MY Co-Worker Melissa

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Melissa was one of the most attractive Girls I’ve met in person, and I got to work with her for about six months.

She was a tall, petite twenty year old with very long brown hair. Her looks could be likened to the actress Victoria Justice in some ways.

Melissa’s face was beautiful, and she had a beautiful pair of wide blue eyes.

I’d say that Melissa weighed in at about one hundred two pounds, very petite, and she had a nice pair of barely noticeable tits.

Melissa and I clicked fairly quickly, and just like with all my other co-workers. I’d spend nearly the entire shift talking to her.

I flirted with her a lot, but I could tell right away that she wasn’t interested.

One day while I was working with her. Melissa was standing at her register, and she had her one leg resting up on the bag holder. When she did that. The already tight khaki pants that she had on tightened up even more around her crotch, and made it look good. I got so damned turned on at seeing that, I had to look, but I tried not to make it obvious.

Another day when I was working. I was in the middle of ringing out a customer when I heard a female voice behind me say;

“See you later.”

I could tell that it was directed at me, but I didn’t know who it was that said it.

I turned around to see Melissa standing just in the threshold of the door looking at me. She wasn’t working that day, so I assumed she had come in to check her schedule.

She smiled and waved at me and I watched her walk out the door. She was wearing a tie dyed t-shirt, and a very, very tight pair of jeans that made her ass look great. I was actually kind of shocked that she’d wear a pair of jeans that tight.

Later that night, I send Melissa a message on social media to tell her how good looking I thought she looked earlier in the day. I didn’t mention anything about how nice I thought her ass looked, I just complimented her in a gentlemanly manner.

When she messaged me back, she laughed and thanked me for my compliment, and that was about it.

No matter how much I complimented her on other occasions, I still knew that I had no way in.

I know this isn’t true, but it seemed as if I worked with Melissa more in the six months she was employed with the store, then I did with some of the other co-workers, in the four years I’d been employed there. Melissa ended up quitting due to the conniving and snake-like personality of one of our other co-workers.

I really liked Melissa, but the only thing I did canlı bahis not like about her is the fact that she is super religious. That is the reason I was so shocked that she would wear the jeans I had seen her in.

She would never preach at you, or recite bible passages, or anything like that. At least not in person. She would however post them on her social media page on a nightly basis.

Melissa had the tendency to use the word “Whore” sparingly, which kind of pissed me off.

We’d be working together, and I’d get Melissa’s attention to look at a customer I liked. When the customer left, I’d ask Melissa what she thought about the woman.

Melissa would always say something like:

“She dresses like a whore.”

Melissa didn’t wear anything much different then what the customer had on. Especially when she’d be in her “Street clothes”

I’ve chatted with Melissa on social media on a number of occasions, and although it was fun, our conversations never even reached a PG-13 rating.

Other than that, I really didn’t know Melissa outside of work, so I can’t actually say what her personality would be, but if she is anything like every other super religious people that I know, her and I more than likely would not get along.

I’ve known over a dozen people personally who would devote more time to their religion then they would their friends, and I think that is exactly how Melissa is.

I didn’t actually ask Melissa out, but I did ask her to dinner. Just as friends. Of course, she refused.

The reason being that I am twelve years older than her, and;

“People may talk.”

As Melissa said.

I was actually kind of pissed at her for saying that, because she is of legal age, but she acted as if I were pursuing someone who wasn’t legal age.

I only have one fantasy about Melissa, and although it is sexual in nature, it doesn’t have to do with me fucking her.

In the fantasy, Melissa call me and asks to meet with me. She tells me that she needs my help with something. I ask her if anything was the matter, but she assures me there is nothing wrong, and just wants my help with something.

I tell her to give me an hour, and I’d meet her at a local sandwich shop. I jump in the shower, and a little while later, I meet with Melissa.

Upon getting to the sandwich shop, Melissa and I sit at a table in the back of the shop and we spend a little time bullshitting. I ask her what the reason is that she wanted to meet with me, and what she needed my help with.

Melissa bahis siteleri takes a deep breath and lets it out.

She tells me that although she is religious, she wanted my help to get her into doing porn.

