My Time with Roni – Submission – The Retest

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Please note, if you are beginning to follow my memories of The Adventures of Roni, they may jump to different categories as the content changes. Such as it did for the story I just submitted this morning. Please check my submissions page to find them if you are interested.

Since I am still putting Roni’s final absolute submission to paper, I thought I would interject a short, (if possible), recounting of her requested “Retest” that took place between today’s submission and the one I am working on.


One day, the week after her submission to Mistress Claudia, Roni came home from work as usual.

Roni had barely stepped inside and closed the door when the voice came from around the corner, “Welcome home, “Slut!” Stopping in her tracks, she listened as the voice added; you have shopping to do.

It was “late Thursday”, the one-day a week when all the shops were open late. I stepped around the corner and handed her 3 crisp 100-euro bills. She looked at me with a quizzing look on her face. I asked her if her phone was charged, she responded that she had it on the charger at work.

I told “Slut” she had shopping to do. She asked Master what she needed to buy. Master explained nothing, simply instructing her to turn around and start walking to the city center. She was to text Master when she reached the intersection of the main street and the central pedestrian-zone shopping district.

Roni willfully obeyed, turned and walked out the door, after all, what woman wouldn’t enjoy a shopping trip with some fresh crisp money in her pocket!

A short while later I received a text.

Roni: Master, I have arrived at the intersection.

Master: Walk down the pedestrian zone until you come to the fountain.


Roni: I have arrived at the fountain.

Master: Take the Street to the left; enter the second shop on the right.


Roni: I am inside Master.

Master: good

Roni loves to window shop at this store but has never bought anything here. She once told me that this is one of two stores where the “easy” girls buy their sexy clothes – the clothes that attract soldiers. One previous weekend, while we were shopping, I took her in to look around. I knew just where to send her.

Master: Go to the back, on the left, to the last rack. Pick out three black skirts that Master would like and try them on. When you finish, but are still in the changing room wearing the last one, text me.

I knew that on that rack were a couple different styles of skirts, but also knew they were all short, some, shorter than others.

After several minutes, my phone jingled.

Roni: Master, I am ready and wearing the last one.

Master: Length?

Roni: it is about half way to my knees

Master: is that the shortest one?

Roni: no Master.

Master: no good, try another

“Slut” knew what Master wanted

Roni, a minute later: Master, I am ready

Master: Is it the shortest of the 3?

Roni: Yes Master

Master: Length?

It took Roni a moment to reply as I assumed her fingers were beginning to tremble and she had to correct her spelling.

Roni: Master, the skirt is really short, it nearly shows the bottom of my ass and only inches below my pussy.

Master: You shall now go and pay for your skirt. Only one you have returned to the fountain, text me.

Several minutes pass as I wait for Roni to complete her purchase, 55 euros spent here.


Roni: trabzon escort I have returned Master

Master: Continue away from the sun and stop at the last shop on the left.

Roni knew this was the shoe store, one of her favorite places.

Roni: I have arrived.

Master: Enter, go to the right. Find a pair of sexy, 3 inch, Fuck-me heels.

More than 10 minutes pass.

Roni: I found have a pair that will please Master

Master: I am pleased Slut, purchase them, go back to the fountain and text me.

Waiting, I pictured her growing ensemble with a smile on my face. This will be a physical transformation of Roni to go with the changes taking place inside her right now.

Roni: Master, I have returned

Master: Go the opposite direction from the first shop, to the end of the pedestrian-zone and text me from there.

Roni: I am there.

I knew exactly what she would buy here.

Master: “Slut”, look in the window, do you see the Pastel light orange top with the gold chain straps?

Roni: yes Master

Master: find one that fits; go up the escalator, then text me again.

A few minutes later, Roni: I found one, and am in the lingerie department as you instructed. (Roni caught on well)

Master: You will now purchase a black garter and a pair of dark silk stockings – no panties. After you have what you are looking for go back to a changing room and text me.

