Do You Need a Ride?

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Author’s note: this one is based on a real-life experience that I had recently. The memory of the pleasure is so deeply imprinted on my brain that I can’t stop thinking about it so I had to pause on my other series for the time being to get this one immortalised forever.


Lizzy stepped out into the crisp Winter air feeling somewhat relived that the night was over. She hadn’t really been in the mood for a party but given her position at the company she was expected to attend and ‘show face’.

She’d put in an admirable shift and managed to stay until 10pm the point in the night where it was easy to slip away unnoticed. Most people would be too drunk to remember the night clearly after that point and she’d spoken to enough people earlier in the evening that her attendance would have been noted.

She contemplated her route home. She didn’t live that far away, and walking was her usual method of transportation, but it was dark and her feet ached a little from the 4 inch heels she wore.

She resolved to walk a block and then decide as that would be a much better place for an Uber to stop anyway if she decided to do that.

As she neared the corner a car pulled up just in front of her. She braced herself a little for trouble. At 31 Lizzy still got more than her fair share of unwanted advances from men. With her naturally slender figure and delicate facial features she was undeniably attractive but there was something more about her that just seemed to lure men in, especially the ones out for trouble.

She shifted as far left on the pavement as possible to put distance between herself and the car and kept her eyes set dead forward.

“Lizzy” a deep male voice called out “do you need a ride?”

Upon hearing her name she glanced across. Through the open passenger seat window she saw James, one of her colleagues, smoldering back at her in his suit. He wasn’t ‘trouble’ exactly but he did have something of a reputation around the office.

“Uh yeah, sure, thanks” she answered hopping in. The car was warm compared to the cool night air so she awkwardly maneuvered around trying to remove her thick coat whilst the seatbelt reminder beeped incessantly.

“Argh, sorry about that” she said after finally removing the garment and clipping in her seatbelt. “You had enough of the party too I see?”

“Yeah. Early start tomorrow for a ski day which I didn’t want to ruin.”

“Very sensible of you! I didn’t think you had such good self-control!” Lizzy teased.

“I thought it was time to re-brand, can’t be the office bad boy all my life” James said with a slightly nostalgic pang.

Lizzy felt a little disappointed and her deep red lips formed into a pout. She was more than aware of James’ reputation and on a few occasions had come pretty close to experiencing it first-hand but the stars had never quite aligned to really test out just how bad he could be.

“That’s a shame” Lizzy responded “office bad boy is a pretty critical role. I hope you’ve got a good replacement in mind”. She was deliberate in her words, quietly hoping that the mention of another man might provoke his naughty side to come through, but he just smiled and didn’t take the bait.

After a few minutes of polite conversation Lizzy happened to look down at her lap and realized in her hurry to get into the car, remove her jacket and do up her seatbelt her dress had hoisted up leaving her right thigh almost indecently exposed. She subtly tried to smooth it down but noticed that James’ gaze immediately followed her hand.

“Damn” he said cheekily “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that”.

“That eryaman orospu numaraları sounds like something a bad boy would say” Lizzy responded flirtatiously shooting him a seductive look with her bright green eyes as she tucked some stray strands of her dark hair behind her ear. Perhaps this night wasn’t written off just yet.

“Nah” James disagreed, “A real bad boy would have pushed it up further to see what’s underneath. I’ve been looking at you all night wondering what’s under that little dress”. He shifted his hand so that it fell lightly on to her leg just at the point where the hemline of the dress now rested.

Lizzy gasped a little under her breath and could feel the warmth of arousal building through her body. She was a thrill seeker and lived for the moments in life that made her heart pound a little bit harder. But life had been dull for Lizzy lately and she’d been looking for some excitement to liven it up — this felt like the perfect opportunity had just been presented to her.

James was one of the sexiest men she knew, tall and strong with boyishly handsome good looks. The suggestive comment and hand on her leg was all the encouragement Lizzy needed, ‘fuck it’ she thought, ‘you only live once’.

