talk with Tom about several other opportunities in Silicon Valley area besides Nanotech.

I did one other thing I hoped wouldn’t come back to bite me, I told Sheila about Nils Dahlgren, Brita’s older friend. I asked that she get our detective service to put together a dossier on him. I wasn’t at all interested in his life with Brita; I knew about that. There was no negative reason I wanted the research. He was an accomplished businessman in logistics and trans-oceanic container shipping, and I wanted a read on just how accomplished.

I liked Nils and was always looking for executive talent. If he checked out I’d run the idea of trying to get him in the Worthington tent by Brita to see what she thought. I’d found Tom Power in a unique way down in the Caribbean, so maybe Nils would pan out in a similar way. I chortled to myself about putting my girlfriend’s lovers in key corporation positions under me.

Thanks to Melanie’s wonderful organization, I arrived back in the office feeling I was on top of things. Whereas when she first started to work for me she prepared her list of important things I should know or do, she could use technology and get that information to me on my iPhone or iPad anywhere in the world at any time I was away. In this case, I’d used the last couple of hours of the trip home to go through many of the items, and to even make some of the calls from the airplane.

I was late coming home and the condominium was abuzz with activity and happy women. KC and her gifts from Paris were just the kind of excitement the girls loved. I could see that the Paris trip for KC had set a precedent. On future trips to such great cities, I’d be remiss not to take one of the girls with me. I wondered if that would include domestic flights.

I had gotten personal credit cards for each of the girls except Brita, who waved off the request with a brush of her hand. She was already a billionaire so I didn’t push the issue. The arguments about using them had gone on months until I prevailed – I think. I wasn’t sure whose money KC had used to buy her souvenirs for her sisters. She knew I hoped she’d use my cards and money, but I had a feeling she had used her own. From the designer scarves, berets, tops, and designer t-shirts, I guessed that she had gone well over two thousand dollars, and that might be low by a factor of three. I didn’t dare ask without fear of raising all those old arguments again.

The fact was that I had fallen in love with six very strong, independent women who had a strong sense of balance, equal treatment, and a desire to carry their own weight in this highly unbalanced relationship where I had more money than God, and they had a relative small portion, but enough to hold their heads up. I left that space to them.

To my surprise, Pam was one of the women hanging around my condominium that evening. I politely asked, “Where’s Sean?”

She replied, “Working late, but he might come by later – maybe, I think. I hope my being here is OK. Cindy and Elsa set it up. I mean they said ankara bayan escortlar it was good for me to be here. If you want I can leave.” Pam sounded very apologetic and somewhat pliant.

Cindy was on her case immediately. “Pam, stop sounding so submissive and subservient. We invited you. You’re here; we all want you here. You know you’re legitimate, so don’t go all wishy-washy just because Mark asked you a simple question. If anything, tell him what you hope will happen.”

Pam looked back at me and said in a near whisper, “I was hoping you’d be with me again.” I could barely hear her because her voice was so soft.

Cindy poked at her, “Come on, speak up. Don’t be afraid of a negative reply. Get rid of old messages in your head. Tell him in a LOUD VOICE what you want. Go ahead. Everybody else knows but Mark.” Cindy’s voice rose to almost a shouting level.

Pam looked at me with some fear in her eyes, but she kind of laughed and said in a loud voice, “HI, MARK. I’M GLAD YOU’VE COME HOME. I’M HOPING THAT YOU’LL FUCK ME THIS EVENING. I REALLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU SEXUALLY. I LOVE YOU.”

Cindy, Melanie, Elsa, and Sheila applauded. KC was just catching on to what was going on.

I said in a stentorian voice, “I’d be delighted, unless my wives have other plans for me.”

Elsa intervened, “We want you to be with Pam. This will help her in many ways. If Sean comes, Cindy or I will be sure he’s taken care of in a hot sexual way.”

