Mystery Sleeper

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The corridors were dim and quiet; families were either at home or bunked down in the waiting rooms. The entire hospital was in internal disaster mode. It had been snowing for the last 12 hours and had accumulated over 3 feet News 10 and the weather channel was calling it the blizzard of the century.

Big frigging deal, they say that once a year in Syracuse. The golden snowball definitely goes to us again this year! The entire upstate NY area was covered in a thick blanket of snow and Syracuse was still getting the worst of it.

It was after 3 am and ambulances had stopped coming in hours ago, the streets were impassable to anything other than a snowmobile and even they didn’t dare risk this kind of snow. The ghostly image of the parking garage across the street was all but invisible.

“Why did I have to choose upstate NY for my residency?” I murmured under my breath.

Power was out all across the city, and the hospital was on generator power. All staff had been held over, none of the nurses, Doctors or techs could leave. There was no one coming in to replace them.

Lighting in the ICU was low, but the area was still bursting with activity. There were still surgeries going on and still sick and injured to be tended to. The snow started just after 11 am and most of the nurses had been there since 7 am. It was now just after 2 am. Most of the residents had been there since 6 am, including myself.

I am exhausted beyond anything coffee can fix, and anyway I’d had so much caffeine just to get me to this point and definitely not enough to eat, if I had any more I’d be liable to become a patient. Right now a couple minutes sleep sounded better than anything else.

All of the staff was rotating out to shower and sleep. The hospital still had 2 units under reconstruction, but the rooms were at least finished enough to push a couple beds or stretchers into, and the showers worked. I decided not to even go that far; there is an on call room right across from the staff locker rooms right around the corner from the ICUs. Most of the ICU staff had been using this room to get some sleep since it was so close to the units in case of emergency. I hoped that at least one of the three beds was unoccupied. I really didn’t want to sleep on the bench h in the locker room. I opted to take a quick shower and change my scrubs while I had the opportunity.

The water in the shower was hot, really hot, but without a heck of a lot of pressure. Kind of like a glorified kids outdoor sprinkler. All I had was crappy hospital soap and Johnson’s baby shampoo one of the nurses gave me earlier, but it was better than nothing. The emergency lights in the locker room barely reached the shower, combine that with the crappy water pressure and it wasn’t a great shower by any measure, but right now after for being up for more than 20 hours and in surgery for at least half that the shower felt better than a Tahitian waterfall in summer.

Reluctantly stepping out of the shower I quickly dried and dressed in hospital issue generic blue scrubs. I threw my dirty underwear in my locker; I didn’t have another pair, and didn’t feel like putting them back on now. What harm could come from going “commando” for a while. Who’d ever know?

I quietly opened the door to the call room, in case anyone else was sleeping. The room was almost pitch black, the emergency lighting from the hallway didn’t reach much beyond the door, so I held the door wide open for a second to see if any of the 3 beds was empty. I was in luck, the cot in the corner was empty, although I couldn’t really tell if anyone was in either spot on the bunk beds.

Taking my small bundle of linens I closed the door and went over to the bed. It was now completely dark. Stripping off the old sheets (who knew who had slept there earlier) While putting the new sheets on I heard the sound of someone shifting around on the top bunk on the other side of the room. I finished quickly so I didn’t disturb whoever they were any more than I already had. The sheets didn’t fit well and they gave me a little bit of a hard time, so I just decided to leave them how they were. Anything was better than sleeping on the bare plastic mattress.

I heard more shifting from the bunk and wondered who was there and if I should at least say something to let them know who I was. The shifting stopped and I heard even breathing, suggesting that he person whoever they were was asleep again. It was probably one of the medical residents, the other 2 surgical residents were either in the OR, or in the emergency room with patients. I decided not to say anything. Didn’t want to disturb whatever little sleep they were lucky enough to get tonight. Soon enough one of our pagers would go off and we’d both be awake anyway.

I lay down on the bed , scrunched my flatter than flat pillow up and pulled the covers up and laid there….. And lay there…… and laid there.


Why istanbul escort couldn’t I fall asleep? The mystery occupant of the bunk was snoring softly, barely even a snore really, just soft rhythmic breathing. Well at least someone was getting some sleep. The harder I thought about sleep the harder it was to fall asleep.


