John’s Surprise Ch. 03

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Big Ass

Molly picked her head up from the pillow. She opened her eyes just enough to see the alarm clock and shut it off. Quietly, she got out of bed, not wanting to bother the others. She walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower and got in. As she was washing her hair, Molly’s brain started replaying the things that had happened to her the night before. She could feel her pussy start to get wet as she imagined John’s cock entering her from behind.

As she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair, she let her right hand make its way down her tight stomach to her trimmed mound, then into the wet folds of her sex. Her clit was hard and already poking out from its hood. Molly rubbed her clit slowly as the water from the shower cascaded down her back. She started rubbing it faster as she imagined John fucking her harder, just like he did the night before. As her mind took her through the events of the night before, her fingers went faster against her clit, and the more her orgasm mounted inside of her.

When the movie in her mind had John shooting his cum in her pussy, her orgasm started. Molly shoved two of her fingers inside of her slit and came all over them. As her orgasm surged through her body, she had to put her left hand against the wall of the shower to steady herself. She came so hard. The contractions in her stomach muscles were causing her hips to buck. When she came back to reality, Molly slowly opened her eyes to see Janie’s head inside the shower curtain looking her over.

“That looked like fun,” Janie said as she climbed into the shower.

“What was going on in my mind was a lot better,” Molly said as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She put her index finger into her mouth and sucked her juices off of it. Before she could do the same to her middle finger, Janie grabbed her wrist and took the finger into her own mouth. She moaned as she sucked Molly’s pussy juice off of her finger.

“Almost as good as direct from the source,” she said as she let Molly’s finger out of her mouth.

Janie dropped to her knees in front of Molly and started kissing the bare skin right above the thin strip of pubic hair. Janie burrowed her head in-between Molly’s thighs and started licking up the juices that had escaped from Molly’s pussy. She sucked Molly’s pussy lips into her mouth and licked all around them. As she had Molly’s lips trapped in her teeth, Janie used her tongue to dig inside of her slit and lap her juices into her mouth.

Molly could feel her orgasm build in her belly once more, and as Janie was lapping at her pussy hole, her body was begging for release. Janie released Molly’s pussy lips from her mouth and licked her way back to Molly’s clit. Once she licked it a couple of times, she sucked it into her mouth hard and pushed two fingers inside of her pussy. Janie’s fingers quickly found Molly’s g-spot and pressed hard against it.

Molly’s knees buckled as her orgasm hit her. It was much stronger than the one she had when she was playing with herself. Molly could feel Janie’s tongue lapping up the juices that were streaming from her pussy. When her orgasm had finally subsided, and her stomach muscles stopped contracting, illegal bahis Molly slumped against the shower wall. Janie, who was still on her knees, smiled at her best friend. As much as Janie wanted the same treatment she gave, she knew that Molly was going to need some time to recoup.

“You ok?” Janie asked.

“Oh, my God,” Molly gasped. “I think so. That one was so powerful my tummy still hurts.”

Janie reached up and caressed Molly’s breasts, leaned close and kissed her lips. Molly returned the kiss and started moaning into it. Janie broke the kiss and stood up.

“C’mon. Let’s get out of here and make John breakfast.”

Extending her hand, Janie helped Molly off of the shower floor. After they dried off and put on their bathrobes, they went into the kitchen and started making John’s favorite breakfast. As they were preparing his food, neither one of them could keep their hands to themselves. Every time Janie went into the ‘fridge for something that she needed Molly would sneak up behind her and either reach around her to feel her up and pinch her nipples into hardness, or she would flip up the back of Janie’s robe and rub her pussy before putting one or two fingers inside. Janie was just as bad. She had her fingers in each and every hole Molly left open to her.

When they had just about finished making everything, Janie told Molly she was going to wake John up. As she entered their bedroom, she saw John sleeping on his back, and he must have been having a good dream because his tool was making a tent out of the only sheet covering his body. Janie tiptoed over to the bed and gently pulled the sheet off of him. When she pulled it off of his pubic area, his hard cock fell back against his body with a sharp slap. John stirred a little but continued sleeping. Janie reached down and lightly touched his hard on. It jumped a little at her touch, and John gave a small moan.

Never one to let a hard cock go to waste, Janie took off her bathrobe, got on her knees on the side of the bed, leaned over, and took John’s tool into her mouth. She sucked on it lightly at first, not wanting him to wake up until she had a good rhythm going. After going slowly for a few minutes, and when her saliva had covered the full length of his cock, Janie started to really get into giving John his morning blow job. Her head bobbed up and down faster while she applied more suction on him. John’s moans got louder as his body started to wake him.

“Ohhh, yeah,” he said sleepily.

Janie took her mouth off of him so she could look up. He was staring down his body at her, a big smile on his face. Janie returned the smile and plunged her mouth back onto his cock. She used her right hand to fondle his balls as she sucked him. Soon she could feel his balls start to rise up to his body and she knew that he was going to cum soon.

Molly walked quietly into the bedroom, wondering what was taking the two of them so long. When she saw Janie’s head going up and down on John’s cock, she stopped and watched for a little while. When she heard John start to talk, she dropped her robe and quietly padded her way to the bed.

John felt the familiar sensation illegal bahis siteleri in his balls telling him that he was soon going to fill Janie’s mouth with his cum. Then he felt pressure on the mattress next to his head. He opened his eyes to see Molly’s pussy hovering just above his lips. Molly brought her pussy down onto his face. John started lapping at her sex as soon as it was in range of his tongue. He licked at her hole first, then used his tongue to stab at her clit.

