Later That Day

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After untying you and untangling ourselves, I kiss you lightly on the nose and get up to take a shower and get ready for brunch.

I step into the shower and start washing myself off when you rip the shower curtain open, standing there completely naked, cum dripping down the inside of your thigh, and look me up and down appraisingly.

“Want me to wash your back?” you ask, in a manner that implies that you’re pretending to be innocent.

I nod, smiling slightly, as you step into the shower, and pull the curtain closed behind you.

You step behind me, and take the bergamot scented body wash and start to lather my back, your hands slowly massage my shoulders, the back of my neck.

You take a half-step closer, and I can feel your breasts against my back, pressing gently against me as you slide your soapy hands over my shoulders and start to rub my chest, moving in slow circles. I can feel your nipples stiffen and push insistently against my back.

Your breasts crush against me harder as and your lips press against the back of my head, your groin pushing insistently against my ass. Your hands slide down my body, over my stomach, soaping me slowly, sensually.

Your lips slide to the side of my neck, and your hands slide up to canlı bahis my chest, fingertips rubbing against my nipples as you begin to nip gently.

“I thought you were going to wash my back?”

“I lied,” you giggle, and your hands slide down to my rapidly stiffening cock.

You grind your cunt against my ass, and slowly jack me off with your soapy hands. I moan as you whisper in my ear, saying filthy things, telling me what a nice cock I have, what beautiful balls, stroking and touching as you speak.

Your hard nipples rub against my soapy back, and my cock throbs in your hand. Your other hand teases my heavy balls, gently massaging them. Your tongue flicks against the back of my ear, eliciting a moan from me.

“My turn,” I say suddenly, spinning around and grabbing your wrist, twisting it behind you and spinning you around. I push you forward and you just manage to get your other arm up to brace yourself from hitting the cold tile wall. Your breasts and hand keep you from hitting the wall too hard, and your cheek comes to rest against the wall with a sharp gasp, in surprise and shock from being suddenly pressed up against the cold surface.

I kick your legs apart with my feet and bend you over slightly, pushing you harder against bahis siteleri the tile. You feel my hot, hard cock against your tight ass. I hiss in your ear, leaning over you. “Good thing you soaped me up…” and I rub the head of my cock against your tight ass. I lean into you, and the throbbing head of my cock finds its way slowly into your ass, stretching you, and making you grunt with the effort of taking me inside you. A little more pressure, and the head of my cock pops into your tight hole, causing you to gasp. You start to moan and whimper as the length of my cock slides its way up your ass. Your arm twisted painfully behind your back, I eventually feel my hips push tightly against you.

My cock now firmly up your ass, I take my free hand and grab a fistful of your hair, and pull your head back, causing you to slide against the cold tile, and forcing your ass against me harder.

I begin to fuck you, slowly at first, then building up force, slamming into you, hearing your breasts slap against the tile wall, hearing you shakily grunt and moan with the force of my fucking.

With your free hand, you start pushing against the wall. At first, I think you’re trying to get away, but then I realize that you’re just trying to fuck back against bahis şirketleri me harder. I grin wickedly as I pull your head back farther, turning it, and meeting your eyes. Your mouth is open, gasping for breath. Water courses over both of us.

“Fuck my ass, you fuck! FUCK. MY. ASS.” Obscenities start to pour from your mouth, urging me to fuck you harder, faster. Your body slams against the tile, as I continue to pound into you viciously. You clench your ass, milking my hard cock, trying to get me to blast my hot, thick cum inside you. Your force yourself against me as hard as I’m trying to force myself into you. Our bodies slap together wetly.

“Cum in my ass. Do it!”

With one final, deep, brutal thrust, I tense and my cock unloads, shooting spurt after spurt into you. Shortly, hot, thick cum starts to run out of your ass alongside my cock, spattering thickly on the floor of the shower.

I pull out slowly, watching my cum ooze out of you and trickle down the crack of your ass. Your hand comes off the wall and slips between your legs and down your thigh, toying with the cum it finds there.

I release your arm, and you spin, wrapping your arms around my neck, and force your lips bruisingly against mine, kissing me passionately, and jamming your tongue into my mouth.

You pull away…

“Want me to wash your back again?” you ask, eyes fixed on mine.

I nod slowly, pretty sure that we’re not quite done yet. Brunch is going to have to wait.

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