L.U.S.T. (Libido Unchained Sex Toys)

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Big Tits

I stood on the unfamiliar stage stark naked, except for a black suspender belt, black stockings and four-inch black stilettos, before about two hundred women of all ages who didn’t know quite what to expect. I have to admit that, as I lesbian, I was more than a little turned on.

Behind me was a huge screen so that the people at the back could see me about four times life size. Several remotely controlled cameras on stage would ensure that no one missed any of the action.

I am forty-one years old and four foot eleven inches tall and, if I say so myself, quite pretty with big blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. People used to say that I had an hourglass figure but, alas, it is about thirty-five minutes past the hour and most of the sand is in the bottom half of the hourglass.

My tits, big as they are, are not as big as my butt. All of my body below my scalp is totally hairless.

I have already said that I am a lesbian, but in my youth I had a brief experiment with heterosexuality which I didn’t enjoy but which resulted in the birth of my beautiful, precious, talented daughter.

“Good evening, ladies,” I said into the microphone. As expected, just a few murmurs in response.

“My name is Mistress Insatiable, but you may call me Mistress, and I represent Libido Unchained Sex Toys. I am here this evening to evening to introduce you to this exciting cornucopia of adult appliances, products, potions and lotions, intimate garments and exotic sex toys. If any of you ladies are under eighteen or are of a nervous disposition, please leave now.” Nobody left.

“If any of you ladies are narrow-minded or prudish or object to seeing a tall, handsome, muscular, naked, young man on this stage, please leave now.” Nobody left. I didn’t think they would.

“And finally, ladies, during the course of my presentation I will be demonstrating several of these products on myself and I will probably bring myself to orgasm with most, if not all of them.”

I paused while the audience whispered amongst themselves. Audiences always do at this point.

“I will also be bringing the incredibly handsome young man to orgasm unless, of course, a member of the audience would like to volunteer to do it for me.”

There were a few gasps and giggles from the audience but no hands went up.

“Did I mention that he’s tall, handsome, muscular, naked and incredibly well endowed?”

No response from the audience. There never is at this point, unless they’ve been drinking.

“Would you like to see him?” No response. “Clap if you’d like to see him.” Lots of the ladies clapped.

I picked up two of the objects from the vast array on the table beside me. They were nipple rings with bells attached. I slipped the rings through both of my pierced nipples and snapped them shut. I wiggled as sexily as I could and the bells rang surprisingly loudly.

“These nipple bells are very reasonably priced,” I told the audience, “and they come in three sizes. And I must advise you, ladies, to use a licensed and hygienic establishment to pierce your nipples.”

In response to the bells a young man wearing a bathrobe and a broad smile walked on to the stage and kissed me on the lips. I hadn’t exaggerated when I’d described him to the audience. He was incredibly handsome, six feet six inches tall but looking even taller standing next to a shrimp like me.

“Still looking for volunteers.” I told the audience. No response.

“Would you like to see him without the robe?” No response.

“Clap if you’d like to see him without the robe.” Lots of the ladies clapped.

The young man let his robe fall to the floor and the ladies gasped when they saw his naked body.

He was muscular without being muscle bound and the audience could see that I hadn’t exaggerated when I’d told them that he was very well endowed.

“Clap if you like to see him with an erection.” The applause was deafening.

“Would you like me to get him hard or would a volunteer from the audience like to do it?”

At first there was no response and then a then a young lady in the front row nervously raised a hand.

“We have a volunteer, please climb onto the stage, miss.”

She climbed onto the stage to rapturous applause. There was even some hooting and whistling.

I kissed her on the lips and so did the naked young man.

“Would you just like to get his cock hard,” I asked her, “or would you like to have sex with him?”

“Ooh I would love to have sex with him,” she said, “just look at those lovely big muscles.”

“Please pick up that large dice on the table and tell the audience what is written on its six faces. And then you will throw the dice and be intimate with this young man by whatever method it decrees”

She picked up the dice and studied it. She read aloud, into the microphone, giggling.

“Blowjob, Doggy, Teabag Tittywank, Rimming Tittywank, Anal, All of the Other Sides. I hope I don’t get Anal. And I don’t even bursa escort understand what a couple of the other ones mean.”

