My Girlfriend’s Special Gift

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Prologue: The following events happened on a trip to the Maldives where I and Stacy went to celebrate our Valentine’s week and to cool off and revenge travel after such a disastrous year due to corona. We have been in a relationship for almost 3 years now and it has been an amazing journey so far with her. You can say I can’t imagine my life without her now and I look forward to every single adventure with her be it anything.

It was a usual morning like any other day and I woke up with the sun peeking through my bedroom window shining strong. Last night I was in a good mood and delighted in planning a trip for Valentine’s week with my girlfriend Stacy. We have made this our tradition of going on vacation for this special week every year as we met on such a trip only, the only difference was we were single that time and traveling with parents, anyway that story another time.

Stacy is 27 5.9ft with blonde curly hairs and a curvy figure with sizable boobs and I fell in love with her at first sight. She was not this curvy when I first met her but still, my heart chose her.

You can say it was destined. On the other hand, I am 29 6ft and I was always like this as I am today for quite a few years now. I started gymming in my last year at college and within 6 months results were amazing. Now I have a toned muscular body with enough abs to show for and a decent size uncut dick.

Stacy and I live in the same city just 20 mins apart and we work mostly from home these days and after such havoc quarantine, we were so looking for this trip to be a special one. So we discussed all the details, booked a room in a resort with a sea view and to and fro flights.

Finally, the day came for our departure and I went to pick her up and boy she was looking gorgeous in that tank top with a wrap skirt. I was busy with work these past two weekends which made it impossible for me to meet her and I missed her so much all this time.

I was mesmerized but kept myself in control as her mother was at the gate. I said Hi to her mother and her sister came along to drop us at the airport. Beauty genes run in her family I think. If I have to arrange in descending order of beauty then Stacy>her sister Nina>mother Joyce. Oh, I have no hots for my yet to be a mother in law but still letting you know.

We drove to the airport, said bye to Nina, and got on our plane to the Maldives. It took a long time but the journey was more than enjoyable in business class with Stacy. At one time we were making out for so long that the hostess gave us a wink as if saying I know…

I couldn’t wait for so long and as our seats were attached, Stacy gave me my first air-blowjob and I came within minutes and she swallowed every drop, I couldn’t return the favor but the journey had just started.

We reached the morning the next day and quickly went to the resort. It was a beautiful resort with forest all around and the ocean on one side. It was more than perfect for our sweet lovable Valentine’s day but I never knew it would become the most exotic.

We both were so excited and quickly checked in and went to shower and freshen up. Stacy was unpacking some stuff but I called her inside to help me with the shower although I had some other plans. There was nothing on her body and seeing that made me instantly hard, she saw it too and took it in her hands while kissing me furiously. We kissed each other for a good 10 mins meanwhile she was continuously stroking and massaging my dick. She sat on her knees and started licking my thighs to balls to the shaft and long lick to glans. I was wet and leaking pre-cum.

She canlı bahis never had any problem with cum and this made me love her more actually. I couldn’t control her so I pushed her head and my dick went totally inside her mouth, she started fast movements with her head. Her boobs which are a good size 36 were swinging with every movement, I took my dick and kept it between her boobs, she understood and started giving me a boobjob while trying to reach penis glans with her tongue and keeping it wet with her saliva. After a good 20 minutes I cummed between her boobs shooting some inside her mouth and she cleaned it like a good girl with her tongue.

We were under the hot shower for some minutes and then I pinned her against the wall, lifted her leg, and started licking her pussy. I teased her enough going from her inner thigh to her tummy and then again to just near the clit. She got furious and keeping her hand on my head pushed my mouth on her clit. I slowly kissed it then licked it and started fucking her with two fingers, long licking ass to clit and massaging her one boob at a time with my other hand. It was high time so I pushed my tongue inside the pussy and it was flowing with juices, increased my intensity and after a while, she came and I drank all the juices.

