Coming Clean Ch. 06

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Chapter 06: A Town under Siege,/b>

Hello and welcome to my readers. My thanks for your votes, PC’s and e-mails on my previous stories. This chapter is a continuance from the previous one, so you may want to begin reading there. To summarize: Melodie, Kat, Jo and the others are stranded in the town of Wisteria. They make some new friends and are ready to resolve their differences with the Mayor when the town is attacked by a group of rogue survivalists. Enjoy.


“What in the hell was that?” Chief Whitman muttered brushing glass fragments from his hair.

“A machine gun,” Kat replied, “We’re up against a frickin’ army.”

“A chain gun, probably.25 caliber,” Jo said in a low voice. “Where’d those people get those weapons?”

“How do you know that?” Tiffany asked.

“Army. Two tours in Iraq.”

“You never told us,” Kitten said.

“Never came up.”

“I have a cousin in the Army,” Chief Whitman said. “What unit were you in?”

“Military Police. 2nd Brigade HQ. Staff Sergeant.”

“I’ve sworn to defend this town,” the Chief continued. “But this is out of my league. Any ideas Jo?”

“A couple, but we’re gonna need help.”

Kitten looked out on the street. “It would seem the friendly folks of Wisteria have hauled ass, looks like we’re it Chief.”

Chief Whitman grimaced. “Any of you who want to go, go now before the shooting starts again.”

“I’m not leaving you,” Teri replied.

“Me either, Amanda continued.

“We aren’t either,” Kat said firmly and the others nodded and smiled.

“Thank you all. I’ll swear you in as patrol officers to make this legal.” He opened a desk drawer, withdrew several badges and laid them on the desk.

Everyone took one except Mason.

“Let’s let them have the money and maybe they’ll leave,” he said, his voice shaking. “We’re outnumbered and outgunned.”

“Oh grow a pair,” Amanda sneered. “I’m not leaving Teri.” She pulled the woman to her and they kissed passionately. Chief Whitman’s eyes widened and Mason’s jaw dropped.

“I love you David and I always will,” Teri said. “But Amanda and I have a bond between us too. Can you understand?”

“Seeing how our new friends feel about each other, I think I do understand.”

Teri and Amanda hugged and kissed him, Mason said nothing, his eyes vacant.

He sat alone and ignored as the group began to discuss a plan for defense.


Crouched on a roof behind a sign reading ‘Midwest Auto Parts’, Jo stood cautiously, lifted her binoculars and scanned the street below. Behind her, Kat and Melodie finished stuffing rags into the necks of ten liquor bottles filled with gasoline.

Three Humvee’s were parked in front of the Joker within easy throwing distance. Laughter and music blared from the buildings open doors as the invaders continued to party.

All attempts to communicate with the outside world had failed. The defenders were on their own.

Jo saw Amanda waving from the used car lot next to the Joker. Kitten was working under the open hood of a large hi-lift pickup truck, Teri in the cab behind the wheel.

Her gaze sweeping to the right, she saw David crouched behind a dumpster near the Joker’s back door, riot gun at the ready.

A fourth Humvee roared down the street and slid to a stop beside the others. Two men and one woman in camouflage clothing got out and went inside, greeted by whoops and shouts.

The pickup’s engine started, black smoke belching from the tailpipes. Kitten slammed the hood and she and Amanda climbed into the cab. Everything was set.


“Damn these heels,” Tiffany muttered, teetering in a pair of Teri’s stiletto pumps.

“They take some getting used to,” Courtney replied. Wearing short skirts, low cut tank tops and heavy makeup, the women approached the Joker’s open doors. They were to serve as a distraction until the attack was launched, then join in.

“Court,” Tiffany said. “What if they try to…?”

“Rape us? Then we fight back and scream our heads off. They won’t have a chance to anyway. Ready?”

Holding hands they strutted inside.


“It’s been five minutes,” Jo said. “Let’s rock. Aim for the one with the gun mount, then we’ll flame the others.”

Lighting the rags, they threw the bottles toward the parked vehicle. One bottle fell through the roof hatch and exploded, the others smashed on the hood and against the side. In seconds the Humvee was aflame. aydın escort More bottles flew in flaming arcs, engulfing the other trucks in sheets of fire.

