Marley’s Story: A Beach House Extra

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This is one of several extra “mini stories” that are supplements to the Beach House series. Some of these will be elements of the story that I had in my head as I was writing a particular chapter, but which were left out because I couldn’t fit them in or they didn’t lend themselves to the first-person narration of the story. Others will be side stories that I thought of after a chapter was done, which may add to the plot line.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Marley’s Story – A Beach House Supplement

Marly sighed deeply, moving back to her customers. The day was only half over, and she was dead on her feet. It wasn’t her job as a waitress at the Bend in the Road Diner that had her so tired, it was the fact that she had had practically no sleep the night before,

Jennifer, her roommate, had a new guy. It turned out that he wasn’t a new guy to Marly, but he was to Jennifer, you could certainly tell that from her night time activities. Every time she changed guys, she would do the same thing, loudly having sex all night long, in every single room of the apartment that she and Marly shared. Except for Marly’s bedroom, of course. It seemed as if no sex was ever going to be had in Marly’s bedroom.

Steve was the newest one, as Marly knew very well. Years ago after all, he had been the first boy she had ever allowed to feel her naked breasts back in high school, the first boy she had let put his hand inside of her tight jeans, and she had planned for him to be the “first” boy she ever offered herself to completely.

Except it hadn’t worked out that way. She’d had it all planned after graduation, Steve always had a big party at a cabin far out in the woods, and he would of course invite her. After all, she had allowed him to rub his fingers along her slit that night in the car, even letting him dip one into her gathering wetness. But the cop had come along, banging on the window, telling them to move on. And the moment had been lost.

But he hadn’t invited her, although she’d heard from other girls that the party had taken place. Strange, though, that none of the guys would talk too much about it and Steve hadn’t looked her in the eyes since then. Until Jennifer had brought him home last week, at least, and began her new boyfriend routine, leaving Marly in her current, sleep-deprived state.

Listening to Jennifer fuck her boyfriends was pretty much the only kind of sex that Marly had any more. She had wished last night, and even now, that it had been her instead of Jennifer who had been lying over the arms of their overstuffed chair, being pounded from behind by Steve’s hard cock. It seemed as if she could feel him inside of her right now, the length of his member gliding in and out of her, pulling her lips inside with each stroke, the tip of his cock reaching so far inside of her that she could feel it bottoming out.

Then it would pull out again, almost completely out, with just the tip inside of her, the shaft dragging across her sensitive clit, as he pulled out, then slammed back into her waiting depths. She could even feel his hands reaching around her chest, holding her breasts tightly, squeezing both of her nipples between his fingers, then letting go and rubbing those same hands all the way down her flat stomach, feeling his own shaft and the lips of her wet cunt as he plunged into her repeatedly, until, finally, after what seemed like hours of having him driving into her, fucking her, she…

“Miss?” The man asked. “Did you hear me?” “Could I get some more coffee please?” Marly snapped out of her daydream, no longer able to feel Steve inside of her, back in the diner once more. “I’m sorry, sir” she said. “I’ll go get you some right away”.

God, she needed sleep so badly. She could do this job without thinking, but that was the first time she had ever done anything like that.

It had felt so real, in fact she could feel how wet she had become just from that short fantasy. She needed sleep, and she needed sex! Walking around the diner, taking orders, filling up coffee cups, she watched each of her customers closely, sizing them up as potential bedmates. Most were the older locals, but she was becoming so desperate for company that she was even considering old Frank, whose hand she had just absently shooed away after he had pinched her ass, asking her if she wanted to go check out his “back forty”.

She wondered for the umpteenth time, what was wrong with her? She was a pretty canlı bahis girl, she knew that, yet none of the local men her age would have anything to do with her. She’d dated a few of them after high school, but every time she started to get serious about one, he would suddenly pull away, usually saying something about how she was “one crazy bitch”. Whenever she asked what they meant, they just looked at her with a fearful look, saying “like you don’t know”.

These days, she could only get sex when she went out of town, or when someone new came in. Looking up, she noticed the truck, Don’s truck, in the parking lot. A skinny blonde was climbing up into the passenger door, showing the world her hot pink thong and rounded ass cheeks. There’s a coincidence, she thought, looking at the truck driven by one of the “someone new” people who had come in. She had fucked Don a couple of times, out in his truck. And it had been just fucking for sure, not making love, or any of the other squishy terms people used for sex.

He was fine in the sack, although one time, she had been lying on her back in his sleeper cab, his face covered with her juices because he had just eaten her out, her breasts carrying greasy hand prints that she wouldn’t be able to wash off until she went home that night. His cock had been just touching the lips of her eager pussy, ready to enter her, when his cell phone rang. And the asshole answered it!

