Eating Donna’s Ass

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I don’t know how long I have been wanting to eat the ass one of my co-workers down at the law firm. Her name is Donna and she must be around her late thirties, making her about ten years my senior. Despite our difference in age, I have always been intrigued by her gorgeous ass. Whenever I see her in the office I just can’t stop thinking about bending her over her desk and lapping away at her asshole. Donna is around 5 foot 7 with short dark hair. Her tits aren’t big like I love them, but they are around a B-cup. But with Donna, it was her asshole that I wanted.

One day we were working at my desk together on a certain case and I was sitting in my chair. Donna got up from her chair to grab some stuff out of one of my filing cabinets. Without her really noticing, her ass was directly in my face. I just sat there, staring at her ass through the pair of black slacks she was wearing. My mind started racing, getting filled with visions of me sticking my tongue up her asshole. My cock started to harden immediately. Donna finally found the file she was looking for and turned around, suddenly realizing that her ass was in my face for a good couple of minutes.

“Oh I’m sorry. My butt was right in your face”, she laughed.

I replied with, “It wasn’t bothering me there”, with a grin.

“Oh really? Well maybe I’ll put it back for you”, replied Donna, still laughing. She turned around, putting her ass back where it was before, right in my face. She then leaned forward a little bit, arching her back, forcing her ass even closer to my face. I could feel my cock wanting to burst out of my pants.

I grabbed her hips and planted my face right into her ass. As I did this, Donna pushed it back even harder, driving and grinding it into my face. “Ooooh baby. You’re making me wet”, moaned Donna. Luckily the door to my office was closed because if anyone would have peaked their heads in, they would have gotten quite the show. I slowly moved my hands around to the front of Donna’s pants and started to undo her belt and pendik escort button. In no time I had them undone and pulled her zipper down. I slowly pulled her pants down, revealing a nice black thong. Her ass cheeks looked amazing with the thong riding up her crack. Donna then pulled her legs out of her pants and positioned herself so she could lean on my desk. I wheeled my chair around so her ass was right in my face. I immediately went to her ass cheeks, licking and kissing them. It was driving me nuts, and my intensity increased. I coated her entire ass with my spit, making her ass glisten under the fluorescent lights.

“Fuck Jonny, my pussy is getting so wet.” Donna now reached beneath her, moving her thong aside, revealing her pussy. Her cunt was trimmed, leaving a nice amount of bush. Her lips were shaved clean. Donna then proceeded to rub her pussy, sliding her index finger in and out of herself. I continued to kiss her ass and could smell the sweet nectar that was emanating from her snatch.

I needed to see her asshole. I grabbed her thong and pulled it down. Once I got it off, Donna’s hand went back to her pussy where she continued to finger herself. I placed my hands on both of her cheeks and spread them open, revealing her puckered asshole. I was in heaven. I started to slowly lick her ass between her cheeks, just lightly brushing up against her asshole. “Oh fuck Jonny, that’s it baby. Eat my fucking asshole. God you’re making me so fucking wet. My cunt is dripping baby.”

I now moved my tongue directly to her asshole and started flicking it back and forth over it. I coated her asshole with my spit. I continued to apply more pressure with my tongue, trying to force as much of it as I could into her asshole. Donna was now using her free hand to pull her left ass cheek to the side, keeping it open for me so I could eat her ass. I was drilling my tongue deeper and deeper into her asshole. “Oh God Donna. Your asshole tasted so fucking good. Do you have any idea how long I have wanted to do this. I escort pendik get hard every time I see your ass. I can’t count how many times I have jerked off, thinking of licking your little asshole.”

“Oh yeah Jonny. Eat my little asshole. Fuck your tongue feels good in my ass. That’s it baby. Coat my ass with your spit. Fuck my asshole with your tongue while I finger my dripping cunt.” Donna was driving two fingers in and out of her cunt so fast that I thought she was going to hurt herself. But she loved it, and just drove her fingers in and out of her little cunt as I continued to drive my tongue in and out of her asshole.

I then moved one of my fingers to her asshole and started to slowly insert it into her. There was so much spit on her asshole that my finger slid in nice and easy. “Oh fuck Jonny. That’s it baby, finger my asshole. Fuck that asshole with your finger and tongue.” I now had my entire index finger inside Donna’s sweet ass. I was finger fucking her ass while she finger fucked her pussy. I then pulled my finger out and inserted my index finger and middle finger back into her asshole. Her asshole stretched to accommodate the extra girth of my two fingers. In no time I was pistoning my fingers in and out of her ass, using them like a cock. Speaking of cocks, mine was so hard, harder than it have ever been, and dripping precum. I could feel my underwear soaked with my lubricant. I wanted to get it out to add to the excitement. I undid my pants and pulled them off, sitting on my chair with my boner sticking straight into the air.

Donna managed to reach around far enough to get my cock in her hand. She started to stroke my prick as I continued to pound her asshole with my fingers. “Fuck Jonny! Your cock is so sticky. Is eating my ass doing this to you? I bet that you have sat at this desk so many times with a hard, drooling cock after you see me walking around here wiggling my little ass. Ohhh God, I’m gonna cum.” Donna burst into an orgasm as my fingers pumped in and out of her asshole. I pulled pendik escort bayan my fingers out of her ass and moved them to her mouth. She knew what to do and opened her mouth, taking her fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them for a minute and I forced them back in her ass. I fucked her ass with my fingers for a few seconds and moved them back to her mouth where she sucked on them again. “Oh Jonny, my ass tastes so nice. No wonder you are so hard and sticky from eating my asshole. Oh fuck, keep eating it baby.”

I moved my face back to her asshole and started licking her anus again. Her ass was now much looser after getting it reamed by my fingers. I forced my fingers in again and pulled them out, leaving her ass gaping a little bit. I immediately slid my tongue into her ass, feeling her asshole collapse around my tongue. I was so close to coming from just eating Donna’s ass and she knew it. I started jerking myself off while making out with her asshole. “Oh Donna, I’m so close to blowing my load. I can’t believe how fucking horny I am from eating your gorgeous little asshole. Fuck, I could eat your asshole all damn day.”

Donna cranked her head around so she could look at me. “Cum all over my asshole baby. Shoot your cum allover my fucking asshole while I finger my cunt baby.” Donna wiggled her ass and I stood up, placing my cock at the opening of her ass. I slowly rubbed it all over her juicy asshole while I jerked my cock off. I was so fucking close. Donna was now moaning as she too was approaching another orgasm. I pushed about half of the head of my cock into her asshole and just left it there while I jerked my cock off. I felt the cum journey up my cock and suddenly exploded all over her asshole. With that, Donna too reached orgasm and did not miss a beat while fingering her cunt. I pulled my head out of her ass and stroked my cock, sending jet after jet if jizz out of my cock. My cum coated her asshole and cheeks. It looked fucking amazing.

“Oh baby, your cum feels so good on my ass baby. You ate my asshole so good. I think I’m gonna have to make daily visits to your office baby. I could really use a good ass rimming everyday.”

“Hey baby, I have no problem with that. Eating your ass was a dream come true.”

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