My Lady Branch Manager Pt. 01

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Abhi took his bag off of his back and took the stairs to get to his office. It was already 10 a.m. on the clock.

“She might get angry,” he whispered to himself.

This was the third time this week that he had got late to the office.

“Abhishek this is not done. Try to be in office by at least quarter to ten.” She had said the other day, “It doesn’t look good when you login while customers are standing in the queue, does it?”

“No mam, I’ll be on time from now.”

And here he is, late again.

He exhaled and pushed the branch door and walked in. His gaze inadvertently went to BM Mam’s cabin. Her seat was empty. He gulped and almost dashed to his seat.

“Where is mam?” He enquired with the staff sitting next his cubicle and pressed the CPU button.

“I don’t know. Maybe inside server room.”

He wiped the sweat off of is forehead, pulling his chair forward and pressing some keys on the keyboard.

He took the pending loan files and opened the one on top when he heard the bell BM mam presses to call the messenger.

“Sir, Mam is calling you.”

“Ohh okay I’m coming.”

Abhi pushed the door of her plush cabin and wished her. She was wrapped in a beautiful violet saree with polka dots. Her thick, curly hair were pulled in a gentle ponytail. His eyes lingered around her supple lips.

“Good morning Abhishek. Sit.” She ordered turning the pages of a file.

His felt a bit nervous, taking the seat. Abhi had joined two weeks back as a PO for his advances training. He had heard a lot about his current branch manager regarding her professionalism and work ethics. The information had made him a bit nervous but she had come across as a very reasonable and intelligent lady.

“See this application from the government teacher for loan is pending for sometime,” she looked up at him, “There is an issue with the CIBIL. Draft a deviation approval. We will hand it over to our Head Office in the evening.”

“Sure mam. I’ll do it right away.”

Moments later he was walking out of her cabin with the file. His gait was relaxed as she didn’t bring up his late arrival issue. He took his seat and looked at her from the corner of his eyes. She was in her early thirties. He had found her beautiful and attractive, with her body curvaceous at the required places.

Day passed by as the loan customers came to his counter in twos and threes. He had gained a decent knowledge under her and was able to treat the customer at his counter itself. At times if some new thing comes up, he would walk to her cabin and wait till she calls in and enquire about his doubts. She had always been very helpful and supportive.

He yawned and stretched his arms looking at the watch. It read 5:30 p.m. The day passes without your realisation in banks. He scratched his beard when his thoughts were disturbed BM Mam’s bell.

“Mam is calling you.”

He stood up and rushed in.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Abhishek did you prepare that deviation approval?”.

“Yes mam it’s ready.”

“What are you doing now?”

“Nothing much mam.”

“Take that proposal then. I’ll drop you to the Rbo. Then you can proceed to your home.”

“Sure mam.”

Abhi switched off his computer and pushed the proposal in his bag and came out. She was already picking her handbag and walked out of her cabin.

“Do you know how to drive?”

“No mam,” he replied sheepishly.

She smiled back.

He took the seat next to her as she pulled back the car from the parking area and turned it to exit gate. He shifted in his seat holding on to his bag. She seemed a good driver, smoothly taking the curves.

“How did you like the bank?”

“It’s good Mam.”

“Mhmm,” she nods.

The dark clouds were taking a cover and were hovering around.

“It might rain mam.”

“Yeah. You do one thing. Give the proposal in the Rbo and come back. I’ll drop you home.”

Abhi gave the affirmation and almost ran inside rbo as it had already started raining. By the time he came back, it was pouring heavily. He covered his head with his bag and rushed towards the car.

“Where do you live Abhishek?” She enquired as he pulled the door shut.

“Mam it’s some 4km from here. If you go straight and take left at the next crossroads.”

She switched on the windscreen wipers and started moving slowly. The wipers were almost of no use. Rain was heavy and visibility had reduced too much.

She stopped the car along the side of the road, “We will wait for sometime. I can’t see anything.”

“Sure mam.”

Rain was accompanied by heavy wind now. Abhi was looking in the opposite direction, trying to appear to be busy noticing the rain and not knowing what else to do. He felt some movement and turned to see her reaching out for her handbag kept on the back seat. She had turned and had stretched her arm fully and her big, womanly breast was visible from the side of her blouse. Her hand was not reaching to the bag.

“Mam let me.”

“Yeah please.”

