Lesbian Magic Pt. 01

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Double Handjob

Angel was an attractive twenty-one-year-old Chinese girl returning from a trip with four of her friends when her car broke down. They were in the middle of nowhere with their cell phones that couldn’t pick up a signal to call for help. Angel was a little scared, but when she saw the light from a distant house felt some hope that their scary ordeal would soon be over.

Angel checked her phone one last time in the hope of seeing a signal and saw that there was still none. She felt uneasy about knocking on a stranger’s door because there was no telling who was behind it or the danger waiting for them. It wasn’t that she thought they were in any danger, she was a girl, and a girl should always be on guard, especially when vulnerable. If things turn ugly, there would be no way for them to call for help.

Angel tried to push away her fear as she got closer to the house by declaring to her friends that everything would be okay. The music that she heard from within helped put her mind at ease. It wasn’t the type men would be playing, or she didn’t think they would. Angel believed they had stumbled on a home that belonged to a woman and let out a sigh of relief.

Angel knew that it was a woman’s house because the person was playing music by Kathleen Hanna. The singer was labeled a feminazi like the other feminist singers she liked listening to in her dorm room. Kathleen Hanna was one of her favorite singers, and the song that she was coming from the house was her favorite.

Angel’s best friend Sarah stopped her before she knocked on the door and suggested peeking through the window first. She thought the idea was a little crazy but decided to check to calm everyone’s fears. She didn’t believe they were in any harm and was too tired to argue.

When Angel eased her head into the window, she saw something that made her mouth drop. The shocked expression on her face made her friends a little worried. After easing her head back down, she looked back at them, and she didn’t know how to tell them what she saw. Angel thought it would be best to leave some details out when explaining, “I think we just came to a house full of lesbians. I saw some of them kissing,” Angel said but knew they weren’t just kissing in there.

Angel watched her friends make faces that showed they didn’t like what they heard. Angel pretended to be grossed out like her friends because she didn’t want them to know what she saw turned her on. Watching two attractive women kissing, the one against the wall had her pants unbuttoned with her lover’s hand inside them, had stirred a forbidden desire. Angel couldn’t believe seeing a girl getting her pussy played with by another girl was so arousing.

What freaked Angel out the girl against the wall looked just like her with the exact clothes she has on now. It was like she just witnessed herself having a lesbian encounter with her face twisted up in pleasure. She never had any interest in women before, but now the idea of it sounds good to her. There were four other girls in the room, and she was shocked at how much they resembled her friends.

While her friends suggested what to do next, Angel heard thunder before the rain poured down on them. They rushed to the door, no longer caring that there were lesbians on the other side of it. Angel knocked on it three times before a beautiful woman opened it licking her fingers. Angel recognized her from the window where she was making out with her doppelganger. The woman kept staring at Angel with her deep blue eyes full of carnal desires.

The woman didn’t try to hide that she was looking at Angel’s breasts or how much she was enjoying looking at them. Angel wasn’t wearing a bra, and the rain made her thin white shirt see-through. Angel knew that she should cover up but discovered that she liked how it felt having another woman want her sexually.

Angel was surprised by the desire to be embraced by this woman and feel her fingers inside her. She stared at the woman’s lips, imagining her kissing her while unbuckling her pants, and could almost feel the woman’s hand sliding in them. Angel tried to shake loose those thoughts as she reminded herself that she was straight.

“What do we have here? Five wet girls and pretty ones too! Come on in my dears before you to catch your death!” The woman said with a lustful gleam in her eyes.

Angel’s friends didn’t pick up on the sexual tension between the woman and herself. The idea of being with another girl both frightened and excited her. When she walked into the woman’s home, she saw a reflection of herself in a mirror on the wall. Her shirt was so transparent that she could see her breasts in great detail.

Angel’s shirt clung tightly to her small breasts revealing her hard dark nipples, and it was arousing to her being this exposed. She could not lie to herself that she didn’t want this woman to do forbidden things to her. After tuzla escort watching two women engaging in an act that society said was wrong had unlocked hidden desires within her.

