I’ve Been Bad

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Oh dear. It would appear I have been bad. Very bad. Paul has been sulking for days and accusing me of all sorts of terrible things. Okay, so I buggered his girlfriend. Twice. But even that doesn’t excuse his behaviour and before you take sides you need to know that I am not the one in the wrong.

Was it me who made the phone call which brought us together? No, it was Lynne. Was it me who lied about the two of them having split up? No, it was Lynne. And was it me who had spent the previous months prancing around with little on, teasing and flirting at every opportunity? No, it was Lynne.

And so you see, it wasn’t about Paul. It never was. It was about Lynne, and Lynne deserved it.

And also, before you accuse, ask yourself this. What would you have done in my position?


The first person you need to be introduced to is Paul. Paul is my lodger. He lives on the top floor of my house. I can’t quite remember now how he came to move in but he’s unobtrusive and doesn’t appear to earn much so I let him stay. You also need to know that being a terminally nice guy means he doesn’t have much luck with girls. Which is why he should never had got involved with Lynne.

The writing was on the wall the very first time an overexcited Paul brought her home. Sure, he thought he was in love. He followed her around like he was, he certainly convinced himself he was but it was lust. How could it be anything else? Lynne was a walking promise of sexual exhilaration. Every movement and gesture announced it, and every word she uttered confirmed it. With just her first “hello” she made my cock hard.

Anyone more experienced in the ways of women would have thought “fuck her, enjoy her, but then, regardless of how great it was, leave”. It should have been clear to anyone that a woman who so obviously enjoyed her sexual power like Lynne did, was never, ever, going to restrict herself to one man. Particularly when there was a higher-ranking male to test her allure against.

But could you walk away from most exciting sex you’ve ever had? Neither could Paul. Poor Paul, because it didn’t take long for Lynne’s games to start.

First came the tease. Whenever she staid over, I would be treated to Lynne, in my kitchen, fixing breakfast in nothing but an under-sized T-shirt. Or perhaps one of Paul’s shirts, buttoned to canlı bahis barely conceal her breasts.

Then came the flirtation. Eyes, words, touches. I tried to think nothing of it, even if Paul was right there to witness it all. After all, flirting defined her very being. It was nothing to do with me, it was Lynne just being Lynne.

But then came the hard-core games. Those I couldn’t ignore. Neither could Paul. First she started spend less time exclusively in Paul’s company and more with me around as well. The flirting less discrete, the teasing more blatant. Then finally Paul became the one absent from the triumvant as unimaginative errands sent him out of the house leaving the two of us alone. All innocent of course. But the point was being made, the seeds of doubt being sewn. Eventually even Paul found his limit and a weekend where Lynne spent more time with me than with him ended in tears, accusations and slammed doors.

Two days later Lynne called me at my office. She was going to be in town again with work and wanted to meet me. She said she needed someone to talk to about Paul now that they were over. Her words, not mine.

Obviously she could no longer stay at my house and so agreed to meet at a local hotel. For a civilised meal and an innocent chat, that’s all. I swear, that as I set out that evening, all my intentions were honourable. Here I was with the opportunity to bring two of my friends back together again, what could be more honourable than that?


Who made the first move I don’t know. I’m not even sure how we ended up in Lynne’s hotel room. But there we were, naked and enflamed. The pent up sexual tension from the previous months finally finding an opportunity for glorious expression. For the next two hours we went through the all the customary combinations and couplings. Having finally exhausted the usual options I at last let Lynne enjoy the orgasm she had long been begging for. I then withdrew my cock from her wet and willing pussy and, offering it up to her equally willing mouth, I enjoyed my own release.