I had one surefire way to fall asleep, but was hesitant to do it with the mystery sleeper across the room.

“Forget it.”, I said to myself.

I just hadn’t had sex with anyone other than myself in months. This residency was a bitch. I ate slept and breathed surgery. I didn’t have time to do laundry or grocery shop much less date and I wasn’t really into just a quick fuck with someone I worked with. Too much potential for things to be awkward later on.

Great… now I couldn’t turn my mind off and was actually kind of horny and aroused just thinking about it. Quietly I put my hand under the blanket and turned to the wall. I untied the drawstring of my pants and stopped, listening for the mystery sleeper. Nothing, no sound or movement. Definitely asleep. I put my hand down the front of my scrub pants and began to touch myself. Guess going commando wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I continued to touch myself trying to be quiet, and self conscious about making any kind of recognizable noise. I didn’t want to wake mystery sleeper. It’s not easy to masturbate quietly under the best circumstances, but on a plastic hospital mattress with rough sheets it seems particularly loud.

I thought I heard rustling from the bunk. The mystery sleeper’s awake. I realized that if I didn’t know who they were, they likely didn’t know who I was either. The movement and noise from the bunk stopped. Maybe it was just them turning over or something.

Now I was nervous, wide awake and aroused. Just gonna have to finish so I can get some sleep. I roll back over to face the wall with my eyes closed and begin fantasizing in my head and start to touch myself again, when all of a sudden I hear a quiet thud on the floor and footsteps coming across the floor of the small room. I stop dead.

Shit.shit shit.. How embarrassing.

There was no doubt in my mind that I had been caught. I knew the person was standing right by my bed but the room remained silent. Well not quite silent, there was a soft rustling sound . What the fuck?? I feel the side of my mattress dip as someone sits or kneels on it. Before I can get my thoughts together and actually make words come out of my mouth they are peeling my blanket down and tossing it to the floor.

Abruptly the pressure on my mattress is gone and I hear the lock click on the door. Now I’m confused. And I realize as the mystery sleeper (not so sleepy anymore) sits back on my bed that my pants are down and my blanket is gone. I am literally (and figuratively )exposed . I feel the weight of the person on the bed shift toward me and then feel a small hand on my chest. I bring my hands up to stop them from coming closer and wind up with handfuls of naked breast.

” Holy fuck me!” I say to myself.

Now you’re thinking this is probably where I wake up from this wacky dream, right? WRONG!! Very wrong. Anyway, back to the handfuls of breast, very soft , full, warm, exactly medium sized breasts in my hands. Very hard pebbly nipples nudging the center of my palms. Perfect breasts. At least as perfect as breasts can be without seeing them. They fit perfectly in my hands. And I love hard pebbly nipples.

My heart races and my half deflated cock springs to life again. Fuller and harder than I think it’s ever been. I start to speak (even though I have absolutely no idea what I was planning on saying). I barely manage a strangled squeak when she shushes me with a whispered shhh… and a finger over my lips. My mind is racing. What the fuck is happening here? She straddles me on the bed and starts tugging my scrub pants the rest of the way off. Some part of me thinks to resist and stop all this madness, but at this point that part is paralyzed and drooling, so here we are..

I feel her shift towards me again and her hair comes down around my face in a long fragrant curtain in the instant before she kisses me. Gently at first, then becoming more aggressive, biting on my lips and sucking on them. I’m still mentally having a hard time wrapping my head around this whole thing, but then my mouth takes over and I’m kissing her back, open mouthed with tongues darting in and out. It’s like her tongue is fucking my mouth. My cock is bouncing and throbbing at this point.

I bring my hands down to her hips and realize she IS naked. I caress her soft skin, that covers a taut firm ass. . I run my finger down the cleft between her ass cheeks as I reach up to pluck at her hard nipples with the other . She moans into my mouth and bushes her breast avcılar escort harder into my hand. I let my finger drift from her ass cleft to her pussy which is already pretty wet. Her mouth is now nibbling my neck and ear, and I push one finger into her wet, hot , tight, waxed pussy and feel her clench slightly around my probing finger. She moans and starts on the other side of my face nibbling her way from my ear, down my jaw and back up again. Her hair surrounds my face and smells like some flower and a little herbal, sweet and spicy at the same time.

