Mom’s Pet Ch. 04

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After they arrived home Jamie was pulled out of the car by her mom and led by her leash upstairs to their flat. Her mom removed the leash and handcuffs from Jamie’s wrists and smacked her ass. “Make some baked salmon for two with asparagus and salads,” her mom ordered, “Set the table for two with wine glasses.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie replied hearing her tummy rumbling since she had only eaten cum all day.

“You are not permitted to eat any of it,” her Mistress ordered, “I have a date coming over tonight and if there is any left over you can eat it when you are cleaning dishes.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie said pouting.

Fortunately for Jamie her mom turned off the vibrator in her chastity belt so she could focus on preparing the meal. As she was working in the kitchen she was getting more and more hungry. She was about to sneak a bite of asparagus when she glanced up to see a camera watching over the kitchen. Her mom must have had it installed when she was being fitted with the chastity belt. Jamie knew she was already in big trouble so she continued cooking without sampling anything.

When her mom came in she was wearing an almost sheer black silk robe. “It smells delicious,” her mom said as she came in and sampled an asparagus.

Brandi kissed Jamie on the back of her neck and said, “You will serve our meals and wine. When we don’t need anything from you, you will kneel beside me with your head down. Is that understood my sweet little slave?”

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie moaned as her mother kissed her neck.

At that moment the buzzer rang. “Go answer the door, slave,” her mother said with a strong emphasis on the final word to prevent any rebellion from her daughter.

Jamie walked downstairs wearing just her collar and chastity belt. Nervously she opened the door to garage and was shocked to see her mom’s sister.

“Aunt Brenda!” Jamie exclaimed.

Her aunt took Jamie into her arms and hugged her tightly. As they hugged she also caressed Jamie’s exposed ass. “I am so happy to see your mom found a slave to abuse,” Brenda said still caressing Jamie’s ass, “now she won’t need me to help satisfy her sadistic needs.”

“You and mom?” Jamie said in shocked voice.

“Your mom and I have been lovers since we were kids,” her aunt casually said, “but she used me once in a while as her pain bitch. I know it really turned her on so I didn’t mind doing it on rare occasions. So I am so glad that I won’t have to do that any more and the two of us can just be lovers.”

Her aunt patted Jamie’s chastity belt and continued, “I know it will be very rough on you but just know that it really turns on your mom.”

As the two walked upstairs together, Brenda added, “Since you slept with your mom and agreed to be her slave, we thought it was time to be open with our relationship around you.”

At that moment they reached the top of the stairs and were greeted by Jamie’s mom. Instantly Jamie dropped to her knees as the two sisters embraced and began kissing each other passionately.

Jamie glanced up to see her aunt in the bright light of the great room. Her Aunt Brenda was about the same height as her mom. Whereas Brandi had a skinny body with soft round milf boobs, Brenda eryaman arkadan veren escort had a very skinny and trim body with a flat chest very similar to Jamie. Brenda also had long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail like Jamie and Brandi kept her bright blonde hair cut short.

The two women continued kissing passionately in front of Jamie, until they finally pulled away from each other. Brandi helped Brenda take off her trench coat to reveal that Brenda was only wearing a white garter belt and stockings with white high-heeled pumps and no bra. “My sister the slut,” Brandi giggled as the two older women held their arms around each other’s waist. “Look who is talking,” Brenda laughed and she caressed Brandi’s exposed nipples though the sheer material of her robe.

Brandi dropped Brenda’s coat on top of Jamie and said, “hang that up then pour our wine.’

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie said as she scrambled to get up and hang up the trench coat.

The two sisters relaxed on the couch kissing and fondling each other as Jamie placed the full glasses on a nearby table and knelt beside them.

Jamie glanced up at the two and saw their hands gliding over each other’s bodies and longed to do the same. She also wanted to desperately rub her clit but knew that was impossible, so the teenager just waited impatiently on her knees.

When the two women stopped kissing they took their glasses and began to sip. “Get our meals ready, slave” Jamie’s mom said.

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie replied and instantly stood up and ran to the kitchen.

Jamie set the their meals on the table quickly and knelt next to her mom’s chair with her head down, as the two women casually walked to the table holding their glasses.

“Now that she knows about us,” Brandi said to her sister, “You can come over more often so we can make love more frequently.”

“I thought the same thing,” Brenda said, “you will need a lot more sexual relief when you start torturing her.”

“I definitely will need much more sex,” Brandi laughed, “Just keeping her edged and in chastity has gotten me insanely excited. Oh that reminds me let me show you this.”

Jamie glanced up to see her mom showing Brenda the AP on her phone. Seconds later Jamie could feel the vibrator buried in her chastity belt start vibrating. Within seconds Jamie was close to an orgasm. The teenager bit her lip hard trying no to moan and disturb the two women as they talked.

“I can keep her like this for hours,” Brandi told her sister.

Brenda caressed Jamie’s head as the young girl trembled in frustration beside the table. ‘How long will you keep her denied?” Brenda asked.

“So far she has to wait a year until she cums again,” Brandi casually said, “However, that will only increase if she disobeys me further.”

“Are you going to let her reduce her time for good behavior,’ Brenda asked.

“Of course,” Jamie’s mom said with a cruel grin, “Each time she endures a torture session it will be reduced by a day.”

Jamie looked up with pleading eyes at her mom. The orgasm being kept away from her caused the young girl to whimper softly. Her mom held her daughter’s chin in her hands and forced Jamie to look into sincan escort her mom’s eyes. “Do you understand that, slave?” Brandi asked.

Nervously Jamie replied, “Yes I do Mistress.”

