My Best Friend’s Mother

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It must have been about a year ago, today, that I first discovered what it was like to be with an older woman.

I had just turned 18 and the school year had just ended. Tom, My friend, and I had come back from a graduation party at Melissa’s. She was the hottest cheerleader in our school, every guy had gone to that party in hopes of getting some from her. Unfortunately for both Tom and myself, we did not have any luck. So we had left the party very horny and very drunk. “I can’t believe you didn’t hook up with her Jon, she was so wasted it would have been so easy!” Tom said. “Dude that would have been a little messed up don’t you think? I didn’t want to rape her,” I saw myself as a noble guy for not having done anything to her, but a lot of good it did because now I was horny as hell and no girl to fuck.

We stumbled up Tom’s doorstep and walked in the door. His parents were asleep, we thought, so we snuck up to Tom’s room. Tom passed out on his bed. I was on the floor still wide awake and filled sexual teenage energy. Then all of a sudden I heard a thumping noise against the wall. It was very rhythmic and that’s when I realized it was Tom’s parents, Linda and Mark, fucking right in the next room! I could hear Linda moaning with pleasure as Mark fucked her hard against the wall. The pounding made me hard as a rock. The blood flowed into my cock and made it grow to a pulsing 7 inches. My crotch became numb with pain. Tom’s parent’s wild fucking was making me so hot. I couldn’t take it any longer I had to do something fast.

I ran quickly to the nearby bathroom. I found some hand lotion and pumped it into my hand. I ran the cream up and down my shaft vigorously. I needed to cum if I was to get any sleep. Playing with my head I felt an ejaculation coming canlı bahis soon and just as I was about to release…

“Jon,…is that you bent over our sink?” Linda inquired standing in a skimpy silk teddy inside the door. She smiled , amused at the site before her. She was looking so hot, I had never noticed before how truly attractive she was. She was a petite blonde woman with perky little breast and the sweetest ass you have ever seen, impressive for a 44 year old. Her short blonde hair was tussled, probably cause her husband Mark just fucked the brains out of her. She stood there waiting for a reply. “Having a little fun are we? I hope we haven’t kept you up”

I was so ashamed, I blushed till I was bright red and said “S-s-sorry ma’am… p-p-party… Melissa… uh uh beer… drunk… b-bed… pounding… horny..” I couldn’t believe the jibberish that just came out of my mouth, but Linda didn’t seem to care.

“Were you about to cum into my sink, Jon? You know you shouldn’t do that?”

“I-I-I know, Ma’am I just…” I stuttered.

“If you needed to cum you should have found me” she advanced.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I regained my speech, “go to you?” God she was hot.

“Why yes, I know a hot young teen such as yourself has his needs and well I’ve always wanted to help you out when you needed, you are 18, right?”

“Sure am Ma’am, this past Thursday,” I wanted her so bad.

“Please Jon, call me Linda. You know you sure have grown…” her eyes gazed down to my naked penis …”over the years” she smiled at me. “I have loved watching you grow from a little boy to a handsome young man” I was in shock, I wanted Linda more than anything now I needed to fuck her “Sorry about all this Linda, I’m just so horny”

“Well bahis siteleri Jon, I think I know what to do.” She shut the door behind her and locked it. She stripped right in front of me. Her smooth milky skin was exposed before me. “what about your husband?” I asked. “oh he’s asleep, I wore him out” she giggled.

Linda came closer and then knelt to the ground. She grabbed a towel and wiped the lotion from my penis. She looked up to me with her big blue eyes and said, “I’ve wanted to do this for so long” and then she proceeded to swallow my stiff organ. Once my dick reached the back of her throat she pull me out slowly. As I left her mouth her tongue slid along my shaft moistening the skin, until she reached my head where she began to flutter her tongue around and dip it into my hole to taste my pre-cum.

She continued pumping my dick with her mouth. I held her head to me as my head fell back and my eyes rolled. “I’m gonna burst!” I tried to pull her away but she didn’t budge. I exploded globs of hot steamy semen into her throat. She moaned and rocked back as she swallow all of the sticky goo. A little drop was left on the ridge of her mouth. I grabbed her face and licked it into her mouth. I kissed her for a long time until my cock became hard again. I felt in control of her, she had been the one to come on so strong, but she was my sex servant now, she needed me to please her. It only aroused me more to know that she was old enough to be my mother and yet she still has submitted to me.

I wanted to taste her. Her naked body emitted an intoxicating smell from her pussy and I needed it. I lifted her onto the sink counter and got on my knees. I spread her legs apart and went in. I kissed her inner thighs slowly. Dragging my tongue near her bahis şirketleri lips only to move away. She was going crazy, she grabbed my head and planted my on her hot cunt. I lapped away at her pussy lips until her clit emerge for my taking. I applied some pressure above her sweet clit and kissed it softly.

I stuck on finger in her as I concentrated on her clit. I licked continuously until I felt her orgasm nearing. I moved lower down and began to rub her clit to ecstasy. She screamed with delight as she sprayed sweet pussy juice into my mouth. I looked into her eyes with juices around my face and asked her “Do you want to know how good you taste?” She eagerly nodded. I moved up and kissed her she licked her juices off my face. Both of us could take it no longer. “Fuck me now little boy!” She blurted out.

I flipped her over on the counter. Her ass was so tight i squeezed hard but then quickly returned to her pussy. I spread her pussy lips and slide my cock in. She was warm and wet, so there was no problem getting all 7 inches in. I started fucking her bent over the sink. Her small body arched back with each thrust into her vagina. I grabbed her hair and held her head back as I slammed into her. I then began to run my fist down her arched back and squeezed her tit with the other hand.

She kept squealing “Oh, yes, yes, yes…” I came again into her, she loved it. “I feel you in me Jon!” I didn’t reply I continued to ride her harder. I placed one hand on her rotund ass, feeling around. She was so soft. I slipped my thumb into her ass hole and finger her ass as i fucked her. I moved both hands to her hips and pounded her until she had her orgasm.

We dropped to the floor, sweaty and tired. Linda continued to satisfy herself by sucking and licking the remaining cum, juices, and sweat off of my body as she fingered her now tender pussy. We both washed each other up in the shower, and made out a little and returned to our separate rooms. I slept very well that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32