Pushing himself into her at the same time, he had hit the Bluetooth answer button that he had mounted in the sleeper. His wife Suzie had been on the other end of the line, and Don had continued to slowly push himself in and out of Marly’s cunt, while at the same time talking to his wife about what she had done at work and would he please pick up some peanut butter!

The call seemed to go on forever, Don putting even more filthy black truck grease onto her breasts, her stomach, her ass, while his cock ground its way into her, his wife talking about the god damn cat now. Marly was never quiet when she came, so she held off as long as she could, hoping that the call would end before she went over the edge.

Don’s pumping action had been having its effect on her though, and she had felt a wave rushing over her body, beginning to gasp and cry out, finally doing her best to stifle her screams of pleasure as his hard cock drove her past, to a place where she had no control over herself.

Don’s wife stopped talking then, making her own panting sounds until it was all over, then saying “Wow, Don. She sounds like a hot one! How about you come home now and make me scream like that?”

Then the woman had spoken directly to Marly. “Hey sweetie, its Marly, isn’t it?”

Shocked that the woman knew what had been going on in the truck, even knew her name, Marly had answered. “Yes…”

“Oh, aren’t you all sweet and innocent sounding!” Suzie had said. “So hon, if you ever get down our way, look me up. We can go out on the town and you and me can go get fucked by some guys I know.”

“Really, look me up.” Then the woman had hung up the phone.

Marly had quickly gotten dressed, racing away from the truck and back into the diner. She was off work, but the bus didn’t come for another twenty minutes, and she was not going to stand outside looking like she had right then. Afterwards, on the bus, she had realized that when they were talking about giving the cat its medicine until it howled, the woman had actually been telling Don to fuck Marly’s pussy until she came. His wife had actually wanted to hear that. She had probably been frigging herself while she waited. What kind of sick people did that?

Marly hadn’t mentioned Don or anything that happened, not even to Bobbi, who she pretty much told everything to. Any time that Marly was getting serious about some guy, she always talked to Bobbi about him, with her track record it helped to have someone she could count on. She always listened, often curious for details if she didn’t already know the guy that Marly was talking about. She would usually offer to “check him out” for Marly. Usually though, the guy would be gone again before Bobbi ever got a chance to find anything out.

And here was Don’s truck again, out in the parking lot. Marly could even see the blonde’s head, bobbing up and down in his lap, and she could see his lips moving. The asshole was probably talking to his wife again, while this little bimbo gave him his afternoon blow job. bahis siteleri She watched them for a few seconds, shaking her head, and then turned back to her tables. Whoa! When did that guy come in?

At one of the booths sat a guy Marly had never seen before. He wasn’t movie star handsome, but he was definitely not bad to look at. She could tell that he too was keeping an eye on the truck outside, glancing up from the menu every once in a while. When he saw her though, he raised his left hand, probably signaling that he was ready to order.

She noticed that there was no ring on that hand, then slapped herself for thinking like that. This guy was probably just driving up the coast and had stopped for some lunch. After that, he would be long gone. What was she going to do, take him out behind the diner and do him between the garbage cans?

The guy ordered two hamburger lunches, and she joked about him being really hungry.

“No” he said, looking out at the truck. “My girlfriend will be here in a few minutes”.

So, the blonde tramp was with him. Marly wondered if he knew what she was doing out there. Marly teased him a little more, letting him know that she was single. During their banter, she found out that he and his girlfriend were going to the People Co house up the road. “Ah” she thought, “that explains it”.

She told him, “I’m supposed to work a big party at that house this weekend, so I’ll probably see you again”.

Then she told him her name, and he said that his was Jack. She was thinking about Jack as she left the table, first he was single, and then he wasn’t; now it might be negotiable. She had heard about how things worked out there at People Co.

Walking back to the kitchen, her tired mind went once again into areas she couldn’t afford. She had watched his tongue and hands as they had conversed, and she imagined what they would feel like as his long fingers reached up inside of her, pulling the lips of her wet pussy apart as his tongue drove into her, exploring her, teasing her, swirling across her clit…

God Damn it! She had to stop doing that! The lunch rush was over, but she still had enough customers that she needed to stay on her game. Her tips depended on the customers being happy, and having a waitress that kept having sex fantasies while they waited for their food was not real conducive to that end. As she placed Jack’s lunch on his table, she asked him if he wanted ANYTHING else.

“Just ketchup” he said, watching as his cheating girlfriend came in to join him, giving him a kiss after she sat down. An odd expression came over Jack’s face after that, then a growing look of shock.

The tramp started talking at length, and he stopped talking at all, concentrating on his food instead. Apparently lost in his own thoughts, he did not even notice his girlfriend flirting with a married man at one of the other tables.

Eventually, both the married man and Jack’s girlfriend headed back to the restrooms, and Marly realized that she had completely missed her long break. She asked Steph to cover her tables for a little while, then grabbed her purse and headed for the restroom as well.

