Caitlin and Sara Ch. 03

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Please don’t reproduce this copyrighted work without my written permission.


Of course all the actors in this script are of legal age.


My thanks to Bernard Lyons for his keen wisdom, editorial insight and just being a very good friend.


Note 1: Characters introduced in ‘The Seduction of Bobby’s Mom’ appear in this Chapter, but reading that story is not a prerequisite.


Note 2: Kelley, my soulmate, helped me once again. Thanks baby.


“Sara, I think I could be falling in love with you, so if you don’t feel the same way, please be kind and at least tell me the truth.”

Sara met my hopeful gaze and we stared at each other for a long time, as she seemed to carefully consider her response.

“Cat, please try and remember that all these feelings are still very new to me and I don’t have all the answers yet. I know I would love your face to be the first thing I see every morning when I wake up and the last thing I see before I close my eyes at night. I’ve never felt that way about anyone else before – including my idiot husband – and if that’s not love, I guess I don’t know how else to describe it.”

A smile slowly came to my face and then she began to smile too, although at first I think she tried to fight it. I was just about to kiss her when I heard a car door slam summoning us quickly back to reality.

“Holy shit, my mother’s home!”

The utter absurdity of the situation now upon us seemed to dawn on me at that very moment. Here I was, eighteen years old, and although I could not legally buy alcohol in any state, for all intent and purposes the law in every state recognized me as an adult.

Sara, on the other hand, was closer in age to my mother than she was to me. She was a college graduate, like my mother, and she had a graduate degree, also like my mother. In addition, she also struggled through three years of law school and was a member of the Georgia Bar and was now also the Texas Bar, not at all like my mother.

Okay, what’s my point?

Well, we were acting like a couple of adolescent teens in heat who were afraid of getting caught for doing something wrong. As a result, we were pulling off our shoes and our lingerie as fast as our hands could move.

Then in a heartbeat Sara was flying towards the door and I could almost swear I didn’t even see her feet touch the floor. I called to her and caught up to her at the door, which she already had opened. She was pointed in the direction of the guestroom and she was ready to make a mad dash down the hall.

“Wait,” I called out, as I reached the door seconds behind her.

Sara turned to face me, with one leg already in the hallway. She still had that wonderful half-smile on her face, but I saw just a trace of anxiety there too and I felt bad, or rather I felt terrible, over the fact that I was indirectly the cause of it.

“Let’s just tell her,” I said, trying to make myself actually believe that my half-baked proposal had some degree of merit.

She smiled at me and then she kissed me quickly on the lips, as she gently caressed my cheek with her fingers.

“Not this way, Cat; you’ve really got to trust me on this. Under the best case scenario it would not be well received. Under the worst case, it could be an absolute catastrophe.”

Then she disappeared down the dark hallway and I heard her door open and close quickly, literally seconds before my mother’s key was turning in the front door lock.

I threw on my white terrycloth bathrobe, which I would never describe as sexy, although it actually was pretty short on me coming to about mid-thigh. Then I headed out to see what my mother was doing home so early.

“Mmmm, I smell New York style pizza,” I said aloud, as I made my way down the hall towards the lighted kitchen.

I entered the kitchen and my mother had an extra large New York pizza on the table and she was bent over in front of the open refrigerator grabbing a bottle of Diet Pepsi from the door.

“Please grab me one of those too, mom,” I said as I looked inside the box to make sure she didn’t forget the meat toppings. Yes, I’m the only carnivore residing in the house.

I usually would never eat the same thing two nights in a row, let alone do it with something as fat laden as pizza, but I knew that my mom had no idea that we had the same thing for dinner the night before and I did not want to seem ungrateful by raising that tidbit of information now.

“Yeah, I figured that you two had been busy all day and had probably not taken the time to get anything to eat. Was I right?”

Colleen handed me my drink and then she twisted open the cap of her Diet Pepsi and took a long sip. Then she looked at me waiting for my response.

“Actually, that was a great guess, mom. Sara and I only just finished a little while ago. We were gonna go out and eat and then we changed our minds.”

I smiled at my double entendre, even though Sara wasn’t afyon escort there to appreciate it.