And she pulled back. Abhi stretched canlı bahis and grabbed her handbag.

“Thanks Abhishek.” She took out her phone and checked the signals.

“Mam there are no signals in my phone as well.”

“Yeah mine too.”

Another thunder rang through the noise of the rain.

“Are you hungry?”

“No it’s fine mam.”

“It’s already past 8 Abhishek. We will see if there is some place where we can eat.”

She movee the car slowly, anticipating traffic through the headlights. Wipers were running up and down to no vain. The sides of the road were mostly dark with shops having half of there shutters down. The chances of an eatery were bleak in the heavy rain.

“You don’t carry any eatables in your bag?” She asked jokingly.

“Haha no mam nothing is there at the moment.” She took a gentle left turn.

A red, neon board reading Hamlet’s lounge appeaed through the raindrops.

“Arre how come I have never seen this?” She quipped excitedly and turned the car around the corner and slowed it down. Both of us ran hurriedly towards the lounge. She was giggling happily and ran through the pool of water.

Abhi cleaned the water from his face and looked up. She was dripping with water. Her saree was clinging to her hourly shaped body. She pulled her damp hair back and his eyes lingered around her visible waist and cute naval button.

“Ooh I didn’t realise it was so far or I would have parked the car closer.” She wiped her face and shook her saree, forcing the droplets to fall down.

“Yeah haha,” I opened the gate for her. We walked in. It was almost empty. We took a table in the corner, away from the direct AC. She was a bit cold.

“We will have hot soup,” she quipped.

I founded her to be an extremely jolly person. She was chit chatting with me as if we had been friends for sometime. I also felt a bit more relaxed and frank and discussed about my college life and ex-girlfriends and future plans. Many a times, my eyes went haywire looking at her moist, smooth skin.

Her lips were luscious as they moved. My mind was extrapolating the same lusciousness to her more intimate parts and imagining them in my mind’s eyes. I felt guilty of thinking that way but somehow my boyhood was overtaking my guilty conscience. She noticed my eyes lingering around her damp neck and immediately pulled her saree up. I was taken aback for a moment and could not meet her eyes.

She asked for the bill. My mouth went dry. I didn’t know what to say. I was cursing myself. How can I be so stupid, I wondered.

“We will go Abhishek. It’s getting late.” She pushed the chair back and stood up.

“Yes ma’am.” I almost mumbled and followed her like an obedient boy.

Rain had slowed down. We rushed to her car and within minutes we were standing outside my house.

“Mam…umm thank you.”

“No problem Abhishek.”

“And I’m sorry. It’s not what you think it is.” I couldn’t look into her eyes as I apologized.

“Good night Abhishek. Try to be on time tomorrow.”

“Yes mam.”

I walked out and she drove past.

Next one month in the branch was horrible. I had become punctual and did not leave any stone unturned to get BM Mam’s attention but she was behaving as if I don’t work in her branch. Her conversation with me had turned totally professional with frequent yeses and nos.

She would hardly look at me and not a word from her would be about something other than work. I have had dreams of kissing her. I would dream of her wearing a skimpy saree with deep cleavage and I would ravish her juicy mouth till I quench my thirst. But in morning I would call myself bad words for seeing such a dream. With days passing like this I grew too impatient and decided to talk to her.


She didn’t say anything.

“Mam… actually…can I have a word with you?”

“Tell me Abhishek.” She didn’t even look up from her file.

“Are… are you angry with me?”

Her pen stopped writing but her gaze stayed down.

“No Abhishek.”

“Then why are you not talking to me?” I felt more confident.

“I am talking to you Abhishek.” She looked up for the first time.

I felt timid as she looked at me with her black, beautiful eyes.

“No. I mean yes. You are.” I cleared my throat,” but not the way you used to.”

She remained silent for a moment.

“Because I don’t want you to get any fancy ideas.”

“There are no fancy ideas ma’am.”

“Do you think I’m blind? Tens of men ogle at me throughout the day. You think I don’t understand what goes in your mind?”

My mouth went dry. I could feel goosebumps on the back of my neck.

“No mam…umm…it’s nothing like that mam…you…I,”

“Carry on with your work Abhishek.”