Spent, but strangely unsatisfied, I collapsed back onto the bed and a grateful Lynne curled up next to me. Something was wrong. When you fuck your lodgers ex, within days of them splitting up, you should at least expect the excitement of the forbidden as a reward to further bahis siteleri magnify your pleasure. Or even better, some sense of wicked triumph over innocence. For as you must know, there is nothing more intoxicating than having someone unwillingly and yet helplessly in your control. But Lynne had been far from unwilling in all of this. In fact, a more willing participant it would be hard to find. No guilt, no regret, no remorse for her to struggle or for me to enjoy. There wasn’t even the thrill of the conquest to feed my ego. The woman had made it all too clear she wanted me from our very first meeting.

And so, having been denied the prizes I was due, I determined to take things a step further. After all, everybody has limits to their willingness, everybody has places they wont go. I just hadn’t found Lynne’s yet.


In one smooth movement I rolled her onto her back and straddled her body. I then pinned her hands above her head with mine. Lynne looked pleasingly startled, perhaps she had thought we were done for the night. My hardening cock, pressing into her belly, surely told her otherwise.

“Now, how would like to play some real games?”

I should explain. The joy of fucking a woman who defines herself by sexual promise is that she can never back down from a sexual dare. If she did her image would be ruined. Lynne was such a woman and Lynne was now trapped.

“What do you have in mind?”

Releasing her hand I retrieved the belt from my discarded trousers. Looping it around her wrists I then knotted the end to the headboard. Lynne tried to maintain an air of untroubled composure but the sudden tension in her arms and the testing of her restraint told me otherwise. Promising.

Without further explanation I flicked her over onto her front. From there I hoisted her haunches up into the air and pushed her face down into the pillow.

“Don’t move, I’ll be back in a moment”

With that I went to search the bathroom for a suitable lubricant. When I returned, tube in hand, I was disappointed to find Lynne once again upon her back. As I approached the bed she met my gaze with one of steely challenge. Perfect.

“I told you not to move”

She fought hard but I quickly had her back in her submissive position. SMAAACK. My right hard came down hard and stinging on her right buttock. bahis şirketleri Lynne, admirably, didn’t even moan. Such self control and what a joy it was going to be to break it.

“Now tell me, have you ever been fucked up the arse?”

No response. SMAACK. This time my left hand on her left buttock as I now had my right hand in her hair, pulling her head back to both quell her struggles and also to help me hear her answers.

“Just once”

“Did you enjoy it?”

Again no response. SMAACK. This time she yelped.

“Yes, but it hurt like hell”

“Was it Paul?”


“Did he want to?”


“Why didn’t you let him?”

Silence. SMAAACK. This time swearing.

I now had two well lubricated fingers working into her opening. There was no longer any doubt where this was a leading.

“Are you going to let me?”

No answer, but I could now hear her breathing. I waited a moment then I asked again.

“Are you going to let me?”

Again no answer. There no need for another smack. Her inability to deny me meant her resistance was almost through. I was even starting to get a response from her hips as her arse finally welcomed the unfamiliar intrusion.

“Good girl”

I let go of her hair and her head immediately sunk back down into the pillow. Removing my fingers I lined up the head of my cock, grasped her hips…………….. and pushed.


In the morning I took her arse again. This time in the shower. I was in fact surprised to find her still lying next to me when I woke up. After what I’d put her through for the remainder of the night I had fully expected her to slip away while I slept. But here she was, so why waste the opportunity?

At first she complained, saying she was still sore. But by staying until morning she had announced her complete subservience to me, I therefore knew she wouldn’t resist. So I simply bent her over, removed my soapy fingers and, for the second time, replaced them with my cock. Unfortunately I had an early meeting and so I had little time for preliminaries. I was, I confess, rather rough. Not that my approach excused her language, even if she did bring out the excellent acoustics in that bathroom.

Once I was done, I washed myself off and got dressed. Lynne hadn’t emerged from the shower by the time I left, indeed the door to the bathroom now appeared to be locked, so I can’t tell you her re-action. As for me, I have to say, it was the perfect way to start the day. Until that is, I met Paul waiting in the lobby……………..

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