Roni: Yes Master (again with a pause for tremble-typing)

A few minutes later, Roni: I am in the changing room

Master: Lift your conservative skirt and tell me Slut, is your pussy wet?

Roni: OMG yes

Master: Finger it to Orgasm, once done, complete your purchase and return home.

Roni: Thank you Master!!

20 minutes later, Roni walked through the door. I said in a normal voice; Hello Sweetie, how was work?

Roni, grasping the game responded: Fine dear, how was your day, as she set her bags on the table.


We had talked about taking a trip to see her cousin, so I made a reservation for the weekend at a nice little mom-and-pop hotel in a small city near Frankfurt. We were meeting her friend Anja for lunch Saturday afternoon so they could catch up.

Little did Roni know, “Slut” would be making an appearance later that night; I had been there several times and knew exactly where to find all the horny GIs in the local clubs, prowling the darkness.

After Roni had packed her things for the weekend, I had packed my bag, carefully putting Roni’s new clothes and some under mine.

Instead of driving and fighting traffic, we got on the train at 6:17 and bypassed it all. We wouldn’t need a car since to of the before mentioned clubs were right next door to our hotel. We arrived at the hotel a few hours later, at 8:20 and settled in for the night.

We had a nice long lunch with Anja. It was nice for them to catch up. Anja was just back from school in the US a few months before after finishing her degree. After lunch we all walked around in the sun for a while. About 4:30, Anja had to go. She was meeting her new boyfriend for dinner at his parents.

Roni and I walked a little more, stopping for dinner about 5:45, at a cafe next to the hotel, sitting there for a couple hours drinking some wine and enjoying the fresh air. After all, we couldn’t get too early a start for my plan to work. An evil chuckle went off in my head.

Back trabzon escort bayan in the room, just before 10:00, Master made his appearance as Roni lay snoozing on the bed.

I gave her a slight shake, causing her to open her eyes, slightly grumpy. She was having a nice dream – she was talking in her sleep. ;o)

Then she heard the words.

Master: Slut! Wake up, you need to go to the shower and get yourself ready. Your pussy needs to be perfectly smooth. Do you understand?

Suddenly wide awake Roni: Yes Master

In one move, Olympic Roni was off the bed and in to the shower, clothes dropping as she went.

When she came back out, without a stitch of clothing on, she presented her freshly shaved pussy.

I am ready Master; do to me as you please.

Master: Not so fast little Slut, we’re going out.

Roni: but all I brought is Jeans

It was then that she noticed I was already dressed in a formfitting, stylish short sleeve shirt, dark slacks and shoes.

Master: Don’t worry Slut, I have that all taken care of. (I point to the chair in the corner. All of her new purchases were laid out.

For the next several minutes, Roni put on each piece when she was instructed to do so. First came the garter and stockings – no panties. Next, the black shirt, made from thin material. Roni was right; it was very short, in fact, if she leaned over, even slightly, the bottom curve of her ass could easily be see. Roni was expecting some type of stylish bra to come next. That didn’t happen.

When instructed, Roni put on the top. It was a halter-top. The front draped down in a low “U” nearly to her navel, only held up by the 2 gold chains that fastened behind her neck. The back wrapped around her waist, her entire back visible. Finally, the Fuck-me heels took their place. More air than shoe, they laced around and up her ankles. Any man with a foot fetish in the club will be in heaven. The complete picture was something to behold.

While doing all of this, I had Roni drinking more red wine. Between the wine and having “Slut” summoned. She was getting hot, especially since she didn’t know what was going to happen.

The mom and pop basically closes at 11:00. We had to use key-code cards to enter and no one was around when we walked out the back door around 11:30. Suddenly, Roni stopped in her tracks.

MASTER?? Was all that she said, her chest rising and falling with every breath.

Yes my Mäuschen, you will soon get your wish. Tonight, a cock, other than mine, will fill your wanting mouth.

