Caught Short In The Rain

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The bus stopped for what seemed like the fiftieth time in the last hour. The driver was yelling something over the incessant racket of horns beeping and police cars wailing. I glanced down at my iPhone apparently a lorry had crunched into a black cab and there was at least one fatality. Sigh. It was going to be a long journey home.

I looked out the window to see rain starting to fall. Great. That was all I needed. Well this bus wasn’t going anywhere so might as well walk. I trudged off the bus with the shouts of pissed off passengers raining down on the driver. It wasn’t his fault but I couldn’t be asked to get involved. It had been a long day and all I wanted was to lie down and watch some crappy Seagal movie on Channel Five.

I bowed my head as the rain became heavier, driving into my face. The roads were mayhem, screeching tyres and a cacophony of angry horns. I turned off the main road and quickened my pace. It would take at least an hour. Fuck! Why did everything have to fuck up when it was raining? Always after a shit day at work the bus would stuff up. I was so busy cursing my luck I didn’t even see the woman calling me from across the road.

“Hello Bastian! Bastian!”

I registered. I turned squinting through the torrential sheets of rain and made out a vaguely recognisable face. I jogged over the street.

“Oh hey Kate how are you?”

“I’m ok. I didn’t know you lived around here?”

“I don’t the bus broke down”

“Oh that’s terrible.”

We hovered for a few more moments getting wetter and wetter.

“Well I should be going nice to see you Kate”

“Yes. Ok. Well.”

I turned away and began to walk.


I turned back.


“It’s horrendous out here would you like to come in and wait for it calm down?”

“Really? That would be great”

I hurried over and followed her into a whitewashed three floor house with large windows. Kate closed the door behind her and stamped her feet. I ran my hand through my dripping brown hair letting water gush down my face.

“It’s mad out there!”

“Here let me help you with that”

Kate grabbed my coat and shoes and shook them.

“Here come with me it’s warmer in the lounge”

I followed her into a spacious lounge that consisted of a small sofa and little else. Baffling. People with space never know how to use it. She placed my coat and shoes next to the radiator. It didn’t seem to be on though because the room was freezing.

“Is it turned on?”

She crouched down and flicked a switch.

“I thought it was on”

Well it clearly wasn’t.

“Could we go bursa escort somewhere a little warmer?”

“Oh. Yes. Of course.”

She led the way upstairs and took her in for the first time. I knew Kate from the gym. We occasionally chatted but I knew very little about her. She was in her mid forties but she was always at the gym so she was in great shape. She was small (5ft 3″ or so) and kept her reddish hair loose down to her neck. Her face was a little squashed, a flattish nose and a cute heart shaped mouth.

As we stepped into another room – thankfully it was warm – I noticed her nipples were showing through her rain soaked black sleeveless top. It hung a little off her skin revealing the top of her breasts. She hadn’t noticed me staring. I watched her as she fretted nervously around the room rearranging cushions and chairs. I enjoyed watching her bend over though, her red skirt rising slightly to reveal a glimpse of her toned thigh. I leant down pretending to pick something up off the floor and curved my head, I gasped she was wearing nothing underneath: she had a lovely tight ass. She turned around and I quickly stood up.

“Could I use the bathroom just to dry off a bit?”

“Sure. It’s down the hallway.”

I tousled my hair and unbuttoned my shirt placing it on the heated rail. The whole bathroom was marble with a massive mirror located above a substantial ivory surface. In the corner was on of those power showers. The room stank of money. I unbuckled my trousers and put them on top of my shirt leaving me in a pair of tight Calvin Klein boxers. I noticed a slight raise in the mirror reflection. Kate wearing no underwear and clearly no bra and she invited me in to her house when she was home alone.

After such a shit day why not? Fuck it. Sometimes you just get an opportunity and you fucking take it. I felt my boxers expand in appreciation.

“Hello Bastian do you need any towels in there?”

“Yeah that would be great actually Kate”

She twisted the knob and walked in. She jumped a little in shock.

“Oh sorry Kate I was just trying to get my clothes dry I should have warned you, sorry”

“No don’t apologise I should have asked before I came in”

She moved over to the cupboard and reached for the towels that lay on the top shelf. As she strained to reach, her skirt rose up revealing the perfect curve of ass cheek. My boxers stretched in anticipation. I moved over to her and extended my arm to help her carefully making sure to let my boxers grind up against her ass.

“Thanks Bastian I don’t know why my husband always puts them so high – – Oh!”

She had noticed my bursa escort bayan cock pressing into her firm ass. I grinded up closer lifting her skirt as I did so.

