Love , Prostitution Ch. 19

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Cartoon Sex

Before they are seated for dinner, the ladies privately discuss the possibility of opening the brothel for a ‘party’. Emily has no objection until it is proposed that the PSOs are invited as the guests, at which point she demurs explaining that she has a crystal clear intimacy mantra for herself. Continuing her explanation she says that she fully accepts she is both a lesbian and a career prostitute. As a lesbian she has entered an exclusive life partnership with her beloved Sansa and will not entertain intimacy with another woman. As a career prostitute and ‘registered lady’ she will only entertain intimacy with members of the secret club that they serve. She apologises if she has put a dampener on things but suggests they could still have a party, where everyone dresses up appropriately as clients and brothel whores but leaves it up to individuals to decide their own intimacy mantras.

At dinner the subject of a themed party in the brothel is discussed and everyone joins together to endorse Emily’s idea for the party which Sansa proposed. Emily smiles to Sansa in thanks. Emily takes her stewardess, Achara, aside and asks her If she and her team are willing to help facilitate matters with drinks, nibbles, etc. She says she is happy to assist and hopes that at some time during their time together on board, she may talk privately with her & Sansa, Emily nods with a smile and says they can take time out in their cabin after the party.

After dinner, Emily learns that every personal stewardess has expressed a desire for the same thing, to talk privately with Emily & Sansa! Emily whispers that it seems curious, it is almost as if they know what opportunity might present itself for an enterprising young lady if Emily & Sansa buy Bangkok Girl. It is then that Amy announces that the ladies are proceeding below to dress for the party. If the gentlemen would please assemble in the lounge, perhaps over a drink. A stewardess will come for them when all is ready. Amy asks: “Ladies, please follow me.” and leads the way down to the staff entrance into the brothel. She uses her staff card to open the door and they step into another world.

Amy asks the ladies to undress completely and choose the ‘brothel uniform’ as their costume for the evening. They are all exactly the same except for size. Emily sets the example and is totally naked in just a couple of minutes. She selects her sheer bra and matching sheer g-string and puts them on straight away. “There … from lady to brothel whore in 5 minutes!” The others laugh and the tension eases. Emily puts on her black satin choker and selects the right size pair of black stiletto ‘fuck me’ heels. She completes her uniform with the sheer robe that barely covers her bottom, not that it matters anyway!

In a few minutes they have all changed into their ‘brothel uniform’ and Emily asks how they feel. Sansa answers first: “I’m used to being naked for club meetings, even with the club members being fully and formally dressed. Dressed as I am now, I feel incredibly attractive and very sexy”. They illegal bahis all giggle and Amy says simply: “I feel that I have come home again. Having Bangkok Girl, the penthouse and you ladies in my life, it just makes me so happy”. They all look to Emily who smiles and says: “I can only say that what you have all expressed are my feelings also”.

Amy shows Sushila the rest room and showers and then takes her to join Emily & Sansa in the waiting lounge. Amy goes to the Madame’s lecturn and turns on the music, a string emsemble at a soft volume. Turning to the stewardess she says they are ready now, would she please inform the gentlemen. She nods and goes out through the door for clients, and they wait!

The door opens and Nilesh, Sudesh and Ranjit enter. They have entered into the spirit of the occasion and have dressed very smartly. He whispers to the stewardess, who goes over to Emily and tells her that a number of officers from the Port Admiral’s staff have asked if they may be allowed to participate. Emily asks if they know that it is simply a social drinks party and is told that they do. The men enter the brothel and are initially stunned at the beauty of their hostesses and at just how much of their charms are on display. The tension is broken as Achara and her team enter with trays loaded with drinks and circulate among the ladies and gentlemen that are now mingling and chatting happily. Everyone, probably under the influence of alcohol, agrees that the party is a great idea and a big hit.

As the party disperses, Emily and Sansa invite Achara to their suite for the meeting she requested. In the suite Achara is invited to sit and Emily congratulates her, and her team, for helping to ensure a successful party. Achara says that she is so happy they are pleased and thanks them for granting her a private meeting and that the other stewardesses have asked for a private meeting with her as well. Sansa asks where she comes from and she replies: “I am from Bangkok Madame”. She tells her that she has a pretty name and that she is lovely too. Achara smiles a thank you.

Emily asks Achara how they can help. She tells them of her wish to earn enough money to be able to help her family. She has been working as a stewardess and the money from that has helped, but she has always backed away from prostitution because it is so prevalent in Bangkok and very risky. However, her eyes have been opened since meeting Madame and seeing how friendly and willing she is to engage herself, in spite of being a wealthy, obviously well educated and cultured lady. Achara asks her question: “Would Madame consider employing her permanently to serve in the brothel?”

Emily responds: “Thank you for your question Achara, I would indeed consider employing you permanently to serve in the brothel as a prostitute. I use the word purposely so there is no doubt what we are discussing. As you know we are both prostitutes, so please do not consider the word offensive in this discussion. Success at the job could open doors for you, but first you have to illegal bahis siteleri be absolutely sure it is what you desire. You know that there are four ladies in the party, including me of course, and it would take a unanimous vote from us if it is to happen, because our high reputation is at stake. I have two questions for you: 1. Do the other ladies that have requested a private meeting, wish to ask me the same question that you have asked? 2. Is there anything else you wish to ask now?”

