Molly Learns Ch. 3

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By 9:30 we realized we hadn’t eaten and were getting hungry. Christine wore a simple tee dress, with nothing under it. The skirt would have hit me just above the knee, but with her long body, hit came just below the ass. She wore a pair of high-heeled sandals. It was more difficult for me to find something of hers to wear and we settled on a halter-top that just barely covered. While I am not huge, I am much larger than my friend. She had a little skirt with elastic waste and flowing lines that came just above my knees. Our shoe size was just a little different, but she had a pair of platform slides that worked. Christine suggested beer and wings and she knew of two good places, one was a nice little yuppie bar with a band on weekends and the other was a biker den with pool table and juke box, where the men were men and so were the women. I suggested the biker bar.

As soon as we walked in, it was obvious, we didn’t belong. We took a table near the game room, ordered a pitcher and some wings. There was an open pool table and I suggested we play. Christine wasn’t sure, but when I reminded her of her short skirt and the need to bend over the table, she thought the idea would be a good one. When Chris played a normal shot, her skirt rode up and you could catch the bare ass and a hint of pussy, but when she had a long shot and had to stretch the skirt came way up, the legs parted and stretched and her pussy was an inviting tunnel. When it was my turn, I had to rely on jiggling titties and bouncing boobs to garner any attention. It wasn’t long until there was a group of men, standing around watching.

We weren’t very good and it took a lot of shots for us to finish a game and we were closing down on the first game when two guys laid some quarters on the table. I didn’t understand what it was until they explained, that when a table is in use, anyone can lay down the price of the game, it means they get to play the winners. Only this time, we don’t want to play winners, we want to play the pussies. Christine looked at me, I looked at her and smiled, sure, we would be glad to play with you next.. fethiye escort Then one of the guys stuck his cue stick between his legs and asked if we would like to play with him. I walked over, licked my lips, slipped both hands around his cue stick and slowly rubbed up and down it, put your money on the table and I’ll rack your balls too. I blew him a kiss and turned around to the hoots and hollers.

Christine had taken her turn and been showing her ass, I took my first and wiggled my tits, now it was time for my second turn. Danny stopped, me whispered in my ear and when I agreed, he untied the back of my halter and retied it very loose, this time when I bent over my shot, my tits, hung free, the material dangling loose below them. We drank beer, played pool and showed off our asses and our tits, we talked about sex, and made a lot of innuendoes.

Chris had been standing with her stick between her legs, sliding it up and down. The one guy behind her was horny as hell, his cock had been hard for a long time. Then when Chris bent over for her shot, he screamed, “I can’t stand it any longer” He dropped his jeans and rammed his cock up her pussy. He stroked Chris, she was urging him on, “harder, faster, ohoo, drive it in, yes, harder …” We stood watching and cheering as Chris got pounded from behind.

The guy behind stepped up close, his body touching mine, I wiggled my ass against his groin and he slid one hand around my waist and the other on my breast. His hands rubbed and tweaked my nipple as we watched Chris get fucked. The guy pounding her, let out a gasp, shook, gave a couple of fast thrust and pulled from her, his cock hanging at half mast. Chris screamed, “I’m almost there, don’t stop” and then a another man stepped up and drove his cock into her and began pounding her. Chris motioned for one to come around front and she began to suck his cock.

The guy holding me turned me around, lifted me onto the next table, raised my skirt and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue licking and sucking my pussy as his finger slowly moved in out. While the first one sucked my pussy, escort fethiye another lifted my top and began to suck and caress my tits. The one at my pussy had two fingers in me as he licked and stroked my clit, I was building fast, moaning and twisting under the onslaught until I was ready to come, I begged him to fuck me. The guy mounted me and drove his cock home, lifting me and slamming me home again. I screamed with excitement, as he let loose his load.

As soon as he pulled out of me a second took his place, slow gentle movements and as he stroked in me, a third straddled my chest and lowered his tool for me to suck. I licked his shaft and took the tip of his rod, slowly he moved, with each stroke he moved a little deeper in my throat, I gagged, he stopped and then he began again. He was above me and controlling the movement, and I relaxed and let him drive his cock in and out, the man in my pussy began to move faster as he built to a climax and the man in my throat moved with him and within seconds they both burst forth, the man on top spewing his white juices over my face, in my mouth in my eyes and running down my chin. My arms were pinned to my side as he sat over me, his hand feverishly squeezing out the last drops on to my eyes.

Then I felt the gentle kiss or licking of a tongue as Chris licked the cum from my eyes and cheeks. The two men rolled from me and I started to get up. A man lay on his back and pulled me to him, reluctantly I mounted him and finally I was on top in control. The man pulled me to him and we kissed, my knees at his waist, I was bending forward kissing him, his cock deep in my pussy. Then I felt a hand at my ass, and as I tried to sit up, hands held me down as another lined his cock with my ass and slowly slid his organ into me. I felt like I would explode, as he slid in and quickly my muscles relaxed and stretched and I could feel them in me, a slim membrane separating the two.

After a couple of misfires, we were able to move together. The three of us up and down. It was slow and rhythmic. The two sliding together, filling and fulfilling. It was fethiye escort bayan a pleasurable sensation, but not overly exciting. The two men were building quickly as were the ones watching. Several had their cocks in their hands rubbing them as they watched. As the two moved in me I took a cock in each hand and moved from one to the other, licking and sucking, scratching the balls and moving to the other.

The one in my ass, shuddered, pulled his cock from me and worked it by hand, shooting a load on my back and in my hair, rubbing his cock over my back, smearing the cum over it. The one in then rolled me over, pulled his cock and shot his load on my chest and chin, rubbing his prick between my tits. Then one by one, the others began shooting their loads on my face and neck, in my mouth and over my eyes, cocks were seeping and dripping as they rubbed in my ears and in my hair and over my mouth. The cum began to dry and I could not open my eyes. Finally one man wet a napkin and wiped my eyes.

My little skirt was around my waist the halter top on the floor among the beer and cum. Chris was struggling into her tee. We were well used and little sore, I sat on the edge of the table, and my legs wide apart and my cunt open to view. I was ready to get down, when one more man stepped over, he was seven foot tall, weighed 350 pounds and when he dropped his pants had a cock that was thick as my fist and as long as my arm.

The man started toward me, I screamed no as two men pushed me onto the table holding my arms down as two more took my legs and lifted and pulled them apart as the behemoth approached. Chris was yelling no and started forward, I saw her catch a punch to the jaw and drop to the floor just before the man climbed on. His cock was huge and he forced it in one swift movement, the muscles strained, ready to tear as he pulled out and poured beer over my pussy as he drove it home again, his movements were fast and the pain was high. As I cried, the men screamed and hooted and began to pinch my tits. The man drove home and tears came, and the crowd turned sadistic. Quickly, he shot his load and pulled from me. Chris struggled to her feet, her lip split and bleeding as she handed me my top.

We staggered toward the door and the bar keep called out, “You all come back next week, you’re good for business”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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