We went down the dark alleyway to the closest club. We stood in the darkness of a corner. I sent Roni to the dance floor where several guys tried their best. I signaled my disapproval for each of them, but not before they got a nice handful of ass. One them boldly sucked on of her nipples while several others cheered him on. Roni loved it.

I gave her a signal, she came back and we left for the next club. It was the perfect place just as I had remembered. All of the Local girls came here. When we walked in, even in the darkness the heads turned and looked at Roni. Perfect.

Luckily, we found a table way back in a dark corner and stood together behind it, backs to the wall. It was a standing table that came right up to just under Roni’s tits. Perfect.

As we took our place, the two young, mid-20s I’d guess, GI’s at the table in front of us definitely took notice of Roni. They didn’t escort trabzon mind in the least when I caught them: a good sign.

Roni went to the bathroom on the other side of the crowded dance floor. As she made her way through the crowd and couldn’t see the table any longer, I motioned to the two GI’s. They turned and we had a short discussion, they turned back. When I saw Roni returning I nodded to GI

, He “dropped” his keys and crouched to pick them up. Hmm, (chuckle) he never reappeared.

I had moved to the outside end of the table so Roni now stood in the corner. After a few seconds, I whispered in her ear.

Master: Slut, spread your legs to shoulder width. I want to run my hand under your skirt and play with your pussy. May hands were crossed on the tabletop. As instructed, Roni slowly separated her legs. Suddenly, 3-seconds later, she felt a hand running up her thigh. But, Masters hands are on the table.

After 30 seconds -Master: Slut, do you like that strange hand in your pussy?

Roni: Oh yes I do Master, yes!!

As she spoke, I nodded to GI

, who moved and took my place as I moved to the other side of the table. I watched Roni as he ran his hand over her ass and kissed her. The two of them finger fucked her silently, for nearly 45 minutes as she had several silent, but hard orgasms. When I signaled. GI

came out of hiding, right next to Roni, trapping her between them.

After a few minutes, I mouthed to Roni, time to go. We walked out the door of the club in to the alleyway, with GI


in tow – Roni didn’t even notice.

A short tip down the alley and I found what I was looking for. A nice quiet, deep, dark service doorway and I pulled Roni in. She immediately stuck her tongue down in my mouth. For as long as it took the GI’s to join us in the near darkness, only a sliver of light making it past the overhanging top of the door, which provided just enough light at waste level.

As the two GI’s entered our tomb, I turned Roni to face them. They each, in turn, kissed and fondled her for several minutes. I could hear the slurping of her wetness as each of them finger fucked her. As I had told them to do, they had turned their body angle and backed up to the door, even though they had no idea why.

Just then, I pulled Roni back to me and whispered in her ear.

Roni took two steps toward them, and then crouched to her knees, reaching up and grabbing their cocks, rubbing and massaging them.

Both of them stood there, mouths wide open. I looked at them and said. That’s her job, drop the jeans and give her your cocks. They didn’t need to hear it twice. Once out in the open Roni devoured the two average sized cocks she had in her hands. Moving back and forth between them. She sucks these two young men silly until they both blew their loads in to her mouth.

Her task complete, Roni stood up, kissed them each on the cheek and we just walked away as they stood there looking at each other.

As we walked away, we heard some male bonding “hell yeah’s”, a few “damn’s” and the distinctive slap of a high five.

When we got back to the hotel, Roni pushed me on to the bed and literally nearly fucked me to tears.

As we lay there panting, I rolled on top of her, looked in to her eyes and asked: So, you had told me not long ago you weren’t sure if you could fuck someone else. How do you feel now?

Roni pondered, smiling so slightly you could almost not see it. Dale, I could never do that. She put a hand over my mouth so I could reply. She let than hang in the air for nearly a minute.

Roni’s gaze changed. However, when Master summons “ME”, I will do whatever he asks. I will suck and fuck – whomever, whenever and wherever.

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