“Oh! Bastian what are – -“

I jammed my fingers underneath her skirt and sank them into her moist pussy. Her hand dropped from the cupboard in surprise and crashed against the heated rail.

“I – What – -“

Her eyes bulged in shock as I ripped her top off grasping her firm tits in my mouth. I flickered my tongue over the hardening nipples and jammed my finger further up her pussy. Her shock had turned into stutters of ecstasy her nails driving so deep into my flesh they drew blood.

I picked her up and mounted her onto the marble surface driving her legs apart and dove into ravish her gloriously soaking pussy. I thought she was having heart palpitations because she kept yelping, her breath was irregular and her nails were bloody painful but I kept ravishing every last drop of juice leaking from her ridiculously gorgeous pussy. At the same time my hands squeezed her breasts exerting more pressure every time she yelped.


Her husband was going to get quite a welcome from his wife tonight. She was squirting out fountains into my face now, she had been in dire need of a good seeing too by the looks of it. Well it wasn’t over yet. I lifted her off the surface and pushed her into the shower ripping my boxers and her skirt off. She slipped onto the floor as she kicked her skirt off.

She quickly sat up and turned round, her mouth open in shock. My rock hard cock plunged straight in taking her completely unawares. She fell backward, I grabbed her head before it hit the wall.

“Careful Kate! Don’t conk out on me now”

She didn’t have time to respond. My cock pushed her cheeks wide exploring every crevice of her mouth. She takes a few seconds to react but finally starts to move onto it sucking me deep into her throat. I pushed her head deeper and deeper until I heard her gag and let go. She dived back on taking me back so far I saw her eyes water. She was fucking great at sucking cock. I was stunned. Appearances were certainly deceiving. I imagined she had waited for this for some time and I was the lucky bastard. She gagged again coughing a little but kept on going slurping my hot dripping pipe.

“Look at me Kate I want to see those eyes”

She raised those bulging eyes displaying a mixture of shock and delight. She moved slower now slurping the running fluids of my steaming cock. I touched her head and she removed my cock from her mouth strands of sticky fluid hanging from her lips. She waited for my instructions. escort bursa I pulled her up and turned her to face the wall.

“Have you ever been fucked up the ass?”

“No of course not! I – – “

“There’s always a first time for everything”

I gripped her ass cheeks and spread them her crack not much bigger than a plughole. It was time to be plugged hard. My cock was soaking no need for lube. I grasped her tits and bent her over. Her hands gripped the shower dial, she was scared shitless.

“Kate if you don’t like it just shout out ok?”

“Ok” she whispered.

I manoeuvred my cock into position and plunged into her warm wonderfully tight ass. She let out a yelp of pain and her hand gripped the shower dial harder. I went in again and her hand relaxed a little.

“Is it ok Kate”

“Yes keep going! It’s quite nice actually”

I smiled. Nice. She was begging for more. I drilled in and out faster her cheeks shuddering as my cock thundered in. I squeezed her trembling tits in my hands letting the warm flesh sink into my palms as I steered my vessel pounding into her cute body. This woman could take a cock that was for sure, I pounded away sending spasms down her back until she finally let out a wail and I exited as I had came in – sucking my plunger out with a pop.

She dug her nails into the wall and keeled over panting. I brought my right hand down and spanked her ass savouring her scream of pleasure.

“You like that don’t you?”

She moaned in reply. I spanked her left cheek shuddering her body into more spasms. Her ass was red raw but she urged for more and more. The woman was fucking crazy. Hot urine was streaming down her thighs and her moans had turned into a crazed howl. I grabbed her hair and pushed her down to her knees. Her face was wet with tears.

“Hey Kate are you alright?”

“Come on! Please! I want you to cum all over my face!”

Well ok then honey! My cock responded by shooting a stream of spunk into her mouth, she swallowed greedily. I had created some kind of monster. I fired off a canister of boiling cum into the air splattering her red hair.

“Condition me!”

What the fuck was wrong with this woman?! I flicked the shower on and drowned her in a plume of hot watery cum. She drank it in diving onto the linoleum to lick the drops she missed. She darted her upwards and gave me a demonic grin.

“I want more! Come on fuck my cunt make me scream! Fuck me in my ear, my mouth, my ass anywhere please!”

Shit! This was what happened when you starved people of what they needed. Well this wasn’t my problem I needed to get out and quickly. I grabbed my trousers and shirt and rushed out the bathroom locking the screaming witch in her filth. I ran downstairs and hurled the front door open and smashed straight into a balding man holding a briefcase. Shit! It was her husband!

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