“What’s up with being home so early? I almost didn’t get all of my friends out the back door in time.”

My mother initially appeared a bit confused by my question. Then she spun around and walked back to the refrigerator and pulled a piece of paper out from under a Memorial High School refrigerator magnet. Then she turned to face me, before she started reading aloud from the note.

“Dear Cat, the hospital called right after you and Sara went over to her house. They were very shorthanded on the day shift and I had to go back much earlier than my scheduled time. In exchange for helping them out on such short notice, they said that I could leave by 11:00 and I wouldn’t have to work a double, so I’ll be home around 11:30. Love, Mom.”

My mother looked at her watch and then she looked up at me. “It’s now 11:38. I’m sure glad I take the trouble to write these little notes for you, sweetie. I don’t think you’ve ever stumbled across one on your own.”

I knew she was exaggerating. I could clearly remember finding at least one note in the past couple years, but I wasn’t in a very contentious mood right now.

“Sorry, mom; I guess I just don’t get into the kitchen too often. I promise I’ll try harder from now on. I heard Sara’s door close just a couple minutes ago, so I think she must still be awake. I’ll go check and see if she’s up for some pizza.”

I walked to the guestroom at the end of the hallway and I knocked gently.

“Sara, are you still awake?”

Of course I know it was a silly question, but it was mainly for my mother’s benefit. There were at least a dozen things I really wanted to say to her through that closed door, but I reminded myself that I was supposed to act like an adult when my mother was around.

I heard Sara walking towards the door and then it opened and she looked out. I could see that she was totally naked, but she remained behind the door to conceal that fact – just to be on the safe side; then she whispered to me.

“Am I still awake? Normally, I love to fall sleep after great sex, but only if I don’t have to do wind sprints down the hall.”

I turned and looked over my shoulder and made sure that my mom was still out of earshot. Then I leaned closer to Sara.

“Look, sorry about the repeat selection, but my mom brought a pizza home. She didn’t know that was what we had to eat for dinner last night. Are you hungry at all?”

Sara chuckled and then smiled warmly. “I’m absolutely starving and pizza is perfectly fine.”

I smiled back at her, I guess mainly because she seemed to have that effect on me and also because she was so hungry that there was a sound of desperation in her voice.

“Good. Go ahead and put on one of those outfits that I gave you last night and c’mon out to the kitchen. Let’s eat there so that my mom doesn’t have to eat alone.”

I turned around without waiting for a response and I was about to head back to the kitchen, but I was feeling a little playful. I quickly turned to look back at Sara, who was still standing at the door watching me.

“I’m gonna join you in the guest room after my mother goes to bed. I really want to sleep with you tonight.” Then, as I turned around and felt her staring at me as I walked away, I used both of my hands to pull up the back of my robe and give her my best butt shot. I smiled when I heard her mock whistle, as I strode down the hallway.

When I returned to the kitchen my mother was sitting at her usual place at the head of the table. She had put out three plates, a handful of napkins and another bottle of Diet Pepsi for Sara. She was already eating a slice of pizza and she appeared to be balancing her checkbook.

I sat down in my usual seat to her right with my back to the window and I took a slice of pizza and laid it on my plate, just as Sara entered the kitchen wearing another one of my obscenely tailored outfits.

When my mother looked up and saw it, she shot me a quick glance that reminded me that she was still upset that I would lend such an outfit to our guest, but she stopped short of verbally abusing her loving daughter this time.

“Hey Colleen, thanks so much for bringing the pizza home. We were going to go out to eat earlier and then we decided we were really just too tired.” Sara said cheerfully, as she took the seat directly across from me once again.

Colleen glanced up at Sara and then to the other side of the table at me and laughed. “Well, I guess at least that explains all the make-up.”

Sara and I looked at each other and then we understood the relevance of my mother’s comment. Although we had worn our lipstick off while we were kissing, the rest of our makeup was still very much intact. I think it was a slightly awkward moment for each of us, because we had no idea if my mother was hinting at something else or just making an observation.