“Don’t you like anal?” I asked her.

“Oh, I love it, but I’ve never had a cock as big as that in my butt. I don’t think I could take it.”

“Throw the dice please and understand, if you throw, All the Other Sides, that includes Anal. If you throw Doggy the young man will begin with his cock in your pussy and, after you’ve had three orgasms, he will transfer his cock into your butt. And I must insist that you take it balls-deep.”

“Ooh, if he can give me three orgasms with that monster he deserves to go balls-deep into my butt.”

She threw the dice and it came up Blowjob. I announced it to the audience, even though they could see the dice in extreme close up on the big screen. They clapped.

“I have a proposition to put to you,” I said to her, “if you strip naked and insert a butt plug into your sweet young butt hole for the duration of this presentation and you give this incredibly handsome young man his blowjob in front of these lovely ladies, you may choose any six items from this dazzling display absolutely free of charge.”

The audience gasped, some of our high end items are very expensive.

“She thought for a moment and then she said, “I’ll do it.”

“Please undress,” I said, “and, by the way, what were the terms you didn’t understand?”

“Teabag Tittywank and Rimming Tittywank,” she said, taking off her clothes.

“Does everybody know what Teabag Tittywank means? If not, please clap and I will demonstrate.”

Several ladies clapped. The young lady was naked now, she clapped too.

“Does everybody know what Rimming Tittywank means? If not, please clap and I will demonstrate.”

Again several ladies clapped.

“Teabagging, rimming and tittywanking are often associated with BDSM,” I told the audience. “They can be the ways that a slave pays homage to her master. The slave should wear a slave collar to acknowledge her lowly status when serving her master, a collar such as this reasonably priced one.”

From the table I took a very broad, black, studded, leather slave collar with metal rings at the front, back and sides. I strapped it tightly around my neck. I could tell that the audience liked it.

“This collar is from our Bitch-In-Heat range and is equipped with versatile bondage rings. Observe.”

I took two short lengths of chain from the table, they each had a spring link at both ends. I used the links to connect the rings on the sides of my collar to my nipple rings. The audience liked that too.

I pulled a long, low table out from under the display table, it was parallel to the stage front. I lay on it on my back so that my head and neck were protruding over the end. I addressed the audience.

“Teabagging is when a slave takes her master’s ball sack all of the way into her mouth and sucks it. Tittywanking is when a slave massages her master’s cock with her breasts.”

“May I teabag you, Master?” I asked the young man, “May your slave tittywank your cock, Master?”

“You may suck my balls, Slave, and you may massage my cock with your big fat tits,” said the young man, overacting in his role as my master, “but fail to please me you will be flogged on your butt and on your tits until you beg for mercy and then you will be flogged some more.”

“Yes, Master. Your humble slave will be honored to suck your balls and tittywank your cock, Master.”

I opened my mouth and he stood astride my head and his huge ball sack plopped into my mouth, his enormous erection fitted neatly between my boobs and I squeezed them together around it with my hands and slowly moved them up and down as much of his shaft as I could, all the while sucking and licking his balls for the amusement and enjoyment of the audience watching in extreme close up.

I kept this up for several minutes until he lifted his ball sack out of my mouth and took a step back.

I addressed the audience again, “Rimming is when a slave licks and kisses her master’s butt hole and, if he commands her to, she must insert her tongue as far as she can and lick the inside of his anus.”

There were gasps of surprise and shock from the audience, there always are at this point.

“But I must caution you, ladies,” I continued in a serious voice, “if your slave has a tongue-stud I would strongly advise you to order her to remove it before she inserts her tongue into your butt hole. What goes up easily does not always come down easily. Imagine the humiliation of having to go to the Emergency Room to have the tongue of your naked slave surgically removed from your butt. At least it would give the doctors and nurses a laugh.”

A few titters and chuckles from the audience. I need better comedy material.

“May I rim you, Master?” I asked the young man, “and may your slave tittywank your cock, Master?”