She slid her hands under her dress and hooked the sides of her panties with her thumbs. Wriggling in the seat she pulled them down her legs and over her high heeled feet.

“Wonder no more” she said to James as she held up the lacy black panties, and watched as his blue eyes widened, taken aback by her bold move but said nothing.

James continued to drive silently, well past Lizzy’s part of town and instead headed to a sparsely populated, semi-industrial area. He turned in to a deserted looking site with no sign of life anywhere nearby.

As soon as the car was parked he turned to grab her and pulled her on to his lap. His mouth sought out hers, pushing open her lips and pressing his tongue against hers. His kiss was deep and intense, and she kissed him back just as hard. She nibbled at his lower lip gently as their hands both grasped at one another’s bodies.

He snapped open her bra clasp with ease and her bra fell away from her breasts under her outfit. He flicked gently at her nipples through the delicate fabric of her dress. The indirect contact drove her wild and she writhed with desire in his lap. He could see the tiny pebbles pressing hard against the fabric as he toyed with them expertly rolling them with just enough pressure between his finger and thumb. Occasionally he would squeeze harder causing her to gasp with pain but the sensation would soon be replaced with the gentle manipulation, the contrast of pleasure and pain sending her in to a frenzied state.

James didn’t know this but 2 minutes of having her nipples played with turned Lizzy in a to lust crazed wild woman who would do just about anything in the name of pleasure. She was his now, to do whatever he desired.

Fortunately it was a large car and with a bit of experimentation they found a suitable space in the passenger seat with enough room to continue to play. James had slipped down his trousers in the transition and Lizzy had rid herself of the dress freeing her shapely c-cup breasts with their dusky pink nipples in the process.

She sat astride his lap face to face and kissed him deeply exploring his mouth with her tongue hungrily as she unbuttoned his shirt and stoked her hands across his smooth, hard chest.

His cock was rock hard and twitched in anticipation, only centimeters away from her pussy. Her hands and gaze drifted down so ankara escort she could fully appreciate his penis. The length was a just a little above average, but it was so thick that it weighed heavy in her small hand and her fingers struggled to fully wrap around it. This was going to be fun.

“I’ve been thinking about you” James said, “you keep wearing those short skirts to the office and all I can think about is throwing you up against a wall, tugging up that skirt and fucking your brains out”.

“I’ve thought about you too” Lizzy responded “all those times we got close, but it never quite worked out. I’d go home and play with myself for hours thinking about what could have happened.”

James looked directly at her. “Play with yourself for me now”.

He didn’t frame it as a request, it was a demand and Lizzy felt compelled to give him what he wanted. Still on his lap she leaned back resting her shoulders on the dashboard to give as much space as possible and provide James with the best view.

She let one hand slowly wind its way down to where their genitals met and grasped his penis again. The tip was wet with arousal, and she rubbed it against her pussy so it mixed with her own juices providing the lubrication to ensure her fingers could glide effortlessly around.

She stroked her labia lightly, up one side and down the other each time coming tantalizingly close to her swollen clitoris that ached for her touch. James alternated his gaze between the spellbinding sight of her careful manipulation of her cunt and her face, watching her expression changing as the deep arousal overcame her.

His own hand had drifted to his penis, and he languidly stroked it up and down. His hand occasionally colliding with hers as they partook in their mutual self-pleasuring session.

Her fingertip had finally moved to her clitoris, and she softly rubbed the sides of the little ecstasy button before gradually introducing direct contact to the whole surface via tiny circles.

His fingers began to stray from his own cock and instead joined her fingers. He slipped in one then two fingers into her hot little cunt and felt her tighten around them. He stroked inside her in a ‘come hither’ motion adjusting his angle until he found that sweet spot that caused a series of expletives to escape her normally sweetly spoken mouth.

He continued the movement applying unrelenting stimulation to her g-spot whilst she continued to play with her clitoris. She was moaning wildly by now and almost struggling to breath.

