Massage Therapy

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Sometimes I just like to write a story about sex. This isn’t one of my emotional rollercoaster stories. It’s about a young man trying to find what he wants in life. A big ‘Thank You’ to Estragon for making this a much better read.


My name is Royule James White; most people call me Roy. I’m considered mixed race. My mother is Hawaiian and my dad is a black American. So, I guess that makes me a black Hawaiian American. Dad never called himself an African American.

He would always say, ” My great-grandparents were born in America , my grandparents were born in America, my parents were born in America and I was born in America, so that makes me an American. And if I have a dark complexion they can call me a black proud American if they like. And if that causes anybody a problem, it’s their problem.”

Dad was born in Detroit, Michigan and joined the Army fresh out of high school. He is a lifer and will be retiring soon with thirty years of service. After his first year, he was transferred to Hawaii where he met my mother. Due to her pregnancy with me they were married after about three months.

Shortly after my birth, my dad was transferred all over the United States. Mom and us kids always went with him. I have a younger brother and two younger sisters. So I guess we were Army brats. We would stay on a base whenever dad went overseas. All in all I think we turned out pretty good.

About once a year dad would take us all back to Hawaii to visit mom’s family. We loved it there. I was the only one born there but it felt like home to all of us. When I was about thirteen Dad had an opportunity to get stationed in Hawaii as a drill instructor and later he became a recruiter. Other than being sent overseas a couple of times, he spent the rest of his career in Hawaii.

We finally had a permanent home and Mom’s family was happy we were all there. Dad had to leave for deployments a couple of times, so we stayed in Hawaii with Mom. We were always happy when Dad arrived home safe.

During my high school years I played sports and did a lot of exercise and weight training. I didn’t want a body builder type body but more of a lean muscled six-pack sort of body. I worked hard to get it and keep it. Needless to say, I have a dark complexion but my hair is short and actually rather curly.

Most people weren’t sure about my nationality or race. I would tell them I was born in Hawaii and since Hawaii is a State and both of my parents were born in the States, I was American. My close friends knew about me but it was fun when people tried to guess my nationality.

During my last couple of years of school a number of movies and TV shows were filmed in Hawaii. I was always picked as an extra. My looks and build were great for beach scenes, I was told. I never did any speaking parts.

My whole family would be in group or crowd scenes. We got paid for every day we were needed on set. A number of people had told me I should become a model. After graduation I was an extra in a TV show. One of the women who did makeup for the extras invited me to her trailer. She must have been in her forties.

She kept telling me how lonely she was and how long it’d been since she was home. As she was rubbing my six-pack, she pulled down my shorts and it wasn’t long before I was getting a hell of a blowjob.

This wasn’t anywhere near my first time having any kind of sex but it was my first time with a married older woman. It felt different. Before long I was sitting on her couch and she was riding me. Damn! It was just something about fucking another mans wife.

I must have had sex with her a half dozen times before I was no longer needed on the set. I must admit I liked having sex with older women much more than with girls my age. I didn’t have to worry about crushes or the women getting serious.

Martha, the makeup lady, was one of those who told me I should be a model. I really didn’t have any plans for my future yet. I liked working out but didn’t know how to turn it into making a future.

Martha introduced me to Norman Watts. She said he was an agent for a lot of stars and models. He looked a little snobbish to me but he said if I was interested he would take me under his wing.

I found out that it meant he would find me modeling jobs and TV spots. In turns out he would get twenty-five percent of my wages. I asked some of the movie stars and was told that was a high percentage to give to an agent but when I told them it was Norman Watts, they all said he was the best.

I had a talk with Norman with my parents present. He explained to me that I was an unknown and it would take a lot of work to make people aware of me. There were thousands of unemployed actors and models. He thought I had something special; it being my heritage. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We set up a contract for five years. Any work I did in a movie, TV or modeling business, Norman would get his cut. I think he was gay; he always had young canlı bahis men at his side, but he never bothered me. He did introduce me to the right people and work was more than plentiful.

I had to leave Hawaii for months at a time and go to Hollywood. I really hated that part. I do have to say I met a heck of a lot of interesting people. Norman had the contacts.

I saw many movie stars and was an extra in some movies. The main projects Norman set me up with were as a model for advertising products. Most were in magazines and papers. I couldn’t believe I was making such good money. I was sending most of it home and Mom was saving it for me.

She was an accountant and made sure my money was safe. I didn’t need much to live on. I rented a trailer and drove a low-end leased vehicle. It seems funny when I look back and see I was pretty much a kept man. By that I mean that every product I promoted I had to use.

My clothes were pretty much paid for as well as all the cologne’s and other items I advertised. My meals were usually provided by the sets I was working on and there were small parties most every night.

Norman told me ahead of time that I was to give the quiet image. Don’t be seen dating any stars or being in the limelight. As he mentioned I wasn’t a speaker or really an actor. My main attribute was my looks. A very lean but yet muscular body. The cleaner my image the more he could sell me.

Don’t get me wrong here. Norman was a brain when it came to advertising. He didn’t say I couldn’t date, have sex with the ladies or all in all, just have fun. He just told me to be very discreet.