“Sara, I know that yesterday afyon escort bayan you mentioned that your husband is transferring here for a corporate legal position, but I was wondering what your immediate plans might be. I’m not trying to pry, but I had an idea that might be helpful.”

Sara had just finished swallowing her first bite of pizza and I fought the urge to laugh. I wasn’t actually all that hungry myself, but I knew Sara was and I think she would have been deliriously happy to forego any discussion for an uninterrupted ten minutes.

“No need to apologize, Colleen. Feel free to ask away, my life is an open book,” she began, as she shot me a quick smile before she continued.

“Actually, I have a few things that may be promising. I sent out about two hundred resumes to firms and corporations about a month ago and I’ll be following up with seven of those who responded to me expressing some level of interest. I also have experience prosecuting criminal matter, so I’ll probably try and visit with the Harris County District Attorney sometime this week or next. I’m fortunate to have some family money that I inherited from my grandparents a while back, so I don’t necessarily need to land anything immediately or even find the best paying position.”

I was listening to the grown-ups talk and then my mother looked over at me and her brow furrowed in a cerebral sort of way.

“Cat, last year when you were a junior, what was the name of that gorgeous girl who was the co-captain of the cheer squad. You know the one I’m talking about – the one who lost her entire family in a vehicle accident and then she wound up living with Cheryl Martin?”

Sara looked over at my mother and then at me. “Her name is Cheryl ‘M-A-R-T-I-N’ . . . now there’s a coincidence.”

I hadn’t even considered the fact that Sara and Cheryl had the same last name, but her observation caused me to respond. “Maybe you actually have some blood relatives on this side of the Mississippi River, girl.”

I felt a good natured kick under the table.

“Ah . . . Martin would be my husband’s family name and her husband’s family name. We would not be related except by marriage, dear heart.” Sara said, with just a hint of sarcasm in her voice that even caused my mother to laugh.

I took a sip of my Diet Pepsi and smiled at my mother. “That is such a great idea, mom!”

Sara looked at me with a curious expression. “What is?”

Oh my god, did the name Erin Jameson ever bring back a flood of memories for me. We all have that one very special sex partner in our lives who was the first and I think we remember that person for the rest of our life.

For me Erin Jameson was ‘the’ girl of firsts. She was the first girl I ever kissed, the first girl I ever went down on, the first girl who ever went down on me and she was the first girl I ever fucked – and god did we fuck a lot and god bless her for it.

In fact, it was Erin who actually taught me how to make love to a woman and I can’t remember how many times I thanked her for her effort. But she never wanted to get serious and after about four months of non-stop sex we eventually drifted apart and started seeing other people.

Then when her father blew his brains out last Christmas, she became a real head case. When she wound up living with Bobby Martin’s mother at the end of the school year, it was the single most talked about incident to hit our little community since that idiot Bud Adams moved the Houston Oilers to Tennessee. Ah, but I digress.

“Last year Erin Jameson was a year ahead of me in school. She lost her mom and brother when she was a sophomore and when she was a senior her father committed suicide. I think I watched her erode over time and she really became withdrawn. I seldom saw her at any social event she did not have to attend as a member of the cheer squad.”

“I think we all knew that Erin was gay, but just last summer Cheryl Martin, who was the mother of Bobby Martin, the most popular boy in Erin’s senior class, divorced her husband and moved in with Erin and they became a couple. At first it was a little unusual to see them out and about, but now I see them several times a month and they look absolutely perfect together. They’re always holding hands or touching each other and you can just tell that they love each other so much.”

Now it was my turn to kick Sara under the table and she gave me a warm, knowing smile that made me tingle.

“Everyone knew Erin was gay?” My mother asked incredulously.

I turned to her and nodded with a sly smile. “Well, maybe not everyone, but at least all of us girls sure did.”

That response got a laugh out of Sara, but I don’t think my mother was amused by the flippant nature of my comment.

“Anyway, there’s a bit more to the Erin and Cheryl story and it’s the part that mother was actually referring to. Cheryl is also a lawyer and she has worked at the Harris County DA’s office for years. Erin is a freshman escort afyon at the University of Houston now so I never see her in school, but I ran into her in Walmart four or five weeks ago. We went over to Starbucks for a latté and visited for about an hour.”

