Fixated on Oral Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 5

The next day at work Aly got a phone call from a very upset friend. Heather was bawling on the phone about her husband Jason and how she was going to loose him and their marriage was falling apart.

“Aly you’ve got to help me, he’s not happy with me at all, and he always complains. I need you to teach me what to do.” Heather cried.

“What do you mean teach you?” Aly asked.

“You know…. how to please him with my mouth, I know you do it, I’ve heard Jason talking to Christian about it. Every time I try I gag and freak myself out. I’m begging you as a friend for help.” Heather was beside herself crying and sniveling on the phone.

“Okay settle down, right after work I’ll come over and help you. Okay?”

“Okay, sounds good, thanks so much Aly, this really means a lot to me.”

Aly hung up and couldn’t believe what she was getting herself into. She knew that she was going to reveal things to Heather that not many people knew about, just to help her. She also smiled to herself knowing that she was going to be teaching the one thing she loved the most. This made her excited and eager to leave work again. She decided ahead of time to go to the adult store and get two toys for them to practice on, she would hopefully get Heather to pay for one.

“Christian would kill me if he knew I was doing this again. But what can I do she begged me,” she thought to herself.

She then decided to call Jason and let him in on the lesson she had planed with his wife. On the phone she told him what she was going to buy and teach her. Jason of course was excited and hoped it would help his wife.

“So anyway expect a big surprise tonight and let her practice on you and be nice about it,” she told Jason before she hung up.

Work dragged on, and the bitchy women she worked with drove her crazy with their talk about not liking sex and being too tired. She lost it when she heard Veronica tell the others her plans for Valentine’s Day and that hopefully if she gives it to her husband he’ll finally stop complaining. Aly wanted so bad to scream at them but instead she put her headphones on and cranked the volume on her ipod and focused on work.


Five o’clock finally rolled around and she left quickly for the store. She purchased two identical suction cup cocks about 6″ long that you can lick and stick them to a smooth flat surface. She bought the expensive type that feel and look as close to the real thing as she could get. She also bought some Goodhead for Heather, it suppose to numb the throat so she won’t gag on the cock. Aly of course didn’t need it but she knew Heather would. Leaving the store she drove over to Heather’s and knocked on the door.

Heather came to the door and let her in; Aly showed her the bag and asked, “Okay so where do you want to do this?

They went into the kitchen and Aly got the toys out and showed them to Heather, she kind of giggled, not being very accustomed to adult toys. Aly licked both of the suction cup bases and stuck the cocks right on Heather’s kitchen table, and started to show her how to get them wet with spit.

“Okay now it’s really important to get it nice and wet, you can either use your fingers, like this,” she licked her fingers and rubbed the spit on the head and shaft of the toy. “Or you can just use your tongue directly,” bending over she showed Heather how to lick the head and shaft, coating it with saliva.

“Now the best thing to do is use your spit and his pre-cum and smear it all over his head and shaft, make sure you get the whole thing wet.”

Aly then eased the head of the toy in her mouth and then back out to talk, “When you put it in your mouth, think of it like a Popsicle because when you suck on a Popsicle your tongue is up against it, its not just your mouth around it. Okay now you try, but first put some of this in your mouth down by your throat. It’s supposed to help you with the gagging,” she said to Heather and sat back to watch.

Heather uncapped the Goodhead and squeezed some on to her fingers and put them in her mouth, swallowing the stuff. Next she timidly tried licking the toy, she was doing okay until she put her mouth on it and instantly started to gag with only the head in her mouth.

Aly watched and thought she was mentally freaking herself out because there was no reason to be gagging on that little bit.

“I can’t put my tongue on it very well with my mouth enclosed on it,” Heather said getting frustrated.

Aly smiled at her and said, “Okay well then I’ll show you some other stuff you can do.”

Aly proceeded to show her how to use her hand at the bottom of the cock and to move up and down but with a side-to-side sliding motion. Then she showed her where the skin is that gives off the most stimulation when you move it up and down.

Heather just watched Aly working on this toy and listened intently.

Aly continued the lesson and showed her mouth and hand together and how to move her head side-to-side and even put the cock in part kadıköy escort of her cheek and not just down her throat.