“James” she gasped “I have to warn you…if you keep doing what you’re doing…”

She paused taking several deep breaths to try to compose herself…”I’m a squirter”.

James’ eyes lit up and he continued his assault of her g-spot with renewed vigor despite the fact his fingers were beginning to tire. Her arm was raised above her head, and she was biting the soft flesh in an attempt to regain control, but it was all too much. Her pussy began to spasm, and he felt it contracting tightly around his fingers as Lizzy screamed out “oh fuck, fuck” as gush upon gush of hot pussy nectar started ejaculating from her body.

His soft pubic curls were wet with her arousal and the tails of his white shirt that he’d neglected to fully remove had turned transparent with the moisture.

“Sorry” she whispered lightly as the orgasm subsided and she regained her composure.

“Are you kidding me? That was unbelievably fucking hot” James told her. “I need to feel that wet pussy on my cock, right now!”.

He pulled her upper body back up so they were elvankent escort again face to face, positioned her opening above his cock and pulled her down upon him letting out a groan as her warm flesh enveloped him.

His penis filled her perfectly, hitting all the right spots as she writhed around on it. As she rose up in his lap he would take her breasts in to his mouth sucking and nibbling on her nipples that were hard with her arousal.

The blinding pleasure of his generous girth slipping inside her was almost unbearable. Lizzy didn’t know whether to curse, scream or simply pass out with the excruciating pleasurable sensations that filled her body.

His hand tightly gripped the soft curves of her waist as he powerfully lifted her body up and down on his cock as if she weighed nothing. His fingertips dug in so deeply that it was painful but Lizzy didn’t care, she was happy for him to do whatever he wanted with her body. As he bounced her around the rhythmic well lubricated slapping noise made her excitement clearly evident.

She was so completely overwhelmed with ecstasy that everything else in the world seemed to fizzle away and disappear. Her hands desperately sought out objects to grasp, the head rest, his shirt, whatever they could find.

As much as he enjoyed watching her squirm on his lap he knew he wanted to be in control. “Swap positions” he commanded shifting her body around until she now sat in the passenger seat and he was positioned in the footwell between her legs. He grasped her hips as he pushed in to her again.

He fucked her with long, deep, hard strokes watching her tits bounce each time he pounded into her. With his body above her now she drew in his masculine scent, he was perspiring lightly which mixed in with the spiced, woody scent he was wearing.

Her moans were escalating and he worried that someone might actually hear them despite the remoteness of the location. He pushed his fingers into her mouth to stifle her screams and she took them hungrily, tasting the memory of herself on his hand.

He started talking dirty to her about how good it felt to fuck her tight wet pussy, how he was going to fuck her until she squirted all over him again. The words just made her wilder.

The intensity of his penis driving into her was so overwhelming that her body didn’t know how to process that level of pleasure. Their fucking reached animalistic levels as they grabbed, clawed and bit at one another in the fire of the moment.

He sensed that she was close to the edge and he pulled back slightly, just letting the tip of his cock tap gently around her opening.

She angled and flexed her hips up to meet his body desperate to get as much of his cock buried in her as possible but he held back, not giving in to her attempts.

“You’re going to have to beg me to fuck you” he said, “I want to hear you say it”.

The thought of begging this guy, a colleague, to fuck her was so demeaning but she needed him inside her, she was going crazy from the unsatiated desire as he continued to deny her his penis.

“Please” she called out between deep breaths “please fuck me. I want your cock inside me. Fuck me hard”.

He thrust in to her so deeply she let out a cry which just turned him on more. He drove in to her again and again as her cries turned to shrieks. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her body stiffened as the orgasm overcame her body electrifying every nerve ending and building to a blistering crescendo.

He felt her pussy contracting around his erection squeezing his cock until it exploded in her. He thrust a few more times savoring the sensation of cumming deep within her pussy as her fingers dug into her back.

They stayed in the position for a few moments as the beads of sweat dripped away and their breathing slowly regulated

“That was fucking incredible” she said.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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