Angel was glad to be out of the rain but felt vulnerable by the desire to be with another woman. She was afraid that her friends would find out that a girl sexually aroused her. That fear dissipated when four women entered the room, taking her friends by the hand before leading them out. Angel was left alone with a woman that could entice her to do something daring. She knew without her friends there that nothing was preventing her from falling prey to the woman’s alluring charm.

Angel felt her stomach tighten, heart-pounding hard against her chest, and the heat rising within her groin from being alone with this woman. She was afraid of what the woman would try and what she would let happen. Angel knew it wouldn’t take much for this woman to have her way with her, and all it would take was a little push.

Angel felt time slow down when the woman walked toward her because she thought the woman was about to kiss her. She wasn’t going to fight against it and was willing to let things go further. She couldn’t believe that she would allow this woman to be intimate with her. Angel closed her eyes to prepare herself for the kiss and felt foolish when nothing happened.

“I am Belinda; you and your friends are welcome in my home. Don’t worry about your friends; my girls will take good care of them. If you follow me, we will get you out of those wet clothes and into something much warmer,” Belinda said with a tender smile while staring into Angel’s eyes.

“I am Angel…” Angel barely said before Belinda grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room.

Angel felt a pleasurable sensation running up her arm by Belinda’s touch and was hoping that she was leading her to a bed. She was surprised by how okay she was with the idea of having sex with someone she had just met. She had never been this easy with men, and it would take a few dates before she would even kiss them.

Belinda wasn’t like any other woman she ever knew before and had an alluring aura about her. Belinda’s sparkling blue eyes, long black hair, perky breasts, and a well-toned ass bewitched Angel. The woman was in her thirties with a body youthful as a teenager, but her eyes seemed much older, ancient-like.

Angel’s exotic beauty made her popular amount the guys, and even though they tried to sleep with her, she wasn’t the type that slept around. It wasn’t that Angel didn’t like sex like some of her friends did. Angel needed to be comfortable with a guy before she could be with them sexually.

Angel felt disappointed when she realized that Belinda wasn’t taking her to a bedroom but a sauna. The room outside of the sauna had a table in its center with two oak shelves full of towels. Angel laughed to herself by how she was acting out of character. She wasn’t a slut or a lesbian, but something about Belinda made her want to change all that.

Belinda grabbed a towel from the top shelf before telling Angel, “Take this towel and undress, my dear. The sauna will keep you warm until I arrive with some dry clothes for you.”

Angel didn’t realize what she did until her shirt was in her hand. She was used to undressing around girls, so that she didn’t think twice about taking off her shirt. When she undressed further hoped that Belinda would see that she wanted more than dry clothes.

“Belinda, why don’t you just put my clothes aside for now and join me? I would hate to be all alone with just this towel on,” Angel said as she slowly wrapped the towel around her.

“I can’t right now, as I have other guests to look after, but I promise to be back before you know it,” Belinda said with an endearing smile.

It hurt her pride to see that the girl rejected her offer after giving her a clear signal to make a move on her. Angel felt foolish for throwing herself at another woman and expected her to want her because she was a lesbian. Angel didn’t know how much Belinda desired her or that she liked a challenge with new lovers. Belinda usually only sleeps with straight girls because it turns her on watching them struggle with their sexuality. Angel also didn’t know that Belinda was a powerful witch who created this house to entrap unwitting girls just like her.

The house would appear at different places, allowing only women to enter it to be seduced by Belinda or the women within it. The house collected the energy from their orgasms to keep it powered up and Belinda young. Belinda was the only real woman within these walls and the rest she had created with her powerful magic.

Angel had time to reflect and concluded that sleeping with that woman would be a mistake. She wasn’t a lesbian and decided it would be best to deny her desire to experiment with it. Angel stepped out of the sauna pendik escort feeling vulnerable with only a towel covering her body. She sat down at a table thinking about what she almost got herself into while waiting for Belinda to return with her clothes.

