Joey Finds a New App Ch. 22

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Big Dicks

Entering the classroom, Joey greeted his young and sexy teacher, “At your service, M’ Lady.”

“Hi, Joey. Thank you so much for popping in to help me,” Miss Roxanne greeted him. “We only have a few more units that need scanning and then I just need to organize it all. It really went faster when you helped me yesterday and your company was greatly appreciated.”

She stood and directed Joey to a shelf with two paper boxes full of what looked like handouts and other classwork material. “If you can get one of these boxes, then we can come back for the other one later. Grab this one first, please,” she said while pointing to one of the boxes. Joey lifted the somewhat heavy box and turned to follow her to the office copy room. As they walked together to the office, Miss Roxanne reached over and squeezed Joey’s biceps. “Mmmm. I didn’t realize you were so strong and fit, Joey. Do you play a sport or just exercise?” she asked while moving her hand to his back and rubbing up and down.

“I sometimes hit the gym with my friend Kevin. He’s obsessed with working out,” Joey answered. “He’s really strong too.”

“How long have you been friends with Kevin?” she continued while holding her hand on the small of his back.

“Pretty much since grade school. He, Steve and I have all been friends since 1st grade,” Joey said smiling over at her.

“That’s so nice that you have such close friends, Joey. Both Kevin and Steve are such nice young men,” she commented. “Very different from each other. Kevin is so gregarious, and Steve is very shy. I guess you’re right in the middle, huh?”

“Just perfect. Like Goldilocks’ porridge,” Joey said jokingly.

“Who’s the Goldilocks in this scenario?” she said raising her eyebrows.

Smiling at his teacher, Joey responded, “Are you volunteering for the role?”

She laughed, then pulled him close to her hip. “I better be careful. It seems there are bears about,” she joked as she smiled back at him.

She opened the door to the front office and allowed Joey to enter with the box. “Hi Mrs. Tyler,” Joey called out upon entering.

“Well, hello my handsome young lov, helper,” she self-corrected when she noticed Joey wasn’t alone. “You’re putting our young helper to work again, I see Miss Roxanne,” she said as she walked to meet them at the copy room door. She pushed the door open for Joey and then followed the two of them inside. Joey set the box down and when he turned from the counter he was greeted by an enthusiastic hug from Mrs. Tyler. He felt her large body press into his and her pelvis pressed hard against the cock in his shorts.

“Joey, I can’t help but love on you when you come to see me,” she said while squeezing him. “You’re such a nice young man always helping us ladies at the school. Why even Coach Short said you were an impressive young man and was sure you would go on to be a ‘hell of a man’ someday. I have to agree whole heartedly.” She released him and then spun to his side and continued, “Wouldn’t you agree, Miss Roxanne?”

“Well, it’s certainly hard to ignore an endorsement from Coach Short. If he says Joey is an impressive young man, I’d have to agree as well. But I have also been getting to know this young handsome man a little more recently and frankly if I wasn’t his teacher,” she said smiling suggestively, leaving the statement unsaid.

“I couldn’t agree more?” Mrs. Tyler said excitedly. “What I would do with such a man if I had him at my disposal all day.”

Joey was enjoying the attention but was also feeling self-conscious and blushing quite a bit now. “I think we’re embarrassing our handsome young helper,” Miss Roxanne said coming up to Joey and laying her hands on both of cheeks. “You wouldn’t know that there’s a hungry bear hiding behind that innocent smile,” she teased.

Mrs. Tyler moved behind Joey and pulled him into her soft body wrapping her arms around his chest then said softly into his neck, “Are you embarrassed, Joey? Do you not like when older women show you affection?” she teased and pressed her large tits into his back. Joey was enjoying the attention so much, the bulge in his shorts was making itself known. The scent of Miss Roxanne as she stood close to her quarry and Mrs. Tyler pressing her fat tits into him was causing a near spectacle in his pants which he felt now. What he didn’t realize was how prominent it stood until it rubbed up against Miss Roxanne’s body. He shuffled when he felt the pressure of her hip, trying to pull away and not wanting to upset her. She laughed and stood back, then the rising tent caught her eye.

“Joey! Did we do that to you?” she said pointing down at the tent in Joey’s shorts.

Joey went to cover his erection but missed because Mrs. Tyler had reached down to squeeze his cock through his shorts. “Well, it looks like you woke the beast, Miss Roxanne. Don’t be too embarrassed. I’ve awoken Joey’s beast before,” she said smiling at the now flushed young teacher. “He’s a vibrant and amorous young man, he can’t help it when women get near him.”

