Blind Ecstasy

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I unlock the door to my apartment after a long day of work, intent on only one thing—sitting down in my recliner and doing nothing for at least half an hour. I take a step inside and am surprised to see a paper bag at my feet. A note is pinned to the side, so I reach down to remove it. The note is short and to the point. A smile crosses my face as I scan the page.

After reading the instructions, my clothes slide to the floor. I grab the bag and walk to my luxurious bathroom. I turn on the shower and step inside, running my fingers through my hair. I moan as my hands slide down my body, washing away the stress of work. I gently touch my nipples and sigh at the pleasant sensation. Shaking my head, I quickly scrub my body clean. I step out of the shower, excited and nervous at the same time. I dry my body and hair quickly, but thoroughly.

I reach into the bag and pull out a tight red bodice, covered in black lace accompanied by a black thong that leaves little to the imagination. Tall black boots and a blindfold complete the ensemble, and, after affixing the latter, I follow the final instruction given and call out a name—her name.

A moment later the door opens and I hear footsteps approaching me. I quiver in anticipation, not sure what to expect. A feather-light touch caresses my cheek, and tekirdağ escort I sigh. Her fingers slide down my neck, and I feel her warm breath at my ear as she whispers, “Follow me to the bedroom.”

Blind, I reach out for her, grasping her hand as my only link to reality. I stumble along behind her, completely at her mercy. She grips my hand tightly and I gain confidence; we move more quickly until she stops abruptly. I continue forward, unaware that she has stopped, and fall on the bed, rolling over onto my back.

Her hands guide me up the bed until I reach the headboard. Strong fingers grip my wrists, pulling them to the bedposts where ropes bind them in place. My ankles quickly receive the same treatment.

I am panting from excitement when she kisses me, hard and deep. I moan as her hand strokes my neck. Her lips soon replace her fingers, and I gasp at the waves of pleasure it gives me. She bites my neck and I writhe beneath her. My chest heaves as my lover’s hands wander down my body. She rubs my breast through the fabric of the bodice, and then I feel the blunt side of a knife run across my throat. I tremble, unsure of what will happen next.

I hear a low growl from above me as I feel the fabric rip off of my body. The rough treatment sends tekirdağ escort bayan a fire to my groin, and I feel my thong become damp. My nipples are very suddenly pinched roughly. I gasp and twist at this brutal treatment.

Without notice, the pain is replaced by pleasure as my lover’s warm mouth encases my right nipple. My back arches and a wordless moan escapes my lips. I jerk my head from side to side, wanting to be able to see what is happening to me.

My nipples continue to be alternately pinched and sucked as I beg for her to give me release. After a few more minutes of teasing, I feel my thong cut from my body. Her hands run up the length of my legs, making me tremble.

As her hands get closer to my pussy, I become even wetter. She plants light kisses along the insides of my thighs, occasionally biting gently. My hips lift as I strain to have her touch me in my most sensitive place. When she touches my outer pussy lips, however, I gasp and jerk in shock. Her left hand presses me firmly to the bed as the fingers from her right hand tease my pussy.

I whimper, my breath coming in quick gasps. Her middle finger begins to slide inside me, and she moans, “You are very tight, baby. I love feeling your warm, wet pussy wrapped around my finger. escort tekirdağ You look so sexy, tied down and blindfolded.”

I whimper, trying to tell her how much I need her to continue. The finger inside me begins to move, making me twitch and writhe. After a minute of thrusting, I feel her thumb on my clit, and I start gasping and moaning, my volume increasing by the second.

When her hand is removed, I whimper loudly, begging her not to stop. My pleas are stopped very suddenly when I feel my lover’s tongue replace her fingers. My breath catches in my throat as her tongue flicks my clit. After a few seconds, when I start to become light headed, I remember how to make my lungs work. I take a deep, shuddering breath and gasp her name.

She continues to lick and suck on my clit, occasionally pausing to thrust her tongue deep inside me. After a few minutes of this treatment, my legs begin shaking violently. My whimpers increase in volume and frequency as my orgasm builds.

Sensing how close I am to climax, my lover quickly thrusts her middle finger into my pussy as she sucks hard on my clit. My fists clench and my back arches as one of the best orgasms I have ever experienced tears through my body.

As I lay on the bed, gasping and twitching from the exertion, I feel the bed shifting from my lover moving to straddle my chest.

She gently removes my blindfold, and I open my eyes to look into her lovely blue ones. She leans down, pressing her cheek to mine, and whispers, “How was it, baby?”

I sigh, “Better than I would have ever imagined. I love you very much…. Now it’s your turn!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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