“Now you can also suck the head really hard and then let it slip and pop out of your mouth really fast, the guys like it when you do this,” Aly explained and then demonstrated the technique. She was afraid to show Heather how to deep throat the toy because she thought it would freak her out too watch her swallow the whole thing when Heather couldn’t get much past the head.

Heather tried some of the stuff Aly taught her but had a difficult time; she couldn’t get much of it in her mouth again and mostly just watched.

“Umm, Aly how many times have you given a blowjob before?”

Aly started to laugh and said, “Oh man, you don’t even want to know.”

“That’s what I though,” returned Heather.

“Well what do you think? Think you could try some of this on Jason when he gets home?” Aly asked her.

“Probably, we’ll have to see. Hey I was thinking maybe you could stay here until he gets home and then watch me try on him and help me and tell me what to do.”

“What? Are you serious? I don’t know Heather that seems a bit too much for me, I mean he’s your husband I shouldn’t watch that?” Aly exclaimed, she was shocked but also a little turned on at the prospect.

“I’m serious; it would really help, let’s just wait till he gets home and see what he thinks about the idea.”

“Well okay, but you need to practice more as well,” Aly told her.


Later on Jason got home and walked into his house to find his wife and Aly, his good friend, together talking.

“Hey Al, what’s going on?” Jason asked.

“Not much just hanging out, watching a little TV. What’s up with you?”

“Work, you know.” He was not expecting to see her still at his house and wondered if the lesson even happened.

“Hey sweetie I have something to show you, wait here,” Heather said and left the room.

Jason sat next to Aly on the couch and grabbed one of her huge tits quickly letting it go again.

“Nice shirt?” he said laughing. Looking at her low cut top and admiring her D cups.

“Thanks Jas,” she said like nothing was new. He had the habit of groping her once and a while and she didn’t really care, they were really good friends. They usually talked about sex and stuff they both had in common and it got really bad when Christian and Jason were together with her. They have never actually done anything but they joke about threesomes and sex most of the time.

Heather returned with her toy before Jason could ask Aly if she was able to teach Heather anything.

“Look what Aly got me, and she taught me some stuff, so I can try it on you.”

“Really? What did she teach you?” he asked.

Heather proceeded to stick the play cock on the table and show him what she had learned, and she actually did better this time and got Jason and Aly hot watching.

“So what do you think? Do you want me to try on you now?” Heather asked him.

“Right now or after Aly goes home?” he laughed.

“Well I kinda asked her if she would stay and watch and make sure I was doing it right on you.”

Jason shot a quick shocked look at Aly and Aly just nodded.

“What? Really?”

“Ahuh, what do you think? Are you okay with her watching?” his wife asked him.

“Uhmm, if you’re serious I’m okay with it, sure.”

“Where should we go?” Jason asked.

“Let’s just go to our room and try there.”

The three of them walked to the bedroom and the married couple walked in and Jason started to undress right in front of them. Aly was taken aback and shyly watched from the doorway not sure of what to do or if she should walk in. She had seen parts of Jason before, like in the hot tub and stuff but never fully naked and she was quite enjoying the eye candy. He wasn’t as buff as Christian but had a nice body. Black hair, gray/green eyes and stood about 6′-2″. His cock was already mostly hard just from the excitement and newness of the situation. It was average size about like Christian’s she thought looking at it.

Heather just took her top off and Aly noticed how flat her chest really was, she had almost no boobs just nipples on a little bumps. She knew Jason was a boob man and this probably drove him nuts. Heather stood 5’4, and has blond hair, and light brown eyes. She stays in shape and used to be a cheerleader. Nice ass and legs, flat stomach and would be a bombshell if she got some breast implants.

She approached her husband and got down on her knees. Jason wasn’t even looking at her he was staring at Aly in the doorway watching. Heather started prepping Jason’s cock, by putting some of the anti gag stuff on and licking the head and trying to get it wet. She tried to put it in her mouth but gagged almost instantly again. Jason just looked at Aly as if he wanted her to help his wife figure this out.

Heather tired again üsküdar escort and gagged once more and said, “What am I doing wrong, why can’t I do this?”

“Just relax and go slow, you’re psyching yourself out,” answered Aly.