My dick was again hard with all the sweet pheromones in her pussy juices and immediately pushed my dick inside her pussy. She screamed to dig deeper and faster and I complied fully.

The shower was on and we were being so hot both with our loud fucking and the hot shower. I fucked her and kissed her and rubbed her boobs roughly and then came again for the second time in her pussy.

She was so exhausted so I lifted her in my arms and laid her on the bed. Dried her and me and ordered some breakfast. After breakfast, we slept for 4 hours and cuddled all the while, just looking at her makes me feel love, I think this a lot. She is the perfect girl I could dream of having, with that sexy vixen body head to toe and pure sexual desires which match with my hunger for her.

It was our day one so we rested for some time and decided to explore this fabulous resort and eat local foods. At night we decided to go to the resort club as there was supposed to be a big party that day celebrating the first day of Valentine’s week. We got ready. Stacy wore a halter dress which was showing her nice shoulders and ample amount of cleavage and she had to pursue me to not have sex then and there. I wore a black suit and we headed out to the pool area where party music was banging loud.

Drinks were being served and everyone was in a jolly mood, we too had some drinks and danced a little. Standing on the outside we were just talking about the weather and scenery when I saw Kiara with some other girls at the other end of the pool.

Kiara is Stacy’s college time friend and as I know they don’t meet or talk much these days due to work pressure or maybe some other issue which I don’t know. I showed Stacy pointing my finger at Kiara, the look isn’t she Kiara, Stacy nodded yes and we walked up to Kiara to know how she is here. Kiara was also amazed as we were and she told us that she came here with her office friends and the plan was sudden so not many people knew about it. We also told her about our trip and how we travel each year. She told us that she is staying in the same resort and reached just two hours before.

There were two other girls with Kiara, she introduced us to them. One was Peggy and another one was Jean. Both were cute and slim and had ample breasts and ass size. I checked out all three very secretly as bahis siteleri I didn’t want to upset Stacy for this, although she knew of this habit and I often used to tell her about girls I saw at work or other places and she didn’t mind because she knew I won’t betray her and trusted me.

We had some drinks and talked about all kinds of stuff ranging from places to see on this island and our respective workplaces, our plans, and some past stories. Stacy and I danced to some tunes which made us horny again. Kiara was now alone and seeing and cheering us from that corner she was standing. As we were about to go to our room Stacy invited Kiara to have some drinks in our room in a peaceful environment away from loud music where we could talk more.

I whispered into Stacy’s ear “why are you inviting her, I want to fuck you right now” to which she said, ” calm down honey, you will love it more if you listen to me”. I thought to myself what harm could it be, I could wait for a couple more hours, Afterall I am here for a full seven days.

All three of us went inside and I opened a bottle of whiskey and poured it into three glasses.

I said cheers and the girls repeated after me and we took a sip. It was around 10 already and we talked more, I was feeling very aroused and hugged Stacy from behind while sitting on the bed.

Kiara was sitting opposite us on a lounge chair. She smiled but I was busy inhaling Stacy’s sweet fragrance. My eyes were closed for a mere 10 seconds and I felt lips on my lips.

It was very quick and I opened my eyes and found Kiara kissing me. With Stacy in my arms, initially, I was awestruck by what is happening and quickly moved back to explain myself but as I did so Stacy came near me and kissed me and kept kissing me while I felt hands roaming on my chest and bulge in my pants.

Stacy pushed me on the bed and sat on my chest kissing me furiously while Kiara started to undo my pants. I wanted to ask what was happening but I was not allowed as Stacy’s tongue was playing with mine and that feeling of being with two girls was so overwhelming that I decided to enjoy what is going and question it later.

My dick was out and I felt Kiara’s hand moving it up and down and pushing her thumb on my glans and rubbing precum over it which was released in ample amount. She then took my dick in her mouth and started eating it like she saw a dick after years. I was drunk but adrenaline and this joyous feeling kept me awake. I motioned Stacy to remove her top and skirt which she did in a frenzy and again sat on my chest.

