Good Dream

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She woke from the dream with her small hand trapped between her legs, fingers moving gently over the damp silk and lace of her panties before she was even fully conscious of her actions. Eyes still closed, a cat-like smile tugging playfully at the corners of her lips, she touched herself slowly, images and sensations from the dream flowing through her mind: Their ‘hello’ kiss, a simple meeting of the lips becoming increasingly complex with the addition of tongue and teeth; her nipple peeking cheekily from the tangle of His hair as He suckled its sister; His wicked grin as He stood beside her, fist pumping His saliva-slick cock over her stretched and bound body.

With great familiarity, she traced lips already engorged with blood. She hesitated, hand pausing before she slid her hand inside her panties, the smile blossoming into a sleepy albeit naughty grin. As she cupped herself, curling her thumb under and lightly pressing it against her firm clit, she focused on her own heat, greater now, on the moist silk of her still warm panties molding to her hot slit. She brought her free hand up to cup her full breast, thumb circling the nipple, biting her lower lip when it hardened even further. Leisurely, she began to flick both of her thumbs, heat arcing between nipple and clit.

She teased herself, ring and middle fingers of her curled hand parting her lips and spreading her cream from asshole to clit, the dream still playing through her mind. Behind closed eyes, she saw herself on her knees, cheek and torso flat to the mattress, cuffed hands tuzla ukraynalı escort heavy against her back, presenting her slap-reddened ass to Him and feeling that first brush of His hot cockhead sliding through her wetness…

Mimicking His actions from the dream, she paused at the entrance to her pussy, then pushed the two fingers just inside, letting her muscles contract and suck greedily at their tips before sliding them slightly deeper. She pulled them back, her gasping moan loud in the quiet morning stillness, initially denying herself as He had denied her. She spread her legs farther apart, feeding more of her fingers to her hungry cunt, stopping once they were lodged deep within its tight confines. The sensual feeling of her internal muscles rippling wetly around her own flesh made her thumb begin to dance over her clit, lightly circling and flicking the taut bit of flesh.

In her mind, she heard His growl as He withdrew His cock until only the plump head plugged her entrance, paused and then plunged back in, her two fingers echoing the movement, driving deep so fast that her palm slapped against her lips with a juicy ‘thwack’ and drove her thumb into her clit. Her moans increased with every repetition of the process, pulling her fingers from her tight pussy with a near graceful slowness only to shove back in, fast and dirty, hand slapping her spread lips and exposed clit, over and over. She quickly stretched her free hand across her body to her other breast, plucking the nipple between finger and thumb tuzla rus escort and twisting, yelping, the pain only making her squeeze harder.

Eyes squeezed shut, she panted and drove her fingers into her tightening pussy, hips lifting, freezing as the wave of intense pleasure began to crest, desperately shouting the word, ‘Please!’, into the quiet. She heard His voice from the dream, whispering into her ear as He pistoned, still slamming into her, ‘Yes, my slut’? She whimpered, clenching at even the memory of His voice, her plunging fingers forcing her juices from her body, feeling them trickle down her ass crack. She whispered, as if to Him, ‘May Your slut cum, Master?’ and saw, felt, His response in her mind. Saw Him yank His throbbing cock from her, leaving her pussy gaping hungrily, and press it, slick from her body, against her asshole.

Groaning, she pulled her sopping fingers out, turning her hand and using them to rim her asshole, shivering with forbidden pleasure. She begged again, ‘Please! Oh, please Master!’ and dimly heard His wicked, responding chuckle. ‘So demanding.’ She panted, working a finger into the tight pucker of her asshole as He had worked His cockhead into hers in the dream. ‘What will my slut do for her Master if He allows her to cum?’. This made her moan louder, ‘Anything! Anything Master wants!’

She clenched her teeth, she forced a second, dripping finger inside, grunting as she imagined His cock suddenly penetrating her asshole, hearing him hiss, ‘Such a whore, willing to do anything escort bayan just to cum…willing to beg her Master for it!’ She used the heel of her hand to grind her mound, thumb circling her clit faster as she began to shake, moaning ‘please’ over and over until she was yelling, hips raised off the bed, fingers thrusting into her asshole, balanced painfully on the edge, waiting for the dream to catch up.

She felt tears pool behind her closed eyelids as she watched Him rear up, pounding deep, hand curling in her hair, pulling her head off of the bed, pulling her up until They were both kneeling. She saw Him nuzzle her neck just above her collar, the tender gesture seemingly at odds with the rapid thrusting of His hips until she saw the white flash of His teeth rake her flesh.


She screamed hearing the word, her body jerking as she came hard, coating her hand in juice, asshole clamping around her fingers. She felt it, felt Him biting deep, teeth almost tearing her skin, His hips grinding His thickening cock into her tightening asshole, His free hand rubbing circles over her clit, encouraging the release. As she rode her hips into her hand, drawing out the sensation, she heard Him shout, ‘MINE!’, felt the phantom sensation of His cock exploding, filling her asshole with the heat of His cum, swelling head pushing it deep inside that illicit crevice. She shook as her release peaked, tensing and shouting unintelligibly, frozen for a moment by the ecstasy.

She collapsed to the sweaty, cum-soaked sheets, gently pulling her fingers from her aching asshole, panting and spent, hand curled protectively over her still rippling pussy. Once her heartbeat had slowed, returned to normal, she laughed huskily, grinning, smoky blue eyes finally, languidly, opening as she stretched, murmuring, “Good dream”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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