Again I start to speak, and she stops me.

She whispers “shh.. No talking”.

I can’t recognize her voice from the whisper and can’t see her because it’s darker than dark in the room. My mind is reeling right now trying to figure out who this girl is, but I’m extremely distracted by her on top of me, my finger buried in her tight wet hole and by what she’s doing to my neck. I duck my head to the side and capture her mouth and kiss her, letting my tongue invade her. She meets it stroke for stroke. Tastes spicy, like cinnamon, with soft full lips. As we mate with our mouths I explore her wet folds with my fingers, parting them I find her clit, swollen and waiting. She’s very slippery and I press my finger to the hot little button and start working it back and forth. I feel her shift her hips in a little circle, and hear her moan into my mouth and I keep working the clit back and forth. She breaks the kiss and I hear her breath quicken.

I grab her by the hips and spin her around to face away from me and slide down the bed so her pussy is over my face. I reach up with my mouth and lick her dripping wet folds, inhaling the subtle musty spicy womanly scent of her. Licking her salty sweet juices I penetrate her with my tongue while rubbing her clit with my finger. She’s not so quiet now, moaning and she backs her pussy onto my face forcing my tongue deeper into her hot slit.

I feel her small hands on my thick throbbing cock, stroking up and down, lightly at first and then harder. Then she’s taking the head into her mouth and ringing the head with her tongue, and explores the little slit at the top. Suddenly she takes the whole thing in her mouth all the way to her throat while she squeezes the base. She laves her tongue over my swollen cock while stroking up and down with slick hands.

I keep stroking my tongue deep into her pussy as I rub the pad of my finger over her clit spelling out the alphabet with my finger just to distract myself a little so I can last longer, because what she’s doing to my cock is fucking amazing, and I want her to come before I lose it.

She spreads her legs wider and begins sucking on her upstroke on my shaft as she fucks my face with her pussy. I feel one of her soft tiny hands exploring my sac and the sensitive little patch of flesh underneath with gentle pressure. She begins pant and moan quietly , then louder as she furiously pumps her hips back and forth over my face. I can feel the walls of her pussy begin to quiver and then tighten with her rapidly approaching orgasm. I continue to swirl my finger over her swollen clit and suddenly feel the walls of her pussy clench and go tight and spasm with her orgasm.

I buck my hips a little to increase the depth and friction of my cock in her mouth and hand. I can feel my balls tighten and the cum ready to shoot up my shaft. I try to shift away so I don’t come in her mouth, but she keeps her mouth clamped on me and presses on the spot behind my sac with more pressure and I can’t stop it, I blow my load into her mouth and shake with the effort not to jerk my hips and gag her with my cock. I think I might have praised god too, but I don’t exactly remember what came out of my mouth.

She licks me clean while I kiss her cunt lips and ass cheeks. With a soft yet satisfied moan she turns around and kisses my mouth with soft gentle strokes. I can taste my salty essence on her tongue. I run my hands over her silky hair and down her back with long gentle strokes. I feel her perfect breasts pressing into my chest.

Surprisingly she whispers in a still unrecognizable voice,

My cock swells to full size in a heartbeat. I hear plastic crinkle and feel her roll a condom down my now solid granite shaft. I grab her by the hips and position her wet slit above my cock and press myself into her and Christ is she tight. Just the swollen head at first and then pull back out.

I hear her whimper as I slide out. I press upward into her pussy as probe for her clit with my finger. I trace small then larger circles around and on her clit as I slowly sheath myself fully into her. She tries to move on me but I grab her hip with my free hand to keep her still while I tease her nub. I flex my pelvic muscles to twitch my cock inside her and feel her pussy clench around my cock slightly. She feels so tight on me that I need şirinevler escort a minute to catch my breath or I might just explode before we’ve even gotten started.

I keep playing with her swollen clit alternating making circles and pinching between my finger and my thumb . I hear soft whimpering cries coming from her and feel her trying to push up and down on my shaft. I keep pressing her down to slow her movement and say

“no, not yet.”