Belinda returned ten minutes later with some girls and a bottle of wine with some glasses but no clothes. Angel felt exposed wearing a skimpy towel that she held onto it tightly. The three girls were blondes that looked like they were fresh out of high school, and by the way they were acting, Angel could tell that they were lesbians. They playfully flirt with each other in a sexual matter while glancing at her with hungry eyes.

“Sorry, but your clothes are not dry yet. I thought I would bring you something to drink instead. When I saw these lovely girls Cindy, Amy, and Becky here in the hall, I thought, why not make it a party. They are fun to have around, and I promise you will love them,” Belinda said with a bright Cheshire-like smile.

They joined Angel around the table with Belinda sitting next to her, and true to Belinda’s words, the girls were fun. They were at times funny, and Angel found that she liked them very much. She was having such a good time drinking wine with them that she forgot that she was only wearing a towel.

When she felt Belinda’s hand on her knee, it brought back old forbidden desires within her. The woman’s hand was still at first before massaging it gently with light caresses. An electrifying thrill ran through Angel as her heart pounds hard against her chest. Belinda was talking with Amy about shoes while playing with her knee. She felt her body start to freeze up, and she couldn’t focus on anything besides what was happening to her knee.

When Belinda’s hand slowly moved up Angel’s leg, it felt like the whole world had stopped. Wherever the woman touched, her skin felt like it was on fire, erupting a pleasurable burning sensation that shot up her leg. The further her hand went up, the more Angel opened her legs until it got to the edge of her towel, and before it could go any further, Belinda removed it. Angel let out a disappointing groan from being denied what her flesh desperately craved.

Angel felt herself panic when her emotion became too unbearable for her to handle. When Belinda’s hand returned to her leg, she watched with excitement as it moved to her towel before pulling it back, revealing a thick dark patch of her pubic hair. The pounding of her heart drowned out all other sounds within the room as Belinda’s hand slipped between her legs.

Belinda played with her pubic hair between her fingers while slowly sliding them down to the opening of her womb. Angel’s heart felt like it would burst through her chest when she felt a finger enter her pussy. She bit on her bottom lip to fight back a moan, not wanting everyone to know just what Belinda was doing to her. First, there were only one, then two, and finally, three fingers were now in her. Angel couldn’t hide it any longer; a loud moan escaped her lips, and she was afraid that the secret was now out.

The girls never showed any sign that they noticed what was happening to her, even when the towel came undone and fell off. Angel spread her legs as wide as they could go, not caring that she was naked and was moaning like crazy. She felt her orgasm building, and right before it hit, she woke up.

Angel looked around the room, noticing that she was still wearing her towel, and realized what had happened was just a dream. Belinda was still beside her, talking with Cindy and Amy but couldn’t see Becky anywhere. Angel felt something was pushing her legs apart, and when she looked down saw that Becky was between her legs. Becky pulled on her towel until it slid off her body, leaving her naked.

Angel spread her legs further apart as Becky started kissing her inner thigh. When she looked up, she saw that Cindy and Amy were making out while feeling tender kisses moving up her thigh. Becky’s lovely lips moved ever so close to her pussy sending shock waves of pleasure through her. Belinda moved behind her sliding her hands around her breasts, playing with her nipple as she kissed her neck tenderly. Angel was in such a state of arousal that she almost had an orgasm when Becky started licking her pussy. She could feel a powerful orgasm rising within her, but she woke up before it hit.

Angel never had a dream like this before and doubted if she was even awake now. She could feel the towel snug so tightly around her body but wasn’t ready to trust it as proof that she was awake. Those dreams had turned her on so much that it made her pussy wet and her nipples rock hard. The arousal sensation surging through her body was so intense that she could barely concentrate.

The confusion that Angel was feeling had crippled her mind with uncertainty. Angel could no longer trust what she was seeing aydınlı escort or feeling at the moment. Angel was afraid of giving in to her desire to have someone between her legs because she feared waking up again. Her desire to cum was so strong that it tempted her to be the impure girl hiding inside her.