I felt even worse after the conversation. Now even the regular day to day work in her cabin felt awkward. I tried not to make any eye-contact with her, though I would watch her walk and do her work without making her aware of it. I made a habit of going to the lunch once she bahis siteleri had finished hers. The possibility of any awkward situations were nullified. I started counting the days remaining for my next posting. My general banking training was about to end in another week. Then one fateful day we received the information about the incoming Audit in the branch. BM mam called for a meeting in the evening and briefed the staff about the Audit. She was a bit apprehensive because she wasn’t expecting the Audit so soon and a lot of work was pending on many fronts. Roles were divided for the staff. Target was set and the whole branch started preparing and finish the pending works.

“Sir? BM madam is calling you to her cabin.”

This was a first in months that she had called me to her cabin. I immediately jumped out of my seat, straightening my shirt and strode toward her cabin.

“May I come in mam?”

“Yes Abhishek.” She closed the file she was looking into, “You are already aware that the Audit is due for our branch.”

I responded with a nod.

“You have to take care of the advances section. Is this your first audit?”

“Yes mam.”

“Stop new sanctions for some time. And make sure that all the existing loan documents are complete in all respects. Signatures, stamps, forms are properly filled etc.”

“Sure mam I’ll take care.”

She briefed me about the registers to be maintained and other documents auditor might ask. It was a longest conversation with her for months. I felt better as she even smiled recalling her Audit experience when she had joined the bank. I immediately swept aside the new applications and started arranging the old applications. I started putting the stamps on the documents. Her smiling face flashed across my mind and it made me smile unknowingly. I leaned on my chair and tried to look in her cabin. She was comfortably sitting in her chair, looking at some paper, her curly hair were pulled back but few stray hair were hanging by the side of her face. I looked at her pinkish brown lips and felt my heartbeat getting audible.

“And did you tally the stamp register?”

“It’s done mam. It’s tallying. Only these are the files where you have to put your signature,” I placed the bundle on her table,” Other applications are already complete. Tomorrow I’ll get the registers ready.”

“Good,” she smiled picking up the first application and stroked her signature, “Ill sign these. You can proceed.”

“Thank you mam. When will you leave? It’s already late. I’ll wait till you finish.”

“No. Please proceed. I can take care of myself.” Her voice turned stern and I turned to walk away.

“What are you doing this Sunday?”

“Nothing much ma’am.”

“Will it be possible for you to come to branch?”

“Yes, sure mam.”

“We still have some work pending in the operations area. I could use some help.”

“No problem at all ma’am. I’ll be here. Good night ma’am.”

“Good night Abhishek.”

I stepped out of the branch. It was drizzling. I walked to the nearest auto.

“No sir not possible. There are no passengers on return from there.”

I took shelter under a tree and waited for the next bus or auto. Clouds were dark and hinting towards a heavy downpour. I was almost praying for something to come so I can atleast get inside a vehicle. I looked at my watch. It was already reading five past eight. I yawned and couldn’t see a single vehicle down the road. Rain was already pouring now and the tree was unable to hold the heavy drops of water. I lifted my bag above the head but it was raining heavily. I looked around for some shelter but couldn’t find any. The pitter patter of raindrops filled the evening silence and I looked at the water drops bombarding the concrete road.

I heard a car horn blaring and turned to see BM ma’am’s car parked near the branch gate. She was waving at me to come in. I rushed to her.

“Idiot, you should have come back to branch na!”

My shirt was all wet and pants smudged and damp.

“I’m sorry mam,” I shifted uneasily, realising the mess I was making in her car. The raindrops on the roof were making a huge ruckus now.

“We will go to my place. I’m not taking my car towards your house. The road is not good,” she turned the wheel and took a left turn.

“Once the rain stops, we will hire an auto for you and you can go to your house.”

“Sure mam. I’m sorry that I’m troubling you.”

“It’s alright.”

I could feel my teeth clicking with cold.

“You can take off your shirt. It’s all wet. You will fall sick.”

“No it’s okay ma’am.”

She turned her face towards me with flaring nostrils and I immediately started unbuttoning.

“Ahem. Mam?”

“What?” She was concentrating on the road.

“I’m not wearing any vest.”

She inhaled irritatingly.

“It’s alright. It’s more of a reason that you shouldn’t wear a wet shirt. You’ll get fever.”

I unbuttoned and parted my shirt, pulling it back and removing it off. The warm air of the car made a soothing contact with my bahis şirketleri skin. I took the shirt to wipe the water from my forearm and chest.