“Joey, I’m sorry if I, uh teased you too much. I didn’t mean,” she stammered

Joey shuffled again and turned sideways attempting to hide it, but with Mrs. Tyler’s help, he only succeeded buca escort in making a show of having a foot long dick. Following this lewd display, Mrs. Tyler released Joey’s shaft and walked over to Miss Roxanne who was simply staring at Joey’s cock with her mouth open. Mrs. Tyler pulled the young teacher close and whispered something in her ear as she held the palm of her hand to Miss Roxanne’s nose. Joey saw her breath deep through her nose, then suddenly she became extremely flushed and blinked her eyes several times.

Mrs. Tyler smiled lightly, then smacked Miss Roxanne on her backside and went to leave the copy room. “Now you two be good in here and let me know if you need any help. I’m here for another half an hour before I head out.”

Joey was still very embarrassed in front Of Miss Roxanne was still trying to hide his erection, although it was now finally starting to go down with the decreased physical stimulation. Miss Roxanne stood and took a deep breath and then walked over to Joey and gently laid her hand on his back. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to upset you, Joey. I just have never seen anything quite like that before and I probably got too carried away with my flirting. Will you forgive me?” she asked genuinely.

“Oh, Miss Roxanne! It’s me that should apologize. I can’t help it, sometimes this thing has a mind of its own,” Joey said sheepishly.

“Well, you don’t have to keep hiding it now, just leave it alone and it will simmer down as we get to work. Besides, just because you can’t see when a woman is excited, doesn’t mean her stuff doesn’t have a mind of its own too,” she said kindly as she moved to the box. “OK, well let’s get to work and we can both try to pull ourselves together,” she handed Joey a packet and they both proceeded to work on getting it scanned.

As Joey worked through the process of separating the documents and handing them to Miss Roxanne, they both smiled briefly at each other stealing glances and occasionally touching hands. About 10 minutes into the process, while the scanner was feeding pages in, Miss Roxanne turned to Joey, briefly looked down and said, “Looks like your friend is starting to relax a little. Seriously, can I ask you a little about what just happened?”

“Yeah, anything you want, Miss Roxanne,” Joey said quickly.

“Is Mrs. Tyler uh, making you feel uncomfortable in anyway?” she asked delicately.

“No, nothing uncomfortable,” Joey answered honestly. “She’s just very touchy and that kind of makes things happen er, down there. I like her a lot, and I’ve grown particularly close to her this year. Maybe we’ve become too comfortable?” Joey suggested. “I don’t want to get her in trouble or anything.”

“No, I don’t mean to suggest that she’s in trouble. It’s just my job as a teacher to be sure that students are not taken advantage of by my colleagues,” Miss Roxanne dismissed. “You are an adult after all, so legally there’s nothing wrong should things develop naturally between you and a teacher or staff member.”

“Phew, that’s good. I DO like the attention, so I hate to see anyone get in trouble,” Joey said.

“You definitely made it clear you liked the attention,” she joked. “Speaking of your uh. you must be beating off your classmates by the dozen. uh no pun intended there.”

Joey laughed heartedly, “That was funny, Miss Roxanne. But to be honest, I’ve only had a couple girlfriends up until this year and I uh, they never uh, we didn’t do it,” Joey faltered.

“Now that is also a surprise. I am too, you know, a virgin I mean,” Miss Roxanne said proudly. “I wasn’t saving myself for marriage or anything, I just hadn’t met a man that I was interested in being with, that way. Is this conversation too much for you, Joey? I don’t mean to be so open, but I feel naturally at ease with you and frankly I kind of like you.”

“The same goes for me, Miss Roxanne,” Joey replied. “I mean I like you too. You’re so smart and you treat me like an adult which not all teachers do here. Mrs. Tyler is the same, she treats me like an adult. But, if I’m being honest and open like you are, I’m not a virgin anymore as of recently actually. Crazy to think I was a virgin up until then,” Joey continued. “I think it’s really admirable that you are still. Some guy is going to be really lucky to be your first.”

They continued working as they talked more about dating, teenagers, having sex and relationships growing more and more comfortable with each other. Before too long, they had finished the first box and went to get the other box of materials. Leaving the copy room, Joey saw Mrs. Tyler packing her things up.

“We’re going to get another box, Mrs. Tyler than we’ll be right back.,” Joey called out.

“OK. I’m heading out now. We can leave the door propped so you can get back in,” she said as she caught up to them. “I’ll walk down with you on my way out.”

“So, Miss Roxanne, I see you helped Joey calm down after our encounter. Was he a good helper?” she asked as she put her arm around him and pulled him close.