Heather kept trying but wasn’t accomplishing anything and Aly could tell from the look on Jason’s face and his cock going soft that he wasn’t enjoying it at all.

Heather finally got too frustrated and said, “I can’t do this, Aly you need to show me again what to do.”

“Okay well, where is the toy? I’ll show you on that and then you can try it on him.”

“Why don’t you just show me on him, I’m okay with it if you are, I mean I’m here with you and you’re just showing me what to do right?”

Jason felt his cock jump literally when his wife suggested another woman give him a blowjob and he just stood there waiting to see what would happen.

“What, are you serious? No way, I’m not doing that. He’s your husband for shit sakes,” Aly stammered.

“No really I’m okay with it, I really need the help and I trust you, you’re my best friend. What do you think Jason, would you mind if Aly did it to you?”

Jason had heard stories from Christian and Aly’s past boyfriends about how good she was at giving head. Just the prospect made his cock bounce up to full strength and start to ooze pre-cum faster.

“If you’re okay with it I’m okay with it,” was his answer.

Aly just stared back and forth at the two and couldn’t believe she had gotten herself into this. She tried again to tell them it wasn’t a good idea and she really shouldn’t but both of them started in on her and finally convinced her that it would be okay. She finally walked in the room and got down on her knees in front of Jason while Heather watched anxiously. She didn’t touch him; she only used her mouth and started to suck one of her best friend’s cocks, while his wife, also her friend watched.

Aly’s fixation took over and the warm hard cock oozing in her mouth was sweet bliss to her and she started going to town on it. She forgot all about trying to teach Heather and never stopped sucking or licking to give instructions. Heather seemed not to mind and watched closely as her friend sucked her husband’s cock. Aly noticed that Jason’s cock was slightly smaller then Christian’s but it was still turning her on.

Jason was in absolute bliss; he had never felt something like this before. There was no gagging nor stopping, only hot, wet, velvet lips and tongue on his cock the like of which he had never even imagined. He wasn’t even thinking anymore just enjoying it and put his hands on the back of Aly’s head and let her work her magic. He looked down her low cut shirt and admired her huge tits and basked in the pleasure his cock was giving him.

Bobbing her head up and down and twisting as she went she felt Jason’s cock swell with blood and his balls and legs tighten. She knew he was close and it hadn’t taken much time at all. She looked up at him and he looked down into her eyes and didn’t even warn her that he was about to explode.

Aly knew and just kept sucking. The first blast hit her in the mouth and she swallowed it and took his cock out and pushed it up onto his tummy and he finished shooting his cum onto his own chest and stomach. His cum was more bitter and salty then Christians but she still enjoyed what she had. Jason jerked and bucked as his cock emptied in front of Aly while his wife watched. Aly stood up and looked at Heather and was surprised to see her acting fine about the whole thing.

“Wow see that wasn’t bad, I learned a lot watching you, and am just fine with it Aly so don’t worry about it,” Heather said seeing the worried look on Aly’s face.

Jason didn’t say a word, and Aly started to feel uncomfortable and decided it was time to leave. She said her good byes and told the two too practice and have fun the rest of the night. As she left she cursed herself for doing oral on one of her best friends while his wife watched and kind of wished she wasn’t so fixated on giving head. But damn she loved it so much and loved the feel of Jason’s new cock in her mouth and the way it made her feel all over.

She was worried about Jason as well, he didn’t say a word to her after she was done and she didn’t know how to take that. She obviously knew he enjoyed it and wondered if she had just screwed him up, because his wife would never be as good as her.

“Too late now, and shit, what am I going to do about Christian, should I tell him? What will he do if he finds out?” she asked herself as she walked to her car. She was worried and started regretting it even more.

Chapter 6

Aly decided to keep, sucking Jason’s cock, a secret, for now anyway. Things got back to normal with him and Heather and there seemed to be no ill effects on either of them, from what she had done. Days passed and Heather said she was still practicing on her toy, but that Jason wouldn’t let her try on him and would just move right tuzla escort to sex, missionary position and nothing more.

This disturbed Aly for two reasons, one she was worried that Jason didn’t want his wife to try oral on him anymore because it didn’t compare to her. And two she was shocked that the only position Jason and Heather ever did was missionary and so she set out to change that and open up a new world for Heather. Which would ultimately help Jason as well.

