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I would like to thank Gauche for his guidance and comments regarding the editing of this story. I didn’t take all his advice, and therefore the mistakes are all mine.

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story. I hope you like it.

* * * * *

Finding a person to cut your hair just the way you want it is not always so easy to do. They either cut it too short, making it look like you could get TV reception by just closing your eyes, or they take so little off you wonder what they cut after hearing the “snip, snip, snip” of scissors in your ears for twenty minutes. I guess I am a dirty old man, since I normally visit a hairdresser rather than a barbershop. I much rather have a pretty girl cut my hair so I can close my eyes and fantasize – Wonder if the brushing of her tits on my arm is by accident or a subtle hint.

I met Marcy quite by accident. A couple years ago I was riding bicycles with my two children. We were just goofing off, riding around the neighborhoods that were not so familiar. I had bought a new digital camera and tried it out whenever I found something interesting to shoot or where the children could pose in front of something.

As we were riding past the stores of a small strip mall on the way home, my son wanted to stop and get a drink out of his saddlebags. As he was fumbling around, I noticed three ladies sitting on the steps outside a beauty salon smoking cigarettes.

One of the ladies was pretty cute — a full-bodied Mexican girl with shoulder length wavy black hair wearing a loose fitting blue sundress. The way she was sitting gave a nice voyeuristic view of her long tan legs under her flowing skirt when the wind blew.

Since we were stopped and I found the girls attractive, I asked them if I could take their picture. All of them starting giggling and chattering in Spanish… and I wasn’t too sure if they understood me or not. I pulled the camera out of my bag and asked again for permission to take their picture while gesturing at them.

The smallest of the three girls said that it would be ok to take the picture. I took a few pictures of the ladies, who never could keep a straight face, and then showed the images to them using the small picture viewer on the back of the camera. Considering the brightness of the summer sun, the smallness of the image viewer, and the way they squinted while trying to see the pictures, I was pretty sure they hadn’t really seen anything resembling themselves.

On the way home, my son asked, “Daddy, why did you take a picture of the ladies?”

I fended off the question with “Why not?” With that, the subject was dropped.

After I got home, I decided to check all the pictures for the day, delete the bad ones and see what I got overall. Naturally, I was curious to see how the pictures of the ladies came out. To my disappointment, there was really only one good picture in the bunch, a group shot. As I looked at the image, I became aware that the one that had talked to me in English was quite cute with her sly smile, dancing dark eyes and pinned up hair that allowed everyone to enjoy the features of her pretty face.

I have to admit… I was attracted to the ladies in the picture, especially the English speaking one, though I had expected to find the girl with the blue dress the most interesting.

As I looked at the image, I decided that I would really like to go back and check out the girls without the kids asking me why I was taking pictures of the ladies.

As an excuse to return, I made a full size print of the group shot and then cropped it to make three full sized individual pictures of each girl. I printed the pictures, put them in an envelope, and then rode my bike back to the salon hoping it was still open and the girls were still there.

The salon was pretty much a shotgun layout with chairs lining the left and right walls, hair washing station at the rear of the room, and what appeared to be a storage area for products at the very back.

There were only three people in the salon. One guy was sweeping and cleaning up a work-station on the left. The English speaking girl was blow drying the hair of a customer. She smiled when she saw me and indicated that I could wait on the sofa located under high set windows at the front of the room. I guess she thought I wanted a haircut. Not wanting to just drop off the pictures real quick and make a beeline home, I sat and waited.

As soon as the guy was finished cleaning up, he went in the back and came out with his stuff saying “I’ll see you next week Marcy.”

Marcy. Now I knew her name. One part of me wanted to watch her every move. Yet another, the shy part, wanted not to stare. I guess the result was that I didn’t act too weird illegal bahis while I was waiting since she would look up every once in a while and smile at me. Sometimes I would direct my attention at the mirrors, trying not to be obvious that I was checking her out. At the same time, I wondered if she noticed.

My heart pounded a bit as I realized that the salon closing time had come and gone, and once she was finished with her customer, we would be alone in the salon.

As I watched her finish with her customer, I noticed that she was quiet small, perhaps only five foot tall, and was wearing stiletto heels to make her appear taller. Her blue jeans were tight in the ass, accenting the smallness of her very compact behind. Unlike many Mexican girls, Marcy was pretty thin and, though it may sound awful, her boobs were not very big.

Once her customer had paid her and left, Marcy motioned to the adjacent chair: “Why don’t you sit over here?”

I got up from the sofa, crossed the room, and sat in the chair still carrying the blown up pictures in an envelope that I placed on my lap.

Two things happened as I sat there watching her clean up her work station and we chatted.

First, I learned that here name was indeed Marcy, that she was born in Mexico and had lived with her parents in Texas for most of her life. I asked her if she was married, and she said no and further explained that she had a boy friend, and they would probably get married, but a Mexican wedding is very expensive and she was working to save the money needed for the lavish reception expense. To tell the truth, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the substance of what she was saying, but rather was enthralled with her natural sexuality — an effect that she did not realize or chose to ignore.