Laughing lightly Miss Roxanne answered, “He WAS helpful, Mrs. Tyler and he helped me calm down too. I’ve never seen anything that eh, buca escort bayan like that before. It was quite a display he had going on, wasn’t it?” teased and smacked Joey on the butt lightly.

“It certainly was, Miss Roxanne. I highly recommend it as a remedy for any ailment you might have,” Mrs. Tyler said flippantly.

“Oh, I didn’t mean that,” Miss Roxanne stammered. “I mean it was certainly exciting to see.”

“Listen, Honey. I’m going to tell you right here in front of Joey because I know he’s too shy to say it, but if you want to have the time of your life, you should spend some more intimate time with this young man. He REALLY knows how to please a woman AND he’s got the tools to do it,” Mrs. Tyler said quietly and confidently. “But this is his last year, so if I were you,” she ended abruptly. “You heard what I said. Now you two have a great time scanning stuff. I’ll see you tomorrow lover boy,” she said before leaning up and kissing him full on the lips.

Miss Roxanne again stood astounded at the display of open affection before her and was becoming flushed. Following, a lingering, sexy kiss Mrs. Tyler once again reached for Joey’s hardening cock and gave it a squeeze. “Mmmm, mmmmm, mmm. So good,” she said then shook her head slowly and continued down the hall outside.

Watching her leave, they both stood surprised before Miss Roxanne asked, “Is that what you meant by recently getting lucky?”

“Ummm, kind of,” Joey replied hesitantly. “I hope that you don’t think less of me for getting involved with Mrs. Tyler”

“Absolutely not, Joey. I’m just surprised,” she said. “I mean she seems like a handful, and I don’t mean because of her size. If you got her so enamored with you, I suspect she’s right about you being uh capable, I guess,” she said before shaking her head, then holding the door for Joey to enter her classroom.

Joey retrieved the box from the shelf while Miss Roxanne waited and watched him pensively. He wasn’t sure how to read Miss Roxanne as she stood and watched him; her eyes roaming up and down, her face with a smile and somewhat thoughtful. He left the room and she walked next to him as they headed back to the main office.

“So, Joey?” she began, “What’s your thoughts on the relations you and Mrs. Tyler have shared?”

“Wow. You’re just lobbing the ball down the field,” Joey responded.

“I think we are beyond being indirect, don’t you think?” Miss Roxanne asked.

“I guess so. I just well. I like you Miss Roxanne and I don’t want you to think I’m some horny teenager trying to sleep with as many girls or women that I can,” Joey said defensively. “That’s not the kind of boy, er man I am.”

“Joey. I have seen in just the past couple days that you are a mature, young man, who is thoughtful, considerate and sensitive,” she began. “You also happen to be gifted with the ability to please your partner sexually. I think in the context of the material we’ve covered in class yesterday, that would make you an alpha male; a humble alpha, yes, but an alpha male none-the-less.”

“Thank you for saying all that. I’m not sure about the alpha male and pleasing my partner stuff, but I do feel thoughtful and considerate of others,” Joey said. “I like Mrs. Tyler a lot and without talking about too much of her personal life, I think she was needing some affection that she wasn’t getting at home. Which is crazy to me because she’s so pretty and very uh, sexual I guess,” Joey continued. “I didn’t really plan for things to happen; they just did and I’m just saying she is bursting with passion. I feel bad about her cheating on her husband, but I also feel bad if he’s ignoring her, y’ know.”

“Well, it’s not your job to fix anyone’s marriage and while I don’t condone her cheating on her husband, marriage is a two-way street,” she said as they entered the office. “Both partners must be committed to each other; if not it will struggle and probably fail.”

“Is it wrong for me to like being with Mrs. Tyler? I mean I don’t really want to break up a marriage or anything but being with her is pretty exciting and kind of hard to resist,” Joey continued.

“Well, like I said earlier I don’t condone it, but I understand it,” she answered as they entered the copy room and Joey set the box down. “Come here, Joey,” she said as she gripped both of his shoulders and looked up at him squarely. “You are nice young man with a lot of appealing qualities. A lot of women are going to be attracted to you, married or not. God knows I’m attracted to you. I guess what I’m saying is I like that you are the person you are now. I wouldn’t want to see you get conceded and see women as a conquest to be had. Clearly you are thoughtful and considerate of your partner, even when they are doing something like cheating on their husband. I like you a lot, Joey. Don’t change, OK?” she appealed to him.