I want to give her tight little pussy time to stretch around my now hugely swollen member so I don’t hurt her, knowing that when I do start to fuck her for real I plan on fucking her hard and don’t want to hurt her. I want her to be more than ready. I want to be fucking her mouth with my tongue while I fuck her sweet pussy so I grab her and slide my hips back against the wall so we can be face to face. The slight motion makes my cock jump and throb even harder with the need to pump in and out of her wet hole.

I take my hand off her hip and stroke her hair and pull her head down so her mouth is on mine. Slowly I start to move in and out of her by flexing my hips as our tongues meet and mimic the motion below. She starts to gyrate her hips in figure eights with her tongue deep in my mouth. I groan and pump hard and faster into her pussy while I continue to solely circle her clit with my finger. I hear her begin to breathe faster and her hips move up and down back and forth meeting me stroke for stroke. I’m fucking her so hard I expect to hear her cry out in pain, but her cries are that of pleasure.

I’m so close but I want her to go over with me. I take my free hand and slide down her back to her ass and press my finger against her tight little hole in back and press gently inside. I hear her gasp but she never slows her pace or loses her rhythm. I can feel my cock sliding against my finger through the thin wall that separates them. I feel her pants coming faster and faster and she comes so fast and hard it’s like a lightning bolt to my cock, and the rhythmic squeezing of her pussy sends me over the edge to my own orgasm. I let out a groan and press even deeper into her and feel my balls tighten up to my body as I cum hard inside her. She slumps into me and I feel her breath hot on my neck. We stay that way for a few minutes to catch our breath and thoughts start whirling through my head.

“Who is she?, and holy shit what the fuck just happened?”

Suddenly she moves off me and removes the condom and cleans me off with a towel I didn’t even know was there. She gets dressed and still completely in the dark, leans over to kiss me sweetly on the lips. She pulls the blanket up around me and whispers in my ear.

“Thanks for the ride. Goodnight Chris, sweet dreams”

Then turns and opens the door and before I can see any details about her she’s gone.

I sit there still pressed up against the wall, pants somewhere in the bed, naked from the waist down except for the blanket and feel sleepy, despite the thousands of thoughts running around in my head. The last time I look at my watch it says 02:30, and I fall asleep thinking that I just had hands sown the most awesome sex of my life.

Beep.. . Beep.. Beep.. My pager blaring wakes me up . I look at my watch and its 04:15. The number on the pager is for the ICU nurse’s station and it has a 911 at the en d, which means the shit is hitting the fan. Fuck

I pick up the phone on the table to my right and immediately call back. Apparently Mrs. Jeffries in room 33 isn’t doing so well, they’re preparing for a code, which is the ultimate bad thing. I hang up and rush to put my pants on and remember what happened. Ti all feels so surreal, like a dream. Was it a dream? I grab my penlight out of my bag to look around.

The beds are rumpled but empty. I turn the light in the empty room on and look around for evidence that I’m not crazy. I check the trash for the condom or wrapper. Nothing, no towel either. Then as I pull up the sheet on my bed I feel something. When I pull it out it’s the torn edge of a condom wrapper. I pocket it and head towards the door where I kick something tiny and metallic into the hall. I bend down to pick it up and it’s a tiny gold RN pin, like many of the nurses wear on their name badges. Ok that and the condom wrapper prove I’m not crazy, that it really did happen. And now I remember she called me by name.

She knew it was him. She must have seen him in the light from the hall as he came in earlier.. As I run toward the ICU I can’t help but wonder “who the hell is she?” An overhead voice announces code blue room 33, and I run faster around the corner to the ICU. I skid to a halt at the room at the end of the hall, where almost every nurse on the unit is working on poor Mrs. Another resident is already there (not that the nurses need residents to run a code)

Chris takes a minute to look around at the nurses, searching for the girl with the perfect breasts and tight ass, and long hair. So many match the description with the long hair, but in the baggy hospital issue scrubs, the rest is hard to define. He fingers the tiny pin in his pocket determined to find out who’s missing theirs. , determined to find the mystery sleeper that just rocked his world.

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