Achara replies in the affirmative to the first question and in the negative to the second question. Emily asks if she knows the value of her present salary in US dollars and she says it is close to $500 per month and adds that it is the same for every stewardess. Next Emily asks if there is a salary, again in US dollars, that she and the other girls would hope to receive and asks her to be completely honest as it obviously matters to her family. Achara says $5,000 a month would be heavenly. Emily ends the meeting, thanking her for her honesty adding that she may tell each stewardess that has expressed interest, all that has been discussed here today. Emily cautions Achara and the interested stewardesses to keep everything they have learned to themselves as there are some who would not take kindly to what we do, in addition we haven’t decided whether to buy Bangkok Girl yet, but the initial impression is positive.

Nilesh knocks at the door and is admitted just as their little meeting was coming to an end. He enquires whether he may sleep on a couch in the lounge, in case he is needed. Achara’s eyes light up and Emily asks if she would like to stay as well, just in case. Emily looks to Sansa who smiles and nods her agreement, then Emily smiles warmly and says that they both fill their hearts with joy with their request, but expects that they make themselves comfortable enough to sleep. Wishing them a good night, she and Sansa go into the bedroom and close the door but leave it unlocked. Sansa spoons Emily in her loving arms and both drift off to sleep thinking how lucky they are.

At a late breakfast, well after Bangkok Girl has left port, Sansa brings everyone up to date with the latest events. Emily suggests that, unless one of them wishes to work in the brothel, that ‘registered ladies’ might remain on the upper decks and dress appropriately for high society, while the brothel could function as it always has, but be staffed by new recruits who will learn their craft through in-service training. One of the ‘registered ladies’, perhaps on a rota, could each day function as the Madame until one of the recruits becomes capable of managing and training the girls. They all like the idea and agree to think it over.

During the 4 day cruise, the ladies and PSOs settle in. Wherever Emily is located, Nilesh and Achara are always close at hand. Little by little their questions are answered and their doubts resolved. There are no issues raised with the vessel or the crew. When they meet each day to discuss the project after dinner, canlı bahis siteleri Emily notices the level of enthusiasm rising and when she is able to announce that every stewardess has asked to join the brothel team, it rises even more. The ladies talk at length with each stewardess and come to an unanimous decision to employ all seven at a salary of $5,000 per month.

On the final day of the cruise, the daily meeting is held in the early afternoon. An unanimous decision is made to proceed with the purchase of Bangkok Girl and the project. When each of the ladies and their PSOs, inform their stewardess that they will come to Kolkata on board Bangkok Girl, they are pleased beyond measure. Sushila looks wistful and Emily asks if something is troubling her. She smiles replying that she will miss her new friends and Bangkok Girl. Emily tells her there is no need to miss anything as Sansa, Amy and herself are all agreed that she should ask Sushila to join their little family and their lifestyle. Sushila is delighted and hugs Emily saying her law career can go on the back burner so she can engage with them as a career prostitute and the 3 ladies welcome her to the family with big hugs.

After dinner that evening the 7 new employees, present a show of Thai culture, music and dance. It is a great success and presenters as well as audience have a wonderful time together. Emily feels that the cruise has been most auspicious and promises much for the future. They all sleep soundly.

In the morning the Lieutenant joins them at breakfast and asks if the cruise was to their satisfaction, they all reply that it was. Emily says that they wish to proceed with the purchase of Bangkok Girl and have offered permanent employment to each personal stewardess that looked after them. She adds that each stewardess will require a passport so they can travel to Kolkata on board Bangkok Girl. The Lieutenant says he is delighted and asks if he may be excused and be allowed to inform the Port Admiral. He bows and leaves just as Bangkok Girl arrives at her berth. She is moored securely and the gangway lowered into place. Amy remarks how nice it is to arrive without the drama of SWAT teams coming aboard and Emily & Sansa agree with a laugh.

On disembarkation, they are conducted to the Office of the Port Admiral and are received with a gentle courtesy. Emily and Sushila scrutinise the contract to purchase Bangkok Girl ensuring that it be conditional on the satisfactory report by a credited marine surveyor and that a half payment of $75 million be paid by cheque this very day, the concluding half payment of $75 million becoming due on safe delivery to Kolkata with the seven new female employees, bearing a passport, on board. The Port Admiral signs on behalf of the Thai government and Emily & Sansa sign as the purchasers with Sushila signing to witness the signatures. Emily writes out the cheque, the largest amount she has ever written, and after Sushila’s confirmation, bows and presents it to the Port Admiral who accepts it with a bow.

They get into the limousine and are driven directly to the Learjet 75 waiting for them at the airport. On safe arrival at Delhi airport they get into the limousine that Sushila arranged and are driven to what will soon become “The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel of Delhi”.

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