My Happy Surprise

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After a long day full of meetings and trying to meet our customers outrageous demands, I’m am just grateful to be heading in the direction of home, I have only one driving desire, to get home strip off, get comfortable and have a glass of whisky, that bottle of perfectly aged 12 year old Jameson’s that’s been tempting me from within the fridge, kept chilled to be enjoyed straight up, like a good whisky should.

Finally I get to press the button of the gate remote and pull into the driveway. Getting out the car, I tumble up the steps to our townhouse. Walking through the door, I am greeted to a wonderful surprise… with it all thoughts of the days stress, the whisky, and well pretty much everything flies out the window.

As on the kitchen counter perfectly presented is desert. As all I see from the doorway are two perfectly toned legs dipped in knee high black stockings and ending in fuck-me red heels resting on 2 bar stools. And in the centre spread and waiting is my desert, a bald pussy. Beyond with I see your breast, your head hidden beyond them.

I walk closer. And sit on the waiting bar stool, and I savour the view before me. And with-out saying a word. I lean forward, taking a deep breath, savouring the musky smell of sex. Kissing lightly I kiss the base of your legs moving to the top of the outer lips. You buck like you normally do, but you only seem to position yourself in an even more ready position, ready to be devoured, I marvel at your boldness now, when we started dating you, you were so self-conscious you wouldn’t let me go down on you, and here you are in such a delightful presentation. I continue to lightly kiss only out your lips, knowing it’s driving you crazy. Tickling you in that oh so sensitive spot, you keep trying to get me to taste your most private parts

And finally I relent. canlı bahis Sticking out my tongue and taking a long penetratingly deep lick. Licking up and spreading your labia, moving my tongue up, just grazing the inside of your pussy, giving you a hint of what yet to come. And still my tongue travels up. Up to your clit, making sure I hit your clit from underneath, just the way I know sends you wild. Flicking it lightly, and as I do a moan escapes your lips. Just as I knew it would. Your hips moving to match my movement of my solitary lick,

I place both my arms around your legs placing one hand just above your sex. Pressing firmly down, keeping you in place as I start to tease your clit. Rubbing your clit with my tongue. Just like you wanted me to do. Occasionally sucking up your clit. But always flicking my tongue across your clit. Letting you build, letting your breathing quicken, your hips move in time to my tongue. Slowly getting quicker and quicker… not sure who is leading the tempo. But building you up faster and faster my tongue moves, I start flicking up and down. Rubbing the underside of your clit. This sends you over the edge.

But we both know I’m nowhere near done teasing you. Nowhere near done enjoying my desert.

But for now I’m done playing with your clit, and move my head slightly lower. Just to your entrance, and start slowly circling you entrance with my tongue. You are still recovering from your first orgasm of the evening and I’m am not letting you fully recover, I start flicking my tongue from entrance to clit, paying special care to reach and caress the underneath of your clit. And then back down to your entrance. And so my slow torture begins slowly building up. Up till when your hips start gyrating again. Keeping the one pressing you down in place, I move my free hand. Placing bahis siteleri my palm down with my middle finger at the ready by your pussy, circling your entrance with my finger as my tongue concentrates on your clit, repeating the same sweet torture as before. My finger slowly circles the entrance just pushing in but never really penetrating. Just engaging that sweet spot, this time your orgasm build up fast and suddenly, almost too soon you bucking your hips violently with ecstasy of orgasm, but this time I don’t stop my torture on your clit, my finger penetrates deep inside you and you arch your back further. I hold my finger there for a while. Before moving is in slow circles inside you. Your orgasm is still continuing I’m not letting it subside this time. But rather building its intensity. Until you can’t anymore you beg me to stop. Just to let you recover for a moment.

I let go of my hold over your clit. But keep my finger deep within you. Slowly doing circles with it… your juices are dripping down into your butt crack, and a wicked smile crosses my face as I see this,

As your hips calm down, and your breathing subsides, I regain my torment of your clit, but move my thumb toward your puckered hole. Making sure your juices are covering is, before gently pressing and rubbing my thumb around your ass hole. You become almost delirious, the sensations from your clit, my finger within your pussy, and my thumb slowly rubbing and pressing into your ass, are driving you insane, every time I touch your touch your clit with my tongue, your hips jerk from my sweet torment, your breathing has spiked again, and the sounds coming from your mouth are getting louder and louder.

My thumb works is way into your ass, not far just up to the first knuckle. But I wiggle it around. Your orgasm overwhelms you, arching your bahis şirketleri back. You push your ass totally in the air. Forcing my mouth away, my finger and thumb get pulled out and you let out a scream of pleasure, I’m sure the neighbours heard that moan,

Finally I’m done with my desert and am ready for the main course, and while you gather your wits, what little you can, I hastily strip my cloths of, position myself between your still spread legs. Placing my cock. At your entrance… teasing you still, I rub my cock up and down, covering my head with your juices. Hitting your now sensitive clit, you jerk instinctively every time my cock hits your clit. But I want more. And finally line up with your pussy entrance. And in one swift move push all the way deep into your drenched hole. You moan out, and I feel your pussy muscles quiver and clench around my hard cock. I keep my cock buried to the hilt in your pussy for a moment… enjoying the sensation of your warm moist hole.

Slowly I start to move my hips. Moving my length out. Right up to the tip almost exiting. Before slamming back in. holding and exiting slowly. I do this repeatedly, enjoying every sensation. My hands on your hips I move in harder and harder but always exiting slowly. Drawing it out.

After a few minutes of this I feel the usual tightening of balls. My cock seems to get even harder and bigger and I feel that strange tingling sensation around the tip of my head. I know I’m close.

And increase my tempo… going straight in and out in quick succession .in out in out in out till finally I can’t stand it any longer and I find release. And my movements become jerky as I pump my cum deep inside you. My head became fuzzy with post cum endorphins, all light headed like I’m about to pass out, but I don’t, a smile reaches my lips and eyes. That shit eating grin, the one you like to see… I collapse across your heaving chest.

I look up to your face. Look into your eyes.

“Hallo Babes” my first words since I walked through the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32