Joey was touched and even slightly tearful as his new friend looked on at him. “I won’t Miss Roxanne. “She pulled him in for a long embrace and purred slightly as Joey held her. Following this touching moment between the two, they separated and got to work scanning again. As their conversation lightened, they continued escort buca as before with smiles, lingering glances and touches, many of which gave Joey goosebumps. He was thrilled with her company and Joey didn’t want the scanning part to end. The task was somewhat menial, but her company and conversation made it enjoyable. None the less they finished their task and with continued light conversation and a soft hand around Joey, they walked on back to her classroom. The only folks in the school currently were the janitorial staff and some coaches finishing up practices.

“Joey. Thank you so much for helping me with this. It would have taken me hours to do by myself and. your company was nice. A little eye-opening at times,” she said raising her eyebrows up at him. “But I meant it when I said I like you, Joey. Not just because your handsome and uh, gifted, but more so because you are smart, nice, complex and fun. If you weren’t my student, I’d be hoping you’d ask me out for a date, I’m sure.”

Joey set the box on the shelf and watched as she gathered her things to leave. “Thanks, Miss Roxanne. And you’re welcome. I’d be happy to clean a horse barn if you were there keeping me company.”

Smiling and coming up alongside Joey, “You’re so sweet, Joey,” she said, then leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. Smiling she looped her arm under his and pulled him alongside her as they walked out of school. “Joey, are you driving?”

“No, my friend can pick me up or I can catch the activity bus home,” Joey answered.

“Oh, I won’t hear of it after all the help you’ve given me this week,” she replied. “We could stop for a bite to eat on the way if you like. I’m starving.”

“If it’s no trouble for you, I’d love to go on a dinner date with you,” Joey said slyly while smiling over at her.

“Out comes the bear again, on the prowl,” she teased.

They walked and laughed arm in arm to her car where Joey opened the door for her, which prompted another kiss on the cheek before entering the car.

“You know, Miss Roxanne. I’d say you might be the bear and I might be the Goldilocks here,” Joey said as he got into the passenger side. “You sure are turning on the charm. If I didn’t know.”

Before Joey could finish, she reached over and pulled him in for a deep kiss. They kissed passionately for several minutes before breaking away and staring at each other, breathing hard. Joey was stunned and speechless with Miss Roxanne staring longingly at him and glancing at his lips again, clearly wanting more. Joey took the initiative and pulled her in for another kiss lasting longer drawing out moans and purrs from them both.

Clearly forcing herself from Joey’s kiss, she turned and started the car after putting on her seatbelt. She was breathing heavy and before moving the car leaned over for another shorter kiss, no less passionate. Joey remained speechless.

As they drove out of the school lot, she reached over and held Joey’s hand and pulled it to her leg where she pressed down against her thigh. “I hope your lack of words is a good sign?” she said glancing over at a smiling and still speechless Joey. His smile was broad as he looked on at the beautiful teacher in front of him. “Well?? say something will you. You are making me nervous,” she said showing an exasperated look to him.

“Uh, Where should we eat?” Joey asked questionably.

“That’s not what I meant, Goofball and you know it!” she said slapping his leg and inadvertently hitting his erection. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “Well, I guess you’ll have to let this guy do the talking then” as she reached over further and squeezed his hardening cock. “I think little Joey says we should go to my apartment to satiate our hunger,” she teased continuing to squeeze his growing erection.

“Oh really? I didn’t know you speak his language, Miss Roxanne,” Joey said with a sly smile.

“It seems I’m pretty good at speaking his language, Joey. He’s quite talkative right now,” she said as she now stroked his erection straining against his shorts. She kept her hand stroking Joey’s growing and hardening cock as they drove on to her apartment. While riding, Joey texted Steve that he was going to be later than he thought, and he’d text him back to see if he was still available. They continued to flirt and rub each other along the way and 15 minutes later they were pulling up in the driveway of a small townhouse not far from Joey’s neighborhood.

The townhouse was split with two entrances inside the front door, one leading into the first floor and one leading up the stairs. She led Joey up the stairs and when they reached the top, she turned and kissed him again. They kissed softly and passionately for several minutes before she pulled him to her bedroom where they continued to kiss. With their hands rubbing each other’s backs, Joey guided and laid her down on the bed. He knelt on either side of her hips and leaned down to continue kissing her. Their tongues were exploring each other’s lips and mouth. A few times, Joey pushed his tongue slightly deep into her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held tightly while he lifted her further up into the bed. She pulled his shirt over his head and began rubbing her hands along his chest and back while they kissed. She then rolled him over while still kissing him, but now from above. She was lying on top of him completely, with her legs parted enough to fit him between her thighs, where she started grinding her pelvis into Joey’s completely erect and straining dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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