Black Women are Goddesses Ch. 24

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Reversal can be fun. Sometimes even enlightening. My name is Tina Adewale, a tall, sexy black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a senior partner and chief at Adewale, Milagre, Dale & Madison, one of the top criminal defense firms in the city of champions. M y husband Jerome Jean-Paul is a police officer. We have two sons and a daughter, and all three of them are in college. I’m also quite into BDSM, and I usually play the role of dominant. I am particularly fond of dominating white chicks who think they’re all that. Make them bow to the power of the black goddess. Today is going to be different. Today I submit.

The person I’m submitting to is a big and tall young black man. Stephen Madison. He’s the nephew of Jerry Madison, the handsome gay black lawyer who co-founded the firm with me ten years ago. Stephen is tall, dark and handsome. Exactly the way I like my men. We met when he came by to visit his uncle one day at the firm. Stephen majors in criminal justice at Bay State College, a private school in Boston. He came to our firm to ask his uncle some advice. He wanted to know if we knew of any law firms which needed an intern. Usually, I select the interns among good-looking and educated young black women at schools like Bridgewater State, Suffolk or UMass-Boston. However, one look at Stephen’s handsome face and sexy body convinced me to give him a chance. My colleague’s nephew became our latest intern.

I didn’t regret my decision to hire him. Stephen wasn’t just easy on the eyes. He was also smart as a whip. All the females at the firm, from lawyers to clients, seemed to like him. He always came to work wearing a white silk shirt, red tie and black silk pants. He had a way of making business attire look sexy. I swear the guy could be a male model if he wanted to. He looked like a younger version of Denzel Washington. Kind of like that hot actor Lee Thompson Young. Yeah, Stephen Madison was one sexy dude. I found myself attracted to him. You see, it had been a while since I had sex with a man other than my husband. More than fifteen years in fact. Yet this twenty-year-old Haitian-American stud was genuinely making my mouth water.

Stephen bursa escort was something else. I decided I had to have him. All the chicks in the law firm wanted a piece of him. And so I did. Seducing this sexy young black man was quite easy for a tall, sexy black woman like me. Young black men like Stephen dream of hooking up with older black women. Especially one like me. I’m in my late thirties yet I’m already a millionaire, and I’m quite powerful too. My name is known in courtrooms across Massachusetts. I’ve kicked the butts of enough prosecutors, corporate lawyers and legal sharks across the state to be hatefully remembered by all of them. Stephen was not what I expected. For starters, he wasn’t the handsome yet naïve guy I thought he was. The guy was smart, ruthless and had the wisdom of a much older person. He knew things which stunned me. I wanted to control him and make him my plaything. He controlled me and made me his bitch. And you know what? I actually liked it.

I found myself doing things for him that I wouldn’t do for any other man. I took him to upscale restaurants and paid for everything. He amazed me with his ballroom dancing skills. The guy was smooth, graceful and ever the gentleman. Yet his eyes were cold. Eerily so. Stephen moved with the grace of a feline predator stalking prey in the jungle. And his golden brown eyes were steely until he smiled. That’s when they became as warm as can be. Truly he was a man of mystery. I decided to welcome him into my secret world of forbidden sexual activities. The world of BDSM. Where I volunteered to be his first slave if he consented to become my first master. Stephen found it challenging and intriguing. And he accepted at once.

Now, to the uninitiated, the world of BDSM is a strange place. They think of men and women in a dungeon, wearing black leather and cracking whips. There’s a lot more to it than that. For example, most people who love BDSM don’t look a thing like the weird freaks you’ve seen in porno movies and documentaries. BDSM fans tend to be normal men and women of all races and backgrounds. I know a Hispanic farmer from Plymouth who’s married to a Japanese businesswoman and they’re bursa escort bayan both really into BDSM. It’s not just for kinky white couples in the suburbs. Lots of black couples, Asians, Middle-Easterners and others love BDSM. I wish the people making the movies and documentaries would show that. Unfortunately, they don’t. Oh, well. I had a lot to teach Stephen. He ended up teaching me a lot as well.

Stephen taught me the fine art of submission. The art of letting go and willingly allow another to have control over me. We started lightly. Stephen would sit in my living room and order me to get him this and that…while wearing a bra and panties. I did it, finding it kinky and different. Later, he would make me kneel before him and suck his toes. It was different but I actually liked it. Later, he tied me up while naked and tickled me with a feather until I begged him to stop. I am really, really ticklish. Stephen laughed and continued to torture me with his ticklish ways until I pissed myself. He gathered my urine in a bowl and made me drink it. That was different, yet I did it. I’m all for trying new things. I begged him to dominate me even more harshly. Well, I asked for it and I got it.

The next time we hooked up, Stephen made me kneel before him and suck his toes. Then he smacked me hard across the face for not doing it right. I called him master and begged his forgiveness. He bent me over his knee and spanked my big black ass with a thick wooden paddle. I screamed as he paddled my ass. Stephen laughed and continued to spank my ass. Until it turned black and blue. That’s when he put me on all fours and bound my hands and feet with thick steel chains. I asked him what he was doing. He smacked me hard for questioning him, then told me he was going to fuck me in the ass. I found that thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time. Stephen smiled and spread my big black butt cheeks wide open. He applied lube all over my asshole, then slipped a finger inside, then another. I gasped at the intrusion. Stephen laughed and then placed his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock against my asshole. With a swift thrust, he went inside.

I’ve never been anally escort bursa penetrated before. This was a new experience for me. I’ve never let my husband Jerome fuck my ass. Hell, even Khadija my first mistress, the Arab woman who taught me about BDSM never got to fuck my ass with her strap-on dildo. Stephen placed his hands upon my hips and shoved his dick deep inside my asshole. A sharp groan escaped my lips as I lost my anal virginity. Stephen asked me how it felt. I simply whimpered, and he continued fucking me. He smacked my big ass as he fucked me, sliding his cock deep into my asshole. I simply lay there and took it, the pleasure and the pain. It was absolutely fantastic.

Stephen told me he loved butt-fucking mature black women like me. He loved taking us face down and ass up. The way we were meant to be taken. How arrogant of him. Why did it turn me so much when he said that? Stephen grabbed my hair and whispered curses into my ears as he butt fucked me. I found myself enjoying the feel of his dick in my asshole. So much that I begged him for more. He asked me why I wanted more. Well, why did I want more? It was obvious at this point. It’s because I enjoyed having a big dick up my ass. Stephen laughed and called me a slut. Then he fucked my ass even harder. After fucking me for a good half hour, he came. His dick pumped wave upon wave of cum inside my asshole. I squealed in delight as his hot cum filled my ass. It was hot. A few moments later, he pulled out of my asshole and ordered me to get on my knees. I did. He shoved his dick into my mouth and ordered me to clean it up. Amazed at his boldness yet more turned on than ever before, I sucked his dick. I tasted my ass on it. This was definitely a new thing for me. Yet he had my pussy wetter than anyone else ever has. Truly this young man was my master.

And that’s how we became an item, folks. Stephen and I are passionate lovers now. He’s introducing me to the wonders of sexual surrender and hardcore anal sex. And I’m more than thankful for everything he has taught me. My asshole can now accommodate the bulk of his cock without lubricant. My master says I’m making progress. I’m so happy to please him. At the office, I walk with an extra bounce in my step. I’m doing good at work. Making a ton of money. My family is alright. And Stephen gives me all the raunchy masculine loving a sister could never need. What more could I want?

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