KC, Sheila, and Melanie all made sounds like, ‘Hey, what about me? I’d like a piece of Sean too.’ Wisely, I didn’t get into that fracas. Sean better come prepared for a long night.

As I got a glass of wine and wolfed down a sandwich Elsa made for me, she told me about the talk that Greg had started with her that Sean had joined.

I chuckled, “Elsa, we have something really good going here. We have a loving family and a great group of friends. Others want to be in on this. I say we go slowly and not have an open admission policy.”

“What should I do about Greg?”

“For one, see if he raises the issue again. Find out in various ways if he does how serious he is about a multiple partner lifestyle, especially where his wife is concerned. He may see himself fucking you and other women, but hasn’t thought through the implications that his wife will be doing the same thing with some of our men friends and me.”

“I did try to point that out, but I’ll watch out.”

“As you did with Sean and Pam, you might set up a contained situation where you can test the waters with them. Take one of the guys as a date, and then swap partners, or something like that. See how they both react. Keep it all in the same room. Be vocal. You know what I’m trying to say.”

“I do and those are excellent ideas.”

Pam came into the kitchen and leaned against my back. She kissed my neck and hairline in a loving gesture.

I teased, “Is Sean chopped liver?”

Pam responded over my shoulder, “Oh, no. I love him dearly. I just also love you. You gave me The Experience, and even I don’t understand it, but I am sooooo in love with you. I hope you’ll not hurt me by rejection.”

I shook my head and turned so I could face her more. “I would never do that to you. Pam, I do love you. I am not trying to take Sean’s place, but I feel a special closeness with you.”

She smiled warmly.

I held my hand out after winking at Elsa. “Pam, come with me.”

Pam and I left the kitchen and headed to the master bedroom. At this point, we had the entire super king size bed all to ourselves.

Pam helped me strip away her clothing. She wasn’t wearing much, and she confessed that was to speed the process of mating with me. As I lost my clothes, Pam was on her knees sucking on my cock.

She pulled off my shaft at one point, “I’m just learning how to do this well. Just roll with my simple ways for a while. I watch some porn with blowjobs in it every day and study the techniques.”

I said, “Well, just remember most of those scenes are over acted to try to make things like a blowjob, a fuck, anal, or whatever, look better if not the best it could ever be for all eternity. This is reality. That’s fiction. You don’t have to live up to a fiction. What you’re doing is spectacular.”

Pam sucked away for a while and then said, “Thank you. You’re right. I’ll keep things in perspective, and my perspective is telling me that I’d like you to fuck me until we drop and I’m a large puddle of sexual mush moaning in wet satisfaction in the middle of this football field of a bed with your cum dripping from my tight little cunt.”

I asked, “Do you want The Experience?”

Pam thought about that as she moved around the bed. “As nice as it was, right now I just want a plain old hot fuck with one of the men in my life who I love. I definitely want a rain check though.” Her hot naked body knee walked across the bed to me and we shared a beautiful and tender kiss and some loving words as I ran a finger around one of her breasts.

Pam and I enjoyed a nice romantic time in ankara seksi escortlar bed together after that. When I was getting near Melanie joined us. Apparently, she’d been watching us from the door, naked and masturbating. She kissed Pam and me, and then straddled Pam’s head facing me and lowered her pussy onto her mouth. Pam eagerly started to munch away at my pixie’s hot love box as I pumped my cock into her quim.

The scene was too arousing and sexy and salacious and I peaked, filling Pam’s eager cunt with a full load. I think my cumming triggered Pam who came as well. Seconds later, Melanie fell into my arms savoring her own orgasm on Pam’s tongue. Melanie informed me that Pam was getting really good at eating pussies. As our afterglows passed, I extracted from Pam’s pussy and Mel cleaned my tumescent cock, and then went down on Pam in a sixty-nine to collect whatever spend she could find.


Sean lay on his back on the large sofa. Sheila and I were slavering over his stiff cock that pointed skyward. He was groaning and kissing KC who lay beside him as best she could. Cindy mounted his face where KC had been for the prior ten minutes until she had a nice little orgasm and rolled off to give someone else a turn.