She tells me that she really doesn’t know the first step to getting into s business like that, but figured I might.

I tell her that the first thing to do would be to search on the internet for adult talent agencies to submit an application to. Melissa pulls out her tablet and does an online search for a few adult talent agents, and looks over the application.

I sit with her as she fills in all her information into the application, and at the end of the application process is a semi detailed list of sex acts a performer can choose to do on camera.

She browses through the hundreds of sex acts, and doesn’t check very many of them. Only about ten of the hundreds of choices.

She chooses a few things such as group blow jobs, one male on one female, facial cum shots, and a few others.

“What’s this one here?”

Melissa asks.

She holds the tablet toward me so I can look at the screen, and she tries pronouncing the word.

“Beau-kack, beau- ka…”

“It’s called, bukkake.”

I tell her with a slight laugh.

“Well, what is that?”

Melissa asks.

“Well, that’s when a woman lets upward of fifty guys jerk their cum onto her face.”

I tell her.

“Ew, I won’t be doing that.”

Melissa says firmly, but with a slight smile.

“One or two is fine, but fifty?” she continues.

After going through the list of sex acts, I tell her that the next step in the process would to take pictures and submit them to the talent agency.

Melissa asks me for my help with taking the pictures, and I tell her I would help her, and I had the perfect place to take them.

Melissa and I leave the sandwich shop, and make a pit stop to buy a few new SD cards for my camera.

After getting the SD cards, Melissa and I make the short trip to a friend of mines house.

My friend is the owner of a small collection of antique cars, and they would make a great back drop for Melissa’s audition pictures.

When we get there, we get out of my car, and I start giving Melissa instructions. I tell her to stand in front of my antique car first. Melissa puts her hands back onto the hood, and she leans back a little.

She smiles at me, and I pour on a short series of pictures. I then tell Melissa to turn around and bend slightly bahis şirketleri over the hood, and look over her shoulder at the camera.

She steps back from the car a bit, then she rests her forearms on the hood of the car. She pushes her small, but very nice looking ass out and turns to look over her shoulder at the camera. I shoot another short series of pictures.

The instructions on the website explaining the photo submission portion of the application stated that the first few pictures should be of the potential model fully clothed.

After that, I tell Melissa to undo the button and zipper of her tight shorts, and to open the flaps, and expose her underwear. Melissa lifts up the front of her light blue tank top, and exposes her tight, toned belly, then I watch as she unzips and unbuttons her shorts.

Melissa throws open the flaps of her shorts and reveals a pair of light blue panties that match the tank top she is wearing.

“Ok, now, slide the tips of your fingers just into the waist band of your panties, and lean back against the fender of my car.”

I instruct her.

Melissa takes a seductive pose against the driver’s fender of my car, and she teasingly slides the tips of her fingers into the waist band of her panties.

I lay on another quick series of pictures, as Melissa stands smiling at the camera.

“Ok, now we gotta get naked.”

I tell her.

“I mean not ‘we’ I mean, you.”

I say jokingly.

Melissa removes her tank top first, and poses for a moment completely topless. Her small but very nice tits stick out like two peaches from her chest. She smiles with an almost embarrassed look on her face, but calmly stands as I pour on another series of pictures.

Following that, Melissa fully disrobes, and bends over the fender of one of my friend’s cars.

She sticks her petite frame out away from the fender, only leaving her forearms on the fenders, and I snap a full series of pictures of her ass and tight looking Pussy.

I then grab a blanket from the trunk of my car and spread it out on the hood of my friend’s 1957 Plymouth. Melissa slowly and easily climbs atop the hood, lays on her back and spreads her legs.

It is then that I notice Melissa thin and nicely cropped patch of Pussy hair. At first she just poses with her legs spread, then she slides a couple of fingers down onto her pussy lips and pulls them apart.

“Damn girl!”

I shout excitedly.

Melissa just rolls her eyes and shakes her head, but allows me to take a few more pictures of her.

When I felt that we had enough pictures, I tell Melissa to get dressed, and I had the SD card containing her audition pictures, so she could submit them to the talent agencies.

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