Following Desires Ch. 02

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Saturday, May 26th 2018, 2:13pm

Chris Waldren paced his living room, waiting for Mandy to arrive. She had told him to be ready by 2 pm on Saturday afternoon. He had cleaned his apartment thoroughly ahead of her arrival. Over the past two weeks he had lusted over her, waiting impatiently for this meeting. He had sent her £500 in £100 payments over the two weeks, for the five times that he had cum during that period. After he had met her at the restaurant a couple of weeks home, he had raced home and jerked off as soon as he was in the confines of his apartment. He had tried to control himself but ended up jerking off twice more that week and then twice this week. He was snapped out of his thoughts by the buzz of his apartment doorbell. He crossed the room to the intercom.

“Hello?” He asked the machine.

“It’s Mandy!” Came the call through the other end.

“Come on up!” Chris chimed, hitting the button to let her into the building.

Chris began sweating lightly as he rubbed his palms together nervously. He waited a few minutes before there was a knock at his door. He brushed his outfit clean once more before moving towards the door. He opened it and revealed Mandy standing in the doorway. She was dressed far more simply today, choosing to wear an unzipped bomber jacket over her white crop top, a pair of white joggers and some running shoes.

“Hello Mandy!” Chris smiled warmly ushering her in.

“Hi Chris!” She said as she stepped through the doorframe.

Chris shut the door, giving Mandy a change to eye up the apartment. Mandy was pleased at its cleanliness and in awe of the large open plan living room and kitchen combo. She put her handbag down on the kitchen counter and dumped a carrier bag on the counter as well.

“How have you been Chris?” She asked.

“Good thank you and you?” He asked back.

“I had a busy week but I’m glad it’s over now. How excited were you for this meeting?” She asked.

“Very excited Mandy, I’ve been looking forward to it since we last met.” He replied honestly.

“I’m glad!” She said as she moved towards the large sofa.

Chris followed her, asking if she wanted anything to drink.

“No thank you Chris. Do you have a tribute for me?” She asked.

“Yes of course. Let me just get it for you!” Chris replied, scurrying into his bedroom.

He opened his drawer and found the envelope filled with cash. He brought it back to the living room quickly. He placed the envelope into Mandy’s outstretched hand and stood still as she counted the money out. He had just received his monthly pay check and so decided to give Mandy £500. He knew he had pleased her as she began to smile ear to ear.

“Thank you very much Chris. This has been a tough month for me so this is very helpful.” She said.

“Thank you for letting me Mandy!” Chris chimed, his cock growing rapidly.

“Now, I have a few fun little things that we’re going to try out today. First of all, Please fetch my carrier bag.” She commanded.

Chris moved to the kitchen counter and grabbed the plastic carrier bag from it. The contents of the carrier bag made a small clinking sound as he moved back to the sofa and handed her the carrier bag. Mandy peered into the carrier bag before pulling out a chastity cage from the bag. She stretched out her hand and gave the cage to Chris.

“Go into your bedroom and put this cage on. Lock it shut with the lock and then come back in your boxers only please.” She instructed.

“Yes Mandy.” He answered.

Chris turned around and entered his bedroom, closing the door behind him. He quickly took off his t-shirt, tossing it onto the bed. He removed his joggers with ease and slipped off his black boxer briefs. His cock was still semi-hard and he stood for a few minutes waiting for his erection to ease off. And yet all he could think about was the money he had just given Mandy. Instead of shrinking, his cock began to grow again. Thinking quickly, he rushed into his en-suite bathroom and turned on the cold tap, before unceremoniously dunking canlı bahis his growing penis into the sink. The initial shock of the cold water drew a sharp intake of breath from Chris, whose erection began to subside. Very soon his penis had become flaccid and as he looked down, Chris saw his shrivelled penis, standing at 2″ long. He dried off with a towel and quickly ran back to his bedroom. He grabbed the chastity cage, feeling its cool metal structure in his palms. He attached the base ring onto his body, finding that it fit snugly. He then began to slide the small enclosure over his penis. The main part of the cage was very small and he struggled to guide his penis in. Soon enough however, his penis was sat snugly in the cage, feeling a little tight. He grabbed the lock and paused for a moment. Chris knew that once this lock went on his fate was sealed, that Mandy could refuse to give him the key back, could extort him for money and yet he knew he wanted this. He wanted to serve her, to please her with money and for her to control him. He clicked the lock shut. He stood there, staring down at the cage, his penis now invisible in the metal contraption. He took a deep, nervous breath. Remembering Mandy’s instructions he slipped back into his black boxer briefs. Since that was all she had told him to wear, he returned to the living room, nervously covering as much skin as he could with his arms. They locked eyes as he entered the living room before he moved to stand in front of her.