Being a model was really hard work. I know it might be hard to believe but I usually worked on photo shoots up to twelve hours a day. I made sure I hit the gym at least three day a week so I could keep my body in good shape.

A little about my sex life. I did as Norman mentioned and kept a low profile. I guess you could say I was the pretty boy in the background but it paid extremely well. I had sex at least four times a week. If people knew how many movie stars I had sex with, and especially who they were, it would hit the tabloids.

I did have sex with a lot of the younger women, but it was usually after parties and a little drinking. I didn’t drink myself but my partners sure did. The sex was always good but I didn’t want to get attached to any one woman.

Some of the movie stars would ask me to their trailers at night. These were the older married ones who everyone thought were happily married. They might have been happy in their marriages, but I guess they wanted their studs on the side.

It was just something special to fuck and suck a movie star, especially a married older lady. I don’t know if they wanted me because of my dark complexion, my six-pack abs or because I was the quiet guy.

I never talked much about myself except to say I was Hawaiian. I did like Norman said and answered as few questions as possible. He was my agent and he answered the questions.

I learned quickly what the women wanted. It was a stiff hard cock and to rub my body. I learned to eat pussy, fuck like a stallion and not to take any shit from any stars. I always met the married movie stars in clandestine circumstances. We’d fuck and suck and I would disappear, which was fine with me, and mostly with them too.

These married woman just wanted someone young and new and I gave them that. They had no intention of messing up their marriages and weren’t interested in affairs, just the one night stands. I always got a kick out of reading in the tabloids what great marriages my sex partners had.

Hollywood is just a different animal. It’s really a fantasy world. The people don’t seem real. You never knew if someone was being truthful or acting.

A couple of reasons I had sex with the married stars was because Norman had told me that they always had a lot more to lose than I did. That’s why the sex was safer. Also, there was no love involved, I could just get my rocks off and that was good enough for me.

I worked out at least three days a week and usually had a massage afterwards. It always felt great. I put in the long hours and followed Norman’s instructions. I got to go home and visit about every two months.

I really didn’t like my job after a while.

It was just too much of a fantasy and nothing around me seemed real. Everyone was always trying to outdo each other. It was even worse when Norman sent me to New York for a few shoots. These people were even beyond the fantasy land. For some reason they acted like they were untouchable.

It’s like they felt they had so much power that the world was theirs. For spite, I made sure I fucked the wives of the arrogant assholes. Those that wanted to treat me like a second-class person got what the Army would have called promoted to “CFC”–Cuckold First Class.

I was almost glad to get back to Hollywood. The first year really was a lot of fun and games for me. I made tens of bahis siteleri thousands of dollars and had all the pussy a young man could handle.

The second year was pretty good too but it became monotonous. It was basically the same thing over and over. I had my good days but I knew I wanted to do more with my life. I was making a six-digit salary, saving most of it, but going nowhere.

After the third year I talked with my massage therapist. He explained how he got started and how much he liked his job. I decided to start taking classes in being a Masseur. The more I thought about it, the more I was deciding that’s what I wanted to do with my life.

For the next two years I went to school to become a massage therapist. I also did my workouts and did it all around working my different modeling positions. I still left time for my sex life, so I was tired but happy.

On one of my trips home I talked to my grandfather. He was really old school. His parents and their parents before them were all from the Islands. The family owned thousands of acres of prime property before Hawaii became a state and so popular.

Throughout the years most of the beach front property that they owned was sold to large hotels and other big business interests. My grandfather kept one large piece of beach front land. It was about nine acres at the end of the beach. He also owned other property where we all lived.

He had been selling souvenirs in a small building most of his life. Behind his building he rented the land as parking spaces. He took in a handsome sum of money through the years.

“Grandpa, will you sell me some of the acreage behind your business so I can start one of my own?” That was our first conversation the first time I came home after I started massage school.

We talked about my plans and what I wanted to do.

“Roy, this land has been handed down from generation to generation. I can’t sell it to you. I want it to stay in the family forever.”

Every time I came home I told Grandpa more about my idea. I was really serious about starting a business. I was in my last year of my contract with Norman. I had made hundreds of thousands of dollars that Mom had invested for me. I even helped pay for my sisters to go to college.

Norman tried to convince me to sign on for another five years. He said he would even lower his commission rate to fifteen percent. I asked him why he didn’t just sign me for ten years to begin with.

“Roy, most models are only good for about five years. After that they seem to go downhill, but you stayed with the program I suggested. You kept working out and improving yourself. You kept the low profile, which made it easy to sell you as the good-looking wholesome man that women dreamed about. You always kept your sex life quiet and never made the tabloids. The advertisers loved it.

“Other young men would want to show off and tell who they had sex with. They thought it would improve their image, but it always hurt them as well as anyone they associated with.”

“Norman, thank you for all you’ve done for me. I’ll always remember you as the person that helped me out. I’m not a Hollywood or New York type person. I don’t want to be a celebrity. I want to go back home, be among family and start my own business.”

We shook hands and I said my goodbyes. I was headed home, back to Hawaii. I sat down and talked more with my grandfather.