“That’s strange” Marly thought as she went in. The slutty girlfriend had not returned to the table, but she was not in the ladies room either. Marly sat down in one of the stalls and opened her purse, digging around until she found what she needed right then. Between thinking about Steve and thinking about Jack, she had made herself so horny that she couldn’t stand it, and she needed to do something about it. Tonight would definitely be a night for her only dependable boyfriend, Mr. Dildo, but for now, her tiny little vibrator would have to fill in.

As she was about to turn the vibrator on, she thought that she heard voices through the wall, coming from the men’s room. That couldn’t be right though, because one of the voices was female. She turned her head and placed her ear to the wall so that she could hear better. The few things that she could make out startled her.

She could hear moans and grunts, both male and female, and little pieces of words, making out “make me cum!”, “you whore”, and “cum on this honest man’s cock”. After more grunts and a long, male groan, she could clearly make out “…you asshole! Come back and finish me off!” Then, more male voice sounds, but those seemed to be getting farther away. Finally, she heard the men’s room door shut loudly, followed bahis şirketleri by a woman’s anguished cry.

Marly looked at the vibrator in her hand, slowly twisting its base and turning it on. She touched it to her nipples, causing them to harden, then, pulling up her uniform skirt and pulling down her panties, she moved the tip of the vibrator along the lips of her pussy. Wetness began to emerge from her depths once again, and she began to first rub, then pull on the lips of her pussy, finally moving a finger all around her entrance. She tried to build an image in her mind of the guy out in the restaurant, imagined that he was watching her right now.

Over the buzz of her vibrator, she could once again hear male and female voices coming through the wall. Pushing the vibrator up inside of her now soaking wet hole made that much quieter, and she listened at the wall once again, while slowly moving the vibrator in and out of herself, strumming a finger across her clit as well.

Moans, groans, and voices continued to filter through the wall, and Marly pushed her ear up tight to it’s surface in order to catch as much as she could, still trying her best to reduce the urges that had taken her over today. Suddenly, the wall between the two rooms began to shake, sounding as if something was being pounded against it. It took Marly a minute, but she finally realized that it was not something pounding against the wall, it was someone.

This was where the slutty blonde had gone, into the men’s room, getting serviced by not just one man, but now a second one as well. The wall continued to shake, so Marly removed her ear and just sat down, using her fingers and the vibrator to savage her own dripping cunt. She reached down and twisted the knob to as high as it would go, bringing the tip out of her hole and replacing it with her fingers while touching the tip of the loudly buzzing sex toy directly onto her clit, then rubbing it down along her sopping slit, moving up to her clit once again. With all of this activity, as well as the sound of the two people having sex next door, she was finally able to release some of her tensions into a long orgasm, her entire body shaking in its power.

She had to bite down on her purse as she came, muffling her screams of release into the leather, not trusting herself to be able to stop the screaming fit that she always seemed to have on those rare occasions that she did have orgasms. Marly hoped that the purse had killed most, if not all of the noises she had emitted. If not, she could always blame it on whoever came out of the men’s room. This, she realized, meant that she should probably get cleaned up and back to work, before the pair emerged.

After a quick touch-up, Marly went back into the diner, letting Steph know that she was back. Table 5, where Jack and the tramp had been sitting, was empty, although their things were still there. Out in the parking lot, the married man who had been flirting with the slut was ushering his wife and kids into a car as quickly as he could. Marly thought that she had enough pieces to identify the woman being fucked in the men’s room, as well as the two men who had fucked her.

Sure enough, from the back of the restroom came Jack and his slutty girlfriend. His hair and clothing were a little out of place, but she looked like she had been in a windstorm. Her white tank top had large wet areas on it, the material so thin that Marly could clearly see one dark nipple through the wet fabric. Her skirt was on sideways, and a line of white liquid was running down one leg. Jack had a stern, angry look on his face, but his slut was smiling broadly, very pleased with herself.

She couldn’t believe that she actually did it, but as they passed by her on their way to their car, Marly impulsively said “Way to go, stud. See you at the party tomorrow”. Jack just gave her a puzzled look, continuing to lead his girlfriend out the door.

The rest of her shift was uneventful. On the bus ride home, Marly decided a number of things. She was going to take a nap this afternoon, making up for some of the sleep she had lost already, and some that she expected to lose tonight. She needed to stop and get new vibrator batteries, and Mr. Dildo would be driving into her while Steve’s cock was driving into Jennifer. And, she would definitely be looking for Jack at the big house tomorrow while she worked the party. Maybe she could get a real man in a restroom for a change. Anything would be better than what she had been getting lately.

Once she reached home, she decided to take a nice bath before her nap. Taking the phone into the tub with her, she dialed Bobbi’s number, ready to talk.

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