“Lower your boxers please Chris.” She requested calmly.

Chris, very hesitantly, grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs and lowered them down, past his caged penis. Mandy’s face lit up at this sight and she broke into a wide grin.

“Wow! I can’t believe this is actually happening.” She said.

“Me neither.” Chris stuttered.

“Ok, put it away now.” She commanded, smirking at her newfound power.

Chris lifted his underwear back up, tucking the cage neatly into the boxer briefs.

“Kneel in front of me now please. I have a couple of things that I want to show you.” Mandy said.

Chris complied, his penis twitching slightly in the cage as she said this. He knelt down on both knees on the fluffy rug next to his coffee table. Mandy reached into her carrier bag and pulled out a small box. The box had a small digital LED on the screen which read ‘locked’.

“Chris, as you know I will be your key holder from now on. This box has the second key that came with the chastity cage. As you can see it says locked right?” She asked.

“Yes it says locked.” Chris confirmed.

“Good. This is your emergency key. If you ever need the key for an emergency situation you can open it by scanning the QR code on the bottom with your phone. This will send me an alert, letting me know that you have opened the box and taken your key out. I will expect you to call me within 5 minutes of opening the box, explaining why you have opened the box. Is that understood?” She asked.

“Yes, I understand.” He replied simply.

“Good. Now I am going to ask you to do something extremely scary, something that might make you very nervous.” She stated.

Fear creeped into Chris. He’d just locked his penis into a chastity cage without any knowledge of whether or not he’d ever be unlocked. He began to breathe quickly.

“Go and fetch your chequebook and phone please.” Mandy instructed.

“Umm ok?” Chris questioned hesitantly.

“All will be revealed in a moment Chris.” She replied gently.

Chris nervously got up and went into his bedroom grabbing his phone out of his joggers pocket. He then moved to his desk and opened the top drawer where his chequebook resided. He grabbed it and returned to the living room. He knelt once again in front of Mandy.

“Thank you Chris, please unlock your phone and open your banking app for me.” She instructed.

Chris didn’t move. He thought he was going to faint and his stomach was doing summersaults out of nervousness. And yet as he knelt there, staring at Mandy’s trainers, his hands unlocked bahis siteleri his phone and a few swipes later, his banking app was open. He passed the phone to Mandy. She looked at the screen, taking in all of the information on screen. She finally turned her attention to Chris, who was extremely nervous at this point.

“Chris. You have £37,600 in your savings account.” She said.

“Yes?” He replied hesitantly.

“I want you to write me a cheque for £20,000 right now.” She demanded.

Chris nearly fainted there and then. He’d just locked his dick in a chastity cage without a key and here was his new key holder asking for a cheque for over half of his savings account. Luckily for Chris, Mandy could sense his nervousness.

“Don’t worry Chris, deep breaths. Once you write the cheque, we will go together to my bank and place it into a safe deposit box that will be locked away safely. That is my insurance policy. If you ever unlock your cage without my permission or if it isn’t an emergency, I will cash that cheque. You have my word that I will not cash that cheque otherwise. I promise it.” Mandy said in an attempt to reassure Chris.

Chris was stumped, he had no clue what to say. His fetish had always been with money close to the £500 mark. She was asking for nearly 40 times that amount. Mandy sensed his nervousness.

“Ok, how about we say £5,000 for now. If everything goes well and we build that trust we can up the stakes later on.” Mandy said.

Chris thought about it for a moment before agreeing.

“Ok.” He said, as he began filling out the cheque.

£5,000 was far more manageable and calmed Chris’ nerves a lot. He knew that if he lost this it wouldn’t cripple him completely, just a dent in his savings. His hand was still gently trembling as he began writing the amount onto the cheque. He had soon filled out the cheque and signed it. Mandy didn’t say anything, instead choosing to stretch out her hand. Chris passed the cheque to her. Mandy inspected the cheque before putting it into her pocket.

“Thank you Chris. I promise you I will not cash that cheque unless you break the rules of our agreement, ok?” She asked, trying to calm Chris down further.

“Yes, okay.” Chris said, seeming to have calmed down.

“Good. Now I have a nice little surprise for you. Why don’t you show me to your bathroom and we can get started.” She instructed.

Chris stood up and opened the door to his bedroom. Mandy grabbed the carrier bag and followed his into his bedroom. They moved through the room and into his fairly large en-suite bathroom. Mandy set the carrier bag down on the counter.

“I had a very busy week Chris and I completely forgot to add my socks and panties to my laundry. I want you to wash these by hand for me. Take as long as you need, I’ll be in your bedroom!” She smiled, winking as she left the room.