The second thing that happened while I was talking to her was that I started to get a hard-on just watching her. I didn’t want to get a hard-on since I was wearing pretty flimsy shorts. Whenever she had her back turned though, I could not resist marveling at her body that was close enough to reach out and touch. As she moved in front of me, I could sometimes smell her intoxicating scent… not perfumed — just a clean natural musky smell.

I kept a watchful eye on her beautiful body… running from her red colored toe nails in those high heels, up those slender legs that joined one of the most sexy asses I had seen in a long time. I am not into anal sex… but I most enjoy taking a woman from behind. I could only imagine what it would be like to enter Marcy from the rear. Her arms and elbows confirmed her smallness, and her protruding nipples showed that she was bra-less. There was no one that could have sat in that chair, that close, and not been enchanted.

“Ok… finished. How would you like it cut?” she asked.

“Actually, I came to give you these,” I said inadvertently lifting the envelope and exposing the bulge in my shorts.

My eyes were on hers as I spoke, and when I saw her gaze flicker, I realized that I had made a mistake of lifting the envelope. I dropped the package back to my lap and said “I printed out some pictures of you and your friends that I thought you might like.”

Marcy smiled with anticipation, a bit of excitement seemed to dance in her dark eyes as she pulled the chair from the adjoining work-station directly in front of me and leaned forward into my personal space.

“Let’s see them!” she said with enthusiasm placing one hand on my bare knee and reaching with the other to retrieve the envelope.

I removed the pictures but kept the envelope to cover my bulge. It was really starting to get uncomfortable because I was afraid of being seen, exposed for what I was thinking, being considered a pervert, insulting the girl, or a vast variety of other fears that filled my mind at the time. Try as I might, even considering the discomfort of my member being confined, I was hard pressed to convince my hard-on to chill out. I was completely overwhelmed as Marcy leaned over, giggled at my comments, and filled my senses with her intoxication. It was like I could feel her warmth on my face as I talked to her.

“Do you think I could have a copy of the pictures?” she asked.

“That’s why I brought them. It was nice that you let me take your pictures, and I thought you would like to have a copy. You can keep yours and the group picture and maybe give the remainder to the other girls.”

“Oh, that is really great! What do I owe you?” she asked breaking my heart.

“Marcy, it was my pleasure to take your pictures. It isn’t every day that I can find a pretty girl that is willing to let an old guy like me take their picture. In fact, if I was twenty years younger…”

She giggled illegal bahis siteleri again and said “You’re not so old” again touching my knee a little longer this time thereby lifting my spirit yet again.

She got up, moved to the door and locked it, turned the “Open” sign to indicate “Closed” and pulled down the blind on the window.

On the way back to her chair, she paused, leaned against one and proceeded to remove one heel, then the other. “These shoes are killing my feet. You don’t mind if I take them off, do you?”

“No, go ahead and make yourself comfortable.”

With that, she tucked in her tummy and undid the top button of her jeans.

“Whew! That feels much better,” she said.

I didn’t have time to be shocked or even think. Rather than returning to her chair, she moved it to the side and lowered herself to her knees in front of me.

“I can’t accept something so nice without giving something in return.”

She leaned forward and slid her hands behind the envelope, seeming to know everything I was trying to hide. One hand took the envelope and placed on the floor under the chair while the other softly caressed and gauged the size of the issue at hand.

She placed both hands on either side of my shorts, and as I lifted myself up, she slid them down to my ankles, exposing my boxers. The head of my dick was peeking out of the opening, shiny precum glistening from the overhead lights.

Pushing the fabric back, she playfully gave it a quick lick and gently kissed the head with pouting lips before she slid the boxers lower releasing me from confinement causing my thick cock to start pulsing like a heartbeat in anticipation of eruption.

Marcy parted her lips and slowly engulfed my aroused cock into her warm moist mouth, carefully licking the precum, tasting the salt, and deeply inhaling the musty odors of my manhood. Her mouth seemed to stoke my cock using her tongue and lips. First she took a quarter of it and then pulled back and licked her drool from the end. Then she leaned further and took more… up to about half before she once again retreated and pull back teasingly causing the precum to flow. Then, very slowly, she inched closer and took the full length deep within her small mouth and throat.

Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and there was no way I was not going to see to what extent Marcy was willing to go. Rather than settling for a fantastic blow job… and before I got to a point of no return… I decided to place my hand on either side of her lovely face and lifted her from her knees.

Once standing, I reached down and pulled her top over her head exposing excited hard nipples. I leaned over, place one in my mouth, swirling the tip around with my tongue, gently pulling the nipple and then did the same to the other. As I leaned over, I continued to my knees, running my tongue down her taut belly to her navel. She ran her hands through my hair as I undid her belt and unzipped her fly.

When I tried to lower her jeans, she said “Wait…”

Words I simply did not want to hear.

“… I’ll do it,” she said as she made two wiggles of her hips causing her jeans to fall to the floor.

The next moments were spent with each of us shedding the remainder of our clothes – me my t-shirt, shorts, boxers, and tennis shoes and her of her jeans.