Sean had arrived shortly after Mark and Pam had disappeared into the bedroom with obvious intent to sexually satisfy one another. Pam seemed the more needy. She really had come out of her shell. Cindy even had her shouting that she wanted to get fucked by Mark. According to Sean, she never used the ‘F’ word before this transformation started, and certainly wouldn’t have spoken loudly in mixed company about her sexual needs if she even admitted to herself that she had them.

Before we’d started to enjoy sex with Sean, I’d led him to the doorway of the master bedroom. Pam was lying on her back with her pussy tilted up so Mark could repeatedly plunge his long, fat cock into her quim. She was imploring him to go faster, harden, and deeper. Melanie was naked beside the couple stroking her own slit. Sean stroked his shaft as he watched his wife. He had a smile on his face.

Cindy moved down and started to ride Sean’s stiff cock in reverse cowgirl. I strummed her clit as she did while Sheila kissed her and fondled her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples when Cindy ground down into Sean to maximize penetration.

We rotated pussies encasing Sean’s hard cock as he tried to hold off cumming and putting a temporary end to our miniature orgy. Sheila was the winner of his load when he couldn’t resist any longer. We toyed with him a bit afterwards, and KC cleaned up the mess on both of them.

As we all relaxed and shared some wine, Sean said, “Greg was in rare form today. He sure admitted a lot to us.”

I chuckled, “We admitted even more to him. I’m sure he suspected parts of what we’re into. He knew that I was not the only woman in Mark’s life, and I think I commented once about the super king size bed we ALL slept in … and I had implied we were sexual with each other. It’s been in the newspapers anyway. He just hadn’t put it all together until today.”

“But he wants to party with us … like this.” Sean gestured to the five of us and glanced towards the bedroom.

I said, “I told Mark. He made a couple of suggestions: is he serious, does he want just an affair, does his wife really want to be part of this, would his wife play with other women, and can each of them tolerate watching their spouse fucking other people? He suggested I run a little trial with him to see how they responded.”

Sean said, “I’ve met Kim, Greg’s wife. She was shy but hot and really attractive – booby too. The only reason I’d kick her out of bed would be there’s more room to roll around on the floor.”

I said, “Maybe you and I should invite ourselves to dinner at his house to celebrate Las Vegas approving all our building permits.”

“Good idea, but we haven’t heard anything for over three weeks from Vegas.”

“We will.”

We did hear from Las Vegas the following Tuesday. Sean got the phone call from the head of the permit department reporting on a four-to-one vote by the city commission the night before. The negative vote had been fine with the condo, but really concerned about zoning in that part of the city.

Sean and I marched into Greg’s office with huge smiles.

Greg looked up and then smiled. “You heard?”

“We’re approved. Paperwork is being FedExed. The contractors can break ground any time. I have a scanned copy of the approval letter,” Sean said waving a page hot off his fax machine.

Greg reached in his desk drawer, “Well, I am happy to announce that you each are receiving merit pay increases and bonuses. The details are in these envelopes.” He went to hand one to each of us.

I stepped inside Greg’s personal space to his surprise. I kissed him hard and even flicked my tongue out at his lips, but he drew back for a second, but then got into the next couple of kisses.

As I stepped back he said, “What brought that on?”

“You said you wanted to change bayan ankara escort your outlook on sex, marriage, and relationships. That was the first part of your audition. The rest will come tonight or the next evening or two when you have the two of us for dinner and we meet Kim and play a little depending on her mood. In the meanwhile, you can do a little homework with her. Are you still interested in what you said last week?”

“Very interested, and I’m sure Kim will be too. I haven’t talked to her about what we talked about last week; I’ve been trying to figure out how to broach the subject.”

“Let us know when you expect your two star employees for dinner … and fun and games.”