“When I asked about Cheryl, her entire face lit up and she told me that she was doing really well and was recently promoted to the position of Deputy District Attorney, the highest non-elected position in the office. I actually thought it was so adorable to see how proud she was of Cheryl’s promotion. Anyway, I’ve seen and visited with Cheryl several times and I’d be happy to introduce you to her. And by the way, she is an absolute hottie too.”

“An absolute hottie, huh?” My mother echoed, in the most unusual tone.

I suddenly felt a tad strange and I wasn’t sure exactly why. I looked over at my mother and she was looking at me with most peculiar expression. I think that my little “hottie” comment about Cheryl Martin, although seemingly innocuous all by itself, was my mother’s version of the final straw.

I think I was beginning to sense that in her mind she now had the answer to one of the great mysteries in her little corner of the universe. It was the question that she had always been afraid to ask me directly; I suspect out of fear over what my response would be.

I hesitated for a just an instant as I contemplated the best strategy for this slightly awkward moment in front of my new lover, who I could tell by her expression that she hadn’t missed a thing. Then I smiled at my mother and I responded.

“Yeah mom, you might remember that I’ve already had this discussion with you once before. I told you the same thing earlier this year when I first met Cheryl Martin. As I recall, I also said that I certainly didn’t blame Erin, because she was absolutely stunning and that was when you just rolled your eyes at me in that parental way that you always seem to do so well. Is any of this familiar to you now?”

Colleen continued to maintain eye contact with me for nearly a minute and I think we were playing the parents’ version of ‘chicken,’ but I had no intention of looking away first.

“That would be wonderful Cat, thanks so much for the offer. And thank you too Colleen, for thinking about it.”

I think Sara may be the most perceptive person I’ve ever met. With the timeliness of her comment it was the second time today that she came to my rescue and it was just enough to deflate the potential encounter that seemed to be brewing between me and my dear mother.

Mom thanked Sara for her comment and then I did likewise, both verbally as well as with my foot that was now rubbing up against her leg. The smile I shared with her seemed to linger a bit longer than it probably should have and I suspect that too did not escape my mother’s keen eye.

But in a way, talking about Erin and Cheryl a moment earlier was starting to have an emotional effect on me and I realized that I wanted a similar relationship with Sara and I wasn’t sure I cared any longer whether my mother knew I was gay or knew that I was in deep like over our new neighbor.

In fact, seated at the kitchen table I all but decided that if it wasn’t for what Sara said to me earlier, I was in the mood to drop that little bombshell on Colleen right here and now and end this little charade we’ve been playing.

Besides, as I’ve continued to think this whole sexual orientation thing through I’ve come to a realization, of sorts. If my mother decides to treat me differently when she finds out that I’m a lesbian, then she was never the woman I always thought she was anyway. And although that would be a terrible disappointment for me and it would irrevocably change our relationship, I might as well know it as soon as possible.

Suddenly Sara’s foot was now resting on my chair up flush against my pussy and I quickly glanced over at her. Talk about your major league distraction.

I’m sure I would be a terrible poker player, because she totally surprised me and my eyes must have been wide open for an instant. But to her credit Sara wasn’t even looking at me. Instead, she was helping herself to another piece of pizza and talking to my mother like they were the best of friends. Take note guys, this is what women affectionately refer to as multi-tasking.

I swallowed hard and slid my chair under the table as far as I could, without inhibiting the ability of my lungs to properly function. Then I discretely moved my hand down between my legs and spread my very wet lips to allow Sara’s toes to work their way inside me.

“Colleen, I used to do some healthcare law and hospital work at the firm I was at in Atlanta. What department do you practice in at the hospital?”

During her inquisition of my mother, Sara never wavered. She carefully worked her toes inside my very wet pussy to my total delight. Distracted by the conversation I was reasonably confident that my mother would probably not see all the squirming I was doing.

My mother started her detailed response to Sara’s question, just as I started to drift off to another place. As I sat there impaling myself on Sara’s toes, I stared at her beautiful face and pretended that we were all alone together somewhere else like Erin and Cheryl were at this very moment.

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