She decided to talk to Jason about it and he told her that Heather wouldn’t try anything else and then when they are having sex she just lays there and does nothing. Aly knew what she needed to do then. She had to teach Heather how to get off on her own and enjoy sex and play with herself and him during.

“So what do you propose Aly?” Heather asked after Aly explained this all to her on the phone.

“Well I know how much you like Bret Michaels, what would you say if I brought over the video of him with Pamela Anderson and we watched it and then I showed you what to do to yourself and stuff?”

“But isn’t porn bad to watch?” Heather asked.

Aly tried really hard not to laugh but giggled anyway and said, “Not if it gets you all hot and horny for your husband and makes him happy.”

“Well I guess we could try it,” Heather responded.

Aly’s old boyfriend had given her a burned copy of the DVD and she hadn’t watched it for a while, but did remember Heather thought Bret what hot. So later that afternoon on Saturday when Jason was working she went to Heather’s house with porn in hand to watch it and teach Heather to play with herself. Heather’s young daughter was still home and Aly asked, “Are you taking her to the babysitter, because kids can ruin the mood in like five seconds?”

“Jason’s mom is coming to pick her up, she should be here soon.”

They waited for her mother-in-law to show up and then they were alone to enjoy the afternoon. Aly got the DVD out and was about to put it in the machine when Heather spoke up again.

“Are you sure it isn’t bad to watch this porn?”

“It’s just you and me…Jason isn’t here, no one else is here and it’s Bret Michaels and it’s hot so lets watch it. You can’t be afraid of sex or feeling all hot and bothered, that is natural and you need to own up to it… and able to express it better.”

Heather just shyly looked at her and Aly proceeded to play it. Aly had forgotten how explicit and hot it was and started freaking out watching it. Getting all worked up. Heather on the other hand just sat there dead silent, after a few more minutes Heather pushed pause and said, “I feel bad for watching this.”

“Oh my hell, for real?”

“Yes because it is doing things to my body!”

“Yes that is good… so your body is reacting to watching this? That is perfectly natural and hot! The more wet you get and more turned on the easier it will be able to get your ‘big O’ you have been waiting for!”

“Well wait shouldn’t you teach me how to get off first so I can do it after this movie?” asked Heather.

“Well okay, how do you want me to teach you this because every girl is different… and you may take awhile to peak since you have never had one?”

“Well how long does it take you?” Heather asked.

“Don’t worry about that lets just practice okay. Do you know where you clit is?”

“You mean the thing that sticks out?”

“Uh yeah….just wet your fingers and slowly rub in a circular motion on it… around it going faster if you want…and when you want close your eyes and think about this movie while doing that.” Aly explained trying hard not to laugh about the clit comment.

Then Aly watched in shocked awe as Heather without hesitation started doing just exactly as instructed. Aly started to freak out but didn’t outwardly show it because she knew that if she did it would ruin the confidence and the lesson would be shot to shit.

Heather continued to rub her clit and the lips around it for a while, then stopping she said, “It feels good but what else do I do?”

“Well you can also rub yourself all over and press your lips together and put your fingers inside, and stuff like that… and stop thinking of when ‘its’ gonna happen. Okay, look go and get your toy and we’ll try that as well.”

“Why?” Heather asked.

“Because you are gonna mount it while rubbing the clit,” Aly explained and then realized that this just scared Heather by the look on her face. “Trust me you will be able to get where you want to be if you do this…so go and get it.”

Heather went and retrieved her toy cock and returning to the living room gave it to Aly. Aly licked it and set it on the tile floor in front of her.

“Okay are you wet still, or do you need some lube?”

“Well turn the movie back on,” Heather said.

Aly pushed play, and watched Heather get completely undress and mount the toy, but she was so unsteady that Aly had to hold her hand to keep her balanced. Then she couldn’t rub herself and move up and down at the same time so Aly helped again and started rubbing her clit for her as well. The feel of this other woman’s clit between her fingers and the slick saliva and hot nub turned Aly on and she was amazed at how worked up playing with a woman could get her. It brought back memories of a past encounter with her old boyfriend and another couple.

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