Birthday Surprise

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I never imagined that on my 18th birthday, I would be deliciously fucked until I screamed.

******10 hrs Earlier******

I’ve been up since the crack of dawn staring at the Diamond Pendant from Bloomingdale’s in its box that fell out of a large envelope and at the message that came along with it.

‘Sorry I won’t be able to make it hun. I will be away on business. See you when I get back. I hope you like your gift. Happy Birthday. ~mom~’

I toss the card down with a sigh and lift the pendant out of the box to look at it.

I don’t know why I set myself up for this type of disappointment. It’s the third time she has copped out on seeing me for my birthday. It’s been like this since she and my dad got divorced. She opted to take him for every dime he was worth after catching him fucking Cynthia his secretary.

Luckily, I was nowhere near their messy divorce, since I live at school. Yup, you guessed it. I’m the proud student of St. Catherine’s all girls’ boarding school. I’ve been here since sixth grade. I’ve since grown accustomed to the simple parental hang ups and cop-outs. And they know it. So, as a consolation prize of guilt and feeling they can replace their affection with money, momma bear gifted me with a new necklace to go with the studs I got for my award ceremony last month. I should be jumping with joy right?


This means simply I will be in the tug of war again between the two of them.

I say this as I stare at example

, Mother Superior handed to me last night.

My new American Express Black Card. Yes you heard it right. I have the Black. (The key to exclusivity and prestige; I won’t be able to use, since I’m in a boarding school) with my name on it.

How convenient! I say that with lifeless sarcasm and sadness.

‘Go wild with it Princess…I will see you when I get back. Happy Birthday. I love you’ ~Dad~

The slight knock on my door pulls me away from my thoughts as I look up and see Amanda my roommate, poke her head through the door.

“Are we awake?”

“Barely.” I respond placing my box on my night stand as she comes over and plops face first on my bed.

“How did your night go,” I scoot back against my pillows.

“It was fucking hot and erotic,” she mumbles and squeals as I slap her on her ass.

“You slept with her?” I squeak with excitement as she sits up and gives me her devilish look.

“Sleep?… Was not on our minds.” She turns over on her back. “Oh my God she was super sexy with massive tits and eats pussy like you wouldn’t imagine. I swear I can still literally feel her tongue in me,” she moans covering her face with my pillow.

My ears feel hot as I envision it all and begin to laugh. I sit and listen as she tells me all the juicy deets of her night. She has been flirting with this new student Jazmine for two months now. She is all she seemed to fantasize about since she met her in English lit. Being roommates with her is a wild ride and hearing about her sexual escapades is entertaining and intriguing to hear. Although we have fooled around some since we have met, it’s never been concrete what we feel for one another. We have an open platonic friendship that just geared towards physical affection in our time of need for sexual release.

“So, what’s your plans for the day?” she chirps tossing the pillow in my face.

It’s what I would like to know. I haven’t really thought about it. That’s my dilemma. I know it’s weird to not know what to do for your 18th birthday but I’m stuck in a boarding school with nowhere to go.

“It’s your birthday let’s get wild tonight,” she beams and smiles up at me.

I lower my head. In all honesty, I don’t feel like celebrating it.

“I don’t know,” I sigh.

“Come on. It’s your 18th birthday let’s get crazy.” she shakes me and tackles me to the bed.

Why not? I finally CAN get wild and crazy I’m 18 now. WOOHOO!

“So what did you have in bursa escort mind,” I settle into my pillows while she looks down at me.

“Hmmm …what to do on your 18th birthday that conveniently fell on father Fridays lap? The weekend is upon us young lady.” She tickles me.

I’m clueless… personally I don’t go anywhere.

“Wanna sneek out tonight?” she says wiggling her brow.

I swallow hard and look at her. “Really? We’re gonna start off that strong and risk getting in trouble?”

She gives a devilish grin. “Oh yea.”

“Ok.” I shrug. Why not? I lift my card in my hand.

“How quick will this get us into town and what can we do?”

The dumbfounded look on her face is priceless. “That’s not what I think it is, is it?”

“Yup…it is,” she gasps and yanks it out of my hand.

“Any limit?” she stares at it then looks at me.

“I’m the child of two competitive wealthy divorced parents that wants to win my affection. Nope…no limit,” I stood up from my bed and walked over to my walk in closet.

“We are so fucking gonna party tonight,” she jumps off my bed and tackles me in the closet. In a heap of clothing and flying limbs we crumple to the floor in giggles and laughter.