“Get downstairs before the ammo cooks off,” Jo barked

They vaulted through the access door and down the stairs. Staccato detonations erupted as the vehicles burned, bullets whizzing everywhere. Figures in camouflage coveralls came running out from the Joker. Two were cut down where they stood and the rest retreated, slamming heavy doors behind them.

Crouching low, Kat and Melodie ran to the adjoining building, rifles gripped tightly in their hands. Jo followed a second later, and then they dashed across the street to the used car lot.

Kitten saw them, slammed the truck in gear and pushed the gas pedal to the floor. Tires smoking on the asphalt the truck lurched forward, picking up speed as it roared towards the wooden wall of the Joker.

“Down!” Kitten hollered as they smashed through in a shower of splintered wood and flying metal. The truck lurched to a stop in the ruins of what had been a bandstand, engine hissing and popping. Carrying riot guns, Kitten, Teri and Amanda jumped from the cab. Dust swirling around them, they ran onto the wooden dance floor cursing and shouting.


David peered around the dumpster and saw three men in camouflage coveralls carrying M-16’s standing at the Joker’s back door. He chambered a round into his weapon at the sound of explosions and stepped out. Aiming at the startled men, he shouted, “Drop your guns. Now!”

Two raised their guns and were slammed back against the wall as David fired.

He attempted to reload, but the gun jammed. Grinning, the remaining man raised his weapon when a shot rang out and he crumpled to the ground. Mason appeared beside David, rifle in hand.

“Thanks Mason, you saved my ass.”

“Couldn’t let you fight alone now could I?”

David dropped the jammed gun and then picked up an M-16. “Let’s get the rest of them.”

Mason nodded and they ran through the door.


Smiles on their faces, Courtney and Tiffany strolled from table to table, giggling and flirting with the men and women as they were groped and propositioned. They casually avoided the tables closest to the bandstand, knowing the attack would come from that direction.

The building shook as the first Humvee exploded and they ran for safety behind the bar, joined by a terrified waitress and the female bartender.

“We’re the good guys,” Courtney assured them. “Stay low and you won’t get hurt.”

With a thundering crash a truck rammed through the wall, lurching to a stop on the remains of the bandstand.

Tiffany saw Kitten, Amanda and Teri emerge from the wrecked truck, guns at the ready. Jo, Amanda and Melodie ran in behind them. “The cavalry’s here Court. Let’s kick some butt.”


The remaining invaders responded quickly to the attack, overturning tables and firing blindly through the haze. Jo and the others did the same and returned fire.

Amanda and Teri were joined by Mason and David behind one table.

“Come here often?” Teri laughed, firing her gun.

“Just for the booze and women,” Mason responded.

Amanda kissed him. “My hero, I knew you wouldn’t let us down.” A volley of shots thudded into the thick oak and they ducked down.


Kicking off their shoes, Tiffany and Courtney crept behind three of the enemy firing from behind an upended table. Armed with short clubs the bartenders kept for protection, they cracked their opponents across the head and grabbed their guns as they fell. Repeating their actions they dispatched another four of their opponents. Smoke billowing from the burning Humvees drifted into the building as the wind changed, making it difficult to see.

Courtney raised her M-16 as four figures came crawling through the haze, then she recognized Amanda, Teri, David and Mason. She nudged her friend saying “Look who’s here Tiff.”

“You two okay?” David asked.

“We were worried you’d been hurt when the truck went through the wall,” Amanda continued.

“We hid behind the bar. Where’s everyone else?” Courtney said.

“Holed up over there behind those tables, I think,” Mason answered. “Hey, nobody’s shooting. What’s going on?”

“Kat, you guys okay?” Teri shouted.

“We’re fine,” was the response. “Melodie got nicked in the arm, but she’s doin’ good. Where’d those bastards go?”

David stood aydın escort bayan up warily. Uniformed bodies littered the floor, several moaning in pain. No shots were fired. Coughing and sneezing from the smoke, the ten picked their way through the debris, checking the wounded and the dead, throwing their weapons on a pile.