“We are almost there,” Her voice was monotonous and low pitched. She was also feeling the presence of a semi-naked male sitting next to her. I could sense her deliberate efforts of not looking at me. She looked at the wing mirror while making a left turn towards the main gate of her house and got a glimpse of my naked chest. She pulled the gear and looked at my strong, forearms and wished immediately that she wouldn’t have.

She parked the car inside the main gate. I got down with my wet shirt held infront of my chest. She walked back to close the main gate and turned and took out the keys to open the wooden door.

“I’ll give you something to wear. I don’t have any shirts and all.”

“Okay mam.”

I held the pink towel in front. It had a picture of a fairy holding her wand. I looked at it and smiled, bringing it close to my face and smelled. I was disappointed as I could not find any special aroma.


“Yes mam, ” the towel tumbled in my hands as she knocked the door.

“Umm see if you can wear this. I don’t have anything bigger than this.”

“Yes mam I’ll try it.”

I held it in front of me. It was a lose maroon top. I lifted it over my head and pulled down. It was skin fit and short. Fortunately, I did not take my damp pants off. Neither mam said anything about removing them.

The sound of rain outside the window was still substantial. I pushed the door open and walked out.

“Ma’am?” I looked around.

“Ma’am?” I walked into the main hall looking for her. She was nowhere to be seen or heard. I saw a cup of coffee kept on the table.


“Yes ma’am?” I looked in the direction of her voice.

“Have some coffee. Take some biscuits from the kitchen.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you.” I took the cup and walked towards the kitchen when I got a glimpse of the light from her room adjacent to the kitchen. I stood outside the kitchen, looking at the biscuits plate and the little gap in the window.

Why did she left the biscuits in the kitchen? I took a step towards the window and my mouth fell open at the sight. A pink towel was wrapped around her body, covering her breasts and hanging till her upper thighs. She was busy drying her hair with another towel. She was facing a tall mirror and her shapely back and bottom were facing my lusty eyes. I glared at her heavy breasts in the mirror and wondered if they would fit in my hands if I try to grope them. I could make the outline of her hard, big nipples protruding. The towel ended just below the junction of her smooth thighs and I stooped low to see if I can get a glimpse inside her towel. My heart almost came to my mouth when she bent forward, throwing her hair infront and drying them off. The towel rose a bit from behind. She was not wearing any panties but her thighs were squeezed together from behind, not giving any peeking sight of her womanhood, although her bulging hips inside the towel gave a good idea of her fleshy butts. For a few moments I forgot that she was my ma’am. My hand went down infront of my pants as I adjusted my hardening wood, poking uncomfortably against my briefs. I imagined myself standing behind her and pushing her in front forcefully and pulling her towel off, holding her back by her hair and ravishing her naked flesh with my strong, bare manhood. I licked my lips.


I was distracted from my daydream and almost dropped the cup from my hand. “Ye…Yess mam!”

I reluctantly but hurriedly walked inside the kitchen.

Did she see me?? My heart was pumping harder. The strong hardness in my pants was making a tent and my mind was overtaken by guilt and shame.

“She’s my ma’am, for God’s sake,” I almost spilled the coffee and mumbled.

“Had biscuits?”

“Ye…Yes mam. Taken.”

I quietly walked in to the main hall. My heart was beating fast and the hardness fizzled out. I took deep breaths calming my nerves and took a seat.

She busrt out laughing looking at me.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry but I didn’t have anything bigger than this,” she was suppressing her laugh and giggle.

“Haha it’s alright ma’am.” She was in a lose white top and PJs. I looked at my skin tight top and tried to pull back the bared stomach.

“Where is your coffee ma’am,”

“I have taken my tea.”

“Okay,” I took a sip and looked around. I could feel her eyes sneaking glances at me. I felt a bit nervous.

“You go to gym?”

“Yes mam.”

“I have been trying to lose some belly fat. I have treadmill, dumbells but it’s all biting dust.”

“Ma’am these are not needed at all. You just do 15 crunches a day. More than enough.”

“I need a mat for that?”

“Yeah, do you want me show you how to?”

“Umm…yeah sure why not.”

I placed the cup aside and went down on floor, “You have to lie on your back, and place your legs like this, bending at the knees. Put your hands behind your head,” my top rose even further as I raised my arms, “And lift your body. One.”

She was looking at me with an inquisitive look as I demonstrated the crunches.

“Nice,” she mumbled quietly.

“Try it ma’am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32