Brandi wiped a tear from Jamie’s face and resumed eating her meal with her sister.

Jamie refreshed their wine and cleared the table when they were finished. “Put all the leftovers in he stainless steel dog bowl on the floor,” her mom explained, “Then once you have finished cleaning the dishes and clearing the table you may eat it without use of your hands. When you are done eating come to my room.”

“Yes Mistress,” Jamie said as she began her chores.

While Jamie did her chores, she could feel the constant vibration against her clit, and wanted desperately to cum. Her entire body was covered in sweat from the constant frustration. After the table and dishes were clean, Jamie got on her hands and knees and began eating the leftovers from the dog bowl. It was humiliating even though no one was watching her. That fact that she was doing it alone made it even more degrading. However Jamie could feel her pussy getting moist under her chastity belt from her continual teasing but could also feel a tingling sensation from the humiliation she had to endure from eating out of a dog bowl.

There wasn’t much food left over from their meals, so Jamie finished eating quickly. After her bowl was empty she cleaned it out then washed her face, which was covered with food from her meal.

As ordered the teenage entered her mom’s room and knelt quietly next to the bed. Meanwhile on the bed, her mom and her aunt were erotically licking each other off.

Both women on the bed had their thighs locked around the head of the other as they were engrossed in a very fulfilling 69 position.

Jamie could hear her mom screaming as she came from her aunt’s tongue, then moments later she could hear Brenda coming from her mom’s tongue. This mutual satisfaction continued for almost a half an hour.

Jamie remained kneeling beside the bed as her own pussy continued to be teased but not allowed to climax. She whimpered softly is desperation and caressed her chastity belt hoping to find a flaw so she could get to her pussy.

Finally the two sisters had enough and fell next to each other on the bed. Both of them were panting heavily. “Wine,” Brandi gasped, “slave.”

Jamie instantly stood up and grabbed their glasses then ran to the kitchen.

The teenager returned with the full glasses to see her mom and her aunt sitting up in bed naked and kissing each other. Their hands exploring each other’s breasts and moaning into each other’s mouths. When the sisters stopped kissing they took their glasses. “Get up here slave and start licking your aunt to another orgasm,” Jamie’s mom ordered.

Jamie quickly got on to the bed and between her aunt’s thighs. Jamie always thought her aunt had a hot body but never thought about her sexually before.

Brenda kept her crotch shaved except for a small square patch above her slit, very similar to Brandi. Jamie knelt between her aunt’s legs and lowered her head. The aroma of Brenda’s arousal filled Jamie’s senses and she began kissing her aunt’s smooth mound. gölbaşı çıtır escort Brenda reacted by moaning into Brandi’s mouth as the two resumed kissing.

Jamie’s tongue wiggled its way into her slit and playfully found Brenda’s slit. The teenager began slowly licking her aunt causing her to moan loudly into her sister’s mouth. Meanwhile the vibe in her chastity belt continued teasing her own clit.

The teenager gently nibbled her aunt’s clit and bit slightly harder and her tongue began gliding back and forth over just the very tip of her button. Within moments Jamie could hear her aunt moaning louder. Jamie glanced up to see her mom sucking on Brenda’s left breast while her hand teased her right nipple.

Jamie continued licking her aunt and gradually increased her speed. She could feel the button in her mouth stiffen as she licked and knew her aunt was getting closer.

Jamie was also moaning loudly as she was kept on the edge of an orgasm. As she remained kneeling and licking her hands were instinctively caressing the stainless steel plate over her sex.

Finally Brenda’s body tensed and she began screaming in pleasure. Her orgasm overwhelmed her entire body. Brandi continued playing with her nipples as Jamie continued licking her aunt’s clit.

Finally Brenda had enough and pushed Jamie away from her crotch. It took Brenda several minutes for her to catch her breath then said panting heavily, “Fuck Brandi. I can see why you want her as a slave.”

The two sisters kissed again as Jamie knelt on the bed watching them.

“My turn, slave,” her mom ordered.

Instantly Jamie knelt between her mom’s thighs and began kissing and licking her mound. Suddenly Jamie felt a hard smack on her ass. “Faster bitch, ” her mom demanded.

“Awww,” Jamie squealed and looked up to see her mom holding a riding crop.

Her mom swatted Jamie’s ass with the crop one more time. “Lick faster, slave,” Brandi repeated.

Afraid of another slap of the crop Jamie instantly went back between her mom’s thighs and started licking her clit faster.

Occasionally as Jamie was licking her mom would encourage her by smacking her back with the riding crop. Jamie was afraid to stop licking to scream, so the teenager simply squealed into her mom’s pussy as she continued licking faster.

As Jamie was getting smacked with the crop and licking, she noticed her mom getting much wetter. Obviously beating Jamie was turning on Brandi even more.

Within a minute Brandi was screaming in pleasure as her daughter continued licking her clit. When she was down Brandi used her feet to push Jamie away. Catching her breath Brandi said, ” You may go to your bedroom to sleep, Slave.”

“Yes Mistress,’ Jamie said as she got off the bed and started walking. The teenager had just gotten to her bedroom when she felt the vibrator in her chastity belt finally stop.

While Jamie lay in bed trying to fall asleep her hands continually roamed over the chastity belt attempting to find access to her sex. She was so insanely aroused she just wanted to cum. Unfortunately that was not going to happen anytime soon.

Jamie began to reflect on her new life as a slave to her mom and probably her aunt as well. Jamie admitted to herself that she was actually enjoying being used as their slave. She loved they way they treated her and made her feel special. She never imagined the raw emotions of being dominated like this could be so intense. Eventually Jamie feel asleep after her rollercoaster day.

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