Angel did not realize she wasn’t dreaming before but was under a spell. Belinda’s magic made her believe that it was all a dream and doubted that it even happened. Each time Angel denied having an orgasm, she was pushed further to the edge of indecency to be the fallen angel that all good girls should be.

The belief that she was still dreaming gave Angel the courage to act on her carnal desires. She stood up, letting her towel fall to the floor before sitting on Belinda’s lap. They embraced in a heated kiss as Angel grabbed the hem of Belinda’s shirt, removing it to reveal a red lace see-through bra. Angel’s hands shook from excitement as she unhooked it and saw the most beautiful breast that she had ever seen.

Amy removed the wine and Becky the glasses from the table as Belinda laid Angel on it. Cindy held onto Angel’s wrists and began kissing her from an inverted position while the other two girls started sucking on her nipples. Only a few men she let have the privilege to suck on her breasts, but none of them had the skills like these two girls. Cindy’s lips were soft with the sweet taste of wine on them. She didn’t think things could get much better until she felt Belinda’s mouth between her legs.

One of Angel’s boyfriends had a decent size dick, but it couldn’t compare to the pleasure that this woman’s tongue was giving her. Angel pushed Cindy away to let out a scream from the orgasms erupting through her body. She was shocked because she expected to wake up, and then it dawned on her that she wasn’t dreaming all this. Quickly as the orgasms engulfed her body with pleasures beyond her dreams, they were gone leaving only the sensation of tiny orgasms still lingering inside her.

“Angel, my dear, I can see that you enjoyed what only another girl can give you, and it is time for you to give me something back in return,” Belinda said while she unbuckled her pants and slid them down.

Angel stared at Belinda’s body, spellbound by its beauty, and felt a need to ravish it. Knowing what was expected of her, sliding off the table, she pushed Belinda against the wall kissing her. Angel slid her hand between Belinda’s legs feeling the woman’s wetness. She had touched herself like that plenty of times, but this was the first time doing it to another girl.

Angel played with Belinda’s pussy with two fingers sliding them in and out slowly. Men would always rush things and never take the time to touch her body as she wanted. She would love her in the way she always wanted but never got from her lovers. Pulling Belinda to the floor, Angel continues their lovemaking in a more comfortable position.

Angel was too engrossed in what she was doing to notice the three blonde girls were beside her. She forgot about them until they started touching her body. A hand caressed her breast before squeezing it, a light touch gliding across her back, and seductive fingers played with her inner thigh. Ignoring them, she kissed down to Belinda’s breasts before sucking on her nipples.

Angel didn’t just kiss them but made love to them, giving each breast the deserved attention. Licking around the areola before sucking on the nipple with much tenderness as she could. Angel left a trail of kisses down Belinda’s body until the sweet aroma of the woman’s pussy bewitched her senses. Angel couldn’t control her urge to glide her tongue across its opening, tasting her first pussy. It tasted like exotic honey, and she wanted to devour every drop.

Angel was surprised by how comfortable she was licking another girl’s cunt and by the pleasure she got from it. It gave her so much joy feeling the woman spasmed against her face from an orgasm that she was causing. She continued to lick Belinda’s pussy with a big smile as the woman was cumming. Angel had only a second to catch her breath after it was all over before Belinda’s friends demanded to be satisfied. They pushed Angel on her back, attacking her body with their hungry mouths.

What those girls were doing to her gave Angel pleasure beyond her dreams, and going back to men would now be impossible. She loved a nice cock, but it couldn’t compare to a woman’s touch. They didn’t have a penis, yet they gave her pleasurable orgasms. On the other hand, men have to work hard to make her cum, and sometimes they don’t succeed. These women knew her body better than any man could and made love to her until she passed out.

When Angel fell asleep, the three girls turned their attention on each other and woke to the sounds of their lovemaking. Belinda stood over her and helped her to her feet. There was no word because Angel could see what the woman wanted in her eyes. Belinda wanted to make love with her again, but she wanted her all to herself. Stepping out into the hall without caring who saw that she was naked being led by her female lover.

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