“But first, I wanna give you your present, Hope,” She sobers down then and her hand glides slowly down my stomach into my waistband and settles on my pussy. I give into the gesture and my legs go lax letting her fingers roam freely as she lowers her lips to mine. The kiss was sensual, tender and sweet then she pulled away from my lips to press them down my neck. My ears grew hot as she pressed her lips over my collarbone and slid my top over my breast to take my hardened nipple into her mouth. She sucked it gently while her other hand squeezed and caressed my other breast.

My heart raced and my insides clenched it felt so good. Slowly she pulled away and helped me out of my P.J. bottoms and panties then pressed my legs apart. I felt giddy and so horny as she settled between my legs and pressed my knees to my chest and spread my lips wide.

“Look at this messy deliciousness,” she moaned and I just about lost it as I felt her press her lips to my core and kissed me just before gliding her tongue slowly through it. In no time she had me moaning and panting as she licked me with a tantalizing slowness; it was driving me insane.

I bit my lips to keep from screaming as she sucked on my pussy and pressed her fingers slowly into me. Propped up against all the clothing and spread wide, I watched her fingering my pussy and devouring my clit. I could feel my insides clench around her finger and was getting so close to the end that I began to shake and whimper along with her until my release barreled down on me with a force that left me breathless and dazed.

I lay there boneless with a smile on my lips as she lapped up my juices that dripped from me. Then she collapsed beside me and kissed me passionately and pulled away. “Happy Birthday, Hope.”

I won’t lie; it was the greatest birthday present yet, aside from the necklace and the black card. But my birthday wasn’t over just yet. We had finally made it, after sneaking out after everyone got ready for bed. With some convincing bribes of doing laundry and homework for our personal look out, we caught a cab and headed into town.

My eyes began to adjust immediately to the light as we entered a local club. The club was bigger than I had expected—a lot bigger. We walked over towards the bar and sat down on the stools as the bartender smiled and placed two glasses before us. The neon orange arm bands were proof enough that we were old enough to get in but not old enough to drink but it was no surprise that somewhere down the line later on that evening I would be light headed and ladled with alcohol thanks to Amanda.

Sometime had passed when a guy pulled her onto the dance floor and I sat at the bar observing everyone.

Then my eyes caught bursa escort bayan this cute guy staring at me on the side. He grinned and started negotiating his way through the crowd toward my end of the bar. I watched him with growing interest as he approached me. He leaned in gently towards my ear and softly raised his fingers to my hands and asked me to dance. The warmth of his hand was startling as he slipped his fingers between mine. I said nothing; merely flashed him a soft smile and he helped me off the stool and walked with me onto the dance floor.

Soon we were dancing to about every song and slowly the music and the moment swept through us. Then, I suddenly found myself making out on the dance floor with him. It was hot and sinful and I loved it.

“Let’s get out of here,” he whispered in my ear as his hand ran down my down to my hips. I am not sure if it was the liquid courage pumping through my veins but I boldly accepted and let him lead the way.

The time it took to leave the club and end up in a posh and luxurious hotel lobby waiting to get a room was fast that that my head was spinning. I couldn’t believe I was alone with a total stranger. But I couldn’t stop. Not now. Not when every inch of my body was of fire anxious for him to touch me. He was sex personified in every sense of the word and he had me literally melting in my panties with his sexy grin and gorgeous green eyes.

‘No names, no questions,” he whispered as he slid the key card into the door, opened it and pulled me into the room with him and closed it.

In the dim lit room we made quick work of our time as we groped and kissed each other and discarded our clothes. I was finally down to just my lace panties and he in his boxers stepped back and looked at me with gorgeous hungry eyes.

“You look so damn sexy,” he whispered just before his lips came crashing down on mine. His large hands caressed my trembling body with surprising gentleness as if I were something delicate. And his kiss had a finesse to it that had my lace panties getting slowly soaked. I was beneath him in a blink of an eye as his lips made their exploring descent down my body in open mouth kisses.

I moaned and my body trembled as his teeth made contact with my panties as he pulled them down my thighs slowly until they reached my ankle and he pulled them off.

My heart was thudding as he lifted my legs and spread them. He looked at my now very moist pussy with an intense appreciative gaze. I could feel my ears getting hot and I began nibbling on my lips in anticipation. The only boy I’ve ever been with that popped my cherry was when I was sixteen so it’s been a while. And somehow. He knew.