“You may rim my butt hole, Slave, and you may stroke my cock bursa escort bayan with your oversized tits but if you do not insert your tongue deep enough into my butt hole I will punish you with a loud and smelly fart.”

“Yes, Master, your humble slave will be honored to rim your butt and tittywank your cock, Master.”

The young man stood astride my head again but this time his ball sack was under my chin. His proud erection was back between my boobs and being stroked by them. I licked and kissed his butt hole. Our robotic, remotely controlled cameras, complete with lights and microphones, made sure the audience missed none of the action. I jabbed my tongue so deep into his butt hole I surprised myself.

Half way through the action, when my tongue was deep inside him, the audience cringed and gasped and recoiled in horror at the sound of a very loud and long, drawn out fart. The young man grinned.

The audience were fascinated by his huge erection, which looked even bigger in extreme close up.

After five more minutes. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” gasped the young man. He wasn’t the only one.

The young lady bent over and opened her mouth wide about six inches away from his throbbing, ejaculating penis. As his semen spurted out she caught every drop and swallowed it with a smile.

The audience went wild, clapping and hooting and whistling and whooping.

I would have to give the young man time to recover his erection but I knew it wouldn’t take long.

A took an enormous butt plug from the table together with a bottle of lube. The naked young lady seemed very alarmed by the sight of it.

“That’s not for me, is it?” she cried, “That’s too big for my butt hole. Haven’t you anything smaller?”

“This is the Butt Master 8/4,” I told the audience, “so called because it is eight inches long and four inches in diameter, this model is definitely not for the beginner. As with all of the models in the Butt Master range it vibrates and is equipped with a clit tickler and a remote control which allows your husband or boyfriend, or even your girlfriend, complete control over the speed and intensity of the vibrations of the butt plug and the clit tickler, which can be controlled independently of each other.”

I replaced the Butt Master 8/4 and picked up the Butt Master 6/3. She still didn’t look too happy.

“That’s still too big,” she said, “much too big.”

“This is the Butt Master 6/3,” I told the audience, “so called because it is six inches long and three inches in diameter. It has all the same features as the Butt Master 8/4. For ladies who would like something in between we have the Butt Master 7/3½.”

I replaced the Butt Master 6/3 and picked up the Butt Master 4/2. The young lady smiled.

“I think I could handle that one,” she said, “it looks just the right size for my butt hole, lube it up.”

“This is the Butt Master 4/2,” I told the audience, “so called because it is four inches long and two inches in diameter. For ladies who would like something in between we have the Butt Master 5/2½ and for ladies who would like something smaller we have the Butt Master 3/1½.”

I lubed it up and she bent over while he inserted it into her butt hole and aligned the clit tickler. The big screen behind me showed the insertion in extreme close up, much to the delight of the audience.

The young man was sitting on a chair and she knelt before him smiling. A box appeared in the corner of the big screen. In the box were two columns of five big dots headed BUTT PLUG and CLIT TICKLER.

“This is the remote control,” I told the audience, “which regulates the speed and intensity of the device. As soon as the young lady begins sucking the young man’s penis I will demonstrate.”

“Young lady, when the clit tickler tickles your clit you will suck the young man’s cock, which I can see is now big and hard again, his stamina is truly remarkable. When the Butt Master vibrates you will lick the young man’s cock, varying your speed appropriately. Begin the blowjob, please.”

The blowjob began in extreme close up on the big screen. Every eye in the audience was glued to it.

I pressed a button and the bottom dot in the CLIT TICKLER column lit up. Even the people at the back of the room could hear her moan of pleasure. I pressed another button and the next two lights lit up. She didn’t make a noise this time but she was sucking twice as hard. I pressed another button and all the lights went out. We could hear her disappointed groan. I pressed another button and all five lights in the BUTT PLUG column lit up. She yelped. I pressed another button and all five lights in the CLIT TICKLER column lit up. She yelped even louder and went into a blowjob frenzy, much to the delight of the excited ladies watching the big screen. She kept this up for several minutes while I pressed several buttons at random and the audience watched the results on the big screen.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming! Aieeeeh!” escort bursa she screamed, removing her mouth from his penis.