I pulled her to me and kissed her while wrapping my arms around her slender body. I could feel her breasts on the bare skin of my stomach and my cock wedged between us. As we kissed I guided her back to the couch where she sat and I lowered myself to my hands and knees, bent forward to place my head between her legs. As I absorbed her fragrance, she lifted her hips so I could remove her moist cotton panties.

She leaned back, grabbed the back of my head, spread her legs even wider and pulled my head down to her neatly shaven pussy implying what she wanted. With her on the couch, and me on the floor, I slid my arms under her legs and placed them on my shoulders giving me full access to her beautiful pussy lips. Using my fingers I spread them a bit, enough to open the folds and actively played my tongue along the sides of the slit, careful to avoid her clit. Teasingly, after using the natural roughness of my tongue on her tender cunt, I plunged my tongue deep within her love channel, probing as deep as possible, all the while tasting her love juice and implying pleasures yet to come.

As I finished my erotic meal, I made a point of sucking her tender clit into my mouth, resulting in a sharp intake of breath. I slid her clit along the full length of my tongue to set the mood for what I wanted to do next. I could hear her breathing deeply… excitedly… her wanting canlı bahis siteleri me to fulfill my taunt with cumulative action and bring her to climax.

No way – not yet. I knew I could always retreat to the last known pleasure point if I took it too far or she changed her mind. At that point, I wanted to fuck Marcy like she had never been fucked before.

I raised my head, kissed my way back up her stomach, to her budding breasts reinforcing the entire foreplay up until now. I leaned her to her right so that she laid flat on the couch with legs splayed and me in between them, and sensuously found her hungry mouth with mine. I kissed her deeply, running my tongue deep into her waiting mouth, mixing saliva and her vaginal juices for her to taste.

At the same time, my throbbing cock playfully teased the opening of her slick tight slit. She opened her legs wider, telling me again what she wanted as she pulled me tighter and returned the fury of our kisses.

Not wanted to be teased any longer and not wanting to wait, she hiked her ass off the couch as I plunged the full length of my cock deep into her warm tight pussy. Instead of pulling out, I used one foot on the armrest of the couch and levered myself to try to enter even deeper. It was as if I simply wanted to go as deep as I could, not to retreat even one inch… sinking my cock to the hilt… willing my balls to participate in the fulfillment of her desire and pleasure.

The feeling was amazing — no doubt enhanced by the fact that I was fucking a very desirable woman… the envy of many and the epitome of sexy… who was also about half my age.

I could feel her tightness, and though there was no stroking, her pussy seemed to milk my cock, pulling it gently as I tried to enter even further. I knew if I continued to grind her pussy in this way, she would cum because of the friction on her clit. I had other plans though. I wanted to cum together at the same time, deep inside her. If this was a one time event, I wanted to give her a memory that would stay with her for the rest of her life.

I slowly pulled out of her, resulting in a popping sound as the vacuum void was filled with air and she moaned her disapproval.

I flipped her over so that she was on her hands and knees on the couch. I looked at her lovely peach shaped ass that had so innocently turned me on earlier. I was tempted to lick her ass. I was tempted to bury my nose in her crack and lick the slit of the beautiful sight that was poised before me. But my lust was demanding and there was no way I wanted to break the mood and return to foreplay.

I placed the head of my cock at the back of her ass… debated whether to stick it in her ass, and decided it would probably hurt, and I didn’t want to fuck this up by attempting something that might not be welcome.

I slid the tip of my swollen cock up and down the entrance of her dripping cunt, and again entered her as deeply as possible, holding the sides of her hips as I plunged into her depths. As much as I wanted this to last forever, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. It was time to ramp up the tempo and go for the climax.

Every time I pushed forward and attempted to leave, it was like her cunt grabbed my cock and took another bite out of the stroke, doubling the pleasure of the plunge. She started out on her hands, and ended up with her head pushed to her armrest, lying on her chest having lost the strength to stay upright on her hands.

I plowed Marcy from behind with every ounce of lustful energy I could muster. Each thrust resulted in a corresponding pull of her young tight snapping pussy until, as I heard her moaning ever louder with boiling passion and lust, she screamed so loud that I was afraid someone might hear.

Wanting to share the event, I found the energy to pick up the tempo ever so slightly and willed my cock to reach deeper than ever, holding back as long as possible, before I unloaded my gushing cum into the depths of her cunt as our simultaneous climaxes exploded sending waves of shudders passing throughout our bodies.

Totally spent, she collapsed onto her stomach as I followed her down with my cock firmly engulfed within he pussy. As I slowly pulled out of her I saw the cum and her juices roll down her legs. I gently turned her over so that she was on top of me, spread her legs and reentered her from the front. She wrapped her arms around me and started to shudder again as another climax racked her enraptured body. She pulled me closer and held me tight as her breathing was still strained. Again I felt her body tense and shudder.

We actually fell asleep… just like that wrapped in a tangle of erotic fulfillment until I awoke a short time later and tenderly kissed her lips to awaken her.

As we were putting on our clothes, she said, “You never did get your hair cut.”

“You’re right. Maybe I can be your last customer next Friday,” I replied not as a question but rather in hopeful anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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