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Faye carefully balanced the delicate dark chocolate on the tip of her finger and slowly raised it towards me her bright red coated nails contrasting beautifully with the dark velvety chocolate. My eyes flicked from the chocolate to watch her tongue gloss wickedly over her full red lips as she continued to slowly lift the delicate offering to my mouth. Our eyes held each other’s as my tongue lightly licked the carefully balanced chocolate and flicked gently over her polished nails. Silently her thumb joined her finger to now hold the chocolate between them as she slowly circled the melting delicacy teasingly around my moist lips. My tongue was eagerly chasing the sweetness around my mouth as she continued to slowly circle and slide the wet chocolate around my lips.

I opened my mouth ever wider as I openly accepted her teasing. Her dark eyes smiled warmly as she finally moved her finger the last few inches and offered my mouth the fast melting chocolate and I moved forward slightly as my welcoming tongue engulfed the chocolate and her coated finger. My mouth was left to enjoy the soft sweetness of the dark forbidden fruit on its own as she slowly, seductively, withdrew her chocolate coated finger and circled the tip of her finger lightly around my lips. My tongue joined her fingertip by circling and devouring the remaining chocolate on my lips as I my eyes watched transfixed as she antalya escort lay backwards on the settee and lifted her tee shirt to partly reveal her black lacy bra. Her hand stretched lazily outwards and her red finger nails glided over the selection box before picking one and delicately balancing it on her exposed stomach just an inch or three above the waist line of her black three quarter leggings.

The silence engulfed us, my eyes moving between her deep warm saucer eyes and the tempting chocolate that rose and fell in time with her quickening breath on her soft white flat stomach. The stillness made it feel as if a few minutes rather than seconds had passed as her hands returned and lifted her tee shirt a little higher openly exposing her bra covered breasts as both our eyes hid our nervousness by fixing themselves on the chocolate. The only words spoken were faint, almost in a guilty whisper, as she let me know that that the chocolate was melting whilst playfully moving it over that soft white stomach an inch or two to leave a thin chocolaty line. My first tentative move forward gave away my lack of experience and nervous excitement as I paused with my lips just a few inches from her chocolate covered abdomen. Faye moaned quietly, half in anticipation and half encouraging my tongue to complete the short journey that it had started and then antalya escort bayan a low groan of yes accompanied the tip of my tongue gently licking the chocolate trail as from somewhere in my mind I found what felt like real courage to lightly lick her stomach.

My tongue slowly, lightly, hesitatingly followed the couple of inches of chocolaty trail along her beautifully warm smooth stomach before reaching the dark, fast melting, and solitary chocolate. I licked all around it, teasing it almost, as the level of my excitement rose astonishingly as her quiet moans became slightly loader and infinitely more encouraging. My nipples were hardening, I knew, my breath was shallow and quickening as I paused, and then my first open full kiss of her stomach was met by her raising her hips fractionally from the settee to meet my lips. I continued my kiss as her hands smoothed over the settee and then I lifted my head slightly to watch as those same hands began inching her leggings down over her milky white thighs revealing a tiny strip of delicate black lace. She paused her reveal as I looked up at her saucer eyes, my chin almost resting on her cool white stomach, my tongue sending a signal of my growing desire by circling my chocolate covered lips. Holding my stare her hands left her pulled down leggings to gently hold the top of my head, nudging, escort antalya begging me to return my tongue to her. My eyes left hers to allow me to satisfy my now burning desire to take in the full sexiness of her tiny delicate black underwear and her obviously aroused smooth womanhood hidden within before I gave into the gentle persuasion of her hands by returning my tongue to her soft stomach.

As I slowly kissed my way around her lower abdomen her hands having succeeded in encouraging my tongues return left my head. On my third kiss I glanced up her body seeking her acceptance and if, honest, approvals, to find her wide and dark eyes watching me explore her stomach. Gently, silently, she lifted her hands and I groaned quietly for the first time as I watched her hands cup her revealed black bra. Instinctively I stopped kissing her as her two hands met at her ample cleavage and started to uncouple the front of her black bra. I suddenly felt hot, my mouth opened, a powerful urge hit me, my inner voice screamed its want for them and my desperate longing forced the tip of my tongue to dance around my lips as her hands finally revealed a beautiful pair of nipple erect breasts. My eyes and longing remain fixed on her pert breasts as her left hand smoothed over her breasts lazily stroking her lovely dark nipples as her right hand stretched out to the chocolate box one more time. As the hand returned she placed the chosen chocolate carefully in the valley of pleasure between her breasts as my stomach tightened in response to the heady mixture of adrenalin fuelled sexual excitement and the muscle tightening nervous anticipation of a first time.

Before dawn I would keep one and loose the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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