As Mandy closed the bathroom door, Chris dived into the carrier bag. His penis tried to grow erect very quickly but was stopped completely by the cage, causing him quite a bit of discomfort. Inside the bag were a collection of about 20 panties and pairs of socks. Chris grabbed at a lacy thong and shoved it at his nose, sniffing in Mandy’s underwear scent. They smelled naturally sweet and Chris felt his cock trying to escape the new cage. The cage was extremely tight now and provided no room for his dick to grow. The pain from the cock cage was masked by the smell of Mandy’s clothes, the sweet smells intoxicating him. He began sifting through the bag, sniffing each pair of underwear and socks as he went. This did nothing to help his erection and he gave up on trying to subside his cock. Instead he began feeling the material of the various lacy thongs that were in the bag, taking in their soft material. After a while of feeling and sniffing her panties and socks, Chris turned the tap on and began washing the garments. He took his time with this, often sniffing each pair of underwear and socks before washing the smell out of them. He was very delicate with them as well, caressing bahis şirketleri them under the warm water. Soon enough he had completed this task and had put them into the tumble dryer. His erection had subsided slightly and the tug on his balls from the cage had eased. He returned to the bedroom where Mandy was sitting on his bed scrolling through her phone. She turned her attention to him when he entered the bedroom.

“Did you have fun? It took you a while!” Mandy mocked as Chris entered the room.

“Thank you Mandy, I’ve cleaned your clothes thoroughly, they’re drying now!” Chris replied.

“Good. Did your little dicklette get hard when you were sniffing my panties?” She asked.

Chris was shocked, ‘how could she know?’ he thought.

“Uhh… umm…” He stuttered, trying to stall the conversation.

“Oh come on Chris, there’s no need to be coy with me. I knew you would sniff and feel them. Did you get hard though? What was it like in the cage?” She pressed.

“Uhh… well I got hard yes. It was quite painful in the cage to be honest.” He replied nervously.

“Haha well I’m sure you’ll get used to it. Who knows when I’ll let you out!” She laughed.

Chris’ face turned pale at the thought of a long period in the cage. For so many years now he was used to jerking off whenever he wanted without any consequence. Even when he had dated in the past he had often ended up watching porn and wanking on nights when he was alone.

“Don’t worry,” Mandy replied, “I’ll give you the chance to earn some treats and releases! Why don’t you take my shoes and socks off and massage my feet while I tell you about something that I have planned.” Mandy smiled, pointing at her shoes.

Chris dropped to his knees, reaching up to his own bed, where Mandy had let her shoes rest on. He quickly unlaced her shoes in silence before guiding the shoes off her feet. He quickly removed her socks as well, tossing them onto the ground. He reached up and began massaging the soles of her feet gently.

“So I know we said that we’d meet every other Saturday but I’ll need you to clear your diary on Friday evening if that’s alright?” She asked.

“Yes I can be available after 6?” Chris suggested.

“Perfect! I’ll need you to get to my student accommodation for around 8 anyway so that should give you plenty of time to get ready. Now, you’ll need to be ready to do some cleaning and other things that I’ll need you to do. Oh and make sure that your PayPal had plenty of cash in… If you want a treat you’re gonna have to earn it.” She told him.

Chris perked up at this, the chance to earn a treat so soon was very exciting.

“How much money would you advise Mandy?” He asked, his cock twitching in its cage.

“Hmm, let’s say £1,000 to be on the safe side” She answered.

As Chris’ dick tried to painfully grow in the cage, the beeping alarm of the tumble dryer sang out.

“Oop! Times up! Go and put my underwear back into the carrier bag.” Mandy demanded.

Chris quickly stood up and moved into the bathroom. He emptied the drier and placed the clothes back into the carrier bag. He was nearly tempted to steal a pair of bright red lacy thongs, but stopped himself, not wanting to get caught and risk the treat that he was set to receive next week. He returned to the bedroom and found Mandy tying her shoelaces. She stood up and took the carrier bag with her out of the bathroom. Chris followed her into the living room where she swept up her handbag from the kitchen counter.

“Right, I’ll take the cheque to the bank today and I’ll send you a picture of me depositing it. I will see you on Friday at 8pm. Ok?” Mandy asked.

“Yes, I trust you with the cheque Mandy, I’ll see you on Friday.” Chris replied.

“Thank you Chris. I really mean it, thank you for your trust.” She replied warmly.

He opened the door for her, hiding behind it as he was still in his boxers. She quickly slipped out and as he shut the door, his cock began to strain in its new cage. He’d just let a smoking hot girl lock his dick in a cage and leave with a cheque for £5,000. He thought about how crazy the situation was and yet he knew that he trusted Mandy and the pain coming from his caged cock told him that this is what made him happy.

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