I could feel her pussy juices flowing on my chest. I lifted her and made her sit on my mouth giving me direct access to her pussy while she was facing Kiara. I could now see what Kiara is doing and she gave me a huge smile but didn’t say anything. The situation was such that I couldn’t say anything either. Kiara removed her dress and before I could think of anything she sat on my dick taking it wholly inside, I could see a little pain on her face but she still started humping herself on my dick and screaming in joy, and kissing my chest.

Stacy and Kiara started kissing and my dick was about to explode seeing that while my mouth was enjoying Stacy’s pussy treat. Stacy sensed it and removed Kiara from my dick and took my dick in her mouth and started vigorously sucking it. Within seconds I came in her mouth and she sucked everything. She then kissed Kiara and gave her some of my cum which is enjoyed to the fullest.

I made Stacy lie on the bed and started licking her pussy while Kiara was sucking and kneading Stacy’s boobs and kissing bahis şirketleri her lips in between. After some minutes I made Kiara lay on top of Stacy and stacking their pussy on top of one another, I licked one pussy while finger fucking another, this went on for a while, and then both released their juices which I hungrily drank. My dick was hard again and seeing the opportunity, placed my dick in front of their faces, they were kissing but seeing my dick started licking my dick between their lips. I tell you it is godly to experience such a feeling. That top of the world feeling which you won’t get anywhere else.

I could feel the cum boiling in my testicles and my dick was so slippery with their saliva all over it.

I quickly moved back to their pussies and started with Stacy’s pussy and finger fucking Kiara and then fucking Kiara with my dick and Stacy with my finger. This went for some time and then I cummed in Kiara’s pussy filling it up till brim. I laid on the bed but they didn’t want to waste any drop of my cum so Stacy licked Kiara’s pussy clean and then shared with her some of my cum.

I always knew Stacy is a sexy vixen but never saw her that side which I experienced that day.

It was overwhelming and I was again happy to have found her to be my beloved soulmate.

Only she is the one who can fulfill my sexual desires to this level.

I was exhausted and thinking all this when Both Kiara and Stacy came up to my face, kissed me together, and said “Happy Valentine’s love” and I reverted the same without thinking anything else.

Now I needed some explanation and seeing questioning signs on my face Stacy said “she is your Valentine gift and she will be with us for this weekend. She has loved you for a long time and she confessed it to me a long time ago when we were still in college but I knew that you loved me wholeheartedly and my feelings are the same for you so we decided to not tell you as it may create complications and I didn’t want our love to fall in any such situation. Kiara also understood this and kept her distance but she is still my best friend and we have a long past and I couldn’t see her unhappy like this so we planned for all of us to meet like this and release all pent up desires. I knew you won’t mind and it will not come in between us as now we know about our feelings and what is it we desire. And yes Kiara and I are bisexual but we made it our pact to be there for each other and not do it with anyone else”

I was feeling on cloud nine hearing Stacy and I couldn’t come up with anything to say and I just replied “I love you a lot more, you are the one for me” and after a second I looked at Kiara and came up to her and whispered in her ears “I love you too and you are damn hot”. It made her blush and she tried to hide behind Stacy but Stacy pulled her and gave her hand to me and said: “she is yours for this week, take good care of her my darling”. I laughed and both of them also started laughing. All three of us were exhausted and I was between Stacy and Kiara. I could feel her breath on my face and her hand caressing my chest while her leg over my leg. Kiara was doing the same and chewing my ear lobes lightly. I couldn’t ask for more and all sorts of dreams were coming to my mind on finding myself between these two beauties. I kissed both of them and said “Goodnight”. we slept for the night not knowing what adventures lay ahead of us tomorrow.

This is my first story and I do intend to write a prequel and sequel about my relationship and how we explored a lot of things together. Do vote and comment if you liked the story and if you want to hear more about how Stacy truly fulfilled all my desires in a true sense. Thank you everyone for reading my Story. Surely looking forward to sharing more stories with you all. Love you all…

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