I had told him what I had wanted to do. It was to open my own gym for exercising as well as a Massage Therapy center. I explained to him how I worked out and it felt good to get a massage afterwards. My plan was to get a lot of the local people to use the gym and massage rooms for a decent income.

I mentioned that by being on the beach that I could bring in a lot of vacationers. We could massage feet, legs and even handle sunburns, to name a few. I showed Grandpa my degree in Massage Therapy.

He knew I really wanted to do this. The problem was he didn’t want to sell the land that had been in the family, even though I was family. He could have sold it thousands of times throughout the years.

I explained to him that I needed to be on the beach area to attract the travelers. He told me he couldn’t sell the family land but would make me a deal. He knew I had a few hundred thousand dollars saved and was willing to risk it.

There was also the problem of his souvenir business, which he had no intention of giving up. It has always been his livelihood and even though he was getting old it was his way of enjoying his time. He only sold souvenirs that were made on the Island, as he would call it. A lot of the trinkets and clothing were made by other family members. It was the livelihood of a lot of the extended family members.

“What is your idea, Grandpa?” I asked.

He really liked me and I knew he wanted to help me out.

“Show me your plans for your building and tell me exactly what you want to do. I know you have had people, engineers and architects bahis şirketleri coming out here. Show me what plans you have.”

“Grandpa, I asked you if it was all right to have the people come to measure and make plans up for ideas. I would never go behind your back. I respect you too much to do that.”

“I know Roy. I’m interested in your ideas for the business you want.”

“So, if you like my ideas you might sell me the property here?”

“No sell property, I told you that. If I like idea I might lease you property.”

I didn’t quite understand but I showed him my plans. The building would have a large workout area in the center of the building. It would have all types of exercise equipment. To the far left of the building would be a number of private massage rooms. They would be for women only.

To the far right would be the massage rooms for men only. Each room would have a shower and there would be other showers and two hot tubs for relaxation for those wanting one after their workout. The showers and hot tubs would be behind the workout area.

Right now Grandpa’s business was a long building front, more of a hut style where he sold his souvenirs. I was going to move his business into the new building.

“Grandpa, I thought we could move your business into the new building. We would have a whole area set up for you. It would be a larger area than you have now. It would be in the front of the exercise rooms and we would have an all-window front so people could see inside.”

“What am I to do while they build this building?”

“I thought you could keep your building the way it is now until our new building is complete. It will be behind yours. After that we would take down your building, and move you into the new building.

“You would still have plenty of acreage to the side and back of the building for your parking.” He made a lot of money from people who wanted to park close to the beach or many that worked the other businesses on the beach front.

“You have good plans, Roy. How much this building going to cost?”

“Five hundred thousand dollars down payment plus the land. After that I will make payments. I have most of it and the bank said my credit is good and I can get a loan for the rest.” My grandfather smiled at me.

“You’re a good boy Roy. I’ll explain my idea to you. I will keep property in family. You build your building but I don’t want you to borrow money. If you need more I’ll get it for you. I’ll lease you the land under the building for long term, say fifty years.”

“I’ll need money to lease the land, Grandpa. How much will you be charging me?” I asked.

“One hundred a year,” he replied.

“A hundred thousand a year? I’m not sure I can pay that much Grandpa.” I could see my idea going up in smoke.

Grandpa laughed. “You’re my favorite grandson. I charge you a hundred dollars a year, not hundred thousand.” I cried.


The construction started and the building was done in no time. It was a little sad when they took down Grandpa’s old hut building, but it looked great seeing him in an all-new glass enclosure.

During the period of the building was being built I had a lot of work to do to get started. I bought the exercise equipment, spas and everything else we needed. I had to find some good masseuses. I hope to have employees that already had certificates. I needed both men and women.

I advertised and received a lot of responses. I interviewed over fifty different people. Thirty had already been certified to do massages. I hired eight to start out. Others I put on a will-call or part-time list. I knew that in this kind of business I’d be going through a lot of employees.

After a while some would leave hoping to make it on their own, while others would get engaged or married and their respective partners wouldn’t want them rubbing other people’s bodies.

I asked my two sisters if they wanted to work at the gym/massage clinic. Zoë had become a nurse and I thought it would be good to have someone from the medical field on site. Kloey, my youngest sister, had recently gotten a degree in accounting. I was hoping that she would handle all the paper work and finances.

They told me there was no way they wanted to give massages. I laughed and told them I didn’t want them giving massages either but I wanted people I knew I could trust to help run the business. Besides they were both beautiful Hawaiian women and that couldn’t hurt business.

Zoë said she would do it part time so she could keep her other job at a doctor’s office. She did say if it worked out, that she would eventually come on board full time. She was married and did have a little girl. She could always bring my niece with her. After all we had family working here.

Grandma would often come and sit with Grandpa. We even set up tables outside where customers could sit and have a beverage.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. My brother was similar in build to me. He worked out often and I asked him to run the gym. He asked about doing massages but I told him he needed to get certified and then we’d talk. Till then I needed someone to keep an eye on the gym and equipment.

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