My New Pearl Necklace

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Bruce and I were getting ready for the awards banquet. I was scheduled to receive a major award for Employee of the Year.

I was in the shower; I had already shaved my legs and pits, I was touching up my landing strip when he pulled open the shower door and stuck his head inside.

“Oh,” he said when he saw what I was doing, “can I watch?”

I smiled at him, “no touching though. We don’t have that much time, and I don’t want to be late.” I moved over and he stepped in with me. His dick wasn’t hard but it was on the way. I like to say that he had a ‘chub.’ A chub, in my mind, is where a guy’s dick is swollen, not flaccid, but not yet rigid and hard. Well on the way though.

“What’s this?” I picked up his dick and then let it flop back down. “We don’t have time for this.”

“Come on Lucy,” he begged. “I won’t take long. I promise. How about a little leg, huh?”

“No way, Bruce. Not now and especially not in the shower. My hair would be ruined. Besides,” I tweaked my plastic shower cap calling it to his attention, “this can’t be sexy.” I set the razor back on the rack and opened the door. I thought it was cute that he was horny and I was tempted, but we really didn’t have the time. I stepped out of the shower and toweled off.

I was just pulling my little black dress over fethiye escort my head when Bruce strolled out of the bathroom sporting a full on boner! He’d shaved his pubes too! Damn, he looked good enough to eat.

“What do you think of my new hairdo, Luce?” he asked. “Would you like to have your way with me now?” He turned to give me a profile view of his erection.

“Yeah, I would,” I told him, “you look really good shaved, but we don’t have time.”

“How about a quick blow job then?” he begged. “You can’t make me go to the banquet with blue balls. That’s just mean.”

Secretly I agreed with him but I wanted him to beg a little more. I like it when he does and I could tell by looking at his dick that he really wouldn’t last long if I wanted to hurry things along. I smoothed my dress down and took him my single strand of pearls. I handed it to him and turned around so that he could fasten it around my neck. He moved in close and I felt his boner pushing against my ass as he fiddled with the clasp on my necklace. When he finally got it done he reached around and cupped my titties. His thumbs moved in synch across my nipples.

“No bra?” he asked.

“No panties either,” I answered. “I’m going ‘commando’ tonight.”

“Oh god,” he groaned, “Please, Lucy. I know I’m being selfish escort fethiye but I’ll make it up to you later. Just a quick blow job.”

” Ahh fuck,” I said, “I don’t have time for this right now but you just gotta be you, huh?”

My nipples were hard when I turned around and without further ado, dropped to my knees. I cupped his balls in my hand and wrapped my lips around the end of his dick. I didn’t stop there though I slid my mouth all the way down to the root. I had never deep throated Bruce before. I hadn’t even been sure that I was capable of it but it slid in easily and I felt it go deep, deep, deep. It felt like it would do the trick. It felt like it would make him cum pretty quick. I started moving my fingers, massaging his balls and I reached my other hand around him and between his legs from the rear. I rubbed his anus and he moaned again. My head was bobbing quickly up and down the entire length of his cock.

True to his word he didn’t last long. He erupted when he was deep in my mouth and that’s when the gag reflex hit. I pulled back quickly and he kept cumming. When he was done, I was coughing and had cum all over my face, cum in my hair, and cum all over the front of my little black dress. I looked at my watch,

“Pull on your suit,” I said, “we gotta go.” I stood and strode fethiye escort bayan from the bedroom as I ran my fingers through my hair. I could be like Carmen, or Cameron, What’s Her Name in that movie, (Charlie’s Angels maybe?). The girl who put the spunk in her hair – now that was funny.

“Are you going to change your dress?” Bruce asked.


“But you have sperm on it!”

“You know, Mr. President, I was going to wear a pearl necklace tonight anyway. I guess now I get to wear two. Would you please call me Monica for the rest of the evening?”

We both laughed and he pulled his trousers on over his dwindling hard on. He pulled a dress shirt on and shoved the tail under the waistband. He grabbed dress shoes, a belt, a tie and the suit coat.

“If you drive, I’ll finish dressing in the car,” he said.

“You’re going commando too?” I asked.

“Is that OK?”

“Sure it is but you have to drive home. I don’t want to give you a hand job while I’m driving, and I’m gonna take my time with it. I intend to torture you just a little bit.”

“But I’m the one who owes you.”

“And, I’m never going to let you forget it either.” I grabbed my handbag and the car keys. I pushed the button to activate the roll up door and we stepped into the garage.

About halfway to the event I looked at David. “Are you really wearing that tie?” I asked.

“It’s the one I grabbed,” he said. “Besides, it will keep people from noticing that I forgot my socks.”

I looked at him again and he shrugged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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