Daria on the Wheel

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My name is Daria Keen, I come from England and this is a true story of what happened to me in a lesbian sex club in Budapest, on a holiday in 2007. I hope you enjoy it.

Daria on the Wheel

I was in my underwear, blindfolded and strapped to the wheel. Waiting for the crowd to arrive.

The wheel was really a padded revolving table, waist height, purpose built, with a large wooden cross where a person’s hands and feet could be tied. The room was empty, slightly cold and smelled of incense, alcohol and pot, and I felt amazing.

The club used to have a draw every Friday night, to see who would be the ‘victim’ on the wheel the next week. It’s a clever idea, because if you’re picked, it gave you a week to think about it. It really builds the tension. All week after my name was drawn, I was a bundle of excited nerves, knowing it would soon be my turn on the wheel.

My girlfriend Shonan was with me that night my name was drawn, and she was almost as excited as me. She helped ‘prepare’ me for my turn on the wheel. This meant agreeing safe words with the concierge, agreeing my limits, getting blindfolded, and tied to the wheel with leather straps.

And there I was, spread out, like a human X, tethered by my wrists and ankles. I was already wet, as you can well imagine.

I was twenty seven then, five foot five, brunette and a little slimmer than I am now, I suppose was quite confident of my body. I haven’t got large breasts, but they’ve been described as shapely. I didn’t shave below completely back then, but I kept trim. I was fairly promiscuous, and wasn’t shy. What else can I say? I like sex.

On the wheel, I remember actually moaning out loud when I heard the door open and the girls walked in. I must have been in such a heightened state canlı bahis of arousal. I’m like that. I start thinking of things that may soon to happen to me and I become a pool of quivering jelly.

The music started, (some trance-type beat, but it wasn’t night-club loud). I couldn’t tell how many people walked through the door, but there were quite a few judging by the footsteps and chattering. I heard several compliments in English, but most of the talking I couldn’t understand. I assume the majority were Hungarian.

All the voices were female, I’m pleased to say. The voices grew louder as they got nearer to the wheel, and then they were all around me, on all sides.

They wasted no time in touching me. This was a particular fantasy of mine, to be touched by many mysterious hands. Hands of strangers. They brushed my legs, arms, belly, and someone ran their fingers through my hair. Shonan later told me this was her, which was sweet I thought.

My underwear was still on, and I felt some hands brush my breasts and pussy, but they weren’t yet too exploratory. I’d asked that they would cut away my underwear with scissors. Many years ago, the first time I saw a porno I saw a girl having her underwear cut away, and I’ve always liked that. After only a couple of minutes of them fondling me, I heard a snip and felt the air on my breasts, as they spread out over my chest. It was very thrilling, feeling so helpless and exposed in front of all those strangers. I felt my nipples harden, as hands started touching my bare boobs. Lightly pinching my nipples, sending thrills right through to my core.

I was very appreciative that everyone was quite gentle. I don’t like rough sex, and Shonan knew this. I was lucky she was there looking out for me, I felt quite bahis siteleri safe, though still deliciously naughty.

My panties were cut away next, (I was sure they would have seen the wetness seeping through), and then I was fully naked and helpless for the crowd to do whatever they wanted. It was heavenly!

Suddenly I felt something cold between my breasts, and on my belly. Then on each leg, and I soon realised they were oiling me up. Shonan later said she’d taken lots of oil with her, and I’ll be forever grateful to her, as I love being oiled up. Having so many hands rubbing and caressing me was sending me delirious. I could feel someone rubbing my clit, and I was worried I might cum too soon, (I usually cum once, and very intensely. I then usually need a short break before I’m able to continue).

I was pleased the room was a little cold, as now, with all the bodies in the room and my quickening pulse, I felt very warm indeed. I could hear myself moaning loudly, as hands were everywhere. It was quite a sensory overload, I’d felt nothing like it before.

After five minutes or so of this very sensual massage, (it might have been ten minutes, time is a strange concept when you’re on the wheel), I felt the straps round my ankle being undone. What was going to happen now?

I felt my legs lifted, and new, cooler straps put round my legs. What was going on? My legs felt like they were spread even wider.

Then, I heard a ratchet sound. Like a wheel and a chain was being wound up. Some people started cheering, and some clapping, as I felt my legs rising.

And rising…

I realised then that they’d put my legs in a spreader bar, and pretty soon they were up in the air with my bottom completely off the table. I felt the air all around bahis şirketleri my sopping wet pussy and in between the cheeks of my bottom. What a sight I must have looked, with my bum in the air, naked, all oiled up and exposed so vulgarly.

Hands were everywhere again, on my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples, there were fingers in my pussy, massaging my clit, and someone was raking their nails on the cheeks of my bottom, while someone else was rubbing my now exposed bumhole. I’d never been so pleasured in my life.

I heard a vibrator switched on, and soon my pussy was full. Someone was using it with short, quick strokes, which is how I like it. I felt mouths over my hard nipples, and there was someone lightly massaging my clit. All this was happening at the same time, and I knew I was about to be sent over the edge.

A finger entered my arsehole, and that felt deliciously naughty. My back passage is very sensitive. The finger was soon replaced by some kind of ribbed toy, which didn’t feel very thick, but was quite long, and whoever was dildoing my arse, was using long, slow strokes.

With my clit being expertly massaged, the quick short strokes of the vibrator in my cunt, the two mouths round my nipples and the ribbed anal toy stimulating my back passage, my orgasm came very quickly, and very intensely. It was a wave of pleasure like I’d never felt before, it spread over me like wildfire. I screamed and writhed in my harnesses and Shonan later told me that I arched my back so violently that she thought I’d do myself some damage. In the distance I could hear “whoos” and clapping from the crowd, who within a few minutes had gone into the bar area, leaving me panting and waiting to be set free.

As if the evening wasn’t perfect enough, when they did the draw for next Friday’s ‘victim’ on the Wheel, Shonan got picked. We hugged each other excitedly and decided we’d re-arrange our flights home. There was no way Shonan wanted to miss her turn on the wheel.

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