He was coming too, all over her quivering, bouncing breasts in extreme close up on the big screen.

The audience loved it and applauded wildly.

“Would any member of the audience like to volunteer to come up on stage and lick this young ladies breasts clean?” I asked. There was a lot of laughter but no volunteers. She licked them clean herself.

The naked young man took the naked young lady by the hand and led her behind the screen.

I held up a huge thick dildo for the audience to see.

“I am four foot eleven,” I said, “and this is the Tearjerker 10, so called because if I can get all ten inches of it into my pussy there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Who would like to see me try?”

Their applause said they did. And, after a lot of huffing and puffing, all ten inches disappeared inside my vagina and I had my first orgasm of the evening. I didn’t keep it to myself, I made a big deal of it and the audience loved it. I assured them there would be more. I produced the Tearjerker 13.

The rest of my presentation took about an hour. Most of the time I was on stage by myself demonstrating the sex toys but occasionally sexily jiggling my nipple bells to summon the naked young man from behind the screen. Mostly he demonstrated kinky bondage equipment on me, him being the master and me being the slave. I love being a slave but I prefer a mistress to a master.

I was hogtied and spread-eagled and roped and strapped into crazy positions by him and he made good use of my nipple rings as anchor points for my restraints. Playing the part of the master and calling me “Slave” he ordered me to strap my ankles into two cuffs at the ends of a long metal bar. Then he ordered me to strap a new collar round my neck, it had a pair of handcuff dangling from the back of it. Next he ordered me to strap a huge ball gag into my mouth and to snap my wrists into the cuffs behind my back. We sell all of these things. I was completely helpless and the audience loved it.

To finish the demonstration of the bondage equipment he took hold of the centre of the metal rod with his left hand and held me aloft so that I was dangling upside down with his huge erection wedged firmly between my melon-sized boobs. With his right hand he proceeded to tan my ample backside with a nine-tailed flogger from the table. My squeals of pain quickly changed to the squeals of a woman heading towards an orgasm. And I wasn’t faking it. I wasn’t turned on by a man flogging me, I’m a lesbian, I was turned on by a room full of women eagerly watching a man flogging me.

And all the while he was flogging me he was telling the audience about the equipment he was using.

The big screen had split into two, one side concentrating on the penis and the breasts, the other side concentrating on the flogger and the buttocks.

He slowly moved me up and down so that my breasts stroked the full length of his enormous penis, occasionally, holding me at arm’s length so that my nipple bells played a merry little tune while he flogged my breasts. When our orgasms came I pig-squealed.

In response to my squealing, the young lady rushed out from behind the screen just in time to catch the young man’s copious ejaculation in her mouth. She beamed happily as she swallowed it.

The audience, watching the proceedings in extreme close up on the big screen, loved every minute of it. My breasts and buttocks were bright red and striped by the time he released me from the ball gag and the ankle cuffs. I was still wearing the collar and my wrists were still cuffed behind my back.

These stripes take a long time to fade, which is why we only do one presentation a week, always on the move between some One Whore’s Town and the next.

After another few minutes of agony demonstrating our BDSM products it was time for the big finale.

I stood on the stage with the naked young man and the naked young woman. She was stroking his huge erection. She picked up the Butt Master 8/4. The audience had seen it before but still gasped.

“This is the Butt Master 8/4,” I told the audience, “it is not the biggest model in the Butt Master range but it is the biggest model stocked by Libido Unchained Sex Toys. Like all of the models in the Butt Master range it vibrates at five different speeds and intensities and has a clit tickler which also has five speeds, all of these functions are selected by a remote control.

“Picture the scene, ladies, your husband or your boyfriend, or even your master if you’re into BDSM, wants a blowjob and you want to do your very best to please him. But how do you know, at every moment, what he wants you to do next? Simple, you slip a well-lubed Butt Master into your backside and you just agree on a simple code with your man. Or woman, if you’re into sucking clit.

“For instance, you could agree that if he turns up the speed and intensity of the vibrating butt plug he wants more suction, if he turns it down he wants less. If he turns up the speed of the clit tickler he wants more tongue action, if he turns it down he wants less. If he turns them off you stop.”

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