Molly’s little moans of pleasure surprised Janie and she turned her head to look over at Molly with John’s member still firmly between her lips. When she saw Molly riding John’s face, she smiled. Janie took her hand from John’s balls and brought it up to the part of his shaft she did not have in her mouth. She started pumping it, making John groan as he ate Molly. Janie felt his cock pulse between her lips mere moments before he exploded in her mouth. She kept pumping his cock, but stopped moving her head as she felt spurt after spurt of his cum shooting into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat. Janie moaned as his seed settled on her tongue. When he was finished cumming, Janie took her mouth off of him but kept pumping him with her hand. She then leaned into Molly and started kissing her deeply, sharing John’s cum with her.

Molly opened her mouth to accept Janie’s kiss. When Janie’s tongue pushed into her mouth, Molly got to her first taste of John’s cum that day. The two girls passing his sperm between their mouths until they were sure that each had half of his load. Then they stopped kissing and swallowed his cum. Molly was getting close to cumming for a third time that morning. While she and Janie were kissing, John had worked a finger into her pussy and ass; he was fucking her with them as he sucked on her clit. Molly’s hips started to buck and her stomach muscles were starting to contract once more.

“Ohhh, GOD!!! I’M CUMMING! KEEP DOING THAT! HERE I CUMMMMMMM!!!” she screamed. Her hips were gyrating all over John’s face as he brought her to orgasm. When she was finished, John continued to suck on her clit.

“Noooooo, stop that . . . stop, please stop . . . oh GOD!!” Molly gasped one more time before her body started shaking once more.

Molly finally threw herself off of John’s face. She landed next to him on the bed, her body still convulsing every now and then as her orgasm continued to rip through her. John started rubbing the inner part of her left thigh when he felt another sensation on his cock. He looked down to watch as Janie slid her pussy down the length of his cock.

“Oh God that feels so good,” she said as she started riding him.

She moved her hips up and down, forward and back, making sure that his hard cock touched every part of her wet pussy. Janie was moaning every time she fell back down on him or when she moved her hips back and the base of his cock made contact with her clit. John reached up and started pinching her nipples until they were like pencil erasers standing out from her chest. Molly had regained some of her strength by then, so she got on her knees and started sucking on Janie’s nipples, spending canlı bahis siteleri time on each of them. She then reached around Janie and started rubbing Janie’s ass. Janie turned her head and the two of them started kissing once again.

Janie jumped off of John’s cock and looked at Molly with pure lust in her eyes.

“Suck him,” she panted. “Lick me off of him.”

Molly quickly took John into her mouth and started sucking Janie’s juices off of him. She loved the taste of Janie’s pussy on his cock. Molly sucked on him for thirty seconds before Janie told her that was enough. She had Molly put him back in her pussy. Janie rode him again for only a few minutes before she had Molly take it out and suck on it once more.

Molly held his cock still aiming it at Janie’s pussy, when Janie turned to her and said, “Spit on my asshole!”

Molly did as instructed and used her fingers to rub her spit all around Janie’s tight puckered ass.

“Stick it in my ass, baby,” Janie said to Molly. Janie brought her ass down as Molly lined John’s cock up with her rear entrance. Slowly Janie sucked his prick into her ass. When she had it fully embedded in her ass, Janie started riding him again.

“Ohh, yeah! Feels so good in my ass! I love it!” Janie pumped up and down, enjoying the sensation of having her ass filled with John’s cock. She felt Molly’s hands rubbing her ass cheeks, and she got an idea. Slowly she rotated on John so her back was to him.

“Come lick my pussy while he fucks my ass, honey,” she said to Molly. Molly crawled off of the bed and knelt at the foot of it so that her face was just inches from Janie’s pussy. She leaned forward and started lapping at the juices flowing out of Janie. Janie could not believe the sensations running through her. The feel of John’s cock buried in her ass; Molly’s tongue licking at her pussy and her lips sucking at her clit. Janie could feel her orgasm start to build in her belly. Having John fucking her ass was enough to make her cum, but having Molly’s tongue darting in and around her pussy was pushing her over the edge.

“Ohhh, God!! I’m going to cum…!” Janie gasped and her body started to quiver. She stayed still as her orgasm ran its course through her body. Molly continued to suck on her clit, and John started pumping his cock up into her ass.

John pumped his cock into Janie a couple of times before the tightness of her ass had his cock on the verge of eruption. He grabbed her hips and slammed them down on his cock, burying him inside of her ass. He pushed one last time and shot a giant load into her ass. He must have sent ten spurts of cum into her. He could feel it leaking from her and sliding down his cock. John felt Molly’s tongue and lips on the underside of his cock. She was sucking and licking up all of the cum that escaped from Janie’s ass. He felt his cock start to go soft, and as it deflated, it fell out of Janie. Some more cum dripped from her anus but Molly was there to clean it up. Molly then took John’s flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked him clean. She then rose up and kissed Janie deeply.

“Oh, man,” John said. “What a way to start the day. Having sex with the two best looking women I have ever met.” Both girls broke their kiss and looked down at him. He then got a peculiar look on his face and sniffed at the air. “Do I smell bacon?”

Janie and Molly just giggled and started kissing once more.

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