Wednesday morning, Greg sought Sean and me out. “Dinner is Friday evening. Come at seven o’clock. Kim is very excited about our evening. She remembers you fondly Sean. Will Pam be all right with you being solo or should we invite her as well?”

“Errr, I’m sure Pam would love to come.”

I snickered at the double entendre, and that drew attention to it by the two men who had missed it. They both smirked.

Sean added, “You’ve met Pam. She liked you. I’m sure you two can have a fun time together.”

Greg turned to me, “Will that short change you?”

I laughed, “Oh, no. I go both ways. I’ll be fine.”

Sean and I spent the next two days strategizing the dinner and after times at Greg’s suburban home. He told me Pam was ready to play any role we wanted so long as she got lots of Greg’s cock. He laughed and reminded me, “Two months ago, she never would have said that … or even thought that. I love my new wife.”

I teased, “Well, I’m glad because you’re stuck with her now. Of course, you’ve changed too. How did you respond to her?”

“I told her to go for it, and that I had some fresh pussy I wanted to try, meaning Kim. I wouldn’t have said that two months ago either, although I did have my fantasies. So many of them are coming true.”

Since it wasn’t in use, I took the limousine to Greg and Kim’s house. Security preferred that I travel that way in any case. As we stopped one of the ninja’s hopped out with an infrared scope and circled the house looking for hidden threats in the darkness. By the time I set foot on the driveway, he was back with the all clear.

Sean and Pam pulled up behind the limousine and I waited for them, giving each of them landmark kisses and hugs. I really was glad to see them. This evening promised to be a fun time regardless of how it turned out with Kim. This was the limited setting that Mark had talked about. It was also the evening that Sean and I had plotted out to push Greg and Kim’s limits and buttons.

We rang the doorbell and Greg opened the door with a big smile. Kim scurried out of the kitchen to join him in the foyer of the home in welcome.

Immediately, I threw myself into Greg’s arms and ground my entire body against his, especially my lower body. I got him into several French kisses and I’m sure the steam rose from between us. Pam repeated the greeting, only humping Greg’s leg. She also took one of his hands and put in on her bare ass after she hiked up her short skirt. We were both commando.

As we’d been greeting Greg, Sean moved to Kim with a smile. Kim allowed herself to be led into a passionate kiss, and by the fourth or fifth kiss was participating more than letting it happen.

I spoke as the couple parted, “We’re so glad to be here. Thank you both for inviting us.” I chuckled because I had actually invited us to his house.

Greg got us each some wine and I went with Kim to the kitchen to see if I could help with dinner. Kim was still blushing from Sean’s kiss.

I said to her, “I didn’t get my welcome kiss.”

Kim’s look changed to one of shock, but I moved to her and gave her a highly tender and romantic kiss that went on and on. Again, the steam rose. We were still kissing when Greg escorted Sean and Pam into the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway and watched me with his wife.

Kim gasped as we parted, “Wow. I’ve never kissed a woman that way.”

I said, “I think we understand some of the things another woman needs better than a man, but that’s only my opinion, and just so you know I love kissing my boyfriends too.”

“I’ll say. You kiss divinely … and … welcome. Maybe we can kiss goodbye too.” I took the last part of her comment to mean that she liked our physical contact and kissing.

We shared some wine while Kim did the last touches on the roast dinner. Eventually, we sat and had pleasant conversation over dinner about anything but the gorilla in the corner.

Pam and I helped Kim clear and put away. I could tell that Kim was nervous. We were running out of excuses to avoid the sexual confrontation Greg informed us she knew about. Pam slipped out of the room.

When the kitchen was spotless I went and held Kim, giving her another brief kiss. “Kim, Greg told us what you two are trying to accomplish, spicing up your marriage and relationship. The three of us have gone through it and we love being on this side of it, but I’m sure many others wish they hadn’t taken those steps. If you’re unsure … or if we start and you change your mind, just know that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Don’t let Greg push you into something you’re not ready for.”

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