His eyes darkened with lust as I felt his fingers gently part my pussy lips. Then he buried his face in my pussy and began licking it eagerly. I writhed and moaned as he devoured my pussy until I was a quaking mess of tingling nerves and on the verge of losing my mind.

“God I want to be inside you,” he groaned and slid off the bed quickly and reached for his pants and pulled out a foil square. Protection! Yes…My heads were in the clouds. How could I be so stupid to forget about that? Relieved and still tingling I leaned up on my elbows and watched as he slid it over his massive erection.

I lay there in haze as he slowly crawled above me. His gorgeous eyes intently held my gaze, sparkling gems of seduction and promise as he parted my legs with his and lathered his cock with my juices just teasing my hole with the tip. Inch by slow inch he pressed into me until he filled me up then he pulled out then pressed back in. An involuntary gasp left my lips as he began to pump with slow undulating thrusts. His lips were hot and sweet on mine as he fucked me and ground his pelvis to mine.

“Shit, you fucking feel amazing,” his voice was so sexy as he groaned and pressed his lips to my ears. He glided in and out of my slickness and I was getting wetter escort bursa and could feel my juices sliding down my ass. He pressed into me and reached for my butt cheeks and squeezed them lifting me up more for better angle as he pumped harder with a steady rhythm.

I was floating and clenching hard on him and whimpered when he pulled out of me and pulled me around to all 4’s. He kissed my back and leaned over me from behind and nibbled on my ear as he slid his cock through my wetfolds all the way up to my rosette teasing it with his head.

I clenched with resistance. But he glided his fingers through my pussy and worried my swollen bud at the same time, making me tremble with want, despite his probing cock at my ass.

“Don’t worry I’ll be gentle,” he crooned sexily.

I shook my head but pushed back a little on his warm head despite myself. It has never been something of interest to me to try anal sex. But with him playing with my pussy and asshole, I couldn’t resist. I just wanted something. Anything. In me right now.

He continued playing with my wet pussy and smearing its juices around my rosette. He was so gentle as he pressed into me slowly then stopping and waiting for me to adjust to his size until he fully impaled me. “That’s it relax for me baby.”

I groaned as I felt magnificently stretched and his cock throbbed in my ass. He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear. His husky voice murmured erotic smutty things as he began to pump in and out of me slowly. I was getting hot and wetter, I met him thrust for thrust as he gently pulled me up and held me kneeling and cradled onto his thighs. It made for a delicious deeper contact as I ground my hips down and rode his cock into my asshole enjoying it rub in and out of me. He pinched and rolled my nipples in his fingers intensifying the sensation.

“Oh shit! Right there, sweetheart.” He groaned grabbing my hips as he took over and drove steadily into me that I cried out in need. I was done for as my orgasm came quick. I could feel his cock throb and jerk as he held me tight going through his release with a sexy guttural groan. We collapsed on the sheets, sated and exhausted with his cock semi-hard and still in me. We fell asleep.

It wasn’t until sometime throughout the night in the early hours of the morning, he pumped into my ass once more and fucked me so passionately and caressed me until we were panting, moaning and writhing on the bed towards completion.

When I finally fully woke up the next morning he was gone. He left only a rose and a note.

“Last night was amazing. Happy belated birthday by the way,” I giddily smiled to myself.

I can’t really recall all my drunken conversations with him but it was sweet that he remembered. I noticed the time and realized I was dead and in deep shit. But it didn’t matter. The punishment to follow a night like last night was worth it.

I got ready and left waving a taxi down. The whole ride back to school I was lost in my thoughts. I never imagined that on my 18th birthday, I would be deliciously fucked until I screamed.

When I finally walked into the school and quickly went to my room to change, the brief knock came with the news that Mother Superior was furious with me and wanted to see me immediately in her office. So, I took the walk of shame towards the oak door at the end of the hall; smiling to myself with the soreness between my legs and the dull ache in my ass. I stood before the door and knocked. I was granted entry and I walked in.

My gaze immediately fell on hers as she stood with a very disgruntled look on her face as she chastised me on my behavior and belted out my punishment in a soft authoritative voice. Amongst the 10 Hail Mary’s and 15 Our Father’s for penance, I will spend detention with the new History teacher. My gaze lowered to the gentleman sitting with his back turned to me. Then he turned to face me.

Familiar eyes held mine and slowly darkened with a knowing sparkle. My insides clenched as I bit back a gasp.

My History teacher was none other than Mr. Sex God personified in the flesh.

Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

With many more to cum…

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