Jo opened the front doors, letting the wind clear away the last of the smoke.

“There’s two dead out here. Counting the three out back, the four the truck took out and the wounded, I count twenty.”

Kitten knelt beside a stocky brunette whose face was grimaced in pain.

“Who are you guys anyhow? Why’d you attack this town?”

“Warriors of the Flaming Sword. We wanted supplies and the money from the bank. Scott said the Day of Judgment was upon us and we needed to hide away in the mountains. Then we would emerge and rule a shattered world.”

Jo shook her head. “Crazy as shithouse rats. Who’s this Scott guy anyway?”

“Scott is our Leader. It was his vision of the coming storm that caused him to form the Warriors. It is our destiny to rule…” Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was unconscious.

An explosion made them all jump.

“They’re at the jail!” David exclaimed. “They’re freeing the prisoners.”

“Courtney, Amanda, Mason, guard these people,” Jo barked. “If they make a move, shoot ’em. The rest of you come with me.”

Fanning out in a skirmish line, they ran toward the jail. Another hole had been blown in the wall and the prisoners were gone.

The thudding of rotors made them look up. Two attack helicopters swept overhead, guns swiveling. Four troop transports followed, landing behind a row of stores.

“Weapons down,” Jo cried. “Don’t want to lose anyone to friendly fire.”


“Damn fine job, Ms. Baker,” Colonel Marsden said heartily. “Our medics have the Warriors patched up and evacced. They took good care of your red-headed partner too.”

He paused and read a paper handed him by an aide. “We count seven dead. You say some escaped?”

“Three that we know of sir,” Jo replied briskly, “Two that were prisoners and their leader Scott; possibly more.”

“Scott Felton, calls himself The Leader,” the Colonel said. “He’s a genius, but highly delusional. Thinks civilizations going to collapse any day and he’s destined to rule what remains. He won’t get far on foot. There are troops scouring the countryside as we speak. We’ll catch him.”

“I’m not so sure about that, sir,” Jo responded. “But good luck. Permission to be dismissed, my friends are waiting.”

“You’re a civilian now Ms. Baker. No need to ask my permission,” the Colonel chuckled. “Tell your friends the U.S. Army said a job well done.”

“Force of habit,” Jo replied. “I’ll tell ’em. Goodbye Colonel.”


“Anyone like another drink,” Mason said, pouring himself a whiskey behind his mahogany bar. The ten were gathered in the Dixon’s spacious family room talking about their adventures; lovers and spouses sitting together, happy to be united once more.

“I know what I want,” Amanda purred, molding her body to Mason’s back and rubbing his cock. She winked at David and Teri, “Wanna join us in the bedroom?”

“Why can’t we stay here?” Teri replied, looking around the room. “The fun’s just starting.”

Jo and Tiffany were slowly undressing each other, kissing and licking their partner’s bared flesh. Jo moaned as Tiffany sucked on her stiff nipples and fingered her pussy.

Melodie lay back in a chair, skirt around her waist, her legs over Kitten’s shoulders as her lover licked and sucked her wet cunt.

Kat and Courtney were already naked, bodies entwined as they stroked each others clits, soul kissing wildly.

Teri and Amanda undulated in a strip tease for their husbands, flinging their clothing away. They knelt before them, pulled their pants and underwear down and deep throated their stiff cocks as they groaned in pleasure.

Uttering cries of delight, Jo and Tiffany clung to each other, rubbing their pussies in a grinding trib.

Melodie moaned as she came in Kitten’s eager mouth. They quickly undressed and switched positions, Kitten’s legs spread over the chair arms as Melodie ate her out.

Kat and Courtney licked and fingered each others pussies in a 69, each trying to have the other cum.

Teri uttered little shrieks of pleasure as David fucked her doggie style, thrusting his cock deep as she frantically rubbed escort aydın her clit.

Mason lay on his back, gripping Amanda’s ass as she bounced happily on his cock. She leaned forward so he could suck her nipples, chanting “Fuck me, fuck me.”

The sounds and smells of lovemaking filled the room as the lovers brought each other to the brink of cumming, then one by one tumbled over it in a chorus of shrieks and howls.

After a brief rest, everyone began seeking a different partner.

Kitten welcomed Mason between her thighs, his thick cock spreading the pink walls of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her shoulders and they pounded together.

Amanda sucked Kat’s pussy and fingered her asshole as she grunted and moaned. Kat mauled her breasts and tightened her thighs on Amanda’s head as her lover began fisting her.

“It’s your first time, isn’t it?” David said as he rubbed his cock head between Courtney’s pussy lips.

“Yes, but it feels wonderful. Take me David. I want it all.”

He entered her easily and she whimpered as her hymen ruptured. David moaned as her pussy tightened on his thrusting cock, Courtney’s hips rising to meet his thrusts.

“Ooooh, you eat so good,” Melodie cried as Jo’s tongue worked in her pussy. Jo squeezed her lover’s ass cheeks, growling in pleasure as she devoured her pussy banquet.

Tiffany licked and nibbled Teri’s clit, pumping two fingers in her pussy as Teri begged for more. Tiffany’s fingers found Teri’s g-spot, rubbing it as Teri’s back arched and she came explosively.

Throaty cries of joyous release filled the room as the lovers fucked each other

to ecstatic climaxes. Courtney and Kitten gasping as David and Mason filled their pussies with bursts of hot cum.

Regaining their strength, they began combinations of three and four well into the night, seemingly unable to get enough of each other.

Teri was in heaven. David’s cock was in her ass, Mason’s in her pussy and Amanda straddled her face, spreading her pussy wide for her lover’s wiggling tongue. They moved in jerky rhythm, climbing towards a mind-blowing cum.

Kat, Courtney, Melodie and Kitten began a daisy chain, licking and sucking each others pussies.

Kat saw the dried blood on Courtney’s thighs.

“Was it good little girl?”

“It was wonderful mama, wanna taste?”

“Mmmmm…” Kat replied, burying her face in Courtney’s pink folds.

Jo and Tiffany rocked to and fro in their favorite 69 position, sucking each others clits while fingering their lover’s pussies and assholes.

Finally, everyone was exhausted and they fell asleep in a tangle on the floor.


“Breakfast was delightful, thank you,” Courtney said to Mason and Amanda. The others added their compliments to their hosts.

“Omigod,” Tiffany cried. “I just remembered. Final exams. We missed them.”

“No problem,” David replied. “The Dean’s already been contacted by the Governor, Colonel Marsden and Courtney’s father. You’ll be given time to study and take your exams.”

“It’s the least we can do after you all risked your lives to defend our town,” Mason added.

“In addition,” David continued, “Several of the Warriors had warrants outstanding, some with rewards. Looks like the six of you will be coming into some money.”

“I know what I’d like them coming into,” Amanda said, licking her lips and winking. “Don’t be strangers, ladies.”

“Oh, you’ll be seeing us again,” Kat replied. “Last night was incredible.”

“We better roll,” Melodie said. “We have exams to study for.”

After a tearful goodbye, the six mounted their cycles and rode out of town.

“There go some brave women,” Mason remarked. “Good looking too.”

“Nowhere as good looking as ours,” David said, hugging Teri and Amanda.


Kitten twisted the olive drab Harley’s throttle, speeding up while silently cursing the drag of the sidecar. Melodie kept pace riding her lover’s Harley Softail, her long red hair streaming behind her.

Tiffany clung happily to Jo as they sped along behind, the rumble of the Harley Low Rider’s exhaust soothing to them both.

Riding next to Jo and Tiffany, Kat and Courtney were also happy to be together on Kat’s beloved Harley Fat Boy. Courtney mischievously played with Kat’s breast as she rubbed her ass on Courtney’s pussy.

Melodie looked over at Kitten and grinned broadly. Kitten returned the grin and playfully stuck out her tongue.

Just look at her. It seems so long ago Kat and I seduced her in the Laundromat.

Now were committed and planning a life together. I love her so much and she loves me too. I’m one lucky little dyke.

The sun